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You Like Me!

Hey everyone! We passed 4,000 “Likes” on the PoptropicaSecrets Facebook fan page. Thank you for your support. If you’re on Facebook, check it out. And if you haven’t “Liked” PoptropicaSecrets yet, please help us out with reaching 5,000 Likes this month! It’s something to do while you’re waiting for Mystery Train Island to arrive!

Have you been looking at the Daily Pop section of Poptropica lately? It looks like the creators are posting some early concept art sketches of another new island they’re thinking of. It looks really cool. Here’s one of the screenshots. What do you think it’s about? It looks like a figure with a cape running towards a house inside a tree. Could it be something like Fairy Tale Island? I’ve always thought an island on Poptropica where you meet with famous characters from fairy tales would be incredibly cool. Post your ideas and theories in the comments section below or visit us over in the Poptropica Secrets Forum. Thanks for visiting!

Poptropica Island Sketch

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Cool. 1st to comment!

  2. looks like a neverland thing 🙂

  3. like in peter pan…YEAH! 😛

  4. it does….
    and i havent liked poptropica secrets cuz i dont have a facebook

  5. I don’t have a facebook either but I’m going to get one 😀

  6. Hey, guys!

  7. I love commenting!

  8. i hope it’s like the movie tangled! like, rapunzel’s tower that would be sooooo soooool! 🙂

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    so, i guess that means i’ll get a 3rd period! i hope i stay in the same academic classes…

  10. lucky you, dog lover 🙂

  11. unknown and silver moon, i like your avatars. so if you click mine, you can see my avatar.

  12. what would be really cool is if it was like the book The Wide Awake Princess.

  13. This is SO frustrating!!! I used membership to buy the minimizer and shrunk myself, but now my membership expired and I’m still shrunk although I wat to return to normal size! Argh!!! 😡

  14. Iwth the robot stuff going on I think it is robot tale island. By the way have you checked the daily pop? In the turkish picture there is a robot next to you and machinery in the backround. And if you look closely, there is a red E. next island.No way else to explain it. And Also You are wearing a cape. and in the picture behind it there is a vacuum cleaner,a blender,and an air conditioner with eyes and clothes. must be part of the legend. And remember the bats and cave?Well I did some snooping around and found out those are part of a LEGEND!!!! LEGENDS ARE FAIRY TALES!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW YOUR SENSES PEOPLE!!!!


  16. why are you always screaming wild scorpion

  17. Sorry.I just get exited when I think about a new island.

  18. welll in the daily pop one of the sneak peeks said in the belly of the beast Beast belly, Red cape

  19. its little red riding hood!

  20. Okay, here is my thiery. There is a comic online called Evil inc. It’s about super heroes and robots and outer space weirdness. A daily pop post was called Evil inc., so I guess I pretty much have it tackled. Oh, and there are mad scientists, which posts in the daily pop have. Look up Evil inc. Pretty good comic!

  21. i wonder if we get to meet trolls and fairies.u know magical crap,that would be cool.i also can’t wait for mystery train island to arrive 4 ever1, I’ve always loved games that had trains on them…like wild west island!!

  22. ok. if you read the Creator Clips in the Daily Pop one of the guys are Micheal Buckley. His thing was a random photo. so anyways, he wrote a book called The Sisters GRIMM: The FAIRY TALE Detecives.

  23. But Fairy tales ARE legends. Little red riding hood is a Grimm fairy tale! Sooooooooo……… Robot legends!

  24. If you like Legends, I created a costume based on perseus from greek mythology. He Has snakes for hair because that represents the medusa’s head that he used to defeaat his enemies. see here:http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bQ3hpUFhYWW1VMFozVm8%3D

  25. Get medusa hair,sunglasses,baldness,any mouth,and the dark astro knight costume. Put on he bottom part of the astro knight costume. Be bald. Put on mouth and sunglasses. Make sure you have white skin.put on medusa hair and you are all done with my perseus costume.

  26. how do you pass get passed twisted wizard ???

  27. I wish they would have gone ahead with Monster Carnival Island and not scrapped it. 🙁
    BTW I’m willing to trade my account for one that has zeus hair and staff.

  28. easy, its Little Red Riding Hood.

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