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Video Walkthrough of Back Lot Island

Video walkthrough of Back Lot Island is now up (above) and on the Back Lot Island page.

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  1. First! 😛
    Yo ZT, can you do an #anythingyouwant costume contest? 😀 Puhlease!

    Fascinating 🙂

  2. I wish I was a member! sigh. :((

  3. … This site just suddenly lost its passion… 😕

  4. @brave sky – why?

    anyway, i know the name of the next island! just click my name to find out. 😀

  5. Virus Hunter Island? Seriously?

  6. Gosh…. I feel so lonely here.

  7. You’re not alone girl! :mrgreen:
    I wonder what happened to Giant Eagle. 😐

  8. Nice to see you again, GF! This site feels like a ghost town, what with people not really commenting. What’s your username? I wanna friend you on Poptropica, mine’s wimpykid2675.

  9. pamela2860
    And nice costume!

  10. Friended you. 🙂 Your costume is very creative as well!

  11. actually, this site does have quite a number of comments – but i guess you can always comment on other poptropica sites if this one’s not enough. lots of people probably come here and read without leaving comments, but that’s probably normal. :3

  12. @ GF, just okay.

  13. @ Blah! You’re right BS. ‘Tis like ghost town. At least GE’s back. Still waitin for SL, Kat, ayman arif, Red Wing, Katniss, Brianna and many others to come back! 🙁

    Fascinating 🙂

  14. hi
    I just finished this island a few days ago (with the help of a membership that I bought!!)
    thanks for the walkthrough and written walkthrough Zippy Turtle
    …Im somewhat new to the site…you know, commenting and all, Ive seen the walkthroughs, but never commented… :I…Juno is right, just a bit….

  15. I’m gonna wait till the next time SL replies. She’s pretty much the only one whose on my ‘ I wish they were here’ list that ever comes on this site. 🙁 Hope she comes on soon.

    Fascinating 🙂

  16. Your snaping all the ansers away like crazy. I REALY did not need this.

  17. I finished the demo within 10 minutes, I don’t need this walkthrough.

  18. I know Katniss! (Though she dosen’t know me)
    There also used to be hunter of artemis.

    Crazy Flame, Short Leopard, Brianna Hatcher, Kat, ayman arif, Katniss, hunter of artemis, and Red Wing

  19. Woa!
    Stretches over to the side of the page!
    @Anyone who dosen’t live in the united states (or canada)-does this get translated to your language or do you know english?

  20. Acually Red Wing comes to comment once or twice a while.
    Or maybe even thrice*.

    *Like IS once said, three times

  21. @ GF- Red Wing is cool! I never get to talk to her when she comes on though… 🙁

    Fascinating 😛

  22. Cool Smarticle

    Who’s Red wing?????? Oh wait NOW I remember!

  23. Cool Smarticle

    Hay is for horses
    No this is a different kind of hey
    No you said hay and it’s for horses

    ¡Hola! ¡Español y hablo español! ¿México’s langue es español, no es?


    Un minute à 0 h !


    ÿ▓○A·☺☻♥♦♣♠♦♣67s4D☼|εß43♠5☻┌←|j1531456♦@#*&@@#^%!!!!!!!!~ I’m kidding! Just Joking!

  24. Cool Smarticle


  25. Hey ❗

    Fascinating 😛

  26. Cool Smarticle

    If you keep going to the previous posts you keep seeing my comments. Keep going!

  27. @ CS- So true. 😆

    Fascinating ➡

  28. Cool Smarticle

    Exactly ❗ Comment in those places ❗

  29. If you keep going to the previous posts you keep seeing my comments. Keep going! Please?

  30. @ CS- K

    Fascinating 😛