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Virus Hunter Island is Official!



We speculated about it and we made some assumptions, but now it’s official! The next exciting adventure from Poptropica is Virus Hunter Island! Here’s the description from the Creator’s Blog:

Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all — inside the human body!

As usual, the announcement isn’t confirming a launch date. But as soon as it launches we’ll get to work on our video and written walkthrough guide.

Until then, here’s something that might be a preview of what Virus Hunter Island will be like (minus the bombast and melodrama of the movie trailer announcer):

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  1. Cool Smarticle


  2. Cool Smarticle

    Oh my God! I just came back from Navy Pier! I saw the Chicago Sky line, went on the TOP of double decker bus, and watched the new Star Trek movie!!!! We were suppose to watch The Last Reef, but the scheduling got messed up so we watched that instead! It was an awesome movie! Did I mention it was in 3D? And the other group saw The Last Reef instead! Ha ha! But, we were 1 hour late, cuz the bus broke down, but that just meant more time at Navy Pier!!!!

  3. @ Third! 😮

    Please answer the questions on “Cheese Island?”

    Fascinating 😮

  4. Cool Smarticle

    I did!

  5. Ohmaigod, today in gym, we had to run the mile. It’s when we run around a huge track a bunch of times in a certain amount of time. I was soo tired after that!

  6. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – I used to do that in elementary school. I HATED it!

  7. Cool Smarticle

    @ Cool Kid –

    a. Yes and No.
    b. Tomboy.
    c. Plain t-shirt, jeans, capris, sweat pants, or yoga pants.
    d. Um…. Sometimes crazy, sometimes easy going, nice, etc.
    e. What the heck is that?

    Also, could you answer your own questions about yourself.

  8. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – What time did you finish?

  9. I finished the mile in 9 minutes and 57 seconds. A girl in my class finished it in 5 min and 42 sec!! She is one of the fastest runners in my school, her brother is also one of them. You had to finish the mile in 10 minutes, I would’ve finished the mile less than 9 minutes, but I walked a little bit because my sides hurt.

  10. hey y’all i just think this island is going to be awesomeness PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC DO WHAT THE QUESTION ASKS YOU and why is every body ignoring me but BTW cool smarticle why didn’t you take me with you and i have seen the great reef

    Messy Ice

  11. cool kid

    a yes bye
    b girly girl Messy Ice
    c something crazy
    d weird fun cool awesomeness
    e see all 7 world wonders

  12. somebody answer or comment i bored


    lookie i made a picture its a man

    messy ice

    told you im bord

  14. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – We had to run 6 laps around my school last year and in 15 minutes. I usually finished in 11 or 12 minutes, since I’m not a fast runner. Wow! Your fast!

    @ Messy Ice – I know your joking, but it was a $25 field trip. Now pay up. 😛

  15. Cool Smarticle

    Oh! When we went to Navy Pier, someone spread the word that there was a naked guy in the window! The teachers said it was a manikin, but it was moving! One girl, took 2 pictures of it, and one time he scratched his butt! It was REALLY funny. Man I’m going top miss my advisory next year. Good times, good times.

  16. Cool Smarticle

    @ Messy Ice – Read the comment above. Also, did you hear the story about when my
    Advisory/Social Studies teacher had bunnies in his yard?

  17. Cool Smarticle

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we went to Navy Pier, someone spread the word that there was a naked guy in the window! The teachers said it was a manikin, but it was moving! One girl, took 2 pictures of it, and one time he scratched his butt! It was REALLY funny. Man I’m going top miss my advisory next year. Good times, good times.

  18. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – Is she a twin?

  19. Cool Smarticle

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we went to Navy Pier, someone spread the word that there was a naked guy in the window! The teachers said it was a manikin, but it was moving! One girl, took 2 pictures of it, and one time he scratched his butt! It was REALLY funny. Man I’m going top miss my advisory next year. Good times, good times.

  20. @CS why the heck was the man naked? O_O

  21. Cool Smarticle

    @ Scary Sky – I have no idea! It was funny though. Everyone was telling my friend and I to look in the middle window cuz there’s a naked guy, and what did we see? A naked guy.

  22. Cool Smarticle

    @ Scary Sky – The girl proved to my teacher that it was real by showing him a picture she took and then they showed it to the principal.

  23. Cool Smarticle

    I’m SO boreddddddddddddd. Read the comment above about the guy in the window and post as soon as you read it.

  24. I didn’t respond before because, um, I didn’t know what to say, and still don’t. O_O
    But, um, here I am, responding.

    Okay, since this post is almost pointless, I’m going to add a random fact to give this post a point: I’ve finished every island except Night Watch. Who here has completed it?

  25. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – I completed all islands.

  26. Nice. I think I’m experiencing a glitch or something… And I can’t exactly access my computer now, anyway.

  27. Cool Smarticle

    *sigh* I’m SO BORED. *sigh* I actually WANT to go to school.

  28. Cool Smarticle

    Okay, ya know what?

  29. @CS: I don’t… Then again, my school year hasn’t ended yet.

  30. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – Want to come to my multiverse room?

  31. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Let me make a room. Give me a few minutes.

  32. Cool Smarticle

    If I don’t respond check the blog, cuz I might post something

  33. Cool Smarticle

    The code is DZE61 . Hurry hurry HURRY!!!!! Also, anyone and everyone is welcome to this party.

  34. Cool Smarticle

    Sorry. I was watching my neighbors.

  35. Cool Smarticle

    They were playing basket ball and i was watching to see if the ball went over the fence and/or broke anything.

  36. I think my computer is glitching… Hilariously…

  37. Cool Smarticle

    Is that why you don’t reply?

  38. Okay, I’m reloading the page (I already filmed the weird glitch thing).

  39. And yes.
    Is it okay if I end up uploading the weird glitch thingy to YouTube or my site?

  40. Cool Smarticle

    What’s your site?

  41. It’s called “Pop-Trivia!” Click the link in my name.
    (Not meaning to advertise; CS asked.)

  42. Cool Smarticle

    Oh I’ve clicked on that before and found it while doing something else. Awesome site!

  43. Cool Smarticle


  44. My wifi apparently had an issue. So if I again wasn’t responding, that’s why (and world, sorry for all the double-posts and such).

  45. “An error while connecting to the server occurred. Try again later.”
    Seriously, Poptropica?

  46. Cool Smarticle

    So you have wireless internet? Are you on a laptop or a desktop?

  47. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – So you have wireless internet? Are you on a laptop or a desktop?

  48. I’m on a laptop. A slow one. Why?

  49. Cool Smarticle

    I has just wondering cuz my sister has a laptop that’s wireless, (not NF). I’m on a desktop and I have internet with a wire.

  50. Cool Smarticle

    Any of the tomboys here play video games? o.O

  51. Cool Smarticle

    What games do you play? Sonic? Mario? ?????

  52. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – What games do you play?

  53. Cool Smarticle


  54. Aargh! Sorry! Got distracted by stuff!
    And… Mostly Lego games, and Rock Band, etc., as far as console games go. My parents aren’t really fond of video games, so I don’t have many. Computer games are a slightly differet story, however.

  55. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay. See? I told you I have a crazy personality! I play Sonic and Mario. What game system(s) do you have?

  56. Heyy today is a Friday. AWESOME!

  57. BS: I know, finally!
    CS: I have a Wii and a DSi. You?

  58. oh is anyone on? do you want me to answer the questions?
    a) No, not really
    b) somewhere in between
    c) Different every day, not like anyone else
    d) Go with the flow, nice, neat, fun, good friend
    e) the top of my bucket list would be to visit all 50 states of America

    plus update on my collarbone. worse than we anticipated. 🙁 my favorite book?? i have read just about every book in the world. I honestly can not pick a favorite. Sorry for the long comment.

  59. Oh also for my bucket list i would loooove to write a best selling book one day.

  60. SG: So you want to write a book, also? 🙂

  61. yah!

  62. soooo do you want to go in multiverse???? plus English has always been my strong point in school. I just make it up as i go and get lost in my story- or any story really.

  63. if your still there of course. 🙄

  64. Code: BSX53

    no, i’m just kidding. no important news here, but now that I got your attention, I have few questions for you.
    A) How old are you?
    B) What grade are you in?
    C) Who is your favorite singer/band?
    D) What color eyes do you have?
    E) What is one random fact about you?
    Just some derpy little questions so we can get to know each other better. 😀

  66. oh no i just did something and now i have to make a new multiverse room

  67. OK PEOPLE CALM DOWN I HAVE A NEW CODE! Sorry for all the comments btw…
    New Code: DTE98

  68. i will be here from now-whenever my mom kicks me off the laptop. :mrgreen:

  69. C) Harry Callaghan or Toby Turner.
    D) Blue/green.
    E) Derpy fact? Uh… I’m preparing for a robot apocalypse by memorizing famous paradoxes. Does that count?

  70. oh yes sure it counts. ROBOT APOCALYPSE- COME AT ME BRO!

  71. Also, I can’t access my PC right now (I’m on my phone). Sorry!

  72. A. 12- almost 13
    B. 7th grade but not for long
    C. Well, I like a lot of music. Just like I love my books, I love my music. soo to me there is no favorite music and least favorite music
    D. Blue eyes gosh nibbits
    E. I am secretly obsessed with my little ponies

  73. i dont mind the cray cray multiverse thing. for some reason Fearless Owl, you remind me a lot of one of my friends

  74. gtg sorry BYE!!!!!!

  75. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – I have a WII, GameCube, Dream Cast, 3 DSs, 2 3DSs, and I used to have a Genesis, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and the original Nintendo system, but they either broke or my brothers took them when they moved.

  76. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sleepy Ghost – Here are your answers –

    A) 13 years old
    B) 7th in 1 week is summer vacation for 3 months then in 8th!
    C) Crush 40 (They made almost all of the songs from all of the Sonic the Hedgehog games.)
    D) Brown
    E) I have more than 1 personality. And I have a paradox for you all – It’s normal to not be normal. 😀

    How about you?

  77. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – My brother never took the Dream Cast, so I guess it’s now mine. I got a GameCube when I was 5 or 6. I got 1 pink DS, my sister got 1 too in white, but her screen always went white so she got another one in blue, and she broke that one too but the screen is okay. I got a WII in the Christmas of 2010, or 2009 I can’t remember. And I have a purple 3Ds and my sis has a blue 3Ds.

  78. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s going to Tough Icicle’s party tonight?

  79. A. 12
    B. 6th grade
    C. One Direction
    D. Brown
    E. My fave show is Pretty Little Liars

    @CS: I might go to TI’s party… I might. Will they announce the code on their blog?

  80. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – I think so. When it’s announced, I’ll probably post it here to get people’s attention. Does anyone else like One Direction? And does anyone like Justin Bieber?

  81. CS: I might go, but probably not. And actually, I’m not particularly fond of either, but I love “Little Things” and “Never Say Never.”

  82. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – I’ve heard of One Direction before and some jokes about the name One Direction but I’ve never heard them before, so I guess it’s a neutral feeling. But ya I hate Justin Bieber, no offense to those of you who like him. Strangely, my brother listens to him sometimes and I think he’s nuts.

  83. @Cool Smarticle, my answers are posted already farther up the page. 😀

  84. Justin Beiber and One Direction…. Hmmmm as I said, I like all music and I am not judging anyone… I am soooo not the judgy type. But those two are not particularly on the top of my list for favorite music. I guess it depends on your personality and your style on your favorite music. 🙄

  85. And I am not that obsessed with my little ponies… I used to collect them when I was little and I sometimes watch the show. Sometimes. My friend is really obsessed with my little ponies soo we kind of just grew up with them. Just clearing things up.

  86. GUYS ❗

  87. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sleepy Ghost – Oops. Sorry! And same with the ponies and the judging.

  88. Here are my answers:
    A) 8 (this year I’ll turn 9)
    B) 3rd grade
    C) The Black Eyed Peas
    D) Green
    E) I have a super-duper secret crush

  89. Slippery Icicle

    Dang, forgot to make a new outfit. Someone pick a colour.

  90. Cool Smarticle

    I agree with purple too.

  91. omgg the party is gonna start soon!!!

  92. Cool Smarticle

    Oh my God! Hurry hurry HURRY!

  93. Cool Smarticle

    Did the party start yet?



  96. Slippery Icicle

    Outfit is done.

  97. I’m commin’ ❗

  98. Cool Smarticle


  99. Noooooooooo ❗
    the party’s full. 😥

  100. Never mind.

  101. It’s full ❗ 😥 😥

  102. Never mind again.

  103. I’m there with golden hair ❗ :mrgreen:

  104. I think they can hold a maximum of ten Poptropicans, but I may be wrong.

  105. TI made 2 rooms but they ended up being full, sorry if you couldn’t make it! 🙁

  106. I did ❗
    I’m the one with golden colorized hair (thanks 24 Carrot Diner).

  107. Slippery Icicle

    I’m in the first

  108. I’m in the second, the code for second room is DML98, I think it’s full now.

  109. TI made a third room, EWF35!

  110. Cool Smarticle


  111. Cool Smarticle

    I’m Quiet Bubbles, and if Incredible Carrot is in there that’s NF.

  112. I’m in first room now!

  113. Me too ❗ Hi there ❗

  114. Slippery Icicle

    Didn’t take long for someone to take part of my purple outfit, must change now.

  115. Cool Smarticle

    1st! Sorry Slippery icicle! I’m going yellow/orange now!

  116. Slippery Icicle

    Where’s TI?

  117. Cool Smarticle

    I dunno. But the 3rd room was deleted.

  118. Slippery Icicle

    He’s commenting, but he’s not in any of the rooms.

  119. I’m wearing white with golden hair (my hair is actually brown I just made it like that for the party).

  120. Cool Smarticle

    Where is he commenting?

  121. He’s commenting on a chatroom. Here-> http://xat.com/technikwarriors

  122. Slippery Icicle

    The link in the invitation

  123. Cool Smarticle

    Um….. I went there and the whole middle was black and there were things like groups and news and stuff at the top right corner and on the left side there were games. Where do I go?

  124. Slippery Icicle

    I think you need to make an account, I’m not sure. I made an account a few days ago.

  125. Cool Smarticle

    How do you sign up or whatever?

  126. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Could you just post what he posted? I’m getting frustrated with this you know what.

  127. *yawn* Is anyone getting bored ❓
    Where’s the pizazz ❓

  128. Slippery Icicle

    Click register or sign up, whichever it’s called. There’s too much to post and he’s not really saying anything important.

  129. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. Do you know whi Gentle Fox is? I met him a few times in common rooms.

  130. Cool Smarticle

    Where does it say sign up or what ever?

  131. Cool Smarticle

    Ya I was there and I could figure out the name this power thing. What do you type in the “Name the power” field?

  132. Have to leave the party bye. 🙁

  133. Cool Smarticle

    Bye! I’m leaving too.

  134. Slippery Icicle

    I didn’t get that when I signed up, looks like mute

  135. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what I put and it wouldn’t go through. It kept saying the power was wrong.

  136. Slippery Icicle

    I think he left.

  137. Cool Smarticle

    Who left? Oh TI? Ya the party’s over. Oh well.

  138. Slippery Icicle

    TI stopped commenting, oh well. Fun while it lasted.

  139. Cool Smarticle

    Could you sum up the important stuff that he said?

  140. Slippery Icicle

    He basically just posted all the room codes. He just talked generally, and ignored all the people wanting jobs.

  141. Cool Smarticle

    Oh okay. Um…. So what’s up?

  142. Slippery Icicle

    Not much, people are being idiots in the chat just because I told them to stop asking for jobs.

  143. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle- I meant in general.
    @ Fearless Owl – LOL! Hey that’s my line! 😀

  144. Slippery Icicle

    Not much, excited for the weekend.

  145. CS: Heh heh… It’s my standard response.

  146. Cool Smarticle

    I have to go to the 8th grade graduation on Sunday.

  147. Slippery Icicle

    They make you guys go to that? At my school they only want the graduating students and the families.

  148. Cool Smarticle

    I have to cuz I’m in band and the 7th grade band has to go. It’s a grade. 50 points. Like any other concert. I don’t have any 8th grade siblings. Friends but no siblings. 🙁

  149. Cool Smarticle

    And cuz they don’t have enough money, next year were not going to get a graduation. Were going to get a ceremony the day before the last day of school. It’s totally unfair! Plus they get out of school today! A week early! We won’t get that next year! What a total rip off!

  150. Slippery Icicle

    Ah, are you just performing? They probably don’t invite you do the dance after.

  151. Cool Smarticle

    There’s a dance after?! I’d just go home anyway. Dancing isn’t my thing.

  152. Slippery Icicle

    That’s not fun. Maybe you can fund raise some money for it? I know my school will never have that problem.

  153. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah, all graduations have dances. We have dances at our, school at least 4 a year.

  154. Cool Smarticle

    Us too, i just never went to them.

  155. Slippery Icicle

    Ours are really fun, music is always good. We usually get a DJ from the Bounce or Hot 107.

  156. Slippery Icicle

    Hey IS

  157. If you ever see Cool Smarticle say something about cheese, please release the mice!

    P.S.: On Wimpy Boardwalk, I saw Brave Sky say, “This page isn’t worth commenting on. Don’t ask me why.”
    P.P.S.: I like:
    a) Brave Sky
    b) Cool Smarticle (finally decided)
    c) Slippery Icicle
    d) Mighty Drummer
    e) Fearless Owl
    f) Sticky Clown

  158. g) Zippy Turtle
    h) (and of course,) Fierce Moon

  159. Cool Smarticle

    Yay! Thanks Icy Snowball! Glad you finally made that decision. 😛 Do you play an instrument by any chance?

  160. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have any pets Slippery Icicle?

  161. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you IS, I like you too.

  162. Slippery Icicle

    CS I’m petless, what about you?

  163. Cool Smarticle

    I only have a fish.

  164. P.P.P.S.: Anyone seen a sop sign lately? If you do, make friends with Red Storm. Why? Because I went on Google Images, typed in “there’s something strange about that sop sign” and saw results of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worker/truck driver stop at the sign, also a Poptropica Avatar picture with Poptropican Red Storm, if you scroll down, you might see it.

  165. Thank you IS, I like you too.

    I had to leave the party AND the chatroom at like, 8-something because my computer was working pretty slow and that drove to the point where I had to leave. The party was pretty fun, got to meet new people… didn’t really do much except chat and stuff.

  166. Cool Smarticle

    I found it!

  167. Cool Smarticle

    The party was fun but it got boring since no one was doing anything and it was really slow. I did friend some cool people though. Too bad you weren’t there Icy Snowball.

  168. Cool Smarticle

    Did I tell you guys the story about the bunnies and the lawnmower?

  169. Yes you did. When I read the story, I was just like, 😯

    I agree with you on the party, I pretty much just chatted with the other people using the Xat chatroom thing.

  170. Cool Smarticle

    I couldn’t chat using the Xat thing cuz, I don’t know how to operate the site.

  171. Cool Smarticle

    Did you read it Slippery Icicle? The one with the bunnies?
    What’s up Brave Sky?

  172. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah I did, rather sad. Can’t believe he just chucked them over the fence.

  173. Cool Smarticle

    Ha ha ha! My advisory teacher is funny.

  174. Cool Smarticle


  175. Cool Smarticle

    Here’s my favorite Dr. Who song for 10 hours! 😀 ➡


  176. Let’s see, I already said “the sky,” so…

    Actually, I’m finding it really funny how when I listen to a parody of a song, but go back to the original, I start singing the parody lyrics.

  177. Slippery Icicle

    I’m making a new outfit, someone pick a colour.

  178. Slippery Icicle

    That will be a nice challenge.

  179. It was just the first color to come to my mind.

  180. any of you guys gonna buy the new poptropica clothes with your own avatar on them? click my name if you don’t know what i’m talking about 🙂

  181. I decided I like everyone on here. I am not a hater. 😀

  182. It is 6:40 am here.

  183. Is anybody on??? I feel so alone. 🙁

  184. Well, it was 7:49 when you posted that (in my time zone), and I try not to wake up that early on weekend mornings… But hi, if you’re still there!

  185. Oh, and IS, thank you. I like you too (I like pretty much everyone here, actually). Don’t ask me how, but I just noticed your comment. Sorry!

  186. Yep I like everyone here as i said but i guess no one likes me. 🙁 You know what,I dont care. 😀 @Fearless Owl, I only wake up that early because since I broke my collarbone I have been sleeping on the recliner in the living room and there is soo many windows so it is really bright in the morning.

  187. SG, you’re included in that “pretty much everyone here” in my comment. Also, ah. The only comparable experience I’ve had was when I broke my leg and was in a cast for three months…

  188. Sleepy Ghost, I like you. 🙂

    Hey guys, have you checked out TI’s blog yet? There’s some pictures of the PARTAYY on there! 😀

  189. Slippery Icicle

    Cool, I’m in one of them.

  190. Cool Smarticle


  191. Cool Smarticle

    I’m in 1 too!

  192. 206 comments already??!!

    Woah man…this is like last year again..:(



  193. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t watch American Idol. 🙁

  194. Cool Smarticle

    Okay I know I’m going to sound like Slippery Icicle, but I’m desperate for an outfit. So someone pick a color! (Sorry Slippery Icicle!)

  195. Slippery Icicle

    It’s fine, that’s probably one of the easiest ways to get an idea for an outfit.


  196. Like last year again? What do you mean, RedWing?

    And CS, how about blue?

  197. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks! You gave me an idea! I’ll do green AND blue! Sound okay?

  198. Cool Smarticle

    Okay the green/blue idea didn’t work out so I just got an idea from someone I friended named Friendly Cloud. Thanks anyway.

  199. Cool Smarticle

    Okay now I took one from a girl named Popular Biker. Does anyone know any poptropicans I should friend?

  200. Cool Smarticle


  201. Why isn’t anyone responding?

  202. Oh my God!

  203. @ Mr. E –
    1. Who the heck are you?
    2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the contests!!!!!!!
    3. If you don’t like them, then make your own blog or just leave!!!!!!!!!!
    4. This is NOT your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Mr. “know it all”

  204. ‘SUP?


  206. Here is all of the people I like NOTE: these are NOT in any order, they’re random –
    1) Slippery Icicle
    2) Brave Sky
    3) Fearless Owl
    4) Wild Star
    5) Sleepy Ghost
    6) Icy Snowball
    7) Sticky Clown
    8) Mighty Drummer
    9) Zippy Turtle – Duh
    10) Fierce Moon – Duh
    11) Myself – Duh
    12) Nintendo Friend – I guess
    13) Red Wing
    14) Grey Feather
    15) Silver Wolf – I know she doesn’t comment here but whatever
    16) Messy Ice – Even though I don’t know s/he well
    17) Cool Kid
    18) Scary Sky
    19) Giant Eagle
    20) Young Crown
    21) And if I didn’t mention your name, then you too!!!!!! Sorry if your name isn’t on here!!!!!!!!!!! I’m friends with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛


  208. Oh. Hi. So. How are you holding up?

  209. Finally! I’ve been bored with nothing to do for like 2 hours! What happened?

  210. I had to rehearse for a concert in which I’ll be singing…

  211. Oh……. Sorry…… Um…… anything you want to chat about?

  212. Sure. What’s your favorite movie?

  213. Um……. what’s your favorite movie?

  214. I’ve got many favorites…

  215. Do you play Sonic the Hedgehog video games?

  216. Unfortunately, nope…

  217. Do you have a favorite character?

  218. Well, I’m not acquainted with the Sonic characters…

  219. Cool Smarticle

    Um…….. Do you like pokemon?

  220. Sort of… Never played (I got my Wii five tears ago, and that was my first system), but all my friends did. As I said, my parents “don’t see the point” in most games.

  221. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm………. Do you have a bucket list?

  222. Cool Smarticle

    Also, do you have a favorite pokemon?

  223. @RedWing, you watch American Idol too!!!!! Whew, felt lonely for a bit. I know she won American Idol, I thought Angie would win, but ya know, she will be a big star in the US and the UK thanks to Jessie J. Wow, I better stop before I like, explode from AI overload. 🙄 oops. Plus is anyone else on? I am sooooooo bored.

  224. Cool Smarticle

    Oh! Me! Please! I’ve been bored for hours!

  225. oh. hi fearless owl and cool smarticle

  226. Yay someone to talk to!!!

  227. Cool Smarticle

    Do you want to make a room? I’m just as bored as you are right now. Please?

  228. Cool Smarticle

    Or we could just talk. Or both. What do you want to do? Whatever’s easier for you. And how are you feeling?

  229. YES usually no one is on when i am on. i have been waiting for this chance foreva. sorry if that was kind of… you know….

  230. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay. And I would go to your rooms o=if I didn’t have school during the weekdays.

  231. oh and what i am feeling right now is boredom…. it seems like i cant do anyting except playing poptropica and watching tv

  232. Cool Smarticle

    Do you like Sonic? Who’s your favorite character? Game?

  233. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what I do everyday. Except I have to go to school on Monday-Friday, and I eat and sleep.

  234. Cool Smarticle

    Do you wear glasses?

  235. Cool Smarticle

    are you still there?

  236. I dont play sonic I dont wear glasses but i do wear braces (and right now a sling)

  237. Cool Smarticle

  238. yah i am still here sorry that took awile

  239. Room Code: DNT22

  240. ok?

  241. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have a favorite character? Mine are Amy, Blaze, Wave, Sonic, and Shadow. I wear glasses. I don’t wear braces, but I’ll probably need them soon. I don’t want them, but my mom says i need them even though my dentist says I could live without them, and my dad sides with me. And how did your collarbone break?

  242. Cool Smarticle

    I’m coming! Don’t leave!

  243. CS: Not exactly and not really…
    SG: I’m here… Also, I know you meant “American Idol,” but I saw “AI overload” and thought of the better-known initialism (AI = artificial intelligence)… That took a second for me to realize it.

  244. Well, I am a runner and i was doing hills in track it was really steep and branches were sticking out evrywhere. Pretty much we were racing each other and my mind got ahead of my feet or maybe the other way around and some how i fell. of course everyone in track saw me.

  245. Cool Smarticle

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt bad. Um… what grade are you in?

  246. And CS, when you asked “Are you still there?” I almost had a panic attack. I read that in a turret’s voice.

  247. 7th but not for long

  248. Fearless Owl can you join our room?

  249. SG: Ouch! I broke my leg rollerskating…

  250. Sleepy Ghost, not right now, sorry 🙁 . Not on my computer right now…

  251. oh no!!!!!

  252. Cool Smarticle

    Oh! I have a similar story! It wasn’t as bad, but it was painful. Okay so I had P.E. class a long time ago during this school year. By my gym locker I found a penny and of course I took it and put it in my locker. Then after we did our warm ups we went outside and ran for 15 minutes as usual. Then as soon as I was ready to call my number so they can mark that I finished a lap, I tripped on the sidewalk, and fell om my right side. My right pinky hurt really bad and I couldn’t bend it. My left hand was bleeding, and for a second I think I was paralyzed. It was a feeling I’ve never felt before in my life. And my friend didn’t even help me. When I told my other friends the story they just laughed at me.

  253. and its ok

  254. Cool Smarticle

    Sorry Fearless Owl. And I’m in 7th too! i’m 13 and in 1 week I’ll be on Summer vacation, then off to 8th grade!

  255. Cool Smarticle

    Then to finish the story, when we came back inside I threw the penny across the locker room. I’m telling you that thing is possessed or something.

  256. wow i had a really helpful friend. she brought me inside but of course we had to climb up multiple stairs and tried three different doors to get inside to the nurse. We figured out the nurse wasnt there and my friend just calmed me down and brought me to the office to get my mom so she could bring me to the hospital

  257. oooh possessed penny. about 4 weeks until school i get out of school and a month and 6 days until i turn 13

  258. Cool Smarticle

    And when I tripped it was like right in front of the teachers! But did they do anything? No. I told one of them and she said when we go inside she’ll give me a band aid. My other friend was right there when it happened and she just kept running.

  259. i had to leave the chatroom sorry.

  260. Cool Smarticle

    I said hi to an old friend in the hallway yesterday, and she told me to shut up.

  261. i mean multiverse

  262. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay. I just want to chat now.

  263. wow not nice friends

  264. CS, what happened with your pinky?

  265. ok i have to leave now nice talking with you guys. and next time you see that friend, tell her to shut up

  266. (assuming its a her)

  267. Cool Smarticle

    I know. The one who said shut up to me seems like she has a crush on someone. She always seems happy around them, but I can’t say the same for them. The only reason she doesn’t like me and my other friends anymore is because we talk to the person we think she likes sometimes.

  268. Cool Smarticle

    I smashed it against the side walk. It’s fine now. But it hurt then.
    And the girl who told me to shut up doesn’t say hi anymore.

  269. Cool Smarticle

    I hope she doesn’t get far in life. And a teacher yelled at her yesterday. I found that amusing.

  270. Cool Smarticle

    Don’t leave sleepy ghost!

  271. Cool Smarticle

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO bored!

  272. Cool Smarticle

    Fearless Owl comment to me!

  273. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone else on? I am sooooooo bored.

  274. Cool Smarticle

    Slippery Icicle are you on?
    Fearless Owl are you on?
    Grey Feather?
    Sleepy Ghost?
    Wild Star?
    Brave Sky?
    Icy Snowball?
    IS ANYONE ON????????????????????

  275. Cool Smarticle

    Yay! Let’s continue the conversation we had about the girl who told me to shut up. What should I say? Besides tell her to shut up?

  276. ‘Kay I’m here now! 😀 I’m soo bored.

  277. Cool Smarticle

    Yay! So what should I do Brave Sky?

  278. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky?

  279. Cool Smarticle

    I smashed my toe in the bathroom door once.

  280. Um… I wouldn’t say anything. She’s not acting like she’s your friend anymore. If she acts rude to you, tell her to shut up if you want, but don’t initiate any hostilities yourself.

  281. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what my other friend does. She text her something like she doesn’t like her anymore and no one does and not to talk to her anymore, etc. Then she made a sonnet about that stuff and how it could hurt other’s feelings. It was for homework. I really don’t know what’s gotten in to her, but she needs to calm down.

  282. Cool Smarticle

    Are you still there??

  283. Yes, hi. I’m confused as to which “her” is which.

  284. I’m here now, I was replaying Night Watch Island.

  285. Cool Smarticle

    Okay J will stand for the girl who told me to shut up and P will stand for my friend. Here I’ll post it again and fix some things.

    That’s what P does. J text P something like she doesn’t like her anymore and no one does and not to talk to her anymore, etc. Then J made a sonnet about that stuff and how it could hurt other’s feelings. It was for homework. I really don’t know what’s gotten in to J, but she needs to calm down.

  286. Cool Smarticle

    Brace Sky help! I need your advice too.

  287. It’s about what you should say to the girl who told you to shut up, right?

  288. Cool Smarticle

    Ya. Just because I sometimes talk to a friend who she has a crush on, she gets all mad around everyone and then she’s all happy around him.

  289. That’s pretty messed up. Are you and the girl not friends anymore or something?

  290. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t know! It seemed like we were friends until she said that to me yesterday. I was going to ask her a question, and after I called her name a few times she told me to shut up.

  291. I am not really great when it comes to advice and stuff, but maybe you should probably talk to her about that.

  292. Cool Smarticle

    I dunno. Later during the same day, I asked her what she was going to wear to the graduation on Sunday, and she shook her head and didn’t seem like talking to me.

  293. Cool Smarticle

    I have to see her tomorrow. 🙁

  294. Cool Smarticle

    All of my friends are messed up.

  295. Cool Smarticle


  296. Yeah… I read the story about you getting hurt and your friends laughing at you when you told them how you got hurt. They seem like douchebags, no offense.

  297. Cool Smarticle

    To be honest they are. Sometimes I want to tell them to their face, cuz they tick me off. I even made one cry a few years ago cuz they ticked me off so much.

  298. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky can we curse here? I mean you do it. So can we?

  299. I don’t really curse that much, I do it sometimes when I really want to. I really don’t wanna be a bad example for some of the younger kids on this site, so I wouldn’t recommend using profanity.

  300. Cool Smarticle

    That’s why I asked cuz I know some of the younger kids comment her no offense and I don’t want them to get in trouble because they say what we post in their houses around their parents.

    Anyway, ya some of my friends are like really screwed up. But some of my friends are really nice, and others are just back stabbers.

  301. Cool Smarticle

    I remember not too long ago, we were playing hockey in gym, and my not-so-friend, me and another kid were all surrounding the puck, and we all tried to hit it at the same time, but I hit it, and the one kid missed and hit my not-so-friend’s hand really hard. I was kind of happy after.

  302. Same with one of my friends! My friend “A” made her friend “L”cry about 3 days ago. “A” asked “L” why she was being so slow in track that day. She always says stuff that she thinks would… push you harder, I guess. But it usually comes out as if she’s insulting you or like she’s the boss of you. It pisses me off soo much! I hate it when she does that! 😡 “A” says stuff like “Next time you should go faster” or “You should eat faster”

  303. ^ That comment was refering to your comment above the one asking whether we should curse or not.

  304. Cool Smarticle

    Dafuq? Man what’s up with kids these days?

  305. Cool Smarticle

    Oops. Kinda read the comment a little too late. 😳 But ya, that’s also why i don’t have best friends, cuz that best friend is not your best friend there someone else’s, and it’s awkward.

  306. Cool Smarticle

    And some of them are really annoying.

  307. Cool Smarticle

    And my teachers always wonder why I’m quiet. It’s because they’re all backstabbers! They’re all mean and backstabbing you-know-what!!!!!!!!!

  308. Cool Smarticle

    Do you have a best friend?

  309. Hey everyone… 🙁

    Fascinating 😐

  310. Cool Smarticle

    Hey Cool Kid. Did you read the comments? You should.

  311. Cool Smarticle

    Are you okay?

  312. I’ve been in middle school long enough(almost a year) to find out that some of the people in my school are extremely catty and there’s always DRAMA. People always talk about a bunch of crap such as who’s going out with who and stuff like that.

  313. Is there something wrong Cool Kid?

  314. Cool Smarticle

    Same here!!!! And on the field trip I had a few days ago, I got a lot of stuff out of the girl sitting next to me. Stuff I asked the same person myself and they said it wasn’t true, but it was and I knew it.

  315. Cool Smarticle

    Are you okay Cool Kid? You seem….. upset about something. What happened?

  316. Cool Smarticle

    And I hate it when people talk about the number………

  317. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky? Are you still here?

  318. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky? Cool Kid? What happened?

  319. Cool Smarticle

    So, do you have a best friend?

  320. I’m still here, don’t worry.

  321. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky! Don’t scare me like that! I don’t like it when people leave for hours before they comment again!

  322. Cool Smarticle

    Oh good! I thought I was just gonna do nothing for another hour.

  323. Cool Smarticle

    Okay, so, do you have a best friend and are they related to you?

  324. Cool Smarticle

    My best friend is my little sister! No I’m serious! Also, you don’t happen to know the song Awake And Alive do you?

  325. Don’t you hate it when someone asks you for a pencil and you give it them but you never get it back? I usually say “No, I don’t have any more pencils” when they ask me that.

  326. @CS: I don’t know that song. How long are you usually on here anyway?

  327. Cool Smarticle

    OMG!!!! Same here! Once a kid asked me for a pencil and he was a friend so I said okay, give it to me after 1st block. I totally forgot about it. And when i saw him later I told him to give me the pencil back, and he said he’ll give it back tomorrow. So it was tomorrow during 1st block and he broke my pencil! What the hell?! You lend someone a pencil, and they keep it and break it! Then another time he asked for another pencil and I said no and kept begging me which was getting on my nerves so of course I was dumb enough to give him another one, and he lost it. Then he asked for ANOTHER one, and I said no, cuz he always breaks them and loses them. He even told me not to trust him with pencils! And one kid would just take your pencil case and help himself. So ya. I REALLY hate when people do that.

  328. Cool Smarticle

    Oh like whenever I’m awake and I’m not doing anything which is about 12 hours a day on week ends and I don’t know on week days.

  329. Cool Smarticle

    Do you want to hear the song?

  330. Cool Smarticle

    I hate teachers with favoritism! Especially when it’s not me!

  331. Cool Smarticle

    Slippery Icicle, is today your birthday?

  332. IKR? It’s so annoying!

  333. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky?! Oh no! Where’d you go?! Don’t leave me here to rot! NO!!!!!

  334. Cool Smarticle

    I mean on the field trip to Navy Pier, my teacher gave a girl 20 bucks to spend, and he wouldn’t even give another kid a freaken dollar! What the hell?! She didn’t even have to pay her back!

  335. Cool Smarticle


  336. Don’t worry! I’m here! Though I probably have to leave soon, I can’t stay on the computer 24/7! My last comment was refering to the teacher favoritism, just to clarify.

  337. Cool Smarticle

    I know! I’m going to have to leave in bout 40 minutes or so, but lets keep this conversation going!

  338. Cool Smarticle

    Were you commenting on TI’s blog?

  339. Cool Smarticle

    Brave Sky?! Oh no! Not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where’d you go?! Don’t leave me here to rot! NO!!!!!

  340. Cool Smarticle


  341. Yes I was commenting on TI’s blog the day of the party.

  342. Cool Smarticle

    Do you know who Gentle Fox was? What’s his username?

  343. Cool Smarticle

    ❓ ❓ :?:? :?:? : ?: ? : ?: ? : ? 😕 : ?

  344. Cool Smarticle

    Did you leave? Tell me when you are!

  345. Doctor Who’s on; is anyone here watching?

  346. Cool Smarticle

    What?! It’s on?! Did I miss it?

  347. Cool Smarticle

    Oh well. I’ll just have to watch it tomorrow.

  348. Cool Smarticle

    Do you know who Gentle Fox was? What’s his username? BRAVE SKY?!!!????!!!!!!

  349. Cool Smarticle

    Mighty Drummer where are you????

  350. I just hope Virus Hunter Island is fun.

  351. Cool Smarticle

    Are you gonna enter the contest on Silver Wolf’s Blog?

  352. @ CS & BS- Oh no ❗ Nothing wrong with me. That was my cousin who posted that. She’s kinda miserable BTW.

    Fascinating 😛

  353. Cool Smarticle

    Oh okay. Um…. is she feeling well? Also, are you going to enter the contest?

  354. Take a look at the picture of the party on TI’s blog ❗
    And, boy, do I look pretty ❓ ❗
    I’ll just have to stay in that party costume (without golden hair) until I get my membership renewed.
    ‘Cuz without membership, I can’t costumize anything from my own closet. 🙁

  355. And, what contest are you talking about ❓

  356. Cool Smarticle

    Here I’ll give the link –


    You could post and wait awhile. She’ll modernize your comment(s). But DO NOT tell her where your from!

  357. Oh.
    I won’t enter.
    I just found out that my membership will renew itself on June 3rd (woo hoo).
    I’ll just wear this costume until I get my membership back:

  358. Cool Smarticle

    Why not? I don’t want to be the only one who entered. Pretty Please with a cherry on top?

  359. @ CS- I might not enter the contest either… I still don’t get what I dress up as.

    Fascinating 😆

  360. Slippery Icicle

    Poptropica said that is was my birthday? Weird, didn’t think it did that. It was my birthday though.

  361. Hey anyone on?

  362. ugh all alone again. @Cool Smarticle, I read the old comments about the friend thing. That happened to me before, last year actually. One of my friends had a crush on this boy so she was meaner to the rest of our friends to try to “impress” him. Just go with it for now, eventually she will get over him.

  363. If you have any other friend problems tell me. I will try to help as best as I can. If your concernicus about anything involving what i said about your friend tell me. I will try to help as best as I can. 🙂 Promise.

  364. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks Sleepy Ghost! And Happy Birthday Slippery Icicle!

  365. I’m not entering the contest because, well, I don’t know any website authors.
    I’d do Zippy Turtle and Fierce Moon but a, I don’t know what costume ZT wears and b, I don’t have the golden pop star.

  366. Cool Smarticle


  367. Gravatars ❓
    What are you talking about ❓ ❓ ❓
    FM and ZT don’t have gravatars.

  368. Cool Smarticle

    The little icon thing like you have with your what I like to call, “default” outfit. And the author’s I’m talking about aren’t FM and ZT, their the ones on Silver Wolf’s Blog.

  369. GF, actually, they do, if you can find any comments made by them on a comment section here.

    And CS, how could one have gotten the Golden Pop Star outfit? Just curious.

  370. Cool Smarticle

    I used the customize anything glitch to get it when it worked. 😀 But you had to buy it in the store for 75 credits, or free if you had membership, a few years ago. It was a limited edition item with only a limited amount. So it was a first come first served kinda thing. Sorry if you don’t have it.

  371. @FO- I’ve seen ZT comment before, but no gravatar.
    @CS- Ohhhhh. Then, who are the authors there ❓

  372. Cool Smarticle

    Would it be helpful if I gave you the link instead?

  373. And what’s a default outfit ❓
    ‘Cuz my gravatar is just a normal costume from my closet. ➡

  374. Cool Smarticle

    I guess…. um……. it’s hard to explain…….

    But here’s the link, and remember Silver Wolf’s gravatar is the Detective. :


  375. CS: Ah.
    GF: You’re actually right. Now that I think of it, I don’t think he does, sorry.

  376. ZT doesn’t. FM does.

  377. Thanks.
    I’m going to do Spotted Dragon and Big Snowball. 😀

  378. Cool! I did Silver Wolf and Spotted Dragon. Good luck! 😀 😛

  379. Thx!

  380. Did you make your costume yet?

  381. Yes ❗
    I’m going to enter it ❗

  382. Can you post the link.

  383. Not trying to be annoying or anything, but that’s the wrong “you’re”/”your.”

  384. She’s right. Check your grammar Grey Fetaher.

    P.S. I spelled feather like that as a joke.

  385. Slippery Icicle

    Birthdays are swell. Spent half the day at my stylist’s, went to dinner, got presents, ate cake and we’re going shopping on Monday for the rest of my gifts.

  386. Awesome. Happy birthday, Slippery Icicle!

  387. What’s your star sign?

    Aries (Ram): March 21 – April 20


    P.S.: I’ve completed Back Lot.

  389. And I did Super Villain.

  390. Cool Smarticle

    Hi everyone! I’m back! I came back from the 8th grade graduation at the high school which is scary! After I left I went to McDonalds! It was good too!

  391. Cool Smarticle

    Happy Birthday again Slippery Icicle!

  392. Cool Smarticle

    Speaking of the graduation, guess who I saw there? It was the little biotch who told me to shut up. And she totally killed an awesome funny joke I made! I HATE HER FREAKEN GUTS!!!!!!!!!! Just because I sometimes talk to, and friends with her crush, she’s mean to me! So you know what? I ignored her. And me and my other friends were laughing at her when some kid was saying mean things and spreading terrible rumors about her!

  393. Can somebody give me a typo?

  394. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you both!

  395. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – Your welcome!
    @ Icy Snowball – A typo for what?

  396. Cool Smarticle

    Are you going to enter the contest Slippery Icicle?

  397. Slippery Icicle

    Probably not. How about you?

  398. CS… “Your welcome!”?

  399. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – I already did! I think I’m going to enter another one though.
    @ Fearless Owl – What? She said thank you. I’m just trying to be polite.

  400. No, I’m just pointing out that you, too, used the wrong “you’re”/”your.” That’s all.

  401. Cool Smarticle

    Oops. 😳 Sorry! I’m sure no one else noticed. (just keep quiet and nod.)

  402. Slippery Icicle

    Wanting to be an author I see.

  403. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t want to, but Silver Wolf told me I should enter. So I did. Why aren’t you? Grey Feather is.

  404. Cool Smarticle

    Just entered one more.

  405. Cool Smarticle

    Does anyone here have a friend name Julia?

  406. Slippery Icicle

    Isn’t the contest prize a job as an author? I don’t want to be an author.

  407. Slippery Icicle

    I had at least two friends with that name.

  408. Cool Smarticle

    1. Yes, but I probably won’t win.
    2. The girl who told me to shut up’s name is Julia. I also know a Julie and a Julian.

  409. Slippery Icicle

    1. If it was just a contest like the ones here I’d enter.
    2. A person’s name doesn’t determine what kind of person they are.

  410. Cool Smarticle

    1. Oh.
    2. I know. I was just curious. There are 2 Annas in my grade along with me and another person that has the same name and one is smarter and makes wiser decisions than the other. And that would be me of me and the other person who has the same name as me.

  411. Cool Smarticle

    Here are some questions everyone should answer –

    1. What color is your hair?
    2. What’s your favorite food?
    3. Do you play video games?
    4. What’s your favorite restaurant?
    5. What’s your hobby?
    6. How many sibling(s) do you have?
    7. Do you play an instrument?
    8. What’s your favorite letter?
    9. What’s your favorite name?
    10. When do you have summer vacation?
    11. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
    12. What’s your favorite subject and why?

    I’ll give my answers in a bit.

  412. Slippery Icicle

    Meh, kinda like twins. They share something similar, but their nothing alike.

  413. Cool Smarticle

    Everyone says me and my sister look like twins. They always call her mini me.
    Also answer those questions! 😛

  414. Cool Smarticle

    Here are some questions everyone should answer –

    1. What color is your hair?
    2. What’s your favorite food?
    3. Do you play video games?
    4. What’s your favorite restaurant?
    5. What’s your hobby?
    6. How many sibling(s) do you have?
    7. Do you play an instrument?
    8. What’s your favorite letter?
    9. What’s your favorite name?
    10. When do you have summer vacation?
    11. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
    12. What’s your favorite subject and why?

  415. 1) Black
    2) Lasanga
    3) Yeah, sometimes.
    4) Old Country Buffet
    5) Listening to music, I guess.
    6) one (1)
    7) Yes. Piano and violin
    8) Don’t have one.
    9) ^
    10) June 7th
    11) I wore glasses throughout part of 4th grade- part of 6th grade. I now wear contacts because firstly, I was insecure. Secondly, sometimes my a piece of my hair gets trapped in the fold between the one of the lenses and the stick-thingy where they rest on your ears. Thirdly, if there’s like a windy day, than the lenses will get all foggy. Fourthly, my lenses always get all dirty even though I never touch them. In my opinion, contacts are soo much better than glasses because you can barely feel a thing when you are wearing them. They are more suitable for sports so you won’t have to worry about them falling off you face. Ever since I started wearing contacts, I felt more confident than I did when I wore glasses!
    12) Math. To me, it’s just kinda easy! I like gym too.

  416. Cool Smarticle

    1. Brown.
    2. Pizza! 😛
    3. Of course! 😀
    4. Hmm…. McDonalds! 😛
    5. Sitting on the computer 24/7! :mrgreen:
    6. 4. 2 older bros, 1 older and 1 younger sis.
    7. Yes. The Clarinet.
    8. Q! :mrgreen:
    9. Um….. Klaudia and Kimberly. Not my name, but I like them!
    10. May 28th (1 week!)
    11. I wear glasses.
    12. Band and Social Studies, cuz the teachers are hilarious!

  417. Cool Smarticle

    ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What color is your hair?
    2. What’s your favorite food?
    3. Do you play video games?
    4. What’s your favorite restaurant?
    5. What’s your hobby?
    6. How many sibling(s) do you have?
    7. Do you play an instrument?
    8. What’s your favorite letter?
    9. What’s your favorite name?
    10. When do you have summer vacation?
    11. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
    12. What’s your favorite subject and why?

  418. Slippery Icicle

    1. Chestnut with blonde highlights.
    2. Watermelon.
    3. Yes.
    4. The Old Spaghetti Factory.
    5. Crafting. I like to show my creative side.
    6. One older brother.
    7. Not anymore.
    8. S.
    9. Not sure.
    10. June 28th.
    11. Contacts.
    12. Drama, it’s a lot of fun and you can be yourself and hang out with your friends.

  419. Cool Smarticle

    Drama is a class? I’ve heard of Drama Club, and they put on plays in elementary school, but never heard of drama.

  420. Slippery Icicle

    Yeah, it’s a class. They offer it in junior high and high school.

  421. Cool Smarticle

    What the? I’m in Junior High right now, and it’s not a class. Oh well. I have band and advisory.

  422. Cool Smarticle

    Mighty Drummer, you have your own blog?

  423. Cool Smarticle

    Grey Feather aren’t you going to enter the contest?

  424. Cool Smarticle

    Pick a color! Any color! Except orange.

  425. Slippery Icicle

    Strange, so you at least have theater?

  426. Slippery Icicle


  427. Cool Smarticle

    Um…. not exactly. Inn middle school we have a stage. But in high school we have a stage AND an auditorium.

  428. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, meant to say theatre.

  429. Cool Smarticle

    That’s okay.

    Um…. not exactly. Inn middle school we have a stage. But in high school we have a stage AND an auditorium.

  430. Slippery Icicle

    Theatre as in the class, not the room.

  431. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also how does it look? –


  432. Slippery Icicle

    You don’t know what theatre is? 0_0

    Not bad, not sure if I like the brace face though.

  433. Cool Smarticle

    I don’t think I know what a theatre is. As a class I mean. What is it And note that it’s 9:57 here where I live so on’t blame me.

    Also, what mouth should I wear then?

  434. Cool Smarticle

    I think I’m going to make it red or white instead.

  435. Cool Smarticle

    Look at it now! 😀

  436. Cool Smarticle

    Have you ever watched Epic Meal Time?

  437. Slippery Icicle

    It’s think acting and singing on stage. What does time have to do with anything?

    Not sure, maybe something black.

  438. Slippery Icicle

    I like the hair and the skirt. Maybe try a different jacket or shirt.

  439. Cool Smarticle

    1. I’m sleepy cuz I’m going to go to bed in like an hour or 2.
    2. Did you see it? How’s the mouth? I saw a person with it on and I customized it! I’ll change it. I just wanted to see what you’d say.
    3. Check it now!

  440. Slippery Icicle

    1. Not sure how that makes you unaware of Theatre.
    2. The mouth is a bit weird, not offense.
    3. Like everything, but the skirt.

  441. Cool Smarticle

    1. Meh. I dunno.
    2. That was the point! Wait the opened one with the teeth? Or the one I have on now?
    3. I thought you said you liked the skirt but didn’t like the jacket/shirt?

  442. Cool Smarticle

    Might wanna check again. I just keep changing it!

  443. Slippery Icicle

    Still don’t like the skirt. Like the mouth though.

  444. Slippery Icicle

    2. Opened teeth.
    3. You keep changing it. Finish it and than ask for my advice.

  445. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks! Hmm……. Do you have another white shirt? And how about another skirt?
    How about just chose another color.

  446. Cool Smarticle

    Finished. Now answer the questions.

  447. Cool Smarticle

    I think I’m going with yellow. I haven’t had a yellow outfit for awhile.

  448. Cool Smarticle

    I’ll wait.

  449. Cool Smarticle

    Finished. Now answer the questions. Please.

  450. Cool Smarticle

    ❓ Slippery Icicle ❓ Are you still there ❓

  451. Slippery Icicle

    I think the shirt is fine. You can take the skirt off my character if you want. You could do red this time.

  452. Hi.


    Hello = Hola

  454. Ooh, it’s getting close to midnight, eh?

  455. I went to Mexico!

    ¡Hola! ¡Español y hablo español! ¿México’s langue es español, no es?

  456. I’M JOKING! 😀
    I’ve never been to Mexico before!

  457. Un minute à 0 h !

    (That’s French: “One minute to midnight!”)

  458. Wait, that’s not right. It’s after 12.


    I’m joking! 😀

    TRANSLATION: Mexico? And it’s Christmas? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  460. @ CS- Here are the answers to your questions

    a) Brown
    b) Chocolate
    c) I play games a lot
    d) Playing sports
    e) 2
    f) I play clarinet
    g) My favorite letter is A
    h) My favorite name is Avrille
    i) December
    j) No
    k) Sport and Art

    Fascinating 😮

  461. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – How bout now?
    @ Icy Snowball – That’s funny. How did you type like that?
    @ Cool Kid – Thanks for answering the questions!
    @ Brave Sky – ^

  462. Slippery Icicle

    Looks a bit better.

  463. Cool Smarticle

    I just came back from gym! I’m SO tired. Wow. I’m gone for 7 hours and there’s only 1 comment. Wow. I’m ashamed. (sarcastic) 😀

  464. hi is anyone on? 🙂

  465. Cool Smarticle


  466. Ok, Cool Smarticle. To answer your questions:
    1. Blond (naturally) and really curly (almost like Taylor Swift)
    2. Ummm IDK
    3. No
    4. Restaurant? Olive Garden
    5. Reading, Drawing, Playing music
    6. 1
    7. I play piano, violin, and currently teaching myself guitar
    8. Don’t have one
    9. Alice
    10. Summer vacation starts June 14th for me
    11. No
    12. English. I love getting lost in books. When I am writing, I can be in my own world and write whatever I feel.

  467. Heyyyyyy Cool Smarticle.

  468. @CS: Did you want me to answer your questions? I already did, you know. Just go back to the previous page of the comments and you can see my answers.

  469. @Icy Snowball, Feliz navidad does not mean merry Christmas in Spanish.
    just informing you. 😀

  470. hi Brave Sky!!!

  471. Cool Smarticle

    Heyyyyyy Sleepy Ghost! Look at my outfit!


    Should I go yellow instead?

  472. Cool Smarticle

    Oh ya, I already saw your answers thanks! 😀

  473. oooh cute. I think yellow would look nice but whatever you prefer

  474. @Icy Snowball I was kidding on that last comment I wrote to you

  475. soooooo whats your favorite color?

  476. oooh new page!!!! 😀

  477. Cool Smarticle

    That’s why I asked. I want to make her yellow!!!!!!

  478. ohhhhh. yellow. 🙂

  479. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm………. My favorite color is blue. What’s yours?

  480. Cool Smarticle

    Yay! Someone to talk to!

  481. Cool Smarticle

    Sleepy Ghost????? Are you there?

  482. either blue or purple…. or RAINBOW.

  483. … and yes i am here

  484. What time is it where you live right now?

  485. oh and this is my outfit right now… i am telling you its different everyday.


  486. Cool Smarticle

    4:04 PM. Hold on Whatvere you do don;t leave!!!!!!!!! I have to eat now!!!!!!!! give me 30 minutes or less. I’ll be right back!!!!! Keep checking the comments!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be here in like 15 miny=tes or whatev!!!!!!!!! Sorry fior the spelling!!!!!

  487. its fine. it is 5:08 where I live.

  488. well 5:09 now

  489. It’s 4:11 where I live.

  490. More questions!!!!
    1. what is your favorite movie?
    2. what time is it at your house?
    3. what is your favorite sport (to play)?
    4. what is your favorite sport (to watch)?
    5. what is your favorite color?
    6. do you have any pets?
    7. link your current poptropica outfit here

  491. i have to eat now too, sorry. 🙄

  492. Cool Smarticle

    I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  493. 1. Pitch Perfect
    3. Volleyball and swimming
    4. I don’t watch sports
    5. Blue
    6. I have 2 hamsters
    7. I can’t do it right now, I’m on my iPad. I’ll do it later when I get on the computer.

  494. Cool Smarticle

    1. Um… I have to think. The new Star Trek Movie.
    2. 4:25 PM (Brave Sky, I think we live in the same time zones! 😀 )
    3. Badminton and Hockey, but not on ice.
    4. Do the Olympics count? Cuz my answer is that.
    5. Blue.
    6. Here, but like you I change it like every 5 minutes!

    How is my outfit?

  495. Cool Smarticle

    Oops! Okay I’ll post it again ignore the other one! 😳

    1. Um… I have to think. The new Star Trek Movie.
    2. 4:25 PM (Brave Sky, I think we live in the same time zones! 😀 )
    3. Badminton and Hockey, but not on ice.
    4. Do the Olympics count? Cuz my answer is that.
    5. Blue.
    6. I have a fish! And my sister NF is a bird! 😀
    7. Here, but like you I change it like every 5 minutes!

    How is my outfit?

  496. Cool Smarticle

    Okay, add Volley Ball to #3.

  497. Cool Smarticle

    4:27 PM

  498. Cool Smarticle

    Today’s date – May 20th, 2013 4:28 PM. La, la, la, la, LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  499. Cool Smarticle

    sorry…………….. Sleepy Ghost? Are you ALIVE?????!!!!!!!

  500. Cool Smarticle


    LOL! This is F-U-N-N-Y!!!!!!! How do you type like this?

  501. Cool Smarticle

    S-L-E-E-P-Y G-H-O-S-T!!!!!!!!!
    B-R-A-V-E S-K-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE ARE YOU???!!!!!


  502. I have never heard of those songs.

  503. Cool Smarticle

    You want to hear them? Most of them are from Sonic the Hedgehog video games.

  504. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on right now?

  505. ¡Hola! ¡Es el burrito de México! ¿No es? ¿Eh? ¿EH? ¿¿¿EH??? ¿Qué? ¡Uno burrito! ¡Dos burritos! ¿Tres burritos en Americano?

    That is Spanish!

    Want to know how I did the inverted question and exclamation marks?

    1. Open Start Menu and find Character Map
    2. Turn on advanced and make sure the character set is onto Unicode
    3. In the search box, type “inverted mark” and hit enter
    4. Click on one of the results and click it again to make it appear in the characters to copy box
    5. Click Select
    6. Click Copy
    7. Open the current Poptorpica Secrets page (Virus Hunter Island is Official)
    8. Go down to the last current post (make sure it’s the current page)
    9. In the comments box, press Ctrl and V together and you’ve done it! This way, it’ll be easier to write a comment in Spanish!

  506. Trying to get on right now.

  507. Cool Smarticle

    What’s the character map? I’m on a Windows 7 computer. So it might be different.

  508. Sorry I got to go to school now Sleepy Ghost I’ll answer your questions after school


  509. Cool Smarticle

    Do you like burritos?

  510. Cool Smarticle

    I’m not Sleepy Ghost! I’m Cool Smarticle!!!!!!!! Don’t go to school. Stay home.

  511. Cool Smarticle

    ¿¿¿¡¡¡↨î⌡ä4▬◙╥☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄¶§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼ !!”#$%&’▲▼()-1

  512. Cool Smarticle


    ▒ ▒æ Ω Omega! Ω ▒

  513. Slippery Icicle

    Ugh, my long weekend is almost over.

  514. Cool Smarticle


  515. Cool Smarticle

    What???!!!! What long weekend? for what¿

  516. Slippery Icicle

    Victoria day is today.

  517. Cool Smarticle

    Oh ya I forgot¡ You live in Canada, so you guys celebrate Victorian Day. Lucky¡ I had school today. And Olympic Day is on Thursday or Friday. We WILL win Olympic Day¡¡

  518. Slippery Icicle

    Guess you’ll spend the day running and exercising with your friends? I spent today shopping at the mall with all of mine.

  519. Cool Smarticle

    Yep. All of the advisories compete against each other. My advisory is in the tournament, which means we have to beat one more advisory tomorrow in crab soccer to play on Olympic Day. Do you want to know the other games?

  520. Slippery Icicle

    Sounds kind of fun. Sure, why not?

  521. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. This is in a random order so ya.
    1. Mile Run (3 people on each team, each complete 1 lap)
    2. Crab Soccer
    3. Balloon Toss
    4. Scooter Race
    5. Something like the shuttle run….. not positive.
    6. Another running event, but shorter.
    7. Something like make a paper airplane in 1 minute and throw it to see who’s lands the farthest.
    8. Some hola-hoop race or something.
    9. Shooting baskets from a certain point.

    I know there’s more, but that’s all I can remember. If you have any questions feel free to ask! 😀

  522. Cool Smarticle

    I can’t remember! What the hell¿ ┐

  523. Cool Smarticle

    Slippery Icicle? You still here?

  524. Slippery Icicle

    Sorry, texting friends and playing an online game. Those sound like fun, reminds me of activity days at school when I was little.

  525. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on right now????

  526. Cool Smarticle

    Oops. 😳 Ya. They sound fun. I can’t wait to win!!!!!!!

  527. Cool Smarticle

    Check it now!

  528. Cool Smarticle

    Have you ever watched Epic Meal Time, Slippery Icicle?

  529. Slippery Icicle

    Heard of the show, don’t think I’ve actually watched it.

  530. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm….. doing homework….. I want your opinion. Do you think the Olympics is the proper place for a protest?

  531. Slippery Icicle

    No, unless your actually protesting the Olympics. Could be a bit disrespectful to protest.

  532. Slippery Icicle

    Protesting at the 2014 Winter Olympics?

  533. Cool Smarticle

    That’s what I thought. I mean, the Olympics happen only once every 4 years which is a long time. Why would you protest? I mean, it’s the Olympics a million people watch it live, or on TV.

  534. Cool Smarticle

    Um… no. Something that happened in the past, and it was the summer Olympics.

  535. Cool Smarticle

    We watched a few clips in Social Studies today and now we have to write a paragraph on 1 of 3 questions. This one to me was the easiest.

  536. Slippery Icicle

    Uh, that’s kind of the point why one would protest there, lots of people will see it. Though I think it’s still a bit disrespectful to protest there.

  537. Slippery Icicle

    Social has to be my favourite class, my teacher gives us like almost half the class to just chill and we get like no tests.

  538. Cool Smarticle

    Really?! As much as I like my S.S teacher, he gives us the hardest tests with no study guides! And he was going to give it to us ONE time, but he forgot and of course we couldn’t use it cuz, he gave it to us on the day of the test. Also, this is the teacher that killed those little bunnies.

  539. Cool Smarticle

    How does this sound? –
    Honestly, I do not think the Olympics was was the proper place for a protest. I find it disrespectful that during a huge event that he would protest right after he one first place. The Olympics only happen once every four years. So why would you want to protest during the Olympics, when millions of people all around the world are watching every second of it?

  540. Cool Smarticle

    Oops. Was, was in there twice.

  541. Cool Smarticle

    Note, that the guy protested during the national anthem.

  542. Cool Smarticle

    How about now?

    Honestly, I do not think the Olympics was the proper place for a protest. I find it disrespectful that during a huge event, in which people all over the world take apart in, that he would protest right after he one first place. The Olympics only happen once every four years, so why would you want to protest when millions of people all around the world are watching every second of it?

  543. Slippery Icicle

    My teacher always gives us study guides with everything on the test.

    Sounds ok, I’d change the last sentence though.

  544. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on now?

  545. Cool Smarticle

    Could you change it? I need help!

  546. Cool Smarticle


    Okay. e can talk about whatever, AFTER I get this done. Please help me! You’re smart!

  547. Cool Smarticle

    I need more sentences. 8 -12 actually.

  548. Cool Smarticle


  549. Slippery Icicle

    Honestly, I do not think the Olympics was the proper place for a protest. I find it disrespectful that during a huge event, in which people all over the world take apart in, that he would protest right after he one first place. The Olympics only happen once every four years, why would one want to interrupt such an important event for their own problems that don’t even relate to the Olympics. Though this does not violate any laws and it is well within his rights to speak his mind he should not be ignorant of other people. There is a time and a place for protests and the Olympics is not one of them for this situation.

  550. Cool Smarticle

    Are you gonna help me? Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleaespleaes?!?!?!?!

  551. Slippery Icicle

    You got 2 and 1/2 sentences from me, you can do that rest.

  552. Cool Smarticle

    OOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 That’s not good. Not even great……
    THIS IS FREAKEN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where on Earth did you learn to write like that Slippery Icicle?

  553. Slippery Icicle

    Will you relax, please. I was just doing stuff, I can’t check this every minute.

  554. Cool Smarticle

    Thank You! Sorry for being annoying. I hate homework, well of course everyone does, but ya. Sorry! 😥

  555. Slippery Icicle

    Why thank you. I’m not sure, I think it came naturally through reading books, school and tv.

  556. Cool Smarticle

    You write beautiful! This is has to be a gift! I wish I had that! I could use it on the entrance tickets for L.A.

  557. Slippery Icicle

    The Olympics is an event where athletes from different countries compete in multiple sport events. It creates union and is a friendly competition with those who have the same passion for sports. It’s not the place to have a protest. I find it disrespectful that during a huge event, in which people all over the world take apart in, that he would protest right after he one first place. The Olympics only happen once every four years, why would one want to interrupt such an important event for their own problems that don’t even relate to the Olympics. Though this does not violate any laws and it is well within his rights to speak his mind he should not be ignorant of other people. There is a time and a place for protests and the Olympics is not one of them for this situation. I agree that protests can be good, and can encourage problems to get fixed, but there is a line to be crossed. Protests should be taken to areas where they relate to. Any other area would be pointless effort and babble.

  558. Slippery Icicle

    I got into it a bit so I added some.

    Thanks, I’m sure you could be good at it too. I think maybe Shakespeare would add to it.

  559. Cool Smarticle

    Thank you so much! But sadly, I’m gifted in Math, not so much L.A./reading. 😥 You’re a lucky ducky! 😀
    And also I learned about Shakespeare in gifted this year.

  560. Cool Smarticle

    Are you gifted in writing? Cuz it looks like you sure are!

  561. Slippery Icicle

    Sadly no, regular L.A. is hard enough. My teacher is big on format and structure.

  562. Cool Smarticle

    Same here! My L.A. teacher would love you! Just saying.

  563. Cool Smarticle

    My L.A. teacher wants to be a gifted teacher, cuz she wants to teach the smart and hardworking kids. Not the ones who don’t do a freaken thing.

  564. Cool Smarticle

    What do you guys think of my character? I want negative and positive comments. But the negative comments must be constructive, so I could make changes.

    Here you go! : http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMVU0U1NtWW14aGVtVTNNVFky

  565. Slippery Icicle, how do you write so advanced?! Girl, I wish I wrote as amazing as you! I’m in advanced ILA (or L.A as you guys would say.) and I cannot write like that! Of course, i’m only in 6th grade, so that is pretty advanced for someone like me.

  566. Cool Smarticle

    Same here! But she’s 15 now, (I think), so she’s a few years older than us. I’m 13 and in gifted and I cannot write like that! I dunno how she does it! I told you, you had a gift! 🙂

  567. Slippery Icicle

    Thank you both 🙂 I wish I could tell how I write like this, might just be a natural talent or my school experience and age. Though non of my previous teachers were very inspiring nor extremely educating in their writing styles. I never had this when I was in elementary, might have gotten it through maturity. Who knows?

    CS I really like this! Blues are my weak spot. Might want to use a different handheld, kinda breaks of the blues.

  568. @ SG- Here are the answers to your questions.
    a) For now my favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph
    b) 6:02 right now
    c) Soccer
    d) I usually watch the Olympics (in leap years). That’s probably the only time I watch sport.
    e) Electric Indigo
    f) 2 rabbits and a budgie
    g) http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bUVFBUVJ1Y25WaWVXcGhibVV5T0E9PQ%3D%3D

    Fascinating :mrgreen:

  569. @ World- Just wondering what you:

    a) Want to be when you grow up?
    b) Like best for ice-cream and chocolate flavours?

    Fascinating 😆

  570. Cool Smarticle

    a) An eye doctor. 😛
    b) ice-cream = chocolate chip
    chocolate = Whitman’s assorted box of chocolates. Especially the Almond Nougat. That’s my fav. 😛

  571. @CK:
    A) I really don’t know. Maybe a chemist, or polymer scientist, or an author, or an editor… So many opportunities…
    B) Ice cream: chocolate brownie (it’s chocolate with more chocolate). Chocolate:, Ghiradelli (sp?) dark chocolate with mint filling.

  572. hey guys! Im trying to get a gravatar! :mrgreen:

  573. never mind. *punches wordpress through computer.*

  574. can you get a forum account if you, cough, cough dont have an email cough cough? and can you change your email later?

  575. Slippery Icicle

    Pretty sure you need get an email to be able to access the forums. When registering they sent a confirmation email. You probably could change the email on it after confirming it.

  576. WS, I don’t think there’s anyone there to confirm your account in the first place…

  577. Cool Smarticle

    Hey! Is anyone on right now?

  578. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks Slippery Icicle! Is blue like your favorite color?

  579. Cool Smarticle

    Hay is for horses
    No this is a different kind of hey
    No you said hay and it’s for horses

    ¡Hola! ¡Español y hablo español! ¿México’s langue es español, no es?


    Un minute à 0 h !


    ÿ▓○A·☺☻♥♦♣♠♦♣67s4D☼|εß43♠5☻┌←|j1531456♦@#*&@@#^%!!!!!!!!~ I’m kidding! Just Joking!

  580. Cool Smarticle

    Slippery Icicle! Check it now! ^

  581. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on right now? I’m SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO bored!!!

  582. Alcoholic Angel! (please excuse the stopwatch, I don’t know why it’s there, but it’s there for a reason)


  583. Cool Smarticle

    Hey IS! Long time no see! LOL! That’s funny cuz I was commenting to you yesterday and I never saw you in reality. 😀

    So IS, ‘SUP? 😛

  584. Cool Smarticle

    UGH! You guys know the girl who told me to shut up right? Well, today she told me she like the color of the shirt that the school gives. Every advisory is a different color. Mine is red, but my friend won an aqua one and gave it to me. By the way the girl who told me to shut up has a blue shirt.

  585. Cool Smarticle

    Is anyone on right now? I’m SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  586. Cool Smarticle

    Hey! Read these and answer the questions!
    This is is cat.
    This is how cat.
    This is to cat.
    This is keep cat.
    This is an cat
    This is idiot cat.
    This is busy cat.
    This is for cat.
    This is forty cat.
    This is seconds cat.

    Now Read the THIRD (3RD) word in each sentence down.

    P.S. I don’t really mean this! 😛

    2. I have another riddle! If your good at math you WILL get this!

    Okay. I have 10 fish. 3 drown, and 2 come back to life. How many fish do I have?

    3. Another one!

    Okay. If a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, and a purple house is made out of purple bricks, and a blue house is made out of blue bricks, and an orange house is made of orange bricks,
    question – What is a green house made out of?

    Have fun! 😀

  587. Cool Smarticle

    Hey! Read these and answer the questions! Ignore the previous comment.
    This is this cat.
    This is is cat.
    This is how cat.
    This is to cat.
    This is keep cat.
    This is an cat
    This is idiot cat.
    This is busy cat.
    This is for cat.
    This is forty cat.
    This is seconds cat.

    Now Read the THIRD (3RD) word in each sentence down.

    P.S. I don’t really mean this!

    2. I have another riddle! If your good at math you WILL get this!

    Okay. I have 10 fish. 3 drown, and 2 come back to life. How many fish do I have?

    3. Another one!

    Okay. If a red house is made of red bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, and a purple house is made out of purple bricks, and a blue house is made out of blue bricks, and an orange house is made of orange bricks,
    question – What is a green house made out of?

    Have fun!

    1. Nice try; I’ve seen it before 😀
    2. Still ten, as you never asked how many are alive (and it IS possible to drown a fish, I believe, so there’s that question resolved).
    3. Actually, green bricks. A green house is not the same as a greenhouse.

  589. Cool Smarticle

    …… no comment…………… I’ll tell you if you’RE wrong or right later.

  590. Cool Smarticle

    Tricky questions, eh? Tee-hee! They’RE not THAT hard. Right?

  591. Riddle #2: I looked up the riddle on the internet. Apparently, the answer is 10 because fish can’t drown. To be honest, I was gonna say 8.

    #3: Glass, again, looked it up on the internet. Don’t know if it’s true.

    What? You didn’t say that we couldn’t use the internet for answers.

  592. I guess I wrote that comment too late, eh? 😳

  593. Cool Smarticle

    More riddles! Answer them!

    4. What is a pirate’s favorite restaurant?

    5. Why can’t you tell an egg a joke?

    6. What’s a rabbit’s favorite restaurant?

    7. What’s a pirate’s favorite food?

    8. What’s a pirate’s favorite movie?

    9. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?

  594. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – That’s fine! Just wanna have some fun! But ya, you’re both right! Nice! 😛

    Answers :

    2. Fish can’t drown! 😛 I solved it the first time to!
    3. Glass is correct!

  595. Cool Smarticle

    @ Fearless Owl – I mean TOO.


  596. I think I can answer some…

    5. Because it will crack up!

    6. iHop(it was the only place I could think of that has to do w/ rabbits, okay?!).

  597. CS, I kind of assume that if a fish can come back to life, a fish can also drown, so…

  598. Cool Smarticle

    @ Brave Sky – Those are the answers for 5 and 6! Great job Brave Sky!
    @ Fearless Owl – That was the joke! 🙂

  599. Cool Smarticle

    Unanswered riddles!

    4. What is a pirate’s favorite restaurant?

    7. What’s a pirate’s favorite food?

    8. What’s a pirate’s favorite movie?

    9. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?

  600. Cool Smarticle

    ANSWER THE RIDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!

  601. @ CS- Here are the answers to the rest :mrgreen:
    4. Arrrrrrby’s
    7. Arrrtichokes
    8. Booty and the Beast
    9. High C’s

    I got the answers from the internet.

    Fascinating 😯

  602. Cool Smarticle

    @ Cool Kid – Here are the answers!

    4. Arrrrrrby’s!
    8. Good answer! But I also would have excepted the ones rated RRRRR!
    9. High C’s it is!

    Good job! And it’s okay to look it up on the internet!

  603. thanks, smart forumers. i guess that why i dont go on the forum. 🙄

    I might, though! someday! 😉

  604. Cool Smarticle

    ♪Mon e o Mon e o, and a do re mi, do re mi, do re mi. And a little tee, tee, tee. And a little tee, tee, tee. One two three!♪ ♫♫♫♫☺☻

  605. Cool Smarticle

    ♪ Mickey Mouse have a house Donald duck messed it up……..♪

  606. Cool Smarticle

    ♪ Who will pay the consequences….? ♪

  607. Cool Smarticle

    Someone chose! Duck or Mouse?

  608. Cool Smarticle


  609. hi anyone on??? How is that friend doing Cool Smarticle???? Nice riddles by the way… the one with the cats, yah i trolled it because i have seen it before. So how are you doing? Sorry I haven’t been on in awhile.

  610. No? No one on? Ok bye.

  611. Cool Smarticle


  612. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sleepy Ghost – Okay. The girl who told me to shut up complemented my shirt and now she talks to me more often. I dunno what to do.

  613. Cool Smarticle

    @ Sleepy Ghost – Don’t leave! Please? I’m sssssssssssoooooooooo bored.

  614. Cool Smarticle


    👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 evil: 👿 👿 👿

  615. Cool Smarticle

    * 👿

  616. Slippery Icicle

    Is telling you to shut up the only mean thing she did to you?

  617. Cool Smarticle

    Um…… that……. and she has been ignoring me for awhile……. and when ever I talk to a friend she butts in and starts her own conversation….. that I can’t be apart of……

  618. Cool Smarticle

    …….becuz they won’t listen to me……… and they walk away……

  619. Cool Smarticle

    ……. and she was mean to another friend…… Text her mean things and such like that.

  620. Slippery Icicle

    I don’t know, maybe she’s trying to turn over a new life?

  621. Slippery Icicle


  622. Cool Smarticle

    What is that suppose to mean?

  623. Slippery Icicle

    A new start.

  624. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm. I dunno. Maybe…… but….. she’s very different from when I 1st met her. And I know for a fact that over time people change and she is one of those people.

  625. Slippery Icicle

    People can change their attitude towards someone very quickly. I once saw this one guy as a crush for the longest time, but only took less than a day to see him as a lonely creep.

  626. Cool Smarticle

    Um… not that it matters or anything….. but what was his name?

  627. Slippery Icicle


  628. Mighty Drummer

    Um,I think this is kinda gross. Like,getting a millimeter away from the Poptropican heart. *shivers*

  629. Cool Smarticle

    Hey Mighty Drummer! Long time no see! So, what’s up?

  630. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – I know a few people with that name.

  631. Slippery Icicle

    It’s an average name, not popular nor rare.

  632. Cool Smarticle

    Mmm Hmm. Anything else? Anything you need to let out? I know who my advisory teacher is next year! I’m SSOOO happy! Everyone is jealous cuz I got her!

  633. Slippery Icicle

    Not really, I wasn’t really letting that out, just stating how easily one’s perspective can change of one. We keep the same main teacher each year. Mine is ok, rather nice.

  634. Okay, I have a question: is the phrase “pique one’s interest” or “peak one’s interest”?
    Does anyone know?

  635. Cool Smarticle

    @ Slippery Icicle – What?!

  636. Slippery Icicle

    You were talking to me, correct?

  637. Cool Smarticle


  638. Cool Smarticle

    You keep the same teacher?! We CHANGE every year!

  639. Slippery Icicle

    We only meet up with them on Thursdays for one block.

  640. HI!!!

  641. @ GE & MD- Hi! Long time no see ❗

    Fascinating 👿

  642. I have a riddle for everyone!

    If a green man lived in a green house,
    if a yellow man lived in a yellow house,
    if a red man lived in a red house,
    if a purple man lived in a purple house,
    if an orange man lived in an orange house,

    what would a WHITE man live in?

  643. Cool Kid! Long time, no see! So, tell us some exciting news and answer my riddle!

  644. I also came up with a description for Cheese Island:

    “The popular cheese making company in Poptropica has serious business and the owner needs your help to make a cheese ‘mousterpiece’ that gets nibbled down to that last, delicious crumb! But when things go off hand, you’ll be able to save the day! From the first cheesecake to the final cheese display, it’s great, delicious and… cheesy?”

  645. Hey, you know on Super Villain Island, Erehwon Prison for Supervillains, about that?

    “Erehwon” is reverse talk for “Nowhere”, and I know reverse talk.

    Aciportpop gniyalp ekil uoy od? Uoy era ohw? Llabwons Yci eman si! Olleh!

    Ees on, emit gnol! Gniod ay’ woh! Edud! Etam! Dik Looc, yeh!

  646. Cool Smarticle

    @ Icy Snowball – The White House

  647. Slippery Icicle

    I’m tempted to say white house, but riddles are rarely that obvious. I’m going to say a regular different colour house.

  648. IS: Noitces “skeep kaens” eht no was I emit tsrif eht taht deciton I. (-:

  649. Cool Smarticle

    The White House. You know, the one where the presidents live when elected.

  650. The White House…? Everyone is saying it, so why can’t I?

  651. Cool Smarticle

    You can!

  652. I don’t always know what to comment. Just sayin’ 🙄

  653. Cool Smarticle

    I do!

  654. Cool Smarticle

    ❓ ❓ :¿: :¡: ❗

  655. ¡Hola todos en Secretos de Poptropica!

    Who can translate this ❗

  656. Cool Smarticle

    Hi! Nope, can’t translate it. Sorry. 🙁

  657. @ GF- I can translate it!

    Hello everyone in Poptropica Secrets ❗

    Fascinating 😉

  658. Cool Smarticle

    What the? Is that in Spanish?

  659. Do you take Spanish class at school or something? Are you Spanish?

  660. No and no.
    My culture is Peru.
    Peruvians talk Spanish. 🙂

  661. Cool Smarticle

    Ahh. I see. I only know simple phrases like numbers and Hola and stuff like that.

  662. 🙄
    Ya want me to teach you ❓

  663. Cool Smarticle

    Sure! Why not? That way I could understand some of my friends! Thanks!

  664. Okay, I’ll teach you when I get back ❗

  665. Cool Smarticle


  666. @ GF- You’re Peruvian ❓ ❗ ❓ Cool ❗ I’m part Spanish so I can understand. I speak Spanish with my cousin sometimes.

    Fascinating 😆

  667. Cool Smarticle

    Are you Japanese?

  668. Cool Smarticle

    Well ❓

  669. No.
    Okay I’ll teach you a couple of pronouns:

    she ella (EH-ya)
    he el

    That’s all ❗

  670. Cool Smarticle

    Thanks ❗ Cool Kid are you Japanese ❓

  671. @ CS- No. Who told you that ❓

    Fascinating :mrgreen:

  672. Cool Smarticle

    No one. I thought you said the you understood the song in Romaji. That means it’s Japanese but with our letters instead of their’s.

  673. @ CS- When did I say that ❓

    Fascinating 😆

  674. Cool Smarticle

    Um……. hold on I need to find it.

  675. What words do you want me too teach you in Spanish ❓

  676. Cool Smarticle

    Yeah ❗ Teach me smarticle ❗

  677. Cool Smarticle

    GF! TEACH ME!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  678. Virus Hunter ? This sounds exciting . Another mission for Agent Blue Ghost !

  679. Pretty cool

  680. Cool Smarticle

    ❓ Teach me!!!!!!!!!!

  681. this is cool but for me I am really excited because I only have two more islands to go not including virus hunter island astro_night and the island that went under water sorry can’t think of the name:(

    Happy Rock Out 🙂


    Nah, I’m just kidding. 🙂

  683. CK, if you keep going to the previous posts you keep seeing my comments! Keep going! 😀