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Totem Hop Guide for Reality TV Island

Totem Hop is one of the easiest challenges in Reality TV Island, but there are some good tips, tricks and good old fashioned Poptropica cheats that you can use to make sure you’re the last one standing in the game. The idea is simple: you need to stand on a totem until it starts shaking, and then quickly leap off it to another one before it drops, sending you into the water. You just need to watch carefully and click on another totem immediately when yours starts to shake.

Here are a few tips. First, it’s generally easier to play this game while standing in the center of the board, where there are a lot of totems packed closely together. Second, keep your cursor ready on a different totem than the one you’re standing on. That way, once yours begins to shake, you just need to click, instead of move and click. And of course, if the empty totem you’re waiting for starts to shake, just move the cursor to a different totem.

Here’s a marked-up screenshot to demonstrate what I’m talking about. Do this and you should win this challenge every time!

Poptropica Totem Hop

Totem Hop is easy when you follow a few simple tips.

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  48. Note: Don’t press spacebar when playing totem game cause it makes your totem shake faster(But only if u press it when u have Hades crown on u)

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