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Poptropica Membership

Poptropica Membership has finally arrived in the game. Although you can still play the game completely free, now you can pay a monthly fee to get access to all of the outfits, golden power cards and early intros to the new islands in Poptropica. Before, you had to purchase and spend credits to buy all of these items. Membership costs ... Read More »

American Football Player and Avatar Studio

There are two new items in the Poptropica Store this week. The first is the American Football Player costume, which has arrived just in time for the Superbowl. The costume costs 75 credits, and you get an outfit featuring a helmet, reflective eye paint, a uniform, and a football. If you have the costume on, press the spacebar to toss ... Read More »

Reality TV Island Teasers

The Poptropica Creators are getting busy in their blog with posting some new teasers and updates for Poptropica Reality TV Island. This new island has been discussed for a very long time, but now it looks like it’s really coming out soon! Just a few weeks before Counterfeit Island came out, the creators began posting screenshots of Comic Kid touring ... Read More »

Counterfeit Island for Everyone

Counterfeit Island is now officially open for everyone to play on Poptropica. Before today, it was only available to players who purchased an early access pass for five hundred credits. But now everyone can get in! It’s a very fun island to play with a lot of secrets, surprises and cheats. If you’re looking for a complete walkthrough and guide, ... Read More »

Finding the Torn Picture Pieces in Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island is going to leave early access tomorrow and become available for everyone! So get ready Poptropica people! If you bought your early access pass, then you want to make sure you complete the island today so that you get 200 credits instead of just 100. And if you weren’t able to get early access, don’t worry because Counterfeit ... Read More »

Poptropica Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Returns

There’s a new installment of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs mission in Poptropica. This September, there was an advertisement mission for the release of the movie in theaters. Now the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray so there’s another advertisement. The mission is new and so are the rewards. Your Poptropica character needs to be ... Read More »

Spy Next Door Walkthrough

There are two new advertisement missions available this week on Poptropica. One is for the upcoming movie, The Spy Next Door. You need to be between the ages of 6-11 to see this mission and you’ll find it on Main Street in the first few islands, like Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth Island. This is a simple timed mission where ... Read More »

Counterfeit Island is Here

Counterfeit Island has arrived via Early Access. You can get in if you purchase an early access pass from the Poptropica Store for 500 credits. Woo-hoo! We’re already playing it now. Keep your eyes peeled here for the full walkthrough once we conquer the island. Hopefully it won’t take too long! In the meantime, here’s some early screenshots from the ... Read More »

Poptropica Candy Cane Costumes

There are two new items in the Poptropica store today. The really cool news is that one of them is completely free. Yay! There’s also a new costume that looks pretty wild. Little Candy Cane The Little Candy Cane is a completely free item from the store. Your Poptropica character will hold it in her hand proudly to celebrate the ... Read More »

Counterfeit Island Promo and News

The Poptropica home page is updated with a coming soon picture for Counterfeit Island. When you click on it, there’s a new page that tells you a little more about the upcoming island. The story is that someone is trying to steal all of the world’s most famous artwork, which is on display in a museum on the island. It ... Read More »

Poptropica Night at the Museum Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s an advertisement mission available and it’s promoting Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which is available on DVD and Blu-ray. This is a pretty easy mission to do and you’ll find it on Main Street on a bunch of the islands. To do the mission, go inside and talk to the Security Guard by the door. He’ll ... Read More »