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Tips for Finding the Blue Birthday Balloon in Poptropica

All week Poptropica has been celebrating its 3rd birthday with balloon-filled celebrations going on inside the common areas. And there’s a special rare #3 balloon that sometimes appears in these rooms. If you find it and click on it, you’ll get a special birthday costume for your Poptropican. Judging from all the questions in the comments section, a lot of people are having trouble finding that balloon. It is tough and requires a lot of patience, so here are some tips to make it easier!

  1. The balloon can appear in any multi-player room, which are usually found in the Main Street area of all the islands. It can also appear in player multi-verses.
  2. Be patient. Go inside the common room and then look at all the balloons that appear. If it’s in there, it will appear right away.
  3. Look carefully because at first it will probably appear behind other balloons. But since it moves around you should be able to see it quickly.
  4. If the balloon is not there, just exit the room and come back in. You’ll get a new set of balloons.
  5. It can take many, many tries to find the blue balloon, so don’t give up!
  6. Killer Tip: The best room to visit to find the blue birthday balloon is the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica. This is the smallest common room in the game, and you won’t have to move around to find the balloon. If it’s in there, you’ll spot it immediately. Otherwise, just go out the door and try again.
The Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica

The Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica is the best place for birthday balloon hunting.

Poptropica Balloons inside the Soda Pop Shop

You don't have to move around inside the Soda Pop Shop to spot all the balloons.

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  18. It’s impossible for a walkthrough, since it appears randomly for every user, so if he did a walkthrough it wouldn’t be a walkthrough since it just appears randomly.

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  60. I do! You go to the left room where your pointer says, “Hokey Poke” and talk to that fish. She’ll give you the key.

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  93. Yeah… I can’t find it. I know it’s not, like, you go in three times and you’ll get it or anything, but I lost count of how many times I went into the soda pop shop and I still haven’t found it… are there any other tips as to how to get it faster or anything? I know I’m not the only one struggling to find it. Help?

  94. it never pops up πŸ™

  95. im back sorry for bieng rude because there was so much drama. not your fault. i can’t find the stupid dodo bird, either. 😑

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  101. but i wish everyone who didn’t find the balloon lots of luck!!

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  103. Hi, My name is Kya I love Poptropica It is the funist game Iv’e ever played!! πŸ™‚ I try SO hard to find the balloon I can’t wait and I hope that I find it Because I useully never find things so I hope I find the balloon…! thanks alot for making poptropica and making so fun!!
    Your friend,, Kya πŸ™‚
    ps. can you please help me find the balloon? thanks! πŸ™‚

  104. time has past and the balloons not on poptropica anymore!boohoo

  105. i really need help on skullduggery island so bad!

  106. I found it!!!! πŸ™‚

  107. stickysky here tellin that it will be easy to find the balloon if you are patient ok

  108. I found one on soda pop shop oh it was HARD!!! to find it.

  109. im so sad cause i needed to finish steamworks island the part with the monster plants and i saved at that spot so i couldnt get into any rooms. now today i finshed it and thwe baloon thing is done :(. p.s. i found a hidden item in early poptropica, go to the towers and its hidden in a window thats even with the second clothsline, top left sqare of the block of windows. i forgot which building tho

  110. why isn’t it raining ballons any more?!

  111. yo i did not find it either………….. but the prize was not that good

  112. oh pleeeeeeease tell me how to find the#3ballon

  113. I found the ballon and it took me 150 times! I got a birthday cake outfit! πŸ˜€

  114. I found the 5th birthday balloon on my second go! πŸ™‚