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Where in Poptropica? (#2)

Here’s this week’s picture.  You know what to do: figure out where this image was taken and let us know in the comments.  Good luck!

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  1. The exit from the mine on wild west island

  2. It is the cow in Wild West island, after the mine cart ride to get the flower!

  3. Wild West Island !!! OMG !!!!! ONE OF FAVES

  4. It’s the cart in Wild West Island, that you see a cow on, and it in the town that you got the flower for the boy with the over-sized head.

  5. friendly dolphin

    wild west island in the exit of the mine

  6. Its in wild west island

  7. Wild west island! I thought it was one of the cattles! Lol

  8. The picture was taken at wild west when you exit the mines.

  9. I would have said it, if everyone else hadn’t got it first. I think you should be a little more interesting here…

  10. It i a cow in a cart on wild west island.

  11. It’s the cow in the cart in the cave where the blue lily is on Wild West Island.

  12. I think I used too many in’s

  13. Everything is juuuuuuuuuuuuust great…



  14. I’m depressed.

    Nobody likes me, because I’m annoying.

    I have no friends and no life.

    Want to know the truth?


    I have no brother and I now live with my mother, I’m a loser and I’m 12 years old.

    I think I’m suffering from depression.

  15. It was taken in the place where you get the flower when you see the cow on wild west island.

  16. It is the cow in the mine cart, after you the the blue tulip and there is a cavedown in Wild West. When you climb up the rope, you will eventually meet the cow, or as the Poptropica Creators say his name is, Bessie. 🙂 Welcome Zippy Turtle!

  17. Oh and Depressed Singer, Its funny cause your name is Cheerful Singer.

  18. Wild West Island: Rock Ridge: Underground Mine

  19. that is sad cheerful singer

  20. The exit from the mine in Wild West Island. There is a cow sitting in a mine cart.

  21. C.S. y do u always think negative of urself, y not think positive for a change

  22. Hey, do you want to win the prize or not.

  23. Cheerful Singer

    There is nothing good about myself.

  24. It is simple. This cut- out picture is of the cow in the mine cart on Wild West Island, right after you get the Rare Blue Tulip in your Inventory.

  25. There is something good about yourself,CS.:D

  26. The picture shows the tail and part of the cow in the cart you see right after you collect the Rare Blue Rose

  27. … in Wild West Island.

  28. Yeah, CS, think of something good about yourself! Everyone has a positive side.
    Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a lecturer…

  29. Friendly Spider

    what on earth is wrong, Kat? do you want to talk about it? it sounds terrible! i dont think you’re annoying, if that helps. 🙂 i actually think you’re awesome!!!!! 😉

  30. Friendly Spider

    And just so you know, we are the same age. Sometimes i feel exactly like you do. Always think of cupcakes. And some boy you have a crush on, riding with you on a white stallion on a beach at sunset. Hey, works for me.

  31. Amahlia (Poptropica: Quiet Cloud or Mighty Moon)

    Wild West Island, the Gold mine, near the bottom (I think).

  32. Sorry, I forgot to call you Kat, Kat.

  33. OK these are just random faces:

    🙂 🙁 😥 😡 😎 😆 😳 :mrgreen: 👿 😈 💡 ➡ 😮 😐 😯

  34. Friendly Spider

    thank you white sword. anybody wanna friend me? username is lalaloopsy1331. if a girl shows up with a vampire collar and a skull belt and a pink headband and bangs, thats me!!!!!

  35. Friendly Spider

    OMZ (oh my zeus)!!!!!!!!!! how do u do animated faces?!?!?!?!?!

  36. wiuld west island: thats the cow in the minecart after everything caves in

  37. FS: You type : and then without a space lol OR cry, then without a space type : again.

  38. Or : then oops then :

  39. Friendly Spider


  40. Friendly Spider


  41. Friendly Spider


  42. Friendly Spider

    awesome!!!!! 😆

  43. Friendly Spider

    omz i m SO sad (ya rite!! 😆 ) 😥

  44. Friendly Spider


  45. Friendly Spider


  46. Friendly Spider

    awesome!! figured out the rolling eyes face. oh sweeeeet! kk b rite back peeps!!

  47. Cheerful Singer

    I just volunteered for a food bank (my fingers are numb and I’m on my iPod so, excuse spelling or Grammer issues).


    Do you think I talk about Skrillex TOO much?

    I don’t want to sound like an obsessive freak.

    I’m obsessing over a 24-year-old guy 😀 LOL

    I follow him on Twitter.

  48. Friendly Spider

    ok now im back.

  49. Friendly Spider

    HI KAT!!!!!!!!!! are you feeling better now? not so depressed? i hope so. i dont want you to be sad 😥 no, you dont talk about skrillex too much. how come i have never heard of him until you mentioned him? where do you live? stars are usually more popular in one or two places…..

  50. Cheerful Singer

    Does anyone wanna play Truth Or Dare?



  51. Friendly Spider

    and good for you about the food bank. wait do you mean you’ll be volunteering there. i have one in my town.

  52. Friendly Spider

    I WILL PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!! do we get chickens? where we can chicken out and not do it? i say we get two. how do you do truths if you dont know us though?

  53. Cheerful Singer

    I live in Brantford, ON. Same place WS lives. We live in the same area but, we don’t know each other.

    I was on textplus (for iPod, iPhone and Android) and it was a roleplaying community. People were roleplaying and so was I. But, what changed my life forever was Jason texting…

    *turns on Skrillex*



    With hair!!!

    LOL, that’s most of it.

    His hair must be so hard to take…


    🙁 🙁 🙁 I CAN’T STOP!!!

  54. Friendly Spider

    honestly, i dont know what ON stands for. do you happen to live in Ontario, in Canada? thats the only ON i know.

  55. Cheerful Singer

    Yes we do. And, I was doing it out on the Reserve, where most Native-Americans live. I’d be living there if I wasn’t it West Brant. (My Mom’s a Native-American)

  56. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, Ontario.

    Where do you live?

  57. Friendly Spider

    im on vampire’s curse island right now. it is raining. with thunder. scary. NOT. i like singing in the rain. look at my profile, it will say that.

  58. that’s easy that’s from WQild West island,when the cave or whatever falls in then you go up and you see a cow.lol (horrible explanation)

  59. Cheerful Singer

    Sorry, I can’t friend you. I’m on my iPod and Keyshia will be on until 10.

    I get to watch Skr-

    Erm…Certain Artists videos online.

    Okay! Truth Or Dare!

  60. Exit after the mine cart ride in Wild West while going up, and it’s a cow in a mine cart.

  61. Friendly Spider

    New York. In America! Good ol’ stars and stripes. Have you ever been here? If you want to know stuff, I’ll tell you anything you want to know. That I know, at least.

  62. truth or dare! truth or dare! hit me, kit-kat!

  63. Cheerful Singer

    Oh hey! Friend me as elysiaallen10.

    Keyshia’s age, her favorite band, our last name.

    It’s Keyshia’s account but, I changed her password. 😉

  64. Cheerful Singer

    Late comment. Making mini-pizza’s at quarter to 9, LOL.

    Okay, TOD?

  65. ha. how devious 😆

  66. my comments come late too. um…..truth, of course.

  67. Cheerful Singer

    If you had to date one person on this website (guy or girl), who would it be?

  68. wat guys are there? the only one i know is zippy turtle, feirce moon’s helper. there is this guy in my science class though…..:) 😆

  69. Cheerful Singer

    Yeah, there’s this this one guy…

    Who actually…

    ASKED ME OUT!!! EEEEEE!!! Thanks SO much!

    I’m sure he’s gonna break-up with me…

  70. i have honestly never been asked out. i wish…..we are friends though and my mom said thats the first step!!!!! we are good friends and we talk all the time. we compete in tennis at our summer day camp together. its so much fun!!!!! did you see my comment earlier about where i live?
    P.S. the guy’s name is Nathaniel!!!!! His last name is Fox. i think my name sounds good with his…..:lol:

  71. and what are you thanking ME for? oh whoops i gotta go…..can you talk tomorrow? 12:00 works for me. c u right here? sorry i have to leave, kat. im not happy either. 😥

  72. and count bram’s castle is actually very nice, for a vampire.

  73. Cheerful Singer


  74. Peace Kit-Kat!!!!! you are awesome dont forget that and you can call me Lizzy. Thats not short for my first name, its for my middle. just so you know 🙂 or you can call me something that has to deal with the ocean. lol im so weird

  75. Cheerful Singer

    I can’t talk at 12:00, I have school.

    But, I’ll sneak on a computer at lunch in the library.

    I don’t know if I can but, I’ll try.

  76. Cheerful Singer

    Okay, Lizzy 😉

    Whatever you want me to call you, I’ll call you 😉

    K, Keyshia wants to hook my iPod up to my computer and do some crap with it.

    Keyshia’s messed up.


  77. you still have school? oh, right. i forgot. you dont have to do that. does 3:00 work instead? i dont know if im doing anything tomorrow.

  78. Peace. tomorrow i will have to tell you my friend’s crazy dream…its so funny! ok peace now. gotta go!
    —–Friendly Spider (Lizzy)

  79. Cheerful Singer

    I’ll try. I’ll probably be able to go on. Whenever we’re done, we get to go on.

    Either MineCraft or something else. I’ll go on both.

  80. Cheerful Singer

    Peace out!

    -Kit-Kat AKA Kat AKA Cheerful Singer

  81. wild west island in the mine

  82. itis in wild west island in the mine in rock ridge on wild west island

  83. you’re all on here?!?!?!??

  84. Easy. It’s in the diamond mine in Rock Ridge which is on Wild West island .

  85. since you mentioned Vampire’s Curse, I’m watching My Babysitter’s a Vampire.

  86. I love that show!!!!

  87. That cow in the mines on wild west island.
    Check out my blog ya’lll! Click my name!

  88. (THINKS)
    Billion years later…
    (GIVES UP)

    Moral of the story is don’t give up on Poptropica islands.

  89. hen that’s funny but right now where I live the time id 1:42 A.M.!!!!! I cant sleep so I came on here with my kindle

  90. That is easy it’s in wild west island !!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Cheerful Singer

    I had a weird dream.

    I was walking past a speaker place and then, Nicki Minaj showed up but, didn’t say anything. Then, Pound The Alarm came on and I said, “OH EMMMM GEEEES, YOUR SONG!” She looked at me, said “SHUT UP!”, punched me and left.

    Maybe because I was watching Skr-

    Erm…certain videos…

    And Pound The Alarm came on after I exited YouTube and went on Jango.

  92. ok so i know what the picture is……….its a cow in a those hangy thingys

  93. to everybody who is not posting the picture of the cow, please SHUT UP!
    the picture is from wild west island inside the mine, it is in a cart

  94. Cheerful Singer

    This is the 2nd last day of school.

    At least someone at school won’t be here today so, DJ can recover from her fight.

  95. Cheerful Singer

    I just borrowed something really cute from one of my friends.

  96. Cheerful Singer

    What the hell P!ATD?


  97. Cheerful Singer

    Love this song, WTH at this video?


  98. That is in Rock Ridge ( Wild West Island ) There is the cave where you can find the Blue Lily that can cure the boy on Dos Cactos. 🙂

  99. Cheerful Singer

    The video has NOTHING to do with the song. Here are the lyrics if you want to read them over.


  100. the picture is from crptids island

  101. It’s the cow in the cave where you find the lily to cure that boy. 😉

  102. in a cave place after you ride the wagoon thing and is on rock ridge

    the cow in the cave ( wild west island )

  103. The mine on wild west in rock ridge where you find the flower that cures a big headed boy (after the mine collapsed)

  104. Just so u know F.S., there are a lot of boys on this website.

    P.S. Latest game news: Nintendo announced their new hand-held console, the Nintendo 3DS XL to be released on August 19 in North America and to be priced at $199.99

  105. The Nintendo DS is also going to have poptropica on it

  106. the cow that is stuck in the mine cart in the exit of the mine in rock ridge on wild west island.

  107. this is the rock ridge . You know after the mine cart ride and you get the flower u have to climb up a rope and ull see a cow dressed in a apron and munching on grass . this is in Wild West island

  108. Hamza are u still having school in New York?

  109. The picture is wild west island it is blue lily from rock ridge

  110. the mine shaft in Wild West Island

  111. heeey kat ur dream sounds kinda funny anybody got a youtube channel and or account ?????????????????

  112. It’s on Wild West Island after the mine collapsed on you getting the flower for the kid with the big head who got tricked by R.J. Earl and his potions.

  113. you have gggggggghhhhhhhhoooooooossssssssttttttttttt mmmmaaaaaiiiilll

    look this up its called this girl will come and kill you for seven days weeeeellllll ITS FAKE CRAP !!!!!!!!!

  114. did i really just accidentally say that ?????

  115. Wazzup peeps? Lizzy here with a smile on my face cuz I am happy!! Spidergirl is full o’ energy today. 😆 Be my friend! Username is lalaloopsy1331. My multiverse is DDH25 . Come say hi!!!!! I luv to make new friends. Okay I think I just came out of my sugar high. Ok. Calm down, Lizzy. Hello, fellow Poptropicans. Greetings from rural New York. Ok too formal….. I’m just gonna go with what I said before. Ok I’m done now. 😳

  116. wild west island! it is when you are under ground and you had just found the rare blue tuilip.

  117. and yeah, i think you did, Scary Sky.

  118. Hi everyone,I can finally comment again!!!!!!!!

  119. AND I READ THAT DRAKE!!!!!!!!!! duh i meant no boys i KNOW. 😆 Also, DON’T LISTEN TO ME AND KAT’S CONVERSATIONS!!!!!!!!!! well i don’t personally know any boys on this website so how would i know i should pick them? also: some advice, NEVER listen to girls when they are playing truth or dare. it can get VERY UGLY………. 😆

  120. Hello, Short Leopard. Do you know who Kat is?

  121. I’ve met her,just I wasn’t able to comment for a while.:D

  122. OK, good. Yesterday we were playing Truth or Dare, and she asked me that if I had to date any boy on this site who would it be? I said I dont know any boys except Zippy Turtle, who works with Fierce Moon. Then this guy Drake said today that there were a lot of boys and I’m like yeah, I know, but no guys I have known PERSONALLY. Anyway my friend had this weird dream wanna hear about it? Its pretty funny.

  123. I guess

    P.S. F.S., u know Kat in real life?

  124. Actually, no. But I’m ok with just here. Why, do u?

  125. It is in wild west island and it is coming up from the mine!

  126. okay truth or dare lets play !!!!!!!! and no cussing like i accidentally did up there /\

  127. yes i wanna hear about the weird dream omg everybody has to watch this stinking video also evan i know she did not die http://youtu.be/T9EMce11LnI sooooo don’t freak out

  128. That picture is taken at Rock Ridge. It is after you get your blue tulip and these rocks invade you. Then you climb up and see a cattle on a wagon/wheelbarrow.

  129. when i saw it i laughed but in my mind was like also this is the last time. heres what i was thinking dafug did i just see ?????


    I feel like a retard.

    Yeah, I agree.

    One day, I was playing Truth Or Dare with a couple of mah gurlfriends…

    Ya dun wanna know.

    I ain’t gonna be all stereotypical on yo and say “Mon” all da time, because I’s Jamaicanz.

  131. I hate Mainstream music but, I’m not gonna be all Hipster on you guys.


    Tomorrow’s the last day of school!

    And then, on Friday, I get to talk to you guys all day and NIGHT!


    I have it ALL planned out!

    Maybe we could do Truth Or Dare?

  132. I got kissed today!

    My First Kiss…

    At this school 😉


    We get to pack up from Camping.

    Ugh, we have to go camping at Brant Park for Canada day.


    So, I won’t be here Saturday or Sunday.

    Maybe Saturday morning.

  133. which kind quick or long

  134. Are you talking to me?

    If you’re asking about my kiss, it was long.

    Nothing farther. It’s either just making out or kissing.

    Or pecking. Whatever.

  135. hello ???

  136. yes ok did you see the video yet ?

  137. Yeah, it was alright, I guess.

    Is that your channel?

  138. i stinking hate sad movies

  139. no sadly i don’t have one yet do you

  140. serious face

  141. Cheerful Singer


    When I tell you to in the Fall, check out Cupcake360360.

    It’s my friend’s channel and I’ll be in some of them.

  142. if you wanna know what i look like picture me like this

    brown eyes blond hair about a little under the shoulders blue feather blue hairspray a purple and white shirt with a sparkly heart on it denim jeans with hearts on won front pocket and paint splattered tennis shoes the colors for the shoes are blue white and purple

  143. coolllll i am gonna troll my little bro brb

  144. Hello i haven’t been on lately cause i couldn’t comment,but,i can comment!!!!

  145. why can’t ayamn come on plz tell me short leopard

  146. tellllll me

  147. heres aymans last comment at least i think ayman arif June 15, 2012 at 10:12 pm
    wb wild scorpion be safe japan

  148. Cheerful Singer


    As I say,

    “Just ignore the haters.”


  149. haters gonna hate is from a rage comic !! nice job not sarcasm

  150. callling friend and an un known number to see who it is calling

  151. Cheerful Singer


    Why I said Haters Gonna Hate before I posted a Skrillex Video:

    People online and in real life hate on me for liking Dubstep. Mostly, they hate because I like Skrillex.

  152. Ayman can’t comment cause his account on here has a glitch.

  153. There’s your answer,Scary Sky.

  154. i dont hate people everybody has different likes you like WUB WUB WUB i like thats what makes you beautiful

  155. ohhhhhhhh THANX !!!!!!!! truth or dares

  156. Cheerful Singer


    Why won’t my comments show?

  157. Cheerful Singer

    It shows me saying: “WTF”?


  158. Cheerful Singer

    I HATE everything Mainstream.

  159. IS FTW the opposite of WTF

  160. i aint evan mad okay lets play truth or dare !! ill go first i choose dare now somebody make me do something on youtube !

  161. Cheerful Singer

    Like, you guys are like “One Direction FTW”.

    When I think,



  162. i knowsies

  163. Cheerful Singer

    FTW means for the win.

    I Dunno.

  164. i hate youtube changes

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    Sign out and sign in as a different user
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    Please sign in to confirm your age.

    Died of Prank

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  165. Cheerful Singer

    Now every club promoter wants to bid like auctions,
    ‘Cuz, we pack the Cel-tics like Boston.

    That’s the only part of Nicki Minaj’s song Baddest B**ch that’s APPROPRITE.

  166. i uh…… okayyyyy my friend dee is texting me and i did not know my landline could get texts what the heck ????

  167. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  168. Cheerful Singer

    I hate trolls!!!

  169. can you come too my room?
    Short Leopard is BORING

  170. Cheerful Singer

    If you’re talking to me, I’m on my iPod and gonna head over to Lynden Park Mall.

  171. nevermind… 🙄 😡
    *walks off mad*

  172. Cheerful Singer

    If you were talking to me, I am sorry.

    It’s just I have to find something and I have to.

    I have to find something for Jessie.

    Jessie’s going with me.



  173. Jade u still have the multiverse?

  174. Zippy Turtle and Fierce Moon, the picture is a cow stuck in a mine cart in rock ridge (in wild west island).

  175. Cheerful Singer

    WTF at the ads on here.

    I mean, seriously?

    And now, there’s “Chinese Women Seek Men 30+ Looking For Love”?


    I bet none here have even crossed 18.




    I just got back from Lynden Park Mall.

    Got white clothes and a neon green/yellow top from Bluenotes.

    And white nail polish from Claire’s!

    I was going to get those rose hair acessories (black butterflies on dem)

    But, the pinpad was acting up and we didn’t have enough cash.

  176. I’m back

  177. hello????

  178. Cheerful Singer

    I am very bored.

    Not to sound like an ass but,


    My curly chestnut brown hair is straightened, I wear a bit of black eyeshadow and a bit of lip gloss, I wear a red plaid skirt with black ripped leggings, a white strapless tank with a black tie and sandals, showing off my white nails with, written in black and red, Sonny Moore.


    I am SUCH a nerd.

    I’m gonna wear this tomorrow!

    With thick black glasses.

    JK JK.

  179. Hello Peoples.

    Blargh, and, yeah.

  180. Kat, I think that’s awesome.

  181. Does JK JK mean JK Rowling JK Rowling?

  182. yes it does now everybody imagine this !!!!!! if you wanna know what i look like picture me like this

    brown eyes blond hair about a little under the shoulders blue feather blue hairspray a purple and white shirt with a sparkly heart on it denim jeans with hearts on won front pocket and paint splattered tennis shoes the colors for the shoes are blue white and purple

  183. Cheerful Singer

    You look good 😀

    Thank you for telling me.

  184. Cheerful Singer

    My iPod is DYYYYYING!!! 🙁

  185. i hate it when my iPod dies cause sometimes i loose the charger

  186. it once died while i was listening to a song

  187. That’s too bad, SL.

  188. 🙁 😥 😡 😈

  189. 👿

    😐 😉 🙂 😮 😀 😛 😆

  190. i know people say I’m older than i am like 13 or 14

  191. Right in the middle of the song

  192. From sad to crying to mad to devious to neutral to smiling to laughing. That’s just screwed…

  193. Cheerful Singer

    White Sword, what IS your name?

    Are you Asian?

  194. ws if your sad won min happy the other or just plain angry your growing up ! its part of puberty

  195. I’m going through an emotionl rollar coaster

  196. hello ? was it something i said ?

  197. wild west island

  198. The picture is from the stuck cow in the mine cart in Wild West when the mine caves in.

  199. wild west island
    cow stuck in mine cart
    when mine caves in

  200. I used to be red lizard befor friends now I am poptropicann.

    When the mine caves in and you climb up the rope on wild west island this is the bottom of the cow in the mine cart.
    Good one zippy turtle, if you aren’t VERY good it would be hard.
    By the way what is your username???
    My little bor would love t know!!!!
    Xxx, you know who.

  201. I am the invisible Poptropican here.
    Any one with Ultra-Vision?
    No one noticed.
    Maybe because all of you are American and I am Canadian?

    Username: phineas1339
    Password: I’ll never tell!

  202. Fast Fire

    Favorite Islands:Game Show, Cryptids, etc.

  203. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, don’t act like you’re the only Canadian here!

    I am too.

    And so is White Sword.

    Well, technically, I’m Jamaican but, that doesn’t help things!

    Keyshia stole my LULU LEMON HEADBAND!!!

    She better give it back.

    My outfit is complete…except for the headband!

    I’m gonna threaten her.

  204. the island is wild west. it is that cow in the cave

  205. Cheerful Singer

    And I need to write “re” on my nails.

    Right now, Sonny Moore is just Sonny Moo.

  206. Cheerful Singer

    “re” successfully written on my two smallest nails!

    I am a total fangirl 🙂


    I look alright that I’m in it.

    Today, the whole school is supposed to wear pyjamas.


  207. wild west island!!!!!!!!!

  208. i had a slipper day at school once i it it was hilarious

  209. What’s Slipper day, S.S.?

  210. wild west

  211. When the mine caves in and you climb up the rope on wild west island this is the the cow in the mine cart at the bottom

  212. Cheerful Singer

    Slipper Day?

    BTW I is at school, LOL.


  213. Wild west island when you are climbing the top for the flower for the boy’s head 😉

  214. Acknowledgement:
    Complete Name: Rhapsodya Piedro Asmorobangun
    Poptropica Complete Name:
    – Be Friends:poptropica107636
    – Friends Room: Thirsty Tornado
    Country/Region: Indonesia

    I am an experienced poptropican, know almost all the cheats and codes, completed several islands yet do not have membership.

    I notice something difference when you type this oncoming comments every day, you wrote in an, well, ‘oakward’ way. I expected more from you. Well, my (complete) answer for it is, when you are stuck in the hole in Wild West Island, that is after you ride the mine carrier, and then the rocks crumble, when you climb the rope a little bit, you would find a female cow with a scarf and a bow in its tail, stuck in a mine carrier. And the picture that you have seen, is it’s tail.

    That is all, and goodbye.

  215. The pic is taken in Rock Ridge , Wild West Island in the diamond mine where you ” pay no attention to the cow in the bathtub.” It says that in the walkthrough . ;(

  216. wrong emoticon. 😉

  217. The picture is from Nabooti Island when you uncover the hidden mine to get the white gem.

  218. Wait, its from wild west (I got my islands mixed up)

  219. Its from th ild est thing

  220. old west or whatever is where that pic was taken

  221. Cheerful Singer

    Please do this fill out the blanks for me and whoever does this for me, I will do it for them!

    Name: ____________
    Age: ____-_________
    From: _____________
    Lives In: ___________
    Loves (music): _________________
    Loves (people): _________________
    Loves (celebrities): ________________
    Looks Like: ____________________
    Known For (on this website): ___________
    They Say: _________________
    Favorite Artists: _______________
    Celebrity Crushes: _______________


  222. Crazy Lightning

    Wild West Island

  223. wild west

  224. the picture was toke gat the gold mines in wild west’ after you get the blue tulip

  225. the picture was took at the gold mines in wild west ‘ after you get blue tuliup .

  226. in wild west when you complete the mine thingy

  227. the picture was taken in wild west island in the gold mines.Where you get the blue tulip for the boy

  228. The pic is the cow in the minecart,in Wild West,after you get the blue tulip,&during the cave-in.

  229. is Poptropican on? i wanted to say thanks for being my friend.
    P.S- i thought names were two letters, like Hyper Pelican (he’s my friend. username: myasa5), not one letter!

  230. oh, and S.S (i got that from Drake), what IS slipper day? did you make it up?

  231. the picture is from wild west durinthe cave in

  232. i think the picture was taken at the wild west island

  233. in a mine at rockey ridge on the wild west island

  234. The picture is from wild west island,in the cave in,when you go up,you will see the picture [a cow in a enormous bucket] .

  235. The mine cart in Wild West island. Right after you get the blue tulip and climb up the rope to escape the cave that just got hit by an earthquake(or is it a landslide?)

  236. It is in Wild West Island in the town of Rock Ridge in the gold mine. Once you finish the mine cart ride, you pick the blue tulip and there is a cave-in. You then escape up a rope through the “scenic route” where there is a cow in a mine cart with a blue bib and bow.
    This is a picture of it.

  237. place:wild west island
    place(from map):rock ridge

  238. Good one, that picture is from wild west island, located in the mine.

  239. Was it taken in Nabooti island? after the mine crash???

  240. if i were to help Zippy Turtle with Where In Poptropica, NO ONE would know where the picture is taken!!!!! 🙂

  241. Popular Lightning

    the wild west mine after you get the blue flower

  242. Obviously at the mine in Wild West island.

  243. I think it is from Wild West island. This is a total guess sooooo I hope I am right!

  244. its from the wild west island the stuck cow int he mine cart p.s its a cute wee cow wee means little im irish and scottish ao i use words like tht

  245. a cow in a minecart…
    is it wild west island?

  246. its in the wild west island. the part where you climb up just after you get the blue tulip.
    ………it the cow in the mine cart. 🙂

  247. On where in poptropica (#2) the picture is in wild west island

  248. Its from wild west island the cattle stuck in the mine shaft

  249. that picture is from wild west

  250. wild west island is where the pick was taken

  251. The cow when you are exiting the mine cart ride on Wild West island

  252. Wild west duh! Where else would that cow come from!? And the place is harder to pinpoint but after a check i can can confirm it is rocky ridge. TTYL peeps!

  253. Iy’s form the Mine cart in WW (Wid west), of course! LOL

  254. wild west

  255. The picture was taken at Wild West Island. After the mine crash, rocks will start to fall and you will climb up a rope, ending up next to a cow in a wagon.

    BTW, cow in a wagon… weird… Does anyone agree with me?

  256. Massive Tornado

    That’s the cow in the wagon from Wild West Island

  257. Wild west. EASY PEASY!! HARRRRRDDDDEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. UPDATE: Where in Poptropica #2 is expired.
    Zippy Turtle will closed at afternoon.

    Use the latest one is Where in Poptropica #3.

  259. The Pic was Taken at wild west island after you get the blue tulip during the cave in.

  260. spottedstomper01

    This is definently from wild west island, in the cave mining cave thing. IDK how a cow got in there?????? 🙂

  261. this picture is from the wild west ,that picture is a cow in a mine cart,you will see it after you get the blue tulip yo heal the boy with the big head,the loucation is at rocky ridge

  262. that was a cow in the mine cart in wild west island

  263. Isn’t that Wild West Island?

  264. A cow in a minecart underground going through the tunnel to the top in Wild West island.

  265. Wild West Island, that place with the Mine, in the tunnel after you go through the Mine.

  266. its from wild west island. i completed every island, so you should add me guys!! my username is IamJaylo (: cheers

  267. It is a cow in a cart dumbrain poptropica