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Polly Pocket and Pirates Ad Walkthroughs

Update: It turns out that girls can do both advertisement quests. Girls rule! Boys drool! If you have a girl character, you’ll see Polly Pocket on some island (Early Poptropica, for example) and the Pirates advertisement on others (Shark Tooth). There are two advertisement missions running right now on Poptropica. As far as I can tell, one is available to ... Read More »

Monster High Sweet 1600 Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement building for girl characters on Poptropica for the popular Monster High web site and game. There have been two Monster High ads on Poptropica before, including the original Monster High ad, where you were able to get a very cool outfit in the game. In this mini-mission, they’re throwing a 1600th birthday party for Draculaura and ... Read More »

Jack and Jill Ad Walkthrough

There is a new movie coming to theaters called Jack and Jill. It stars Adam Sandler, who plays both the roles. There’s an advertisement building on Main Street for most of the islands, and when you go inside you’ll meet Jack. He needs you to help him feed his sister, Jill. You need to throw mashed potatoes at her when ... Read More »

Majors & Minors Advertisement

If you’ve been wandering around Main Street on any of the islands, you might have seen the new advertisement building for Majors & Minors, a new TV show. IF you go inside the building, you can read a synopsis of the show, watch a video, get a free prize and take a quiz. You don’t have to take the quiz ... Read More »

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission this week on Poptropica. It’s for the new movie, Mr. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey. In the movie, Jim Carrey plays a businessman living in New York who inherits six penguins and then transforms his apartment into a Winter Wonderland where the penguins live. In the advertisement mission on Poptropica, you need to go into ... Read More »

Poptropica Hop Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission showing up on Main Street on most Poptropica islands this week. It’s for the movie, Hop. It’s hard to miss it because there are promotions for this contest everywhere. There’s even a promotion for it on the travel map! In this advertisement mission, there are a bunch of different activities that you can do. Here ... Read More »

Power Rangers Samurai Ad Walkthrough

There’s another advertisement mission available on Poptropica right now. It’s for the new TV show, Power Ranger’s Samurai, which starts on February 7. In this mission, you need to complete a training course by finding the red samurai costume in the upper-right corner of the room. It’s harder than it sounds, because there are many different obstacles in the way ... Read More »

Poptropica Gulliver’s Travels Ad Walkthrough

Last week, there was a video of the upcoming movie Gulliver’s Travels that you could watch on Main Street on most islands and then earn some cool prizes. This week, there’s an entire advertisement mini-quest for the movie. It’s one of the longest advertisement mini-quests ever in the game and there are two different ways that you can play it. ... Read More »

Gulliver’s Travels Video Advertisement

If you visit Nabooti Island and head to the right of the opening “Main Street” area, you can see there’s a video trailer advertisement for the new movie that’s coming out this Christmas. It’s an adaptation of the classic Gulliver’s Travels story, and stars Jack Black. This isn’t a mission or quest like most of the Poptropica advertisements. All you ... Read More »

Fruity Mummy Temple Ad Walkthrough

While we’re still patiently waiting for Cryptids Island to come out, the Poptropica Creators have been busy with some new advertisement mini-quests. You’ll find the new Froot Loops Fruity Mummy Temple mission available on Main Street of most of the islands. In this quest, you have 60 seconds to find six pieces of Fruit Loops cereal. You also have to ... Read More »

Poptropica Apple Jacks Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission in Poptropica. You can find it on Main Street on most of the islands. It’s an advertisement mission for Apple Jacks cereal. The mission is pretty simple. You must go inside the building and get your assignment from two guys inside named Apple and CinnaMon. The CinnaMon dude is a tall stick of cinnamon with ... Read More »