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Valentine’s Day Date for Gretchen Grimlock

Our Valentines for Villains event is in full swing as the PoptropicaSecrets.com community is working hard to find dates for the loneliest Poptropicans out there: the villains.

Yesterday, we arranged for Director D to enjoy a date with Betty Jetty at the Rooftop Restaurant in the Poptropica Towers section of Early Poptropica. As promised, we’ll cover the event with our remote PopCam(tm) and report on how the date goes down. But today, let’s turn our attention to another Poptropica Villain who has been unlucky in love: Gretchen Grimlock.

Gretchen is the highly competitive and conniving villain in Cryptids Island. In the quest, she competes with you to win the top prize being awarded by Harold Mews for proof of the discovery of Cryptids. She’ll stop at nothing to win, and she doesn’t play fair. Gretchen likes adventure and she’s independently wealthy. We learned from the Poptropica Villain Showdown that she’s the wealthy owner of Gretchen’s Beauty Products, Inc. In the end, she is defeated and hopefully learns a lesson or two. But all that underhanded scheming has another drawback: she’s been unable to find a date for Valentine’s Day. She needs someone who will appreciate her competitive streak and spirit of adventure. But it needs to be someone with a strong will of their own.

Who Should Gretchen Grimlock Go on a Valentine's Date With?

  • Sir Gawain from Astro Knights Island (34%, 494 Votes)
  • Poseidon from Mythology Island (28%, 398 Votes)
  • Ned Noodlehead from Super Power Island (25%, 365 Votes)
  • Professor Hammerhead from Shark Tooth Island (13%, 180 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,437

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Where Should Gretchen Grimlock Take Her Valentine's Date?

  • Diner in 24 Carrot Island (37%, 479 Votes)
  • Pirate Outpost in Skullduggery Island (29%, 376 Votes)
  • Basho's Hut in Red Dragon Island (23%, 303 Votes)
  • Graff House in Time Tangled Island (11%, 149 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,307

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And now on to the question of what to wear. Gretchen is most comfortable in her standard white and pink outfit, which compliments her wild hairdo. White and pink are perfect for Valentine’s Day, so should she stick with her normal outfit or go with something fancier? What about her date? Should her date come formal or casual? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. she should come in a pink promqueen dress with her date in the prom kings suit and her hair is aphrodite style

  2. i think that it should be fancy………… long ballgowns and tuxes. 🙂

  3. aww i was too late oh well 2nd to comment

  4. looks like are Valentine Villain is going is going to date a knight.

  5. Grechen should waer the same thing but fancier and put her hair down
    Sir Gawain should waer a sleek black tux and slick back his hair

  6. She needs to wear pink, its the only thing she can where!

  7. I think Gretchen should lose the villan outfit and go with a pink and white polka-dot dress and a new earring is in order, too.

  8. she should wear her normal outfit except as a dress and that hairdo the girl that gives you the laser googles the date should wear a nice tuxedo and that hairdo the guy in spy island it is the guy who gives you the bow tie thingy

  9. she is going to date posiden
    at the graff house on time tangled island

    she is going to disguise herself as taylor swift

  10. I think she should go with sir Gawin at Graff house. she should wear what she normally wears

  11. i think she should wear something teeny bit fancier, but not that much. if its at the diner, her date should go casual. pirate outpost, kind of rogueishly formal, and bashos and graffs, formal all the way.

  12. So far it’s a pretty tight race between Sir Gawain and Poseidon! And I wouldn’t count out Ned Noodlehead just yet.

  13. I definately think that she should go with Posidieon. He may be watery, but he is sort of strongwilled. You’d have to be with a villan brother like Zeus.

  14. Plus, the pirate outpost is the perfect place for a romantic, candlelight dinner for two. Who doesn’t want to be served by guys with bandannas and peg legs who say, “Arrrgh!”?

  15. mmm hmm, if i were gg, i would wanna MARRY him. just think of the POWER!!! *mwahaha*

  16. Also, if it’s Sir Gawain, he should come in an icy tux, like the one jack frost wears in the Santa Claus Movie 3: Escape Claus. If it’s Poseidon, he should come as is. It looks okay. Or in a light blue tux. I agree with Creepy Ghost on Gretchen’s outfit, though. It should match the theme of the place; formal, rougish formal and casual.

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  18. wow i want her to wear a red prom dress no srap,s

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  33. Sir Gawain should wear his blue shirt, put a jacket on top of it, lose the skirt and wear blue or black pants, keep the belt, lose the cape and the helmet. He should wear long-is hair and a simple smile

  34. eva the 8 year old kid

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  35. Although Grimlock does look like she came out of a comic book

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  39. Hey eva, where do you think they should meet for their date? (I think Poseidon too.)

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  129. ok so i think gretchen grimlock should out with poseidon. i think they’re made for each other! i think they should go to 24 carrot island for a date. that place would be perfect!! gretchen should wear her normal outfit but maybe she should wear instead of pants a shrirt. maybe she should put her hair up in a diffent way. poseidon, he shouldn’t wear the crown, that would give gretchen a off set look of him. maybe he could go in like a greenist suit and tie. maybe fix the hair-do. that would be perfect!!! i sense he will be the perfect date. plus i give them 65% of making a relationship.

  130. Jeez, L your such a drama queen =} its almost Valentines Day. Your being over dramatic… AGAIN!

  131. I think Poseidon should just wear a light blue suit and maybe lose the crown and curl his mustace at the end, and gretchen should wear a red dress with that longish sort of hair that you get if you just begin the island. Maybe add the black belt with silver studs and the drop earrings.

  132. But I totally think that Poseidon and Gretchen have at least a 65% chance of hitting it off.

  133. But the pirate outpost still seems to be the most romantic spot for me. Or they should just make it a beach date and hang out in Poseidon’s kingdom.

  134. Getchen should wear a poofy white dress, Pop Star jacket belt and skirt and bangs, hot pink lips with mole, Hypnotic hair. It see it enter gretchen.grimlock in the avatar studio

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  159. Sir Gawain and Gretchen Grimlock are dating at the Diner in 24 Carrot Island, Sir G + Gretchen G= BEST VALENTINES DATE!!!!

  160. You convinced me.. I gonna enter in this ”love wave” … i vote for Gretchen and Sir Gawain. She with a pink dress with a white low belt.. And i love her hair… Gawain with a someting green.. I dont know,i dont like fashion.. Well,thanks Eva for the 4th position in your awards :/

  161. Oh! Black Widow with Dr.Hare!! That would be great…Wait.. What am saying? :S

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  170. AlbusLovesLemonDrops

    OMG I DO remember you, silver moon! 😀 I talked to you on the first post I ever commented on. 😀 Hee hee and yes of course I’m ready for the test! And for everyone saying “Oh I read the first book,” or “I read the whole series!” I love you and I’m proud that you’ve read Harry Potter at all, but I have now read the series 13 times and listened to them on audiotape more than that. So silver moon, I solemnly swear I won’t cheat on this quiz. Oh and by the way, to anyone who cares, my real name is Rheanna Lynch. (Yes, Lynch like the last name of the Irish seeker in the 422nd Quidditch World Cup in Book 4)


  171. Her date should go in a Button down and jeans and Gretchen should wear a Pink shirt and White Skirt

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  179. CandyStine~ Gretchen will enjoy her date with Sir Gawain!!!!! 😀

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  181. Asliey5
    CandyStine~ Gretchen will enjoy her date with Sir Gawain!!!!!

    Yes, i know.. What you tell me that? 😉

  182. Why everybody spell wrong Stein? Its S-T-E-I-N

  183. Hey CandyStein~ I was thinking that Binary Bard should date Black Widow!! 😀

  184. It’s such a cool couple! I like Dr.Hare with Black Widow but with B.Bard it’s fine

  185. Oh yh! This Valentines For Villians thingy is AWESOME! C:

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  188. Fierce Moon what is PopCam?

  189. Stupid Giants.

  190. She sould wear it normal and he should pink pants and and a wight shirt.

  191. i think she sould date sir gawin and he should take her to the diner on twentyfour carrot island

  192. when will you put up how the date went

  193. incredible pelican

    You know who I think should go out with mordred, CJ from shrink ray island. Plus if he ends up with another villan they could build some sort of ray to destroy poptropica as revenge foor defeating them. I mean anything can happen when two villans go on a date. Lastly its like mordred and CJ were ment for each other they both love gadgets and gizmoes, its perfect!

  194. Oh yah. I can’t wait till Dr. Hare, man. 😀

  195. i think she should have her hair down whte and pink dress no lipstick and pink w white hells shoes and w sir gawan from astro knight island it would be owsome and she should be wearnig usual of her make up but no lipstick

    Evil Love

  196. hey…um does ANYONE know how to get a avatar on pop serects. i really have no idea. so…um…to say nothing of a distress call…….HELP ME!!! do you think superman heard that? lol!!!! 🙂

  197. i think that betty jetty should change her pink heir to blond and curl it then she would wear a white diamond dress red 2 inch heals and a pearl necklace and bracelet also a nice black jacket as for sir gawan he should wear a tuxedo and black shiny shoes new har brown and a watch . the place should be bashos hut for the two but the diner sounds great a bit 80s but still great. the food should be steak and water. background violin would not hurt the wallet. the transportation should be a small black limo with a choffer with a white tux. the choffer will not attend of course. the waiter should be wearing classy not gangy. and reserve a table!

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    1. go to http://www.gravatar.com
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  199. so when is the date with Gretchen and the knight going to be posted?

  200. hahahaha,poseidon is a god,gretchen is a poor mortal,and poseidon prefer other types of womans,(i have all the serie “percy jackson and the olympians”)

  201. peeps um well what is the best island? let me know kay? thks

  202. she should wear a pink skirt with a white and pink striped tee along with pink high heels and a white mini jacket and she could wear bangs and long curly hair by the way vampires curse island is going to be my favorite

  203. on cryptids island there is a girl is inbetween the kite shop and the genral store use that outfit + second best match for gretchen (1st is the speeding spike)

  204. I think she should wear a nice blue outfit (like her date mind u) and her hair in a ponytail.

  205. well if i were going on a date i would wear soft heels red strapless dress with with a white short sleeve cardigan and and a pink heart jewerly set but but she should wear long sleeve dress that the color goes darker at the bottom thats red with sparkly black pumps and a belt thats red and white with the pattern of polka dots and a large white pearly necklace and an expensive diamond ring with a charm bracelet and her hair should be down and curly but with brunette hair and feather earings <3<3<3<3<3 _that would be be purrty

  206. Well their date should have a fancy dinner.Maybe BJORNS SMORGASBORD from twisted thicket island.They need reserved seats party for two.Gretchen could order the cheese burger with fries and peas.Her date could have a chicken leg with mashed potatoes and gravy.Iced tea is fancy. After dinner they should order a Happy First Date cake!!!!!!!!Preferably with chocolate.They should have their first kiss there while a violonist plays a romantic song.