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Valentine’s Day Date for Captain Crawfish

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’ve already paired up three Poptropica Villains with dates. Director D will be taking Betty Jetty to the rooftop restaurant in the Poptropica Towers zone of Early Poptropica. Gretchen Grimlock with be enjoying a nice evening with Sir Gawain of Astro-Knights at the Diner in 24 Carrot Island. And two of the most dastardly villains in Poptropica, the Binary Bard and the Black Widow, will be enjoying a romantic date at Poseidon’s Beach in Mythology Island, where they will enjoy a delicious dinner and then perhaps continue their plotting to take over all of Poptropica.

But hang on Cupids, we’ve got one more date to plan. This time it’s Captain Crawfish who is in need of some romantic guidance. He’s feared by many as a ruthless pirate and a scoundrel on the high seas. He’s vicious, mean, and unforgiving in his ruthless search for treasure and power. And while he’s loud, obnoxious and downright mean, it turns out he’s a little shy with the ladies. Poor Captain Crawfish hasn’t been able to find a date in decades. So as part of our Valentines for Villains campaign, let’s help Captain Crawfish out this holiday. Who knows, perhaps love can reform even the most dastardly pirate.

Now it’s up to us to vote on who Captain Crawfish should take on his Valentine’s Day date:

Who Should Captain Crawfish Take on His Valentine's Date?

  • The Princess from Astro-Knights Island (51%, 1,301 Votes)
  • The Girl from the Engine Room in S.O.S. Island (18%, 465 Votes)
  • The Three Geishas from Red Dragon Island (17%, 444 Votes)
  • The Editor of the Hemlock Herald in Ghost Story Island (13%, 343 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,553

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And we need to vote on where they should go!

Where Should Captain Crawfish Take His Valentine's Date?

  • Cliff Park (Kites) in Cryptids Island (38%, 838 Votes)
  • Club Nouveau Riche in Game Show Island (31%, 687 Votes)
  • 4 Aces Casino in Wild West Island (16%, 348 Votes)
  • The Cemetery in Ghost Story Island (15%, 331 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,205

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Captain Crawfish always wears his dashing pirate captain garb, but what should his date wear on the big night? Post your comments below.

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  1. Heck yea I’m first!

  2. his date should wear something piratey too! that would make them SUCH A CUTE COUPL!!!!

  3. I think he should go with the engine room girl and she should wear her normal costume because it’s kind of steampunk-almost…shall we say…piratical.

  4. you guys goth the meaning wrong,number one,it was a quote from L(important to know for next fact)
    number two,he was saying that most people were normal,but that he was a lying monster,in that he pretended to be normal though he had little to no comprehension of love or freindship,(Though I sure hes been hungry before) his mind is purely logical,and he seems to lack most social skills most have,though he has some

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  38. I think his date should wear the outfit of the trader on Parrot Port on Skullduggery Island and the magenta lips with the mole. Go to avatar studio and and enter GretchenGrimlock3 to see.

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  114. I like the demo, but I want to play the actual island. Do you like the new Island they’re possibly coming out with? I think it looks intriuging, but what is up with all the vampires and werewolfs? I have a awesome idea for a seaquel to AI. (Astro Night Island)

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  169. Do you know where that red dress that’s so popular (the one with the light spots on it and the petal-like skirt) came from? If you don’t know what that is, go to Bunny20575 on the avatar studio.

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  258. Queenoftheuniverse

    Captain Crawfish should take the 3 geishas to the club. They should wear knee length dresses that are different colors so he can tell them apart. Black Ballet flats a must. (less makeup too)

  259. LOL guys. I went on midday yesterday and am on again now. During that interval, atleast 60 more comments have been posted. Are you guys high? XD

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  289. OK, so I’m guessing he’s going to take the Princess to the Park on Crpytids Island 😛

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  294. im not being mean,its the truth! lol

  295. If anything, YOU should stop posting, because it’s hard to believe that you actually go on Poptropica.

  296. I think the princess should borrow a dress from one of the ladies at Mystery Train Island!

  297. evamarie the 8 year old girl


  298. Since she will be dating colonial Crawfish, I think whoever the winner of the poll is (probably the princess) should wear an elagant silk sack-back gown (also known as robe a la Francaise). http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ozo7z2zkqWs/TAxdfbWnJrI/AAAAAAAACsQ/Cxf1pWiqiCg/s1600/ROM2009_10909_16.jpg
    It should probably be a pink-burnt orange changeable silk. Lol, I’m not much into matchmaking, but I decided to try it this time since I love the 18th century.

  299. whoa i hear a argument going on this page.

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  302. I think that if he takes astro nights princess, and they go to the kites place on cryptids, then she should wear jeans and a fancy, colorful blouse. if it is at the thing on gameshow, maybe a casual dress.

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    How many knuts are in a sickle?
    Who betrays the da?
    Name all three peverell brothers.
    What does it say on the potters grave?
    What is the first password harry learns?
    What is the first password in the start of the second year?
    What is it in the start of the fifth year?
    Who did neville go to the yule ball with?
    What is the name of the executioner?
    What row is harry’s prophecy in?
    What is also known as liquid luck?
    how long does it take to brew liquid luck?
    Who was the head master before Dumbledore?
    What is the password to the prefects bathroom?
    What is fatal to a basilisk?
    How many people came to get norberta?
    What color socks did ron give to dobby?
    Who is the gardener of the riddle house?
    Who cast the curse that cut of george’s ear?
    What attacked ron in the department of mysteries?
    What is the name of hagrid’s mom?
    What does professon vector teach?
    What is parvati’s boggart?
    What color are the sleeping bags dumbledore conjures?
    What does hermione use to make her hair straight?
    What was the grey bean that ron wouldnt touch?
    How do you defeat the devil’s snare?
    Who takes norberta to ron’s brothers with harry?
    What does the mirror of erised say when read properly?
    What kind of knocker is on dumbledore’s knocker?
    What moon of jupiter does harry say is covered with mice?
    What color is st mungo’s uniform?
    What is mr weasley’s dearest ambition?
    What does barty crouch jr turn his dad into?
    What boom does tonks own?
    What kind of sandwitch did ron have on the hogwarts express?
    What does ron call a telephone?
    What does ron drink that poisons him in his sixth year?
    Where do you find bezoar?
    What is the answer to the sphinx’s question?

  316. Have ya’ll ever thought of joining the forum?

  317. YOU should not be telling me to stop posting,cuz i was here since last year!
    and i only go on poptropica when theres NEW islands

  318. @Jade: Kay, gawd. Let’s not get worked up over something stupid.

  319. btw…I can’t really be considered a newbie either, cause I started posting like 3 years ago, and then stopped for like 2 years.

  320. ANYONE ON?!?!

  321. me

  322. HAI 🙂 multiverse: dkz91

  323. are u there?

  324. Ok first of all Eva, bendy twisty doesn’t even know Offtopic, so there is no possible way that she can be “in love” with him. Am I there only one here that realizes that. And Eva why do you always put in commas in your words like does is doe,s and isn’t is isn,t. It’s really getting on my NERVES!!!!!!!

  325. crawfish should go get a spiffy haircut at the salon in early poptropica wear a tuxido, shave, get a rose for his date!!! oh and the girl shoud wear a beautiful dress with long flowing hair. the dress shoould be green and sparkly like the sea!!!!they will look great! Happy valentines

  326. yeaaa…Eva I don’t think it’s possible

  327. Eva, come back to the multiverse room. We’re lonely in there!

  328. everdeen u? wanna chat?

  329. Why is that bad?

  330. cae315 has a good point bendy twisty doesn’t even know me in REAL LIFE and besides I’m 12 and shes 13.

  331. guess what?? I love waffles! 😀

  332. @ilovepoptropica: OMG NOW IM LONELY!!!! *sulks in emo corner* JKjK D:

  333. Come to my room! code is BPC75

  334. Scratch that. AUM83

  335. Anyone?


  337. Eva???

  338. Cae?

  339. omg ilovepoptropica lawl

  340. Eva, are you in there?

  341. Everdeen?

  342. Speedy Hopper? who the heck are you?

  343. yes i am the boy with the glasses

  344. Say polo if you are in my room!

  345. well see y’all later

  346. hello

  347. By Offtopic. And Eva, indeed! I am hereth!

  348. I pray thee, answer!


  350. Art thou on?

  351. Really? Where dost thou livith?

  352. Hey guys another outfit I call it Jewelry Pincess ok get the shirt from the part of the dress and the thing on it neck get the crown from fairy queen get a white dress get the fan from royal ball the vampire girl hair oh here is a outfit for a prom get the pink fairy queen hair and the vampire hair thingy wear a prom pink dress you can only see this one goosebumps769 put it to see it the thing I called Jewlry princess

  353. @ WS: at your previous comment, I do!! actually i just have phantom hourglass. i wanted skyward sword, but we dont have a wii.

    (yay princess zelda! 🙂 )

  354. @ poptrofan: which zelda game do u have?

  355. well,ur obvisouly a NOBODY,cuz i never heard of yu,and no ne talks about yu….
    okay im gunna stop 😀
    im sleepy anyways,its 1:02 A.M

  356. i luv poptropica its so fun!

  357. She should wear a pink dress…hearts maybe.

  358. twilight princess wii majoras mask 64 ocarina of time 64

  359. Captain Crawfish should where a black suit and tie, with a corsage (Pink, of course), and have a have a hand maid.

  360. He should wear the dark knight costume from the store

  361. uhh,yu dont know the ”same old jade”,yu just read about her 🙄

  362. Captain Crawfish should bring a rose for the princess! She totally deserves it.

  363. The princess should wear a pink dress with a red rose corsage, and have a sparkly diamond necklace! 🙂

  364. Jade…..are you related to Drake, or not?

  365. Hello,dear friends. I have been reporting the site and its comments. But one problem. I have seeing Everdeen and poptropfan almost on every post on the site! I am starting to think I may be making a site on Tumblr called “Gamiac Reports”,a report site of challenges no gamer can resist! Try it!

  366. arcadecrazy.tumblr.com

  367. Hello I’m back but this is my last post……possibly

  368. I think he should wear comfy kite flying clothes.

  369. captain crawfish and black widdow.

  370. Captain Crawfish’s date should wear a black mini skirt with a sparkly black top and bright red pumps on her date with him.

  371. princess and pirate yes! (i thought that pirates try to kindnap the princess??)


  372. he should wear….. a suit with a tie and hat with blue feather and black widdow would be quite good actually (if she got rid of the mole!..)

  373. Maybe a long purple dress and Aphrodite’s front hair and long back hair and Draculaura’s bat, Count Fabulous.

  374. Pirates and Princess! The Puuuuuuuurfect Match!

  375. I hope the Princess doesn’t mind the Capitain

  376. he shud take out black widow

  377. little dolphin/perfect singer


  378. little dolphin/perfect singer


  379. the princess should wear a pink gown with a rosebud on it and her hair should be like a prom queens and she could wear silver high heels that are shining at night

  380. captain crawfish should get rid of that big gray beard and the sword he should wear a black and white tuxedo

  381. the princess should wear a short green dress and a black coat.

  382. maybe ze date zhud weer vampire gothz suit or zumthin
    anyzing gothz but no pinkz


  384. i am BLITZWING

  385. I think cc (Captain Crawfish) shoud go on a date with The girl from cryptids and they should go to the Cyrptids place. By the way the pearson who made this website how much did it cost you to make it????? 🙂

  386. she should wear anything with bright colors and take the white out of her hair she should wear her hair either in a braid or down both with braid and maybe some sunglasses

  387. Um………………………… i vote princess, she should wear the silver sparkly dress and a silver rose in her hair, silver sparkly heels, and a sparkly silver purse. Captain Crawfish should wear a black tuxedo, matching shoes, BTW HE HAS TO SHAVE THE BEARD.

  388. Oh and he should take off the eye patch, dye his hair brown, get a real leg, no sword, no earrings and get a white tooth or make all of them gold. Place for date would be Cliff Park.

  389. Date: Captain Crawfish and The Princess from Astro-Knights Island

    Place : The Cliff Park (Kites) in Cryptids Island

    Fierce Star:)

    ( the cementary is too creepy for a date…..)


  391. @Pricklyice Nice Idea! But she should wear a bight red rose in her hair…and the shoes should be pink.

  392. I think that the princess should wear her hair down with a beret (Super Power island, girl mime) and a black skirt with a red top, nothing to formal. Captain Crawfish should shave (just a little) take off the earrings, sword, bandanna, and change his eyepatch to regular black.

  393. Definetly the princess and they should go to the cliff park

  394. Comfy kite flying clothes. Long pants, shirt, ponytail (hairstyle), and maybe a skirt.

  395. that’s what his date (the princess) should wear. He should wear comfy kite flying clothes as well and his hair we don’t need to worry about (except for the fact he needs a shave.)

  396. Captain Crawfish shouldn’t have to be that desperate to have help! I mean, he is a pirate! Girls like bad boys, right?

  397. Captain Crawfish, ah, what’re we going to do with you? 😉

  398. i say the princess has her hair down and shes gonna wear a white angel-like dress with black ballet flats and a sliver headband. captain crawfish should be in a regular guy outfit not to flashy and he needs a shave also captain craw should be in a tee saying I <3 pirates or something like that his bottom should be regular black

  399. i think its funny because pirites kidnapped princesses but yes does 2 would be funny

  400. I think she should wear a gold dress with her hair in a pony tail, and a matching heart shaped locket.

  401. she should wear anything that green or she could wear the outfit that the girl from in between the general store and the kite store from crypitids i think (if it isnt it`s from the island that you guys got betty jetty`s outfit from)

  402. the princess should wear her hair really long and the red dress with aphrodite’s heart necklace and finally wear the sword belt

  403. NO PINK PLEASE!!!!!!! it is disgusting. I am a girl. weird.

  404. capt. crawfish with copy cat

  405. Who the heck thought of this idea to pair up these people?! if it were me I would bail on the captain. Take a raincheck princess!!! Nah I’m kidding. But a princess and a pirate is a little wierd.

  406. I love pink Shiny Brain! She is a princess you know so there will probably be pink.

  407. i want princess and aces casino

  408. i vote princess and club noveau riche and i want him to wear a tuxedo

  409. oh and also a bowtie and cool hat

  410. I vote that Captain and his date should have their date in Ghost Story’s cemetery.
    it’s gonna be SPOOKY and romantic at the same time… i think

  411. I think the princess should wear a white blouse that lady pirates wear and a black mini skirt with some high-heeled boots. She can also wear a sleeve less vest over the blouse but not have it buttoned or zippered. She can also wear a pirates hat on her date too. They can fly pirate themed kites in the park. Then they can make a bunch of balloons and put it on the pirate ship and make it fly. Then, they should go on more dates. Later, Captain Crawfish can propose to the princess and they can start with a lot of treasure (money) to spend on their honeymoon! Finally, they can use the power of being royalty to rule all of Poptropica. Maybe there can be an island where we have to save Poptropica from the rein of the princess and Captain Crawfish!

  412. How did his date go?

  413. That is what I’m wondering!

  414. i agree silver claw captain crawfish and black widow total couple XD XP

  415. Well I think that a pirate and a princess should go out at

  416. his date should wear a green mini skirt with a star necklace and a green star shirt and a black headband black high heels and a straight hairdo

  417. how can u get them together?

  418. Umm do they really pair up together? I mean, if i go the rooftop restaurant, will i see Directer D and betty jetty?

  419. PurpleBerry, four words:..you….are….a…..jenius!!!!……That……..just….sounds……amazing!

  420. Oh my gosh girl you are totally awesome! The princess should were a dark red and green gown(matching the colors captain crawfish weres).And also big gold hoop earings like the one crawfish weres too.She would look good too in a matching gold crown, but make sure crawfish doesn’t steal it. 🙂

  421. I think he should turn the princess from astro nights into an evil pirate just like him and i think there date is perfect and i think they should blow up her home town and make it there home and on the date she should were the pirate costume and they should go to his ship and there date goes so well they get married and have named princess crawlfish and prince crawlfish and they should have a happy marrge tell me if youlike my idea by melody5677 i will not tell you the rest done ps i dont even no who captin crawlfish is by this is really by

  422. I think he should lose the eye pach, the dagger, the earings, and wear a black suit. and a black pirate hat.

  423. I think that the person that he is going to date should where what she wheres all the time.

  424. A white suit would be nice

  425. i think he should wear a tux and pirate hat and the princess should wear a red dress and gold hoop earings and a crown i think they should have a picnic in cliff park

  426. the three geishes,and they should be in the cemetery in ghost story,he should weir scary clothes on his scary date.

  427. he should take the princess to club nouveau in game show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  428. the princess should wear gold and red, and Crawfish a black tuxedo

  429. @actoutloud542001 GREAT IDEA! Just since the Cliff Park will be windy, she should wear a shorter dress. And maybe a small tiara is better. I like the earring idea. Crawfish should change the eyepatch into one with a heart, remove all weapons, wear a dark red pirate suit w/a matching hat.

  430. the reason i say that about the dress is because the wind will ruffle her dress into a fluffy mess.

  431. Captain Crawfish should wear a red velvet vest and hat. Throw in a pair of burgandy trosers and he’ll be a hum-dinger for Valintines Day.

  432. I think he should lose the eye patch and then shave:)

  433. Purple Star is my real name in Poptropica.

  434. is the story out yet?

  435. no,sadly

  436. Hey-im looking for a potropican charachter named ROUGH SOCKS-if youre there please responnd!!

  437. I wonder… Will the princess be happy to date an ugly pirate, who looks like he never showers?


  439. Stunning Mermaid

    Hi my name is stunning mermaid on poptropica but my real name is Emma, username is eternityfiles so yeah :))) I love this site and i also have my own… but i dont wanna say it here cus im working on the articles.

  440. Hmmm……..I think the princess should wear black tights,a pink camisole and blue barefoot sandals.

  441. I think Captain Crawfish should lose the patch where a white tux and lose every weapon and the princess should where a redd dress do her hair like Betty Jetty when she went on her date with Director D

  442. Okay, I think that the princess should wear ummm… The pirate captain outfit with a cool and nice hairdoo. They should fly in the parf with a air ballon shaped lke a pirate ship, and they fly to nabotee( idk how to spell the island) and they find golden gems! Then after that they fly to the greek island and go to the beach. While they watch the sun go down they eat dinner and captian clawfish kisses her!!!!

  443. what the hec, grumpy cactus?!give mordred to the princess!kidding!

  444. the princess should wear golden hoop earrings like the captain,nice pink cowboy boots and a black tux jacket with the shirt and tie,a black skirt and her normal hairstyle and a pink hat with a button and a black feather.

  445. the princess has to wear a glittery dress and the pirate? a black tux.

  446. they both COULD just wear vintage clothes


  448. Hmmm… the princess should dress half pirate, half princess! And Captain Crawfish should dress half pirate, half prince! And Captain C should have a black kite with skulls and crossbones on it, and the Princess should have a kite with a princess tiara on it!
    Dizzy Snowball

  449. Dizzy Snowball GREAT idea!!!!!! Luv it!!$$!$!$!$

  450. purple star whats ur username? i want to search you up on avatar studio. mine is jdc720

  451. Desiree Wong(Young Lightning)

    Does anyone like warriors cats

  452. when r u going to show it? its already past feburary.

  453. I think that he should go with princess and be at the cemetery.

  454. when does this story come out

  455. I would like a valentine’s island for poptropica… That way every poptropica couple could lose a couple, and then we go on a journey to see who kidnapped them. Oh and each poptropica couple should be on the same island.

  456. he should wear a frilly pirate outfit with lots of ruffles and she should wear what the queen (her mother) wears!