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Sneak Peeks – August 2014

Here are the Sneak Peeks for August, 2014.


  1. cool.

  2. Cool. The more wilderness themed ones are survival, and the middle east stereotypical ones are Arabian Nights. Or Aladin.

  3. Poptropica is life. I’ve been playing it in my mom’s basement for 20 years, and I only have every single island left to complete. Please send help. We are running out of men and supplies. If you are seeing this right now, YOU are the chosen one. YOU are the only person in the world who can do this job. Your family, your friends, your country, and me (your leader) are depending on you. Should you choose to accept this mission (please do), send this secret message to pixie.r.james on Instagram: Aciportpop. (DON’T FORGET THE PERIOD AT THE END IT IS MOST IMPORTANT.)

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