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Sneak Peeks – January 2011

The new year began with some concept art for characters that never really made it into the game. They were hippies. Technically, we did see one hippie in Reality TV Island (he was one of the contestants), but definitely no Hippie Island. Most of this month’s sneak peeks were all about the upcoming Wild West Island. We also saw how some of the mini-games are proto-typed and got our first look at a recurring visitor to many of the sneak peeks, the notorious “stand-in” guy. He is one of the main characters that the Creators use to position in the scenes to make sure everything is scaled correctly. You’ll see stand-in guy and a few other repeat characters in many of the sneak peek shots. See if you can spot them all.

Poptropica Stand-In Guy

Hey, it's stand-in guy!

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