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Game Show Robot Costume

Game Show Island will be here very soon (only a day away!) Yesterday, the Poptropica Creators released a new costume for members into the Store. It’s the Game Show Robot Costume. It features a silver metallic outfit with a cool helmet that has an old-school Cylon eye-piece (here’s a link to cyclons on Wikipedia if you don’t know what I’m ... Read More »

Disco King and Disco Queen Costumes

There are two brand-new costumes available in the Poptropica Store this weekend. They’re the Disco King costume (for boys) and the Disco Queen costume (for girls). They both feature groovy 1970’s style garb and huge blue afro hairdos that are animated. The outfits each have a special move when you press the space bar: you’ll break out into a disco ... Read More »

Hair Colors

Using my favorite hair style, I’m going to show some of my best colors. Some are simple, some are a bit more complicated. The outfit I’m using with this post is “Tough Girl”, and I found this vivid pink mouth on someone in a Multi-Player area (I think it was the Hair Club…) Enjoy! Bodacious Brunette: On 24 Carrot Island, ... Read More »