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Winning Sumo Wresting in Red Dragon Island

The new sneak preview of Red Dragon Island lets you compete in a series of Sumo Wrestling matches against opponents. The more matches you win, the more ranks you can earn. Each new rank rewards you with a special new costume for that rank. There are four different costumes that you can earn, and you’ll get a new rank and costume after every five wins.

Fortunately, winning your matches is very, very easy to do. Your opponents aren’t really other people. They’re random computer-controlled opponents and they’re not very quick. The aim of this game is very simple. You just need to click your mouse immediately after the Gyoji (the referee) says, “Begin!” Just don’t click before he says that or you’ll be disqualified. If you click quickly enough, your character will push the opponent out of the sumo ring and you’ll be the winner!

The sequence of events for the referee is that he says:

  • Get ready.
  • Get set.
  • Begin!

The trick is that sometimes he says, “Begin!” right away and sometimes he waits several seconds. You just have to watch carefully and then click your mouse as soon as he says it.

Here are the different ranks you will earn each time you get five wins.

Poptropica Yokozuna Outfit

The Yokozuna Outfit is a reward for achieving the highest rank.

  • Juryo
  • Maegashira
  • Sanyaku
  • Ozeki
  • Yokozuna

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. First!!
    This is EASY!!!

  2. This is really fun and easy. Just wish that non-members could win all the ranks too.

  3. Second! I cant’ get past 9 wins because I’m not a member. Cheap!

  4. 4th! Me too, hi.

  5. 5th! That sumo wrestling is kind of tricky!

  6. ‘Twas fun, but I looked FAT!!! Fatlooking is not nice. And has any girl here read the Percy Jackson series? If so, we need more Hunters of Artemis. huntressesofartemis.wordpress.com

  7. Click on my name for the link mentioned above.
    In case you don’t know, I was previously Red Heart.

  8. Friendly Ghost and Cuddly Bean

    We thought that it was pretty fun,but we looked fat.We hated it when we were about to become Sanyaku level,but we weren’t allowed since we weren’t members. Waah!

  9. 6th! Hello! Back from a relaxing vacation to Australia! 😀

  10. 8TH TO COMMENT. cheerful bettle your 7th to comment because super thunder beat you to it. AND IF ANY ONE HAS A WIZARD101 ACCOUNT THAT THEY DONT NEED BETWEEN THE LEVELS OF 25 – 30 PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!

  11. 9th! Anyways, why did the creators make the Poptropicans fat? I know it’s sumo-wrestling, but skinny people can do well in that sport too. The creator just shattered the FUN of the island by mocking kids with making their avatars pretty obese.

  12. well i think so to i saw athena playin it and she was super fat like wow now ive never used the comoputer before but its easy also athena were r u at i cant find u ur not in ur room cause im on ur computer so were u at

  13. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid

    KONICHIWA (hi)

  14. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid

    yeah that sukz that u cant go on if u r not a member, all u can do is go frum a juryo 2 a maegashira and thatz it!!!!

  15. does any one here lives in florida?if you do, fcat was so easy!!!

  16. its a new FCAT; FCAT2.0, its suppose to be harder (its not,lol)

  17. That was pretty easy, but whenever I leave the island and come back, I’m a Juryo again! It’s so annoying. Well, at least I still have my costume.

  18. are you talking about theFCAT2.0,”brave tomato”?

  19. I think it’s really unfair you have to be a member to go through all the ranks! A sumo wrestler in real life doesn’t have to be a member, so why not on Poptropica? It’s not a good excuse but it will do. Also, why does your character have to be obese? It kinda looks weird, seeing that I’m used to having a thin Poptropican. It freaked me out. Why Poptropica creators why!!!!!??????

  20. Friendly Ghost and Cuddly Bean

    idiots.Counting all the comments,WE were the 6th to comment,You idiots.

  21. Your comments weren’t approved so OBVIOUSLY they wouldn’t know that you were the sixth to comment. Don’t call people idiaots before verifying the facts. Actually, don’t call people idiots at all.

  22. Oops! sorry, I meant ‘idiots’ not ‘idiaots’!

  23. Hey guys! Awesome cheat! Standing in mid-air! (Not the Nabooti one)
    OK, go to Steamworks Island, and go a little bit to the right when you enter the island, jump up to the 1st lever you see. Click on it, and a bridge will appear. Stand on the bridge. Save your game, then log out. Log in again. Voila! You’re standing in mid-air! :mrgreen:

    Hope you like this cheat. (Some of you may already know)

  24. really work!:) NAbooti cheats (YOU need the phone on Nabooti to do this) 911 police hat and belt 411 brain 1337 Ned Noddle CLOTHING (YOUll still have the hair) 1225 santa hat and santa bag!:) enjoy these cheats (youll need the phone too)and my glo stick thing…really works


  26. soo your not a no it all,after all,ha,i proved you wrong!how you feel??????????????????????????

  27. any one know how to go to the magic tree house

  28. A bit late there P.K.I.A.

  29. Hey I luv poptropica Ive colleges all levels exept shark tooth I get frightened when I see the catipiller

  30. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid

    i m on

  31. Yes! I’m 32th! 还有这是我最爱的号码!

  32. 我讨厌你 Infernape! 我偷走我最爱的号码!~:-( & a angry :-O :-c

  33. Try going to 24 carrot, enter the carrot king diner, go to the drink place, fill your cup white, and then drink it. Now comes the hard part. While your Poptropican drinks it, press Crtl+Shift+S, and the your arrow sign will turn into a loading sign. Exit, log back in, and Walah! Your holding a black cup!

  34. TRIPLE ACTIONS! (members only)
    1. Ninja outfit
    2. Yokozuna face paint
    3. Hades’ crown

    This is even more awesome with the minimizer. It’s like: ima teeny ninja then- BAM! – you’re HUGE. LOL

  35. @ greedy storm:
    I tried the cup thing. It only made my avatar’s skin change color.

  36. yeah it usally does that beacause its a glitch

  37. hey,did you guys see the creator’s blog???it asked if we wanted rooms (the poll) ya i do thats for sure!i think were gonna have houses!that would be awesome!!!

  38. what is this suppose too be???: 我偷走我最爱的号码!

  39. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! You greedy little illiterate moron, its not my fault i was the 23 to comment.


  40. Esoteric Phoenix

    The outfits don’t look that all different.
    From the very first,
    to the very last. ❓

    And I see we are all enjoying peacefulness and happiness,
    with wonderful use of language,
    like LMFAO.
    Just beautiful.
    Hey, guys?
    What happened to the friendliness here?
    Oh yeah,
    silly me.
    This is all a Love-Hate Friendliness.
    (Emphasis on HATE)

    Eh, oh well. 🙂

  41. Esoteric Phoenix

    @ hi:
    For your comment about the size of poptropicans:
    I think it was for custom purposes.
    Wherever or whenever you witness the sport,
    you don’t see a skinny person.
    If skinny people played it regularly,
    it’d just be… wrestling.
    And I don’t think poptropica is trying to mock obese kids.
    Obesity isn’t something you inherit,
    it’s the eating desisions someone makes.
    Maybe by force, or love of food, or by habit,
    but whatever the cause of it is,
    poptropica isn’t mocking them.
    Thought I’d let you know another person’s opinion… 🙂
    (Done No Harm)

  42. Dangerous Flame does not reconize you comment Greedy Storm.

  43. Greedy Storm, 你怎么会偷走自己的号码?再说了,既然是你自己偷的,干嘛讨厌人家Infernape呢?:P

  44. I don’t hate people its just that in English greedy storm said “I hate you Infernape!You stole my favorite number”

  45. what the heck is everyone talking about?!?!and why is Esoteric Phoenix acting like a crazy hippie,lol

  46. What? And Unknown, you’re Chinese too?

  47. To Icy Lightlin’ : DUH.
    And to Infernape: in the 2nd sentence, Greedy Storm said “我”, not “你”. You know, the first word, “I”, not “you”. 😆

  48. what is wrong with everyone today?!?!

  49. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid

    CURSE U POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid

    therz a new midnight RED ninja outfit but itz only avaqilable 4 meberz and it lookz like 5 timez better than even the old light ninja outfit, see this iz what i HATE about mebership, u cant get the SUPR cool costumes 4 free

  51. Dokugan Ryu AKA the joker AKA the kid


  52. seriuslee though, I HATE MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. cause everyone is acting really weird and saying random stuff.

  54. hey,unknown where do you get those smiley faces???

  55. Of course I no wo and ni. My Taiwanese cousin taught me that. And I can only read basic traditional- style words. Like ti gwua (watermelon ) and others.

  56. almost 24 hours since the last comment! ^_^

  57. Now it’s over 24 hours than my last comment on here.

  58. but why can’t you get all the ranks when your not a member?! dat ain’t fair!!!!

  59. i really agree with you fast crumb. 🙂

  60. sumo wrestling is easy I win everytime!

  61. and I agree it is not fair that members get all the fun

  62. Im a member and my rank is “Ozeki” the thing Im more worried about is the release date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also thumbs up on a Magic Tree House theme:)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. if you wear the numchucks from the midnight ninja costume & you wrestle, it swings in the enemy’s face

  64. cool :3

  65. i know. it is so not fair! isn’t getting early access enough for members?

  66. I won all the islands. Now who will kiss my royal feet

  67. shaggy tooth don’t you thin they should let every thing be free

  68. Blue Speck - Poptropica guy

    And I’m cracking up! I wanna be a member!!! Wait… how many people got the last outfit?

  69. no fair! only members can progress after level 1

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  130. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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  131. Oh dear…
    back to the beginning.

    Ke$ha feels bad, SP isn’t answering…I hope it’s okay!

  132. oh,were allowed on here now?

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  146. I just like some of my friends that don’t “engage” themselfs with people like you. If you don’t mind, look at what Green Grape had to think of you!


  147. And sorry to say, I agree with her.

  148. I am sorry. I didn’t really know that we were acting so rude and selfish. I think I am going to leave for awhile, too, and maybe I will realize what big jerks we were (and that some of us still are) . Someday, Cassandra and GG, please try and forgive me for the way I have treated you. I was just looking at the past comments, and I now realize how right you are, Cassandra. The only reason I even try to act nice to Ke$ha is so she won’t hate me, and that I won’t be ignored by everyone else because of how she feels toward me. That’s dumb, though, because GG hates me with all of her gut, and I bet you do, too. You know, I am still not sure why Ke$ha even scares me that much, and why I even liked her. She lies, says inappropriate things, and does inappropriate stuff. Sure, she just recently admitted the “truth”, but telling the truth all of the sudden does not make all her troubles go away, and it certainly does not allow people to forgive and forget her about all the lies that she has told. So, once again, I hope that someday I will be forgiven for my rudeness by you and GG, and anyone else that I have offended on this website. Goodbye, PoptropicaSecrets, I hope that we might once meet again.
    Goodbye, Sandy.
    Goodbye, Jade.
    Goodbye, Cassandra.
    Goodbye, Icy Fire.
    Goodbye, Cute Daisy.
    Goodbye, Tiny Penguin.
    Goodbye, Mighty Drummer.
    Goodbye, Speedy Singer.
    Goodbye, Shadowprince. (In case you happen to read this).
    Goodbye, Athena.
    Goodbye, Jeall, Infernape, nutmeg, Nicholas. (You met me a few times.)
    Goodbye, Green Grape. Please forgive me someday.
    I am not sure if anyone was missed, and if they were, than I am sorry. Now, goodbye, Poptropicasecrets. I will always remember you all, even if you do not remember me.
    Like Cassandra, I will read your comments and be here, even if you don’t know.

  149. Knock it off, Icy! Don’t beat yourself up. Please.

  150. Sorry Jade.
    I think I have caused this.
    Yes, I agree.
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  153. Jade did u just change ur pic? 2 seconds ago litterally it was different!

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  155. Shy Rider (Poptropican name)

    Umm, you all make it sound like you’re all in the same school. Anyway this place is not a place to:


    This place is about Poptropica! You know people read theses stuff, man!

  156. Oh My God. It seriously won’t let me on Mythology v.s. Counterfeit: Island Smackdown. Like WTF?!

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  159. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    My favorite Taylor Swift song is “The Story of Us.”

  160. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I also like “Superman.”

  161. I’m thinking about leaving. This blog is bad. I realize my faults. And it’s finally time to say, until we meet again.

  162. I loved the concert.

    Can we try to make peace, Jade?

  163. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Jade. It was a simple question. Calm down.

  164. Dear Diary,
    Tomorrow will never be back…unless you find a way. That was a sentence I said today for class. I really didn’t get the assignment. Oh well. Okay, Kelly totally creamed us at dodgeball. I hit her with the ball but she wouldn’t come off even when we yelled “You’re off!” The game was like 10 to 1 anyways because Kelly eventually knocked everyone down. The game only ended when we got like 10 points and then we’d have to run to class. I find Gym totally unfair. Either I win and get yelled at or lose and get yelled at so, that’s mostly why I’m negative. Okay, tomorrow is Media Class. With my least favorite teacher. She always yells because if we don’t stay silent, we make “The Other Classes Mad”. That’s what she said. Good luck tomorrow because I dunno why but today in Media Class, we had to watch an boring flim about Media. I hated it. This Sunday is Fathers Day but I’ll have to give my gift to my GRANDfather because my father hardly ever sees me which is so cheap!!!!!
    Hopefully I’ll Be Better Tomorrow.
    -You Know Who

  165. Dear Diary,
    My parents totally nagged me about being on the computer.

    Short entry.

  166. jade has no idea what’s in poptropica now

  167. poptropicagurl12

    i need help on how to actually fight it cause i loose automatically in the game.

  168. red dragon island is very hard 🙁

  169. WOW… some fight going on, plz every1 TRY at least 2 make peace! jade, sayin that we ppl bore was NOT nice, if we do no1 forced 2stay here


  171. IF WE “BORE” U THEN U PEICE OF POOPED ON CRAP GO 2 HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO1 HERE I MAKING THE SITE “BORING” UNLES ITS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  173. i had to deal with jade 🙂 not pleasant… 🙁

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  176. Little seal you r full of SHIT!! Why would u lie on here u BITCH. Btw, u didnt have2 deal with jade u chose 2. So y’all SHUT THE HELL UP! Dont judge some1 by there atTitude u bitches. Suck that u dicks! >:(.

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    I have no comment on that.

  178. Red Dragon is very difficult…

    If anyone wants me to complete their island, I can. I will complete it and then you’ll have 100 credits to spend. Name an island (or a mini-quest) and I’ll go on and do it for you guys.

    -Silver Grape <3

  179. Does anyone have a Poptropica costume for cheap? Please tell me. I really want to know. I wish I could do Poptropica Secrets. That’d be awesome.

  180. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bUjZWNDlwWld4NWMybGhjMmx0YjI1bFlXeHNaVzQ9

    I just thought about an idea to make as a costume:

    Most of the stuff you find on me is around Poptropica!

    Electrify: Pink: 250 credits
    Pop star: Microphone: 75 credits

    You can find everything else around Poptropica.

    So, the outift will cost you 325 credits.

    A Suggestion From Silver Grape about this costume:
    Complete the Haunted House if you haven’t already. Find little things around Poptropica to add to it and make it look great.

    -Silver Grape

  181. Silver Grape:

    I was traveling around Poptropica looking for new costume ideas when thought that I should head over to Super Power Island. Then, I thought, nobody at Super Power would be up at this time in the morning. So, I headed over to Early Poptropica. I went into the Soda Pop Shop. I saw most of the girls there were blondes. And the guys were dark-haired. I felt like an outcast. I saw one girl had blue lips and she was happy with herself. Another girl had a crown on her haird, fairy wings and a white jacket. She thought she rocked that look. She did but, she was happy. I headed out thinking, “They’d be pretty good costume ideas.” Although, I never saw them again every time I went into that room. Although I saw this interesting fashion. She wore a black Pac-Man shirt, a black jacket, blanck bangs at the front and blonde hair at the back. She looked pretty happy so I let her be. Then, I saw this interesting man. Half his face was metallic. He wore a pink shirt (one of those shirts in the Mythology Island), a black vest, and a red hat over his brown hair. I felt awkward so I left. I came back in and there were 2 girls with black hair and 1 with brown. I saw that they were using my look. I felt proud of myself for being such a trendstter but for judging those people. I did cry and apologize to them. And here I rest, next to the Soda Pop Shop, about to find my next new style.

    -Silver Grape,
    Costume Designer In Training

  182. Hair Color?

    I am here at 24 Carrot about to get my hair changed. Hopefully it will look good. But, over my years of getting judged, I don’t know if I should. I’ll just keep it like what it’s going to be for a day. No longer, no shorter. An exact day. Maybe. Anyways, I think I’ll use the hair post and keep it simple. I don’t want to end up with green hair. Okay, I just want to know, what color should I change it to?

    Bella Black?
    Audacious Auburn?
    Beautiful Blonde?
    Bodacious Brunette?
    Rebellious Red-Head?

    Please tell me which one!!!

    -Silver Grape,
    Costume Designer In Training

  183. Reviews Preview!

    Hello. I am Silver Grape and I want to introduce another segment. “Reviews On Poptropica!”

    I go around Poptropica, taking a look at some of these major areas, what we could to improve them, what I love and hate about them and so on. Here’s a sneak peek.


    One thing I think about Mythology…we should get more credits for completing it! And…um…Steamworks. And…most of the islands. I mean, they’re difficult. We hardly get anything. Would you want 100 bucks for running around, getting stuff for people? Um…


  185. REAL JADE January 6, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    *stares at person 4 long time*
    yeah,okay *laughs*

    brave monkey October 13, 2011 at 4:30 am

    brave monkey October 13, 2011 at 4:32 am
    IF WE “BORE” U THEN U PEICE OF POOPED ON CRAP GO 2 HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO1 HERE I MAKING THE SITE “BORING” UNLES ITS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ♥nora♥ October 14, 2011 at 1:13 pm
    … calm down “dude” chill, go 2 hawii, take a vacation do the hola dance or liston 2 calm music, MAIN IDEA: CALM DOWN

    Little Seal October 19, 2011 at 5:42 pm
    i had to deal with jade not pleasant…

    my email: littleseal@hotmail.com

    Little Seal October 19, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Little Seal October 19, 2011 at 7:06 pm
    I’m kesha. I can prove it.

    Cuddly sun October 22, 2011 at 6:44 pm
    Little seal you r full of SHIT!! Why would u lie on here u BITCH. Btw, u didnt have2 deal with jade u chose 2. So y’all SHUT THE HELL UP! Dont judge some1 by there atTitude u bitches. Suck that u dicks! >:(.

    kesha?(and wow ur still thinking of SP? thats sad.)
    none of yu know me accept the skank kesha,and CS (thanks 4 sticking up 4 me)
    (even if i was a ass)
    i have no comments,cuz mostly i cussed at people cuz of boredom,lol

  186. Damn it. Why do I still use the name Ke$ha???

  187. That was a well deserved vacation. Going on another in…2 weeks.
    3 countries in the Carribean. 🙂
    ShadowPrince was a dick. I don’t care if he sees that.

  188. Dear Diary,
    Um…I’m back from vacation I guess. No wireless internet, no outlets, nothing. So, I was bored to death when I couldn’t post my “Dear Diary” entries. I actually spent time near the Eiffel Tower. But, I didn’t listen to the Tour Guide NOT to get lost in Paris so, I was lucky I got back to the hotel room. I was looking for WiFi around. I didn’t find no Wireless. And I learned more French even though I learned it before. It didn’t improve me much. Heading back, it reminded me of me and ShadowPrince. And when Sandy, me, Silver Sword I think, went over to Paris. It was beautiful. And then, ShadowPrince devoriced with me. Sometimes, moods change in Paris. Nobody knows what I look like. Which is great. I don’t look great. I’m beimg honest. I have about 2 pimples on my face, and an early matured body. I have white teeth, pinkish lips, curly black hair and I’m black. Shit. I wrote what I look like. Scratch that. K bye.


  189. Dear Diary,
    Good Evening. It’s 11:00 in Ontario. Not telling you anything about my city, house number, et cetera. I’m not stupid. Though, in First Grade, I misspelled the word “City”. I spelled “Ticy.” Which, wasn’t far from Icy. So, during First Grade, I was called Icy. Waaayyy off topic! I remember the times I used to post stuff like this on here. And cyber-sex with ShadowPrince without them caring. Though, ShadowPrince didn’t know, I acted older. I don’t think he really liked me. Oh well. Anyways, I came here to talk about people and how sometimes they can piss you off. So, me and my best friend, Jessie were walking and she spotted a stray dollar in the middle of the road. I told her “Um, we gotta go.” because we needed to get back to the house and she’s like “There’s a stray dollar I can buy gum or sumthin’ with it.” and around that time, a car went. So, I pulled her off the road and the dollar flew away. So, she got pissed off with me so, she’s all pissed like “The dollar flew away.” (American money btw) “At least you didn’t die or get hospitalized from that car.” and she was like “Well, I could’ve delievered some gum or sumthin’ to my hospital room or put it in my coffin.” and I was like “Wow, seriously?” and she was all “You let a dollar fly away and I almost got it.” and she walked away. I felt guilty after. But, was a dollar REALLY worth her safety? Or was she just worth keeping? I wonder that question still as I write this diary entry. And…the internet can’t argue with me because…no one knows me! Except for bubble gum. She knows me. We go to the same school, live in the same neighbourhood, et cetera. Well, maybe, the dollar would’ve made her happy, but, she would’ve died. No texts every 2 minutes. No emails. No hour long phone calls. No video calls. No knocking on each other’s door to wake each other up. No nothing. Maybe our friendship is over. But, here’s the main question. Is she really worth a dollar?


  191. Cheerful Singer

    @Ke$ha: I heard a lot about you. And don’t you mean WHITE Sword?


  192. Cheerful Singer

    Hello Jade, if you do happen to read this.

    I can’t believe what you had to put up with! I mean…

    Ke$ha seems like a bitch to me.

    Oops! Erm…female dog.

    @Shadowprince: …

    @Ke$ha: …

  193. And, Keyshia, get off.


  194. I don’t even think this Ke$ha girl even went to Paris,probably a bored sucker that doesn’t type properly(I mean look at the damn typos!) And she’s all “dear diary,blah blah blah,I’m so ugly,blah blah blah,” diaries are for keeping secrets and it’s kinda of a journal,so keep it private you dumdum!

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