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Welcome to Poptropica Cheats and Secrets

Welcome everyone to Poptropica Cheats and Secrets, a blog with lots of hints, tips, cheats, walkthroughs and secrets for the online game Poptropica.

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  1. i know cheats press ctrl + shift + h to change hair color

    press ctrl+shift+p to get a pumkin mask

    press ctrl+shift+r to randomize your charicter to hold a phone or something

    press ctrl+shift+s to change skin color

    to get a viking axe : go to time tangel go to the viking time go to the cave,but dont go in it get on your glider that you get from divinchi and jump as far as you can

    phone cheats

    type in 911=polica hat and belt

    411=brain hat

    1225=santa hat and sack

    1337= ned noodle head

    those are the cheats i found out

  2. I have another one i mean two just like the pumpkin head but press r is for outfit and s is for color

  3. hey how do you find the sky scraper?

  4. thats an awsome cheat btw the 1 where it changes everything

  5. When your on time tangeld and u are in the time of the chinese, how do you get up on the ledge. Next to the guy with the stone bowl.



  8. you have the coordinates, you push the plaque below the statue, And push the right planets and then push the sun and then the secret door opens.

  9. how do i finish the new island astro knights island?

  10. Does ANYONE know how to set the coordinates to the saucer on Astroknights?

  11. sup people does anyone know how 2 do astro knights?

  12. I had a idea…

    make a girl and do the CMND+SHIFT+R until you get a boy AFTER COMPLETING ONE LEVEL AND BUYING A GIRL ROCKSTAR OUTFIT! *Same idea for a boy* Then you can have girl outfit on a boy! 😛

  13. i have a question how do u undo the costume (R) and the colour (s)?

  14. hey anyone know any more cheats

  15. how du u get the books at mordreds? i already got the note from under the bed but i cant get any more books. also, what man gives you the libary card?

  16. bluemonstermanda try to keep doing it until you flip to your self or just look for a different person

  17. do you want to be friends how old are you what is your name astronights island is cool im a boy

  18. i have a tip for astro knights:)

  19. i have a tip for astro knights (:

  20. get the coin in the water fountain

  21. how do you use the courdinates?

  22. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO COMPLET ASTRO NIGHTS AND GET THE AWARED SO I CAN DO THE BOY TO GIRL THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. I need to know how to get the owl’s attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. does anyone know tips 4 astro nighjhts

  25. how do you do the courdinates for the U.F.O.

  26. how do you open the gate blocking the passage under the hey?

  27. how you get the key is, you go to the water fountian and you see the planet thing? click on it. then push saturn, the small star, and moon, then you push the big sun in the middle. then you go down and a passage will open. down there youll find the key

  28. Please could someone giveme 2clues for Astronights
    1 how do u activate the u.f.o in the swamp
    2 How do you get agold coin

  29. do you get some green juice stuff to power the U.F.O.?

  30. Okay to get the juice you have the key, right? Okay then you go to the mill and push the hay from each other. There will be a small door. Use the key to get in. Click on the owl (Merlin), follow him, then feed him the mechanical mouse. He will begin to follow you. Go back into Mordred’s hideout and push on the wall until it breaks. Go in the small door on the floor. The robot will selfdesruct and the juice will come out, but it lands on the other side of the bars. Click on Merlin (the owl) and direct him to the juice. He will pick it up and give it to you. Then put it in the U.F.O and type in 56, 52. That’s my instructions. I can tell you how to beat it if you like.

  31. it’s moon,saturn,5point star but first go to the castle enter room on the left get the note on the chest go to the mill talk to the girl in a black dress she’ll give you the new password. also go to museum click the bokks on the chair the guy will give you the card do in sequence: castle,library,non-fic McM top corner of shelf,go down, get cheese,exit,go to room with note, use cheese get mouse, go to owl,release mouse,go back to library,click MCM,flipswitch (wood bar).oh! and push on wall in owl room until it breaks, go through the hidden passege invader blows up, click owl then click the green tube, go to crashed U.F.O insert tube dial cordenites
    X-56,Y-52 press the launch button then just talk to people that’s all i know. i know it’s long

  32. just go to google.com, type in poptropica astro knights walkthrough, and pick one to tell you how to do everything! (if you get stuck), GOOGLE HAS EVERYTHING!!!!!!! 😀

  33. This is how you beat Astro Knights.
    1. Go to fountain and get coin.
    2. Go to museum and click on books on shelf.
    3. Go to castle and talk to king and queen. (Queen will give you coordinates)
    4. Go to mill. Talk to boy and get manure. On the wheel will be rope. Grab that. Go inside mill and talk to the lone girl. Trade information. Jump on the rope and pull the levers.
    5. Jump on the windmill so that the U.F.O on top will open. Keep spining it until so. Go in there and fill the space craft with manure.
    6. Go to the castle library. Click on non fiction mcm. You are now in dungeon.
    7. MAKE SURE YOU READ CAREFULLY, YOU CAN NOT GO BACK DOWN! Grab the MOLDY CHEESE and PULL THE LEVER ON YOUR RIGHT opening a door. Go up. The librarian will tell you not to go back down.
    8. Go into the maid’s room and put the cheese down. Grab the mouse.
    9. Jump on top of the castle and put the rope on the arrow. Walk on the rope to get to the princess’ tower. Grab her note.
    10. Go back to the fountain. Click on the symbols bellow. Click planet, moon, star, sun. There will be a secret passage, go down there. Talk to the (dorky) boy in the back. He will give you a key.
    11. Go back to the museum and look under Mordred’s bed.
    12. Go back to the mill and push the hay apart from each other, so that a secret passage is there. Use your key to go down there.
    13. An owl (Merlin) will be there. Click on him. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM YET!

  34. how do you get the presnour to exsploude.

  35. can somewon tell me how you start the space craft!you will be my best frined !i’m a boy

  36. Does anyone know how to change your name on Poptropica?

  37. Do you guy’s know you can get the poiles hat
    call911 and the santa hat and bag sorry guy’s
    I dont know how to spell I am 7 in a haff

  38. Do you guy’s know you can get the poiles hat
    call911 and the santa hat and bag 1225 sorry guy’s
    I dont know how to spell I am 7 in a haff

  39. you can click on the tshirt on the high right coner and then click on a character. you can wear his or her clothes.


  41. u got to go in the water fountain to get da key and use it to open the door and its beetween the hay stacks

  42. astro knights is easy and i’ll tell u how to beat it but first i’ll need u to tell me wut part ur stuck on


  44. control – shift – R — randomizes character

  45. the real stwist to astro knights is ( this is answering ur question, soph ) u dont really have to have the notebooks and all that dumb stuff

  46. how do u defeat astro-knights?


  48. HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET PASSED 24 CAROT??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. ok, i need help: when you go down the secret passage between the hay stacks, and there is a hole all the way to the right how do u go through ? cause i kept clicking enter but my person said that it was blocked!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. the hole is on the left anood:) and you have to have your person push on so they sweat and after a few seconds it will break open

  52. i have beat nabooti,astro nights,early poptropica,super power,and spy island. they were so easy. good job creators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. ive also beat 24 carrots

  54. I don’t even know how to get throo that thing It’s just so hard huuuu…… 🙁

  55. wat? …..push on the rocks or the small hole all the way at the left corner?????

  56. i already pushed on the rocks and they broke then i went all the to the left and there was a hole there so i clicked on it but my person said it was blocked.!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help again if u know how!!! thanks:)

  57. I’ve been hearing about secret missions and advertising buildings in poptropica, but i just cant find them

  58. all of you if u need help u can go to google or youtube and watch a walkthrough!!that is what i do sometimes.i am on astro-knights now.i am the purple hero and silver turtle.

  59. I’ve beat everything except Nabotti! .please help me with nabotti!

  60. wow this is da best wedsite in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  61. oh my god i ccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnntttttttttttttt figure it out im about to break my computer god aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  62. I need help with nabooti,spy,astro, and super hero

  63. first i wanna say that i finished nearly all of the stuff on poptropica, i still need help on the last battle w/ mordred, ya i don’t hav much life when its my turn to fight, its soo hard, i can doge lazers, but not knives, and i cant get the robot thing to go under the chandelier, it just shoots me wherever i am S.O.S!!!

  64. wow! Nikki u have done very well….i am stuck at BIG NATE….i am done with super power,nabooti and early poptropica..my little sister is helping me at BIG NATE..i guess, we can exchange e-mails..lol…see ya!

  65. Cinthia,i can help you with nabooti…just go to to each of the places and search for the jewels..but for GIZA u will need a turban so they will not beat you… click the person on your left..he will give you a shovel..then take the cell phone and dial the number on the shovel..it will call the man on your extreme right… he will leave for his phone..then click the bag that he has left…you will find a moon stone..then climb the statue and put the moon stone at the top of the statue..then the door which is under the statue will open..you can then enter to find your jewel…….

  66. Katy 10..that’s for you too..
    never mind..it is just a tip,i guess….

  67. i just need help with super power island with betty jetty and astro night island with beating the bird.that is all!the islands i beat were these islands,early poptropica,nabboti,24 carrot,spy island,shark tooth,time tangled island,and big nate.1 more to go!i’m so excited to beat all of the islands!i just have to beat astro night island.

  68. Jenna7..congratulations!..u have done very well…u have almost finish the whole game..well done..that’s nice…..

  69. my little sister is killing me because of poptropica……..
    what’s all this……………

  70. Like Taylaanna said; POPTROPICA is d best website in d world………wow!……i love that one……….i just can’t stop leaving a comment when i leave for bed……..lol

  71. How on the can i finish the spy power mission???!!!

  72. i feel soooooooooo good…i have finished the whole poptropica game…in fact astro knights was the easiest..want some tips??……give me a call….lol

  73. i need help with spy island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. yahoo. i’ve beaten the whole poptropica. go me, go me.

  75. hey nikita, i’m your sister so don’t lie. u have not reach any where

  76. it’s not u nikki

  77. I wanna be a cat!!!!

  78. Hey keep up the good job. Lying is good for u

  79. U are not serious. U think u can fool me using a different name huh? Well u are disgracing your self. Anyway its for cheats.


  81. i ♥ poptropica…is working 4 me …lol♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  82. i finally finished the whole thing YESSSS i know feel accomplished…. AHAHAHAHAH it was actually pretty easy and i only asked for help on astron knights and nabooti, spy island sooo yeahhhhhh

  83. u guys are smart..anyway i want u to join me..i have bought the new MULTIVERSE.. if u can give me your email address or we can communicate using this cheats i will give u my room code,my room code always changes,so i cannot give it to u now…i am alone guys!..give me company..my other name is Naa.so if u see my email address remember am Naa ..do not pretend u do not know me..kk?? hope u understand..till then,Bye!..maybe u can steal my new clothes..kk?

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  85. I am the same “Nikita” starting with a capital LETTER “N”♥♥..pls notice..anyway GROUDON21..pls i don’t know where u are…pls tell me…pleaseeeeeeee!☺☻..i can help u if i know where u are ..may be”if i know”.☺☻….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  86. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!…at last..16th august was d day i finished d whole game..AHAHAHAHAH now am waiting 4 d next island..HU! i can’t wait..HEHEHEHEHE
    i would like 2 help some of u..if u need my help..call my name..i am always AVAILABLE HERE….☺☻ ♥

  87. Phoebe.. i’m sorry ..for lying that i have finished.. the whole game..

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  89. how do you finsh big nate island. i cant find the bells clapper.

  90. im in the castle and mored dressed as the princess and im on the riddle

  91. You are rather a hacker.

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    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed cheats i beat all islands but astro knights

  93. @phoebe…i know u are also called shy sky or whatever..u have different names …well..prove it that i am a hacker…suckingteeth

  94. you have an another cheats???

  95. How in the world do you get past Astro-Knights??????????????????

  96. Hi LittleFlam, I have a whole walkthrough for Astro-Knights here on this site if you need help!

  97. im the 100th person YAY I RULE!

  98. i need to get past Ratman for super power!!!!!

  99. nvm i got thru!

  100. How the heck do you get past the space sharks in astro knight.

  101. Nikita tell me how to get through astro i am dying to know plz plz.

  102. i need help with big nate island

  103. I beat every island it was so easy but nabooti wasent

  104. help me in astro nights island

  105. is there a walkthrough for spy???!!!

  106. B.T.W, punisher, nabooti was the easiest for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. nev mind…. i finished it, n every other island 2!!!!!

  108. Is there a walkthrough for a spy

  109. I finished every island except “Astro Knights”.I can’t kill that robot dragon.

  110. there is a walkthrough for spy
    on ashcarter1 i passed every thing

  111. hey like i said astro knights is easy

  112. you know i understand alot of poptropica now and hey ahad you just keep trying and then you will finally get all you have to do is keep pulling that thing

  113. Does anyone know how to beat Big Nate

    a evil scientest named dr. furball is planning to turn all people in poptropica into his evil animal minions to take over the world!!!! (remember to put animal related names for the characters!!! for example: jerry jackrabbit,susie salomander. also, make them look a little bit like the animals in their names! collect items for certian characters and they will give clues on how to stop dr. furball!.)
    hope you like the idea! =)

  115. i finished the game newbs!!

  116. 2 beat ratman go 2 the top right corner.u can get 2 it by dodging the rats on the way. there is a wheel,turn it. water will pour over ratman.he will be knocked out. the flies will come after you.dodge them get 2 ratman and its done!

  117. omg i need help on gettin the fire night on astronights .on counterfit i need help on catching the pictures and stuff.sharktooth,spy,earlypoptropica,24carrot,and bignate were easy peasy!:)

  118. I got all the medals for every single island except for the TV one because i dont want to pay but my avatar looks like the Grim Reaper but with on and i finished every mini game that was available since the past years… Mostly there are 3 hard areas-
    1. Astro Knights
    2. Spy
    3. Nabooti

    for some though, these levels are easy..

  119. all the poptropica levels are easy it only takes me 10 minutes to finish 1 i don’t think u can do that huh huh hahahaha i showed u

  120. who thinks poptropica is a fun game

  121. This has nothing to do with poptropica cheats!!!
    some one put in a cheat for mythology!!!!! thank u

  122. Im still working on nabooti. any one give me a few pointers??? 😉

  123. How do you get past this riddle?
    “15 bones of ancient men, take away 6 but, still leave 10?
    I badly need help!

  124. noobti is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. TEN Take six bones away but spell TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. awsum website dude ive already beaten all the island but it was all because u guided me through it=)

  127. Ares (the god of war)

    i beat every island including skullduggery ( i am a member)

  128. cheat for mythology:on the red snake puzzle, when you right click the whole thing pauses, but you can still move your mouse

  129. I beat all of the levels on poptropica. It was so easy to beat realitly tv island i bet no one has here.

  130. I have finished it

  131. Haha 😛

  132. boohoo for you (cry)

  133. I almost finished scullduggery

  134. I bought all four crew members and I have the biggest ship and all I have to do is fight captain crawfish


  136. hey all of you people i am loving poptropica it is so cool that i just go on it every day and that makes me scream because i like that website so much and i cant wait to go on it later and go on it tomarrow and the next day and the day after that and once i go on the skulldugery island ill try to do that island and also that my older cousin amanda says that at poptropica every body should buy there own house and everbody should get a special cellphone were you can dyle numbers that give you special costumes and that is what she says and she says lolypop and she hopes that you can put her ideas on poptropica and i hope all of you have a goood day from me my cousin and my family and alll of you people rock hope you have a gooooooood day you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. hey jasmin i think you can try your hardest and get one of your family members and tell them to give you help!!!!!!!

  138. Hm. So this is the first ever post from Poptropica Cheats and Secrets. Cool.

  139. Easiest 100 bucks ever made.

  140. Wow i commented on the very first poptropica cheats post im very honoured

  141. hi I LOVE POPTROPICA IT IS THE BEST but wat are the easy levels on it

  142. poptropica is cool. 🙂

  143. shut up this is stuff like old islands .better back in the the old poptropica rock star costume gone 2007 -2011 i think it was in the store in 2007 id didnt like like play i dont remember

  144. i played poptropica last wednesday i then i have won 2medals

  145. First ever post on Poptropica Secrets.

  146. this was the first post ever for poptropica secrets wow cool

  147. first comment ever by bob:

  148. I like poptropica

  149. well you are wrong its not the first one ages a go

  150. Wow this stuff is old XD anyway I would be posting on super power but the comments are closed 🙁 anyway does anyone remember like a Mary poppins mini game where you would play soccer or something and you got this cool costume? Well that was on my old account and I miss it so much 🙁 I would get back on but I can’t remember the username or password 🙁 peace homies. Have fun on poptropica

  151. Woah, it took a while but I finally came to the first ever post. Huh. Not very awesome, but historical, cuz this is an awesome website.

  152. FYI, because of Fierce Moon’s genius idea of making this blog, I have been able to complete, usually, more than on island. This Fierce Moon person deserves an awful lot of respect. Fierce Moon, I got to admit, you are smarter than me.

  153. @Brave Sky- that’s my line!!!

  154. WOW! I’m actually on the first post! Oh yea! 😎

    Fascinating 🙂

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  156. Back then,Fierce Moon was just called-admin.

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