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Poptropica Winter Blast Flavor Gum

There’s a brand-new flavor of gum available in the Poptropica store. Just like the bubble gum that Poptropica released in two other flavors earlier this month, this new item makes your Poptropican start chewing. When you press the space bar, you’ll blow blue bubbles that leave snowflakes behind. You can press the spacebar repeatedly to cause a bubblegum snowstorm. As ... Read More »

Popgum Bubblegum in Poptropica Store

The creators in Poptropica have been busy this week! In addition to launching Mythology Island to the public, and making a lot of cool announcements about the upcoming Skullduggery Island, they also released two new items into the Poptropica Store! Putting some Pop in Poptropica The new items are bubble gum, which your Poptropican can chew. When you use the ... Read More »