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Nessie Hat and Hypnotic Outfit Return to Store

All this month, Poptropica has been celebrating its 4th Birthday by bringing back two old costumes to the store each week. This week, which is the last week of the event, delivers the Cryptids Nessie Hat and the Hypnotic costume. They’ll be available in the Store as a free item for paid members only along with all the other re-released ... Read More »

Cryptids Island Arrives Tomorrow for Everyone

The big moment is almost here. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, January 18, Cryptids Island will be available for everyone to play. Members have been able to play it for about a month, but starting tomorrow everyone will get access. If you haven’t checked out the walkthrough and Poptropica cheats for Cryptids Island, head over there now. It has the full video ... Read More »

Cryptid Captor (In Honor of Cryptids Island)

This is the Poptropican version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the “Cryptid Captor”. It’s dedicated to the release of Cryptids Island for all players! First, go to Mythology Island, and take any old shirt you want, be it blue, purple, green, orange, red, you pick! (I’m afraid the girls have more options, sorry boys!) Then use the Biker Jacket, or ... Read More »

Bigfoot Fanatic

Poptropica released another new item into the store just before the holidays. It is the Bigfoot Fanatic outfit and it’s here to celebrate the members-only release of Cryptids Island. The outfit features a giant hat in the shape of Bigfoot himself along with a green footprint shirt and a black belt with buckle. The outfit also lets you costumize one ... Read More »

Cryptids Island Launches for Members

Update: the walkthrough for Cryptids Island is now complete and I’m uploading it to YouTube. Check out the video walkthrough here on the Poptropica Cheats for Cryptids Island page. It didn’t happen until later in the day, but Cryptids Island launched for paid members on Poptropica today. It’s a fun island where you have to find four different cryptids, or ... Read More »

Cryptids Island for Members on Monday

The Poptropica Creators finally announced the launch date for Cryptids Island. It will come out this Monday, December 20 for paid members in Poptropica. Non-members will have to wait for one month to be able to play it once it’s out of early access. There’s also a video posted on the creators blog from Jeff Kinney, one of the creators ... Read More »

Cryptids Island Sneak Peek

Breaking news! There’s now a sneak peek of Cryptids Island available for everyone to visit. You’ll find it on your Poptropica map, and anyone can go visit the new island. You’ll arrive on the shores of Loch Ness, where everyone is eager to see Nessie, the Loch Ness monster! This is very similar to the sneak preview that appeared for ... Read More »

Cryptids Island Officially Announced

Well, we have all known for a while that the new island will be called Cryptids Island. And now it has been officially announced by Poptropica. There’s a new Cryptids Island page on the Poptropica web site that gives some details. The release date still hasn’t been announced, but you can learn a little bit more about the story behind ... Read More »

More Sneak Peeks of Cryptids Island

The Poptropica creators are having fun teasing us with more screenshots and scenes from the new upcoming island, which will be called Cryptids Island. There have been a few screenshots posted before, but the latest two include a scene with balloons along with a picture of a cave that something or someone appears to be living inside. I’m not sure ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Cryptids Island

Poptropica Cryptids Island officially launched on Monday, December 20, 2010 to paid members after months of rumors and speculation. Leading up to the launch there were lots of sneak peek screenshots and even a sneak preview of the Loch Ness portion of the island. Here are all the cheats for Cryptids Island, including a complete walkthrough that will show you ... Read More »