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Valentines for Villains

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that got me to thinking about Poptropicans who don’t get much love. You know who I’m talking about: the Villains. Oh, sure, they get a lot of attention as we work to defeat them from realizing their nefarious and twisted plots to rule Poptropica. But the truth is, most of them are just lonely and sad. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s be nice to the Villains of Poptropica for a change. Let’s set them up on some romantic and rememberable Valentine’s Day dates!

Ready to play Cupid?

Here’s how it works: over the next two weeks, we’ll profile different Poptropica villains and ask you, the dedicated and caring members of the PoptropicaSecrets community, to vote on another character in Poptropica that we should pair him or her up with on a dream Valentine’s Day date. You’ll also be voting on some of the date details, including the time, place and details of the magic event. We’ll send in our top-secret patented remote PopCam(tm) hidden cameras to capture photos of the date and post them here on the blog so that everyone can see how it went.

Poptropica Director D

To get things started, let’s profile our first Poptropica Villain in need of some romance and love this Valentine’s Day: Director D.

On the outside, Director D is suave and sophisticated, always dressed in a dashing white tuxedo. He looks ready for a classy night on the town with the right lady. But on the inside, he’s shy and insecure. You see, the truth is that he’s bald as a bowling ball. He wears a ridiculous toupee to cover it up, but he’s ashamed and convinced that no one will find him the least bit attractive if they find out his little scalp secret. So here’s the challenge, Poptropicans: we need to find a good date for Director D. Someone who will look past his follicle challenge forehead and embrace the inner D. As for a location, let’s just make sure we don’t pick a place that’s too windy.

Who Should Director D Go with on a Valentine's Date?

  • Betty Jetty from Super Power (46%, 549 Votes)
  • Aphrodite from Mythology (25%, 302 Votes)
  • Medusa from Mythology (17%, 204 Votes)
  • Goth Girl from Astro-Knights (13%, 155 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,203

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Where Should Director D Take His Valentine's Date?

  • Restaurant Rooftop in Early Poptropica (60%, 646 Votes)
  • Mt. Olympus in Mythology Island (21%, 222 Votes)
  • The bathroom in New Jersey on Cryptids Island (20%, 213 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,080

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Poll: What Should His Date Wear?

Director D’s attire is pretty much set: he’ll be going formal in his snazzy white tuxedo. But how should we dress his dashing date? There are too many options for a simple multiple choice poll, so let’s get some ideas going in the comments section below! Think you’re ready to offer up some romantic fashion tips? Let’s hear your ideas.

Tomorrow: Come back to help us find a Valentine’s Date for Gretchen Grimlock.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry for double commenting. It was an accident

  3. It looks like D is going with Betty so far so she should wear her classic white shirt, but with a black skirt.
    If it’s Aphrodite then she should lose the sash, wear her classic pink dress with a polka dot belt and keep her hair.
    If it’s goth girl she’s fine but she needs a quick tan.
    If its Medusa she should get rid of the sash and put on some sunglasses.
    I feel wierd talking about poptropicans this way

  4. Betty should wear a dress black and white make the hair longer and curly but keep the hair color

  5. Betty should wear a dress black and white make the hair longer and curly but keep the hair color, she should bring a purse that saids B+D=SUPER VILLAIN COUPLE

  6. diraector d should wear a black tuxedo

  7. I think Fierce Moon can only use given outfits

  8. the yea thing is for poptrofan (i almost put poptropan sorry:( 🙂 )

  9. Fierce Moon can only give usen outfits then use mine + mine has a bat following me

  10. cae315 how do you put a picture in the thing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. i can’t wait to see the date!!!!!!

  12. Go to Gravatar.com then make an account. Then save any picture you want to your computer. Go back to Gravatar.com and click on My Account, click add an image, choose Hard Drive then upload a pic =)

  13. To find my Betty Jetty date night costume go to the avatar studio and enter: Betty.Jetty5 =)

  14. hey guys 🙂 here is another outfit ok 1. get the vampire girl 1 and curls the thingy from prom queen any lips any skin color 2. get the pink umbrella from monster high ad get the pink dress from the prom queen get the golder heart from aphrodite put goosebumps769 to see it in the avatar

  15. what the frak?I left to play skyrim and now poptropican love is up,the heck with this FUS RO DA!!!!

  16. It can’t be Medusa that’s for sure. He hated her in the… Can’t remeber where but it was a villian competition about SOMETHING that’s for sure.

  17. I think Betty Jetty should wear a White button down and Gray/Jean skirt.

  18. Since I voted for Medusa, I think she should put on a wig(Like D has, kinda) and lose the sash with sunglasses, I voted for Medusa, because she’ll understand his hair problem. Don’t make me set up Zeus, I till can’t stand him for tricking me.

  19. yeah but Medusa cant look at director d eyes or he’ll turn to stone bet ya didn’t thought of that did ya.

  20. wow this is getting weird.

  21. cae whats your instagram?

  22. unless she wears sunglasses

  23. caelin315. I just got it a few days ago

  24. Love.. In Poptropica?? No,thank you.. :S

  25. @Candystien I know that may seem kinda weird but there already has been love in Poptropica, Ghost Story Island. 😉

    Betty Jetty seems like the popular one here but it’s reasonable. She should probably stay with her normal colors (black and white) and ‘jazz’ it up a bit. I was thinking pink but that’s more of and Aphrodite thing.

  26. she could wear a black dress or a white one speaking of love they better do a episode about the phineas and ferb movie for valentines im so mad about the ending

  27. ps medusa would be better cause of her hair

  28. Wow… Things have changed in Poptropica since I left a while back… :mrgreen:

  29. Ha HA! Creative idea you got there! As for the stuff, I have no idea.

  30. he should not were the wig he should show his true self and he needs to wear a black tux with a red rose pined on it by his heart 😀

  31. aphrodite should wear something very elegant like her beautiful pink dress (without the sash please!)

  32. i was there in 5th grade and that it has changed alot i miss the old poptropica it was so awesome we wern’t setting villans up before 5th grade sos island wasnt here ghost story gameshow haunted house they wern’t there.i think mudsa 2 great half way couple maybe not so good and where do you get those faces from:? :).!

  33. never mind 🙂 🙁

  34. my birthday is on valentines day

  35. how u gonna put the thing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  36. betty should put on a pretty dress- maybe like pink or red???

  37. i thought were gonna do Grechen Grimlock???

  38. “Dangerous Star it’s today got it!” okay!!!!!!!!

  39. I woldn’t mind going on a date.pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS)i think a little black dress

  40. I think he should go with Medusa because she won’t mind that he is bald because she has hair problems of her own!

  41. I think he should go out with Aphrodite because she’s pretty cute
    She should wear a plain simple dress and keep her hair the same
    The restaurant on the rooftop I think would be really romantic : )

  42. I think he should go out with Medusa, same hair problem, at the RoofTop dinner, and she should where a red dress with sun glasses and ballet flats!

  43. Betty Jetty and Director.D are the best SuperVillains couple!!!!! 😀

  44. Madusa would turn him to stone so no
    Betty is ment to be with a night so no
    Aphrodite would be his perfect match so yes
    But then again if Madusa wore sunglasses
    This might be her only chance to date

  45. I think who ever his date is should be wearing a stealthy black dress with sunglasses.

  46. But Betty Jetty could fly D up onto the roof top. There should’ve been an option of the B.A.D. Bistro

  47. i think that bj should wear a black dress w/ a wide white belt, or something blue? and maybe it should be flowy, cuz she flies. and personally, i love her hair so much i had it for 3 months in blue. 😉

  48. What about the Magistrate on Ghost Story Island? And The Shogun on Red Dragon Island? These are two lonely people (especially the Magistrate!). They’ll be even more lonely on v-day!

  49. 🙁

  50. They both deserve a chance at love! (I would pair the magistrate up with the bonsai tree merchant on RDI. She needs someone, too.)

  51. lol ya, thats perfect. i cant imagine dr. hare, tho…

  52. I think he should go with Betty Jetty on the rooftop cafe

  53. Maybe he should go out with Athena. She would for sure keep him in line! LOL! 😉

  54. But who would want to go out with the shogun? Any ideas?

  55. Betty should wear hot pink short blue headband hair with her face bangs and regular bangs, medium colored skin, Prom Queen lips, black and white striped (not from prison) a rose pinned to her shirt, a polka dot belt and a black mini skirt to see it enter Betty.Jetty5 in the avatar studio

  56. CUTE!!!! I LOVE IT!

  57. D.D should wear a white tuxedo. Does my poptropican every time. 😉

  58. Hey Fierce Moon, when will these photos be avalible?

  59. I think his date should be wearing a messy paint-splattered t-shirt, a jeans skirt, black tights and pink sparkly high tops

  60. i think d should go with betty jetty on mt olympus and she should wear a flower in her hair, a big, long dress the colour red with long sleeves, red pumps and her hair down in a bob

  61. Director D and Betty Jetty. They should meet at the Restraunt Rooftop and she should wear a black dress with sunglasses and a purse.

  62. Betty Jetty and Director. Restaurant Rooftop in Early Poptropica.

  63. I got this as an email and immediately thought “Betty Jetty”. I don’t know why but they seem to make an awesome couple.

  64. His date outfit should be reversed. Instead of white shirt, and a black bow tie and pants, he should wear a BLACK shirt and a WHITE bow tie and pants.

  65. I think she should wear a red dress with a fur collar. You should also put a piano there.

  66. something cute but not like princess something like red carpot

  67. I think she should wear a snazzy black dress with a red fur collar

  68. Betty Jetty 4 sure Roof top in early pop would be best if you go too avatar studio and type in frump3 i think i like that outfit for betty jetty

  69. 4 Director D go to avatar studio and type joejoekevin because you know its like when he wears that white suit he is wearing every day cloths on a date so maybe he should wear this 🙂 kevin out fit

  70. I think that Dr. D should go on a date with aphrodite. She should wear an orange and green dress with ruffles along the hem, and the collar. Dr. D should wear a forest green suit with white sewn cuffs, and collar. He should take her to Mt. Olympus on Mythology island; I’m sure that she would like that.

  71. Can u imagine anyone going out with Holmes?

  72. Poor Director D, The bald guy.

  73. You should set him up with the Black Widow 😛 😀 XD

    Once me and my friend were pretending we were in Poptropica (Is it just me or is this getting a little awkward? 😛 XD) and I was from Counterfeit and my friend was from Spy Island and Director D and the Black Widow were are enemies but they got put in jail and started going on a date in there XD 😆

  74. Queenoftheuniverse

    Definatly Dr. D and Medusa cause they have the same hair issue….
    She should wear heels and a black strapless floor length dress

  75. perfect snowball I think red is going to go way better with how betty jetty looks.
    frierce moon,who’s idea whould look better on her,mine or perfect snowball’s?
    please resond.

    P.S. maybe black would look better on her,you’re ideas good I just want to ask Fierce moon who’s she likes the best.

  76. omgggg this is so funny rock on popsecrects!!

  77. I think he should go with Aphrodite to the rooftop cafe. Aphrodite is the one because she is sweet and caring, and is NOT a villian, unlike Betty Jetty, who I noticed has the most votes!

  78. Director D should take Medusa to the rooftop of the restsurant in early poptropica. Medusa should wear sunglasses,a green dress, and some ballet flats. As for Director D, his wardrobe is always the same, so we might as well let him stick with it. Besides, he pulls it off very well, don’t you think?

  79. Incredible Thunder

    I think director d should go with medusa… They can sympathize with eachothers hair problems!

  80. He should go out with Medusa…………………..
    He is bald and wears a ridiculous toupee to cover it up………………….
    Medusa—-a head of snakes………… ;P
    And they can go to the bathroom in New Jersey on Cryptids………..
    They can go wee anytime!!!!!!! 😛

  81. I think that he should definitely go with Aphrodite. That would fix his insecurity right up, if she was willing to go with him! And she, being a goddess and all, could probably fix the whole bald thing anyway! I also think that they should go to Early Poptropica for the date.

  82. uhm Neat Moon……”they can go wee anytime!” That’s quite distirbing.

  83. Incredible Thunder

    Yes… I have to agree.

  84. I think he should go out with Medusa because, bald + hair snakes = bad hair problems.

    She should wear a long sparkly black dress and her snakes should wear white bow ties! THEY CAN MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and dido to what Everdeen said… what you said was really gross Neat Moon

  85. Director D and Betty Jetty AWWWW

  86. i say betty jetty wears a black cocktail dress dirctor D gets the normal stuff

  87. he should wear a black suit with a red tie and dye his hair black and swoop it down with shoes he should wear grey vanns

  88. I would think the Betty jetty might wear a black party dress and director D wears a white tux and go the bad bistro and eat with bad people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. wow i would think that director d should go out with Medusa because bald head +snake hair=lots of EVIL LOVE! ♥ HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Where Should Director D Take His Valentine’s Date?
    B.A.D. bistro.

  91. betty jetty can wear a black suit with pink lipstick and her hair should be nice and cut into a fashionable hairdo

  92. Wow! I’m really happy, cause’ usually villains don’t get much love, but now they do. We good people are happy, so villains should be happy, too! I think Director D should wear his usual outfit and Betty Jetty should get her hair nice and casual instead of spikes.

  93. I think Betty Jetty should wear a nice striped shirt and a pair of black pants with casual hair instead of her ususal spikes.

  94. lalala

  95. when will vampire curse will open

  96. He should take Aphrodite on Olympus!

  97. sveth kriselda cevillon

    Aphrodite in greek mythology (who ?)
    Restoraunt rooftop in early poptropica (where ?)
    Oh yeah and by the way I have a little crush on Director D.
    Even though he is evil and bald he is still handsome whenever he wears his wig and his white tux’s

  98. OMG! Such a kool couple!

  99. I think he should go out with the goth girl on astro nights and they should eat at the B.A.D Bistro and his date should wear a black sparkle dress black high heals heart earrings and a black purse

  100. I think betty should wear the prom dress with curly hair and some bangs with pearl earrings…… oh and lose the mole!!!!!

    -the fashion police