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Zomberry Comic Book Prequel

For the last week on the Creator’s Blog, they’ve been posting a comic book prequel to their upcoming Zomberry Island.  Here’s all six pages of the comic for your enjoyment, while you get ready for the Zomberry apocalypse!

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  1. You skipped a page, I think.

  2. Second.

  3. Cool website, by the way, whenever I’m in a fix and have been for a long time, I use this one. And it’s just fun overall.

  4. Third where’s the fifth comic

  5. Fourth and yah. Where’s the fifth page?

  6. This looks like it’s going to be a fun island.

  7. JOE PUDDY !! NO !! WE’LL SAVE YOU !!!!

  8. I find it really sad how his hate of fruit is what made him a survivor. And then (because he tempted fate) turned into a zombie because he finally did. At least we know the cause of the whole thing. Now excuse me, I need to find a giant spot-light in Poptropica…

  9. Oookay…………..I think Poptropica came up with a good one this time, not like boring Lunar Colony. (Sorry fans, but BORING!)

  10. This island is super duper cool ^o^ …….
    I wish there is an island that we will be an artist (in that island(we work as an artist))

  11. What coincidence! I just started watching “the Walking Dead” and then I hear about Zomberry Island. I can’t wait!

  12. Fast Dragon- Joe said in the comics that he would eat fruit during the apocalypse.
    So this was apocalypse, so he ate fruit.

  13. I LOVED Zomberry Island!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met Joe on the island… after I completed the island he said he would NEVER eat fruit again.

  14. the lady in the comic and on the island is his wife. can you believe that?

  15. his is awesome!!!! Defenitly going to be the coolest Island yet you can just tell 🙂 Every island up until now has been super easy this looks like ya gotta do some work CHALLENGE ACCEPTED… as always Add me @ KnockKnock36 PEACE NICE SUN IS OUT!!!!! Happy New Years guys ill see you in 2013

  16. wow!this is going to be fun!i love poptropica with scary things!

  17. the fruit thats causing the “infection” is blueberries!!!!!

  18. I’m in love with the supernatural. I hate my Poptropica name. That’s all you must know. I think zombies are the coolest things EVER!!! I’m writing a book (Before you say there’s a grown woman playing on Poptropica, I’ll say I’m WAY younger than fifteen. Happy? I swear, it’s the truth.) called “Apocalypse” and it’s kinda based off here. It’s about two teens named Kate and Toby and… well, you’ll have to read it to find out. I think I’ve said too much. Buh-bye, I’ll comment on something else in a couple of weeks, I guess.

  19. pretty cool comic i wish i could play the game.