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Poptropica 4th Birthday Cheats

Can you believe it? Poptropica turns 4 years old in September, and a big birthday party has already started. Just like last year’s 3rd Birthday party, there are some special events happening in the game. Here’s a quick guide to the party. Poptropica 4th Birthday Costume There’s a new 4th Birthday Costume available in the game. You have a small ... Read More »

Tips for Finding the Blue Birthday Balloon in Poptropica

All week Poptropica has been celebrating its 3rd birthday with balloon-filled celebrations going on inside the common areas. And there’s a special rare #3 balloon that sometimes appears in these rooms. If you find it and click on it, you’ll get a special birthday costume for your Poptropican. Judging from all the questions in the comments section, a lot of ... Read More »

Poptropica 3rd Birthday Balloon for Everyone

Everyone can now get an orange Poptropica 3rd birthday balloon in the Poptropica Store. It’s completely free. Just click on Inflate once you have the card and your Poptropican will be carrying around an orange birthday balloon with the number 3 on it. This is not the same as the special balloon you’ll find in the common areas where you ... Read More »