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Valentine’s Day Date for the Binary Bard

OK, Cupids. We’ve successfully paired up two Poptropica villains on dates for Valentine’s Day. Director D is taking Betty Jetty to a romantic dinner on the rooftop restaurant in Early Poptropica, and Gretchen Grimlock will be taking the gallant Sir Gawain to the Diner in 24 Carrot Island. But there’s another lonely villain out there, desperately in need of some love and attention this Valentine’s Day. It’s none other than Mordred, the Binary Bard. He’s one of Poptropica’s most popular villains, having won a contest held in 2009 on the official Poptropica Blog. He followed up that win with a second triumph in 2001 when he won the Best Villain Competition, this time in a field of 16 competitors. Of course, success goes to his head easily. It’s that kind of ego that caused Mordred to turn into the Binary Bard and attempt to take over the Kingdom of Arturus in the first place.

What the Binary Bard really needs is a date. Someone to put his 1’s and 0’s in order. It will need to be someone with patience and understanding. It will also help if they’re not turned off by his cyborg plate face and red bionic eye.

So, who can we pair up the Binary Bard with, and where should we send them on a romantic date? The Binary Bard has one and only one costume: his yellow and purple jester suit. It’s an unfortunate combination for a romantic night on the town, but we won’t be talking him into changing. But we can work on his date. What should she wear? Let’s take some votes!

Who Should the Binary Bard Go on a Valentine's Date With?

  • Black Widow from Counterfeit Island (43%, 800 Votes)
  • Medusa from Mythology Island (27%, 506 Votes)
  • The Waitress from the Diner in 24 Carrot Island (16%, 294 Votes)
  • Miss Annie Oakley from Wild West Island (14%, 257 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,858

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Where Should the Binary Bard Go on His Valentine's Date?

  • The Beach in Poseidon's Realm on Mythology Island (48%, 824 Votes)
  • The Lighthouse on Ghost Story Island (31%, 526 Votes)
  • Hammerhead's Hut on Shark Tooth Island (12%, 204 Votes)
  • CJ's Kitchen on Shrink Ray Island (9%, 146 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,699

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Once you’ve voted on the who and where, it’s time to start talking about the what. Specifically, what should Mordred’s date wear for a romantic night out on the town? Post your ideas in the comments below.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. One of the best villians!

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  3. and black widow

  4. Black widow with the dress of the Goth Girl in ”Ye Olde Rumour Mille” is perfect! And something red, i dont know what D:

  5. i think black widow and i think the beach and she should wear a black prom dress

  6. Where is the black Prom Dress? I have pink,blue,purple,green and white, but is’nt black!!
    I think in the dress of the vampire girl in Haunted House too

  7. that is what i mean

  8. What you mean? I dont understand ._.

  9. Not,you say ”Black Prom Dress” .. You never mentioned a vampire

  10. i mean,t the dress of the vampire

  11. wonder hows next in cupid,s line

  12. i was thinking about prom

  13. Yeah, it’s perfect for Black Widow.. Wait, is a Avengers’ character called Black Widow or i’m crazy?

  14. And what the relation of a Prom with a Vampire? I don’t understand! 😐

  15. i can,t rerember how old are you i wan,t to be friends with you

  16. i’m 13, and you can’t be my friend because i don’t know you! But we can be virtual-friends 🙂

  17. that,s what i mean

  18. Oh, sorry, i’m really awkward this days ._.

  19. I think it should be Annie Oakly and she should wear the purple prom dress, the prom hair and the magenta lips with the mole. They should go to the beach in Poseidon’s realm. If you want to see the dress go to GretchenGrimlock3 at the avatar studio.

  20. Oh! ilovepoptropica.. Your fashion sense is fantastic! (I don’t say ”fangtastic” in this site anymore because it’s ”annoying” -.-)

  21. i don,t know anything about fashion but i think that it was pretty

  22. ilovepoptropica how old are you

  23. Me too, just i like her outfit. 😆 Well, i hate fashion :/ Eva you are 8, really?

  24. should i spot leaving comment i say yes someone say no

  25. CandyStine~ How about Binary Bard date Black Widow.

  26. i hate fashion too but my little sister emma who is 6 likes it and my older brother who is 16 likes doctor who

  27. what do your sibilings like?

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  43. i already know that you like monster high

  44. My big sister likes.. i dont know she likes, because she don’t live with my family and my little sister like Disney Channel, Pop and make my life a hell

  45. Well, i like Monster High, Percy Jackson books, Ghost Girl books and music, well, i like Nirvana, Misfits ,S*x Pistols and Panic! At The Disco

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  47. No! What is Puppy Bowl? I’ts that American-football-event? First i don’tlike sports, adn second in my country (Argentina) is’nt that

  48. i like big time rush and harry potter and monster high and rabbits

  49. Eva, I’m 12. Thanks for the nice comments! 🙂

  50. You like Monster High?? Really? Who is your favourite Monster?

  51. dracuala or clawdeen

  52. oh and i really like you candy stein and ilovepoptropica

  53. I like the dress that you get after delivering notes in the new advertisment.

  54. oh are you going to wacth the puppy bowl

  55. Thank you Eva,you are really funny! I love Lala (Draculaura) too! Everybody knows who is my favourite monster (Its in my name and my photo)

  56. this is my last comment u guys don,t want me on here so bye

  57. ilovepoptropica.. What dress?

  58. no one ever tells me i am funny

  59. oh i like the dress to

  60. But.. You are super-funny!! Why nobody tells you that?

  61. well i guess they don,t think so

  62. Eva did u just thank me for LEAVING

  63. the one that you win in the monster high ad

  64. how long have you guys been chatting

  65. um 1 2 3 4 5???????????

  66. I’m here! Oh! Yes, it’s cool, but i wanted the dress of Frankie, it’s cutest! I don’t like it because it’s much pink,i have the Count Fabulous follower..


  68. what do you like OFFTOPIC

  69. Wow, really.. Too much chat 🙁

  70. me too fan of monster high

  71. seriously u got to take a break

  72. i mean about the dress

  73. wow Sarah really needs someone 2 talk 2

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  86. evamarie the 8 year old girl

    switch your tv to the puppy bowl

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  88. but some people rather her be with ferb

  89. it,s kitty halftime

  90. hi poptrofan what do you like?

  91. what do you like

  92. phineas and ferb selena gomaz and disney channel

  93. the people i like on here are OFFTOPIC night longer candy stein and ilovepoptropica poptrofan and more

  94. Eva, don’t talk about being a ”Fan of Monster High”, you are a beginner.
    That’s a villian love!! Black Widow with Binary Bardi n the Poseidon Realm.. Good combination!

  95. i like p and f and selena too but not disney

  96. decode this with your phone:

  97. um… maybe since I chose the beach an old medieval swimsuit with his date the black widow

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  99. pleaseeeeeeeee talk to me

  100. Oh! Thank you, but if you want a shortest name tell me MH not c.s

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  105. Use MH only if is required

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  107. But.. Why talk about our private life? It’s a Poptropica blog!! If we talk, we talk about Poptropica

  108. oh sorry i was readingthe comments. you guys have been talking long 🙂 but i need to go to school. sorry i ll talk later.

  109. yes i agree lets talk about easy islands

  110. an easy island is early poptropica

  111. do you agree?

  112. MH????????????

  113. did you have to leave agian……….

  114. a hard island is spy mystery um gameshow ghost

  115. Not, im here.. my computer it’s slow 🙁 I’m agree with you.. E.P it’s the easiest island, and Skullduggery it’s the hardest . Please, tell me MH if is requires, my name is CandyStein~ 🙂

  116. What islands you finished? In my character Fierce Peanut (girl) i finish all except S.O.S because i’m non-member and in my character White Drummer (boy) i finish all except Skullduggery and S.O.S

  117. oh sorry…….. and yes skullduggery is hard i stopped trying to play it so i forgot

  118. Skullduggery takes me like five weeks to finish it

  119. I think Wimpy Wonderland is the hardest. Skullduggery just takes a long time.

  120. early shark tooth super power spy nabooti counterfeit nate tv crybtkids and mystery

  121. I almost got the Warbird, but it won’t let me into that account.

  122. Yes! And beat Crawfish its a NIGHTMARE! I hate that man ¬¬

  123. I still haven’t got that far, but I’m playing it right now. I watched the walkthrough video, and Fierce Moon says it’s a fun fight. But… I’ll take your word for it.

  124. But what’s really a nightmare is defeating betty jetty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughh, I hate that part of superhero island. Or trying to win those matching games, like on MI or SI.

  125. back………………..

  126. say yay i f you are here

  127. Also trying to defeat the dartplayer on Cryptids Island. Now THERE’S a villan that i HATE!

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  129. i love him it,s so easy give me your account and i will do it

  130. good you are still here phew

  131. your accounct?

  132. are you gonna give it

  133. Yes! I hate they! I hate when Betty throws the group of four green balls, Copy Cat it’s much better than that air head!

  134. did you get past superpower?

  135. Eva!? Are you there?

  136. Yes. I watch the video of S.O.S and i don’t like it. But, i want to play it to have all badges

  137. go to avatar studio and enter evababee

  138. I can eventually get past him, but it usually takes me awhile. Thanks for the offer, but i’m not on that island.

  139. what do you think??????

  140. Cute! I just love that hair! Especially the crown part.

  141. For Monster High, I mean. It looks good without it too.

  142. I think Mordred should at least get somewhat dressed up. Maybe a simple tux would do. Like the ones on spy island. Those dudes look snazzy.

  143. Nice! I’ve always love the fairy queen outfit.

  144. Wow! It’s a Fairy-Princess? It’s soo cute 🙂
    My avatar: candy22016

  145. But I think if the black widow is his date, she should just go with that popular red dress and that brushed back hair with the prom queen bangs and the same lips as last time. Use the same username if you want to see.

  146. do you want more outfits?

  147. CandyStein, I love that dress! That’s the same hairdo that I think BW should go with. (P.S. Where did you get that dress? I want one.)

  148. ilovepoptropica..What Username? My outfit it’s the same that Frankie Stein 😀

  149. Still trying to find that dress! 🙁

  150. .com/poptropads and go to Monster High ad

  151. GretchenGrimlock3

  152. more outfits?

  153. I have a Multiverse Room! The code is DPL94

  154. more outfits from me?

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  166. Black Widow should wear a red and black swimsuite or something like that make hair longer and straight and has an umbrella that saids BW+BB=VILLAIN LOVE

    PS.if you can put the writing on the umbrella

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  185. 🙄 < that's for you, Eva. I WILL NEVER TAKE It BACK! Shut up. You don't have to "hate" me because I want the Giants to win. God 🙄

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  187. Patriots sucked a few years ago against the Giants. You think that will change?

  188. well how old are you and what is your name

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  190. Um… I’m 11 and my name is Caelin

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  201. hi OFFTOPIC you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Astro Knights, fighting Zeus, beating the mutant plant bosses and for some reason, beating the FIRST shooting contest is hard for me =/

  203. thanks eva, and what shooting contest

  204. i think he should go with blackwidow
    and also i think they should go to the
    beach on mytolgy island

  205. What the hell man? The halftime show so far is Terrible! ={

  206. Yep. The Halftime show sucked. >=\

  207. The Wild West shooting contest

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  213. Eva, we can be online friends. I would like that. But I can only talk on Fridays and weekends,

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  251. Meet me on the multiplayer room on Skullduggery Island and we can play whatever you want.

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  253. But i don’t have a club penguin. Just a whole bunch of poptropica accounts.

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  263. Lol I bet you’re in hysterics

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  267. I’m feeling… glad

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  270. I PLAY WIZARD 101 and toontown not anymore and shadow fight project exonaut clubpenguin plus poptropica.

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  278. A yellow or purple prom king outfit

  279. Anything that matches his style such as something yellow or purple like shy fire said or a tuxedo

  280. hey Ilovepoptropica,Offtopic and Eva come to my multplayer room it’s DDJ39, and it’s Techno room.

  281. I think she should wear the black sequin dress.

  282. make a new one

  283. eva the 8 year old kid

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  287. Um, sorry but 2001?! Poptropica wasn’t even invented then :P!
    I think you mean 2010 😛

    P.S. Sorry if I was making fun of you :(. I didn`t mean to 🙁

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    i think a long black dress for black widow

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  299. ok do you think isabelle should be with phineas or ferb

  300. i know right some people think ferb witch is so werid isabella is cheery and ferb is well uh ferb phineas is smart but dumb with girls lol

  301. eva the 8 year old kid


  302. its so funny how he doesnt get it

  303. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes it is

  304. eva the 8 year old kid

    how old are you???????

  305. me 11. but really why would ferb even be in the choices, yeah he’s smart but hes so quiet and boring

  306. here proof, she asked him to a dance and phineas said we”ll be there isabella: both of you phineas: yes me and ferb

  307. eva the 8 year old kid

    yeah ha ha i was thinking of baljet and the girl that liked him

  308. rolf i know sm and im 11 and3/4

  309. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am 8 and will be nine in may or 9

  310. eva the 8 year old kid

    oh i have a sister [6] brother [17]

  311. mabye the date with morded should wear the best dress they can find or just robbed a dress store and a jewelerey store and find the best dress and find the jewelerey that is worth a lot of money

  312. eva the 8 year old kid

    ah my secret valentine is william

  313. i think the black widow should change her clothes to red and the logo on her clothes to white. but everything else is the same.

  314. I think that Black Widdow should rob a dress she likes from a mall.Also,I think that Mordred should rob any tuxedo or any good looking cloths he wants (As long as they don’t end up in a jail!).

  315. peopl back to the subject in other forms i find tis kind of ….. weird

  316. Threestar273 it’s 2011 silly!!!!!!!!!

  317. im Bad,Kittyhood, and so good being a villain with Dr.Hare,Director.D,Binary Bard, Black Widow and the reast of this ganghelp. X3

  318. U guys know the sign on the Black Widow looks like an Omnitrix sign except red

  319. eva the 8 year old kid


  320. eva the 8 year old kid

    i go to home school

  321. eva the 8 year old kid

    do you guy,s?

  322. eva the 8 year old kid

    cryptikids is best

  323. i came up with a funny episode for p&f lol

  324. eva the 8 year old kid


  325. u see its about phineas and isabelle u wanna see the scirpt

  326. Drake no offense but black widows sign is soppuse to be tha sign in the back of the black widow spaiders one of the most dangerous spiders in the world

  327. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes i do poptrofan

  328. Black Widow should wear a good dress 🙂

  329. eva the 8 year old kid

    so where is the script

  330. eva the 8 year old kid

    oh and is it long?

  331. hi so i am back and hi

  332. eva the 8 year old kid

    oh if you want to be online friends just tell me

  333. eva the 8 year old kid

    poptrofan what,cha doing

  334. kk here phineas: man its blazeing hot isabelle: wanna go to the lake? ferb: (coughs) phineas: ferb u should rest isabelle: so we r gonna be alone phineas: yup meet u there isabelle: (thinks) yes i hope phineas likes my new bikini phibeas: im ……….. uh here (thinks) wow shes uh whats the word ferb uses oh yeah hot (shakes head) what im i thinking isabelle: hey phineas wanna swim phineas: sure (30 mins later) phineas: man im hungery isabelle: i made tacos phineas: um ok (later) phineas: hey you know that dance on friday isabella: y – y-yes phineas: could you be my um my date isabelle: sure (leans in for a kiss) phineas: ( dodges kiss ) um gotta go bye isabella: um ok:(

  335. part 2 soon

  336. eva the 8 year old kid

    wow lolllllllllllllllllllll

  337. eva the 8 year old kid

    oh um did you want to be online freinds

  338. sure what you think?

  339. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes but i can,t talk on mondays

  340. k did u like it

  341. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes i did i enjoy anything

  342. how do u think phineas should get together with isabelle

  343. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am not sure mabye she should ask him to prom

  344. there only 10/11

  345. eva the 8 year old kid

    oh…………………………………….. i like your gravatar

  346. eva the 8 year old kid

    what is it of

  347. thx i wanna ask a guy out but im scared

  348. eva the 8 year old kid

    put a note in his locker

  349. cool thx hey search a billion hits its awsome

  350. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes it is it,s my sisters favorite song

  351. hey i should put my ideas on youtube

  352. eva the 8 year old kid

    yes you really should

  353. eva the 8 year old kid


  354. eva the 8 year old kid

    look up big time rush on youtube

  355. eva the 8 year old kid

    brb time for dinner

  356. i like tori better

  357. eva the 8 year old kid

    wow she is the best i didn,t know you know about her

  358. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am back

  359. eva the 8 year old kid

    come to my multiverse room the code is bcd72

  360. eva the 8 year old kid

    it,s techno room

  361. eva the 8 year old kid

    what is your name on facebook?

  362. k dont have 1

  363. oh if you want to see pics of me go on facebook and look at melissa bragg sack p.s. that is my mom

  364. whoops sorry that was my comment that was my half sisters account

  365. ok gtg its my bros bday

  366. oh wait when can we talk again?

  367. or drake or night longer or OFFTOPIC

  368. tomorrow k bye i had fun

  369. well say hey if you want to talk

  370. I think that Mordred’s date should wear a red dress with blue high heels with blue eyeshadow. She should have curly hair, no dimple or mole, (like the black widow) and she should have a cute little valentine’s day purse in the shape of a heart. She should also have a heart necklace. I also think a cute little fancy hat in the shape of a heart would be interesting….

  371. OMG! Vampires Curse island NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. Ya Cae315 that island actually sounds pretty cool, this is gonna be fun.

    P.S. Evemarie this is my first year being homeschooled, I’m in 7th grade

  373. Queenoftheuniverse

    I think Mordred should go on a date with Medusa, cause their both not real dashing, and Medusa can look past that stuff. They should go to the haunted lighthouse and Medusa should wear black heels, a blue strapless floor length dress, and sunglasses. (No need to turn her date to stone…)

  374. Should probably Wear A Dress (Probably Black With Purple ) ——(So you think Old Torn Jeans , A Shirt With The Sign “I LOVE (<3) BEER" , Black Torn Slippers, A bandana , And Glasses Would Fit the Scene!!???!!!!)…
    And i voted for Black Widow..

  375. I think she should wear a beautiful red ball gown that sparkles in the moonlight.I think she should wear red high heels and a diamond necklace.she should have curly black hair in a bun and she should have a little square purse.Perfect!!!!

  376. Dear Fierce Moon,
    I think you left out one villain who doesn’t have a Valentine… Of course, El Mustachio Grande! The bandit on Wild West Island,you know! We need a election for his Valentine! I think he’s lonely in jail! So please give a Valentine election for El Mustachio Grande! If yes,”Yay!” If no,”Darn,just give him a chance!”
    Thank you!
    Sincerely,Slippery Walker
    P.S. Slippery Walker doesn’t mean I slip and fall when I’m walking!

  377. Dr Hare should go to Pewter Moon because he is stuck in space!
    From,Slippery Walker

  378. Dear Fierce Moon,

    I think you’ve forgotten some lonely villains without a date… Zeus, from Mythology Island, the Le Monde reporter from Mystery Train Island, the Magistrate from Ghost Story Island,Captain Crawfish from Skullduggery Island……
    Please, please let’s have an election for them! Thank you!

    Xylo and the Villains

    P.S. I call myself Xylo because I’m an expert at the xylophone!

  379. Dear Fierce Moon,

    Are you still doing the Valentine’s For Vilains, i yes good, and one question.

    “what are Popcam ™?”


  380. How the heck do I vote?

  381. the binary bard sounds like a fascinatingly evil man! Sadly I myself have not even started the quest I’m told he comes from. ): But I do know a very lucky person who is another phase of mine. Hint, hint! she is still currently stuck hunting him!

  382. yeah how im stuck on that part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  383. hey every body whats up????????????? this is the first time on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. yeah!Medusa, she should wear a purple and yellow dress,green sunglasses,(no turning her date to stone!),and dark black hight heels

  385. Binary Bard should just wear his regualr court jester outfit.

  386. i think black widow should wear a red ball gown and black heals and her hair should be the same as the woman on cj’s street (in shrink ray island) i think they should meet at the light house ( becuse i think its scarier than the relm thing that was voted best.)

  387. purple hero that would look fantastic her heels should be really dark or sparkly

  388. I think black widow should wear a black ball gown and her hair like when she was faking to be a cop and shiny red earings.

  389. Poptropicans don’t wear shoes so dont suggest them to wear high heels

  390. I likeTough Shadow’s, but I wanted to add a golden necklace with a spider charm.

  391. Person: Binary Bard and Medusa from Mythology Island

    Place: The Beach in Poseidon’s Realm on Mythology Island

    Fierce Star:)

  392. i dont really know who to choose

  393. Ok well if you think about Binary Bard and Black Widow Lets say they made out. Well here’s the deal. You would be kissing flesh and and metal. That is just wierd.

  394. everyone of you r making black widow not look like a villian!

  395. they should just be cute!

  396. This doesn’t exatly work out… I think it’s better if he went out with Medusa in special sunglasses and to the lighthouse….

  397. Binary Bard should go out with black widow

  398. Thank you guys for the awesome answers! Me and black widow did have our date wich was pretty wierd.Even though we did have a good time it was kinda akward.

  399. Black Widow outfit: Black dress with curled hair and black heels and a sparkly clutch

  400. i think he should go out with the girl in the diner she obviously has nothing better to do which is the same deal with binary bard. Also it should be Hammerheads hut. its still the beach except no people. Also they wont have to worry about the hydra or the shark cause hes knocked out! The waitress should wear a Flowing purple dress with gold hopps and a gold clutch. Her hair should be wavy like the blonde school girls hair is on cryptids island( find her on mainstreet). Its simple

  401. People for Binary Bard to go out with
    I think Anne Oakly would freak out because their from two different eras I think he should go out with black widow and medusa would probably turn him to stone , and the waitress would probably hit him on the head with that cup or whatever it is that is always in her hand. Places to go on date
    You have to worry about the beach because Hidra might come out or Posiden may say something that starts a battle so I would not go there. hammerhead hut is is a good place barely any people. you might get shrunk if you went into cj’s kitchen. I would go to the lighthouse because I’m obsessed about ghosts so theres my report bye !

  402. sir gawain is a villian??

  403. Well, Binary Bard AND Black Widow are part of my top 3 fav villians, so yeah. Oh, and about the make-out-thingy, Mordred is PART FLESH TOO!