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Costume Contest #2

Hey hey hey, it’s time for another costume contest!  But first, the winner of Costume Contest #1 was… Smart Dolphin!  Smart Dolphin was the first to guess all of the items correctly, including the fact that the vest was from Zack on Steamworks Island and the bandolier (the strap across the chest) was from Skullduggery Island. Congratulations to all of ... Read More »

Costume Contest #1

Zippy Turtle here to let you know that starting today we’re going to have a costume contest every week this Summer! The idea is pretty simple: Zippy Turtle and Fierce Moon are going to dress up — using our Costumizers, of course — with items from Poptropicans from all over the many different islands.  Your job is to figure out ... Read More »

Twisted Thicket Island Items in Store

With the launch (to paid members, at least) of Twisted Thicket Island only a week away, the creators have released the long-awaited bonus items into the Store. These items are for members only and include the Lumberjerk costume, the Troll costume and the Dryad follower. All three are pretty cool. The Lumberjerk costume will only be available until the island ... Read More »

Waffle Day

OK, now I really don’t know what to do. A few months ago, I was complaining that I’m running out of new food costumes to wear in the island walkthrough videos and then the Poptropica Creators released not one, but three new costumes all shaped as giant slices of pie. Now, the Creators have obliged once more with a pair ... Read More »

I Like Pie!

First, I want to personally thank the Poptropica Creators for giving me three new costumes to wear for upcoming island walkthrough videos. The Large Fries and Hamburger costumes can now officially be retired, because I like Pie! Really, I do. Yup, to celebrate Pi Day, 3/14 (the mathematical number Pi is often abbreviated at 3.14), the Poptropica Store now has ... Read More »

Poptropica Leprechaun Outfit

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here and to get everyone in the mood for celebration, the creators released a new costume into the Poptropica Store. It’s the Leprechaun costume and as you probably guessed, if you put it on you’ll look just like a Leprechaun. The outfit comes with a special power, too. Press the spacebar while you’re wearing ... Read More »

Elf Costume and Candy Cane-on

There are two new items in the Poptropica Store to celebrate this holiday season. The first is the Elf Costume, and the second is the Candy Cane-on. The elf costume is a red outfit that features a hat with a jingle bell on the tip, a red coat with gold buttons, red pants, and a black belt with gold buckle. ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes – Over Excited Tourist

Looking for a great Poptropica Halloween costume that doesn’t require you to be a paid member or have lots of gold power cards from the store? PoptropicaSecrets Forum contributor Dangerous Leaf put together this ensemble from a variety of pieces that she found on a few islands. It’s quick and easy to put together and looks fun! Here’s what you ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes – RJ Earl

Purveyor of fine potions, elixirs and other magnificent mixtures, R.J. Earl is a quirky character from Wild West Island. You’ll find him down in the small town of Rock Ridge, where he sells all sorts of things, particularly his notable tonics. R.J. is a colorful character and you can costumize his entire ensemble to put together a great Halloween Costume. ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes – Astronaut

The Astronaut Costume is a great out-of-this-world choice for Halloween. It’s available in the Poptropica Store and consists of three pieces, the helmet, the torso and the pants. The outfit has a special move, but it’s pretty subtle. Press the spacebar and the yellow lights on the helmet shine. It would have been much better if it made you float ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes – Pumpkin Head

I super love the Pumpkin Head costume. This is a really simple Halloween costume in Poptropica where you get a giant Jack-o-Lantern that you can wear on your head and a green and black pumpkin vine body suit. You can get it in the Poptropica Store and there are three different pumpkin head types to choose from on the costume ... Read More »