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Valentines for Villains

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that got me to thinking about Poptropicans who don’t get much love. You know who I’m talking about: the Villains. Oh, sure, they get a lot of attention as we work to defeat them from realizing their nefarious and twisted plots to rule Poptropica. But the truth is, most of them are just lonely and sad. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s be nice to the Villains of Poptropica for a change. Let’s set them up on some romantic and rememberable Valentine’s Day dates!

Ready to play Cupid?

Here’s how it works: over the next two weeks, we’ll profile different Poptropica villains and ask you, the dedicated and caring members of the PoptropicaSecrets community, to vote on another character in Poptropica that we should pair him or her up with on a dream Valentine’s Day date. You’ll also be voting on some of the date details, including the time, place and details of the magic event. We’ll send in our top-secret patented remote PopCam(tm) hidden cameras to capture photos of the date and post them here on the blog so that everyone can see how it went.

Poptropica Director D

To get things started, let’s profile our first Poptropica Villain in need of some romance and love this Valentine’s Day: Director D.

On the outside, Director D is suave and sophisticated, always dressed in a dashing white tuxedo. He looks ready for a classy night on the town with the right lady. But on the inside, he’s shy and insecure. You see, the truth is that he’s bald as a bowling ball. He wears a ridiculous toupee to cover it up, but he’s ashamed and convinced that no one will find him the least bit attractive if they find out his little scalp secret. So here’s the challenge, Poptropicans: we need to find a good date for Director D. Someone who will look past his follicle challenge forehead and embrace the inner D. As for a location, let’s just make sure we don’t pick a place that’s too windy.

Who Should Director D Go with on a Valentine's Date?

  • Betty Jetty from Super Power (46%, 549 Votes)
  • Aphrodite from Mythology (25%, 302 Votes)
  • Medusa from Mythology (17%, 204 Votes)
  • Goth Girl from Astro-Knights (13%, 155 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,203

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Where Should Director D Take His Valentine's Date?

  • Restaurant Rooftop in Early Poptropica (60%, 646 Votes)
  • Mt. Olympus in Mythology Island (21%, 222 Votes)
  • The bathroom in New Jersey on Cryptids Island (20%, 213 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,080

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Poll: What Should His Date Wear?

Director D’s attire is pretty much set: he’ll be going formal in his snazzy white tuxedo. But how should we dress his dashing date? There are too many options for a simple multiple choice poll, so let’s get some ideas going in the comments section below! Think you’re ready to offer up some romantic fashion tips? Let’s hear your ideas.

Tomorrow: Come back to help us find a Valentine’s Date for Gretchen Grimlock.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. betty jetty can wear a black suit with pink lipstick and her hair should be nice and cut into a fashionable hairdo

  2. Wow! I’m really happy, cause’ usually villains don’t get much love, but now they do. We good people are happy, so villains should be happy, too! I think Director D should wear his usual outfit and Betty Jetty should get her hair nice and casual instead of spikes.

  3. I think Betty Jetty should wear a nice striped shirt and a pair of black pants with casual hair instead of her ususal spikes.

  4. lalala

  5. when will vampire curse will open

  6. He should take Aphrodite on Olympus!

  7. sveth kriselda cevillon

    Aphrodite in greek mythology (who ?)
    Restoraunt rooftop in early poptropica (where ?)
    Oh yeah and by the way I have a little crush on Director D.
    Even though he is evil and bald he is still handsome whenever he wears his wig and his white tux’s

  8. OMG! Such a kool couple!

  9. I think he should go out with the goth girl on astro nights and they should eat at the B.A.D Bistro and his date should wear a black sparkle dress black high heals heart earrings and a black purse

  10. I think betty should wear the prom dress with curly hair and some bangs with pearl earrings…… oh and lose the mole!!!!!

    -the fashion police