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Ghost Story Launching on December 15

Hi everyone. I know I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because not much has been happening on Poptropica in the past two weeks. But now there’s some big news: Ghost Story Island has an official launch date. It will be arriving on December 15, 2011. That’s this coming Thursday. You can get a sneak peek on all the cheats, ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Spook Central

Spook Central is a fun introduction to Ghost Story Island where you search all over Poptropica to find and capture five ghosts. To get started, go to the main Poptropica map and click on the Spook Central button next to the Ghost Story Island logo. You’ll get a special device called the Plasma Net, which allows you to capture ghosts. ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Ghost Story Island

The newest Poptropica Island has been announced and the name is Ghost Story Island. The official story from the info page on Poptropica’s web site is that Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret. Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of ... Read More »