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Where in Poptropica? (#1)

We’re firing up another new game today!  This one is called “Where in Poptropica?”  Every week, we’ll post an image taken from somewhere in the wide, wild world of Poptropica.  Your mission is simple: figure out where it is.  Obviously, there will be some clue in each of the images.  (We’re not going to just show  you a rock…unless that rock has something revealing like a Sphinx on it.)

Here’s this week’s “Where in Poptropica?” snapshot.  Now show us how well you know your islands!

Where in Poptropica (#1)?

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  1. that’s in Astro Knights

  2. i think by the CASTLE?

  3. Cheerful Singer


  4. astro-knights island, outside the castle

  5. astro nights BOOM

  6. Cheerful Singer

    This was in Astro Knights, by (or ontop) of the catsle, one of the the 3 ruined UFO’s.

  7. i need to stop

  8. cheerful singer whats your youtube page ? i can watch your videos and finally see what you look like and when my mum gets me won i will give you my link

  9. Easy one. Astro Knights Island by the castle. On the top, I think? :\

  10. I’m more german then anything but i don’t have an accent

  11. Nervous Stomper

    Astro-Knights Island because of the UFO and the spear.

  12. Cheerful Singer

    My YouTube channel is Private and I will never show my face. I do lyric videos and music videos but, they’re very private. I’ll post a link to a girl I relate to.

  13. : ( pooh okay

  14. That’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? That only Island with spaceships is Astronights island, so that’s my guess.

  15. Cheerful Singer

    A black paintbrush, across the canvas. Thick. Way too thick. Thinner had to be added. But, it was way too thin. That was what Emily had done. Emily had spread herself out way too thin.

    Where our story begins is a waterfall, deep into the forest, the dark forest with dead tress blocking the enterance. The trees were old and creaked. You had to be careful not to lean against the trees. No one dared to go into the forest. No one except Emily Rose. Emily had medium length, dirty blonde hair. She had run away on her 8th birthday. She had had enough of her life with her parents and decided to run away to the forest-the only place where she could be free. She had one last kiss from her mother and still talked to her every single day from a payphone with money she found on the ground. She slept in the forest or on park benches. One morning, she did her regular routine. She filled an empty water bottle she found in the recycling bin with fresh water from the waterfall. She dusted the wood chips and dirt from her jeans and sweater. She had a bit of water and made sure her area was clear. Then, walked out of the forest and headed to the city.

  16. Cheerful Singer

    If ayman was here and I started talking about Skrillex…

  17. he’d be un happy I’m at arobics tonight with mum and the baby sitter amanda shes so funny

  18. I meant miranda



  21. Cheerful Singer

    I am bored.

  22. Cheerful Singer

    If I met Skrillex, I WOULD WEEP.

  23. Cheerful Singer

    -Kat Allen

    “A good seedling grows to be a beautiful rose, one that stays true to their words and doesn’t change course. But, one bad seedling shall grow into a ugly weed and get thrown away.”
    -Kat Allen

    I am artistic…type/write wise.

  24. Easy.Its astro-night island by the castle.One of the ufo ships that they shot down.I think its the one on the bottom left(the first one that you see)!

  25. Cheerful Singer

    “Apples are the fruit of gravity.”
    -Kat Allen


  27. Friendly Spider

    Hey wassup peeps? Friendly Spider here and I would like to ask how everybody’s day went bcuz I am just that nice kind of person! no. kidding. well, kind of. And Cheerful Singer, I like how you put phrases from people like Kat Allen (whoever that is). it makes you sound very interesting. anybody who wants to say hi or be my friend i like to hang out on the mythology page!! heres some poetry for you. Its a german poet i think from a book i read. the main character was a fan of this poet and there were random bits in the book sometimes.i dont really know what this poem line here means, but i like it. ok goodnite everybody im out!!–>0< FS

    "We are not allowed to linger, even with what is most intimate."
    -Rainer Maria Rilke

  28. Cheerful Singer

    Emily walked along the sidewalks, looking down at the ground for anything. Spare change, chewed gum, a hot dog, half-eaten cheeseburger, anything. Finally, she saw it. She saw a cheeseburger in the garbage. She walked over amd duh through the garbage, fishing around. She pulled it out. Her favorite toppings: bacon, cheese (cheddar), tomato, ketchup, mayo, pickles and lettuce. There was a bite taken out of it but, whatever. She wiped the other garbage off of it and took a bite. Delicious.

    After her meal, she walked around, head down, looking at her sneakers. No one could tell she was homeless. Finally, she found somewhere loose change would be like a gold mine. The stores. She walked into a grocery store. Fancy. She smuggled in some cheese and crackers and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. She finally foun something. One dollar. She picked it up and put it in her pocket along with her pop bottle, cheese and crackers and half-eaten cheeseburger. One dollar…enough for the bus back to the nearest shop to the forest. She walked outside, no one suspecting her theivery and went to the nearest bus stop. Half an hour later, she she got on and it drove her to the bus stop nearest to the forest.

    After getting there, she ran into the forest, past the stumps and bushes and under the branches. She finally got to her place, took the food and drink out of her water bottle and laid them on her sweater after taking it off for the night.

  29. Friendly Spider

    and that picture is from astro knights island. its one of the crashed ufos by the castle, with a spear through it.

  30. Cheerful Singer

    I am Kat Allen!


  31. Is anyone still going to redwings party?

  32. Friendly Spider

    wow cheerful singer that story is really good!! what was your inspiration? im sensing a little twisted thicket in there…..:)

  33. unman whoa redwing

  34. I meant who’s redwing its the stuipid auto correct spelling

  35. Cheerful Singer

    That’s Keyshia’s story.

    Keyshia is my little sister. She’s of 10 years.

  36. Friendly Spider

    oh sorry i didnt know you were kat allen!! well then you say very inspirational and wise phrases. when i said whoever that is i didnt mean it in a bad way.

    “All these perfect days, made of glass
    Put on the shelf where they can cast
    perfect shadows that stretch and grow
    on the imperfect days down below.”

  37. astro knights

  38. hello am I completely inviseble?

  39. I am grumpy now so.just call me raven

  40. Friendly Spider

    Did your sister come up with that? Wow. She’s a very creative and talented girl then!! And only ten? Im not much older and my stories arent nearly as good as that! Sometimes i try to write stories, but there is always something i dont like. i constantly change what i wrote until i have a page full of pen scribbles and white-out. frustrating! Just out of curiousity, what country do you live in? are you from another country? I dont mean to be rude. I was just wondering.

  41. why is everybody ignoring me grr : – /

  42. Friendly Spider

    For anyone who wants to be my friend, my username is lalaloopsy1331 . no comment on it please, i was just trying to think of some thing off the top of my head!! i did not have much time. i was in a rush and i just thought of it.

  43. well…. I’m gonna stalk everybody now

  44. Cheerful Singer

    I lived in Jamaica when I was a young-un when Keyshia was just born. Me and Matt were both two then.

    @SS: Scary Sky, you’re never invisible! I find your comments very interesting.

    @FS: Keyshia writes those too. Keyshia’s beside me.

  45. ive already got you

  46. oh thanx

  47. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia wants the computer and I won’t let her go on PS again!

    Okay, peace out until tomorrow!

  48. Friendly Spider

    Hello Scary Sky( or raven…). Sorry i am not talking to you but i was just talking to Kat. What would you like to talk about? I do not have much time to talk though sorry it is 9:20pm where i live.

  49. Friendly Spider

    peace out Cheerful Singer!

  50. Cheerful Singer

    Bye and if ayman comes on, please bring up Skrillex for me!

    LOL, I really gotta go, Keyshia wants to go on badly.

  51. i just saw a very creepy commercial it was a travel won and this guy had these deep black eyes and no pupils he looked like he was possed or hes a demon

  52. weeeellll freindly spider were in the same timezone its 9:22

  53. Friendly Spider

    Goodbye! P.s. i am from america(the u.s.a.). ive never left the country before even though i live right near the border to canada. but someday i really want to go to greece. Ok everybody my mom wants me to get ready for bed so i have to go! Im sorry i wont be on tomorrow though!! 🙁 i will try but it will be in the evening bcuz i have a field trip tomorrow for being on the honor roll in school. goodnight and sweet dreams of cupcakes and ice cream pops!!
    —–Friendly Spider

  54. alright goodnight I gotta get up early tom

  55. Cheerful Singer

    Tomorrow’s a really big day for me in school.

    We’re doing this talent show thing but, there was like a part 1 of 3 and there was FIRE!!!

    I’m preforming a routine and someone jumps off the stage and crowd surfs.

    Runs off the stage and jumps into the audience.

    And that’s me!

    I’m doing it like Skrillex did.

  56. Cheerful Singer

    Wearing red underwear and thick glasses too.


  57. cheerful singer you may call me Hannah if u want beacause that’s my name

  58. Wow! You are still in school? We got out WEEKS ago! It’s cool to see differences in others lives!

  59. Oh, and I think that’s somewhere in Astro Knights ( i finished that one with no cheats)

  60. ayman arif a.k.a. young hippo

    astro knights space ship that crashed to the tower next to the kingdom south of the princess tower

  61. the picture is in astro knights



  63. It is Astro Knights dudes.

  64. Because it has a space ship.

  65. It’s Astroknights!

  66. Cheerful Singer

    “My nomcake is smexy.”

    That’s what Urneth said.

  67. It’s astro-nights Zip.

  68. Cheerful Singer

    Does anyone know some good Skrillex songs?

    The best ones actually?

    Please tell me because I know like, every song and want to know what people think of his music.

    Kat Allen aka Cheerful Singer

  69. That’s from Astro Knights in the castle area. That area is the only one with both spears and spaceships.

  70. Cheerful Singer


    Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites-Skrillex

    Grammy Nominated 2012

    Skrillex won 3 Grammy’s, you know.

  71. Cheerful Singer


    Summit feat. Ellie Goulding-Skrillex

    Ellie Goulding and Skrillex are dating, I think.

    Still together, I think.

  72. Cheerful Singer


    Rock ‘n’ Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)-Skrillex

    The video for this is interesting. Quite, actually.

  73. In Astro Knights Island.

  74. Cheerful Singer


    Reptile’s Theme-Skrillex

    Okay, my last Skrillex song for today.

  75. it`s Astro knights, right when you get to the castle!

  76. It’s the UFO thing in Astro Knights, that you power with manure, then it crashes into mud. Then you have to use that power rod, and enter in like 50-52.

  77. It is Astro Knights.

  78. Astro Knights, duh. Where else where would you spot a UFO with an arrow in it?

  79. Cuddly fox that’s different

  80. Astro Knights Island pass the Ye Olde Rumour Mill.

  81. Wow there are so many new people here!

  82. ufo in astro knights by the castle

  83. selenagomezlover1234

    It’s the UFO at Astro Knights Island!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Hey.

    Yeah, my big crowd surf went well. Thanks for asking.

    So huge, I almost got a concussion.

    BUT FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Respects paid to her,
    She lay 6 feet under,
    Sadness amongst the crowd.

    That was a Haiku about a girl who lay dead.

  86. astro knights

  87. Cheerful Singer

    I’m so annoying.

    That’s why no one’s commenting, right?

    I’m a loser.

  88. That’s on Astro-Knights Island. It’s a arrow thourgh a spaceship @ the castle.


  90. Cheerful Singer

    Does anyone have Twitter?

    I have Twitter! Tweet me at @KatKitAllen

    I just got it because my old one (@SingerCute) was LAME!!!

  91. astro knights near the side of the castle

  92. That ‘s In Astro Knights where the spaceship is in the mud! 😀

  93. Cheerful Singer

    P!ATD, Skrillex…my fav types of music 😉

  94. Havin’ a party in dxu59.

  95. Cheerful Singer

    Who is everybody’s favorite YouTuber?

  96. Astro Nights by the castle. one of the three ruined UFO’s. 🙂 😉 😀

  97. all4tubekids

  98. oh and smosh

  99. call me Hannah

  100. thats not a channel its my name

  101. Cheerful Singer

    My favs:

    Pewdiepie, thefinebros, jacksfilms, liamariejohnson

  102. oh yeah i like the teens react from thefinebros

  103. cheerful singer call me Hannah

  104. Cheerful Singer

    BTW Hannah, call me Kat or Kitty, whatever you prefer 😉

    They’ve been working on MyMusic which is awesome.

    I also watch Teens React and Kids React.

  105. okay i like kat

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  107. hello ?

  108. Cheerful Singer

    I missed Dubstep night… 🙁

    Skrillex FTW

    Okay, you were saying?

    Yes, I have, Hannah.

    Thanks for calling me Kat.

    Oh, BTW, Keyshia says hi.

    I saw an old man who was smoking.


    One Direction is taking up the radio!

    Pop and Dubstep are like rivals!


    One Direction?


    Nicki Minaj?
    Aww…no, she should stay.

    Down With Webster?

  109. hah i like won direction nicki minaj katy perry and a lot more


  111. gtg bye

  112. Cheerful Singer

    Yeah, bye.

  113. Cheerful Singer

    You’re saying down with dubstep?



  115. Cheerful Singer

    I feel like I’m gonna throw up.

  116. I am not saying down with either why do you feel like your gonna throw up?

  117. oh geez I’m not sleeping tonight : ‘ / that is a twitching eye


  119. I now hate all comments _ they can scare the crap out of.you and tell keyisha I said hi back

  120. Duh it is obviously astro nights. Sooooooo obvious

  121. easy. astro nights, arturus castle. on th party of the parapets where the alien ships were shot down by that one dude.

  122. you are on astro knights island in the castle area of the island

  123. This is Astro-Knights Island.

  124. Astro Knights island, a flying saucer with giant arrow through on the castle
    I’m a specific person.
    Please see my blog! Either go to
    Or just click on my name…

  125. I agree Shiny Tiger… it is extremely obvious

  126. Cheerful Singer

    I am waiting to turn 18.

    So, 2018.

    BTW: I wear glasses, slightly crooked.

    Keyshia was listening to her Death Metal on her side of the room so, I couldn’t sleep.

    Thank Keyshia if I’m not my same self today.

    OMG IT’S 6:51 & I’M STILL IN MY HOUSE!!!

  127. Cheerful Singer

    Anyways, I told her if she played one more song, I’d smash her CD.

    I’m cleaning up CD bits and we listened to Heavy Dubstep and I finally fell asleep.

    Because, today, is a HUGE day!

    I get to play any song at all and then, put a video behind me.

    So, which song should I play?

    Should it be Dubstep Or Pop?

    I want to know!

    Or another genre?

    Which song in that genre?

    I go to school @ 8:10 so, yeah. Vote by then.

  128. Simple. It’s one of the flying saucers with a spear in it stuck in the wall of the king of Arturus’ castle on Astroknights island.

  129. Yes! That is the UFO ship at Astro Knights Island. 🙂 It is near the princess’ tower.

  130. Friendly Spider

    Hey everybody im back! im sorry i couldnt get on again yesterday but i was gone all day! Did you really smash Keyshia’s CD, kat?

  131. Friendly Spider

    and i have been done with school for over a week, so, yeah. i hav to go now but i will be back about 1:30 probably!

  132. Astro Knights island! I know I played this island before I think on my other account that I lost!

  133. Oh girl I’m teaching u that thing
    U are playing with that thing
    But u don’t know who the thing

  134. Go to YouTube and search for Atumpan-The thing

  135. Move and move and whine and whine and whine and whine let’s go

  136. Astroknights Island.

    And I love dubstep! But I also listen to pop and Indie music…

  137. I already answered but ask F. Moon this question: do you have Dr. Hare’s secret lab
    cheats and secrets if she doesen’t tell her I need that cheat nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo

  138. Yes, I did.

  139. friendly dolphin

    astronights island

  140. And my Skrillex CD is hidden.

  141. the photo is in astro knights island! XD

  142. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  143. Cheerful Singer

    I’m listening to First Of The Year-Skrillex.

    I Love Skrillex.

    AKA Sonny Moore.

    The comments for the video for Bangarang are so odd.

  144. It’s an arrow through one of the fallen ships in Astro Knights.I also beat it recently.

  145. It’s from Astro Knights Island, By the castle

  146. heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  147. I’m on youtube I’m pretty addicted to it like Katy perry’s new song wide awake

  148. ya its astro knights

  149. ASTRO KNIGHTS the most obvious island evah.

  150. the answer to Where In Poptropica? is Astro-night Island

  151. astro night island outside the castle.

  152. It is from Astro Knights Island, by the castle.

  153. It is part of a spaceship that is broken with a spear through it on Astroknights Island

  154. duh, astro knights island

  155. Friendly Spider

    hey wassup everyone i am back! man i come on at the worst times, when like nobody is here and i usually hav to go! oh well goodnight everybody!
    —–Friendly Spider>0<

  156. Friendly Spider

    and its only june 23? wow…..it feels further into summer than that. i will hav been done with school for two weeks already on tuesday! ok bye NOW im leaving. probably.

  157. that picture is taken of the left side of the castle in astronight

  158. The picture was taken in Arsto-Knights island. It’s was one of the spaceships on the castle that was hit with a spear.

  159. it is in astro knights by the castle

  160. It is by the Royal Castle In Astro Knights Island.Released in 2009.

  161. Astro Knights Island by the castle.The spaceship was hit with a spear during the invasion.

    – Short Heart

  162. Smart Lightning

    This picture was taken on Astro-Knights Island. It is a crashed UFO on the first tower of the castle. It is pictured in the bottom left-hand corner.

    Loves Hunger Games and Total Drama! And get this. My Poptropican’s name is Smart Lightning, just like the runner-up of Total Drama Revenge of the Island!

  163. its the space ship from astro nights excuse my misspelling the on in the casle NOT the one on the pond.

  164. thats easy! outside the castle in astro knights island! where one of the spaceships crashed!

  165. The princess castle in astro nights.

  166. underneath the princesses tower on astro-knights

  167. astro nights crashed u.f.o. next to the castle

  168. It’s one of the “attacker’s” or “visitor’s” ships in Astro Knight Island. It was shot down by an arrow and crash-landed on the left side of the castle under the princess’s tower.

  169. That’s not Short Leopard,I’m Short Leopard you imposter!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  171. in Wild west
    its in the cave with the blue tulip

  172. It from Astro Knights,the alien ship

  173. it so easy it is Astro Knights the alien space ship duh 😀

  174. Hmmm…. ummmm…. the Astro Knights Castle, Ummm I think near the Princess’ Tower

  175. astro knights island so ovi

  176. this photo is from astroknights island

  177. Astro Knights duh. I mean, what other island (so far) has spaceships?

  178. Astro knights. Make it harder next time plzz!!!!!!

  179. UPDATE: Where in Poptropica? (#1 & #2) is expired.

    Use the latest one is Where in Poptropica #3.

  180. its in astro knights island by the windmill where the UFO is

  181. One of the crashed spaceships by the castle on Astro Knights. I’ve done all these Where in Poptropica? things and they are way too easy!

  182. Astro-Knights Island in the place with the castle… Or Main Street. (Is this one finished? xD)

  183. @myself (lol) Yep Main Street on the Crop Cirlce Inn… I’m pretty sure.

  184. It’s the spaceship that’s been stuck on the castle

  185. The Maker of Imcompable um, "twins"

    Astro knights, too EZ

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