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The Loaner

The prizes keep rolling in from the Wild West Island sneak preview mini-game. If you’ve been playing then you know that every two days the prizes change. The current one is The Loaner, which is a simple black hat and bullet strap outfit that you can wear over whatever you already have on. It’s not fancy but it makes you look like a respectable cowboy or cowgirl. This is the fourth prize out of seven, so only three more to go before they’re all gone! If you’re having trouble with the Round ‘Em Up game, check out my Round ‘Em Up Guide.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. First one ever to comment! YAY!

  2. 3rd to comment

  3. fourth to comment! 🙂

  4. the first to say something else!

  5. HELLO this is kinda weird because no one else said stuff about the loaner so……..HI! 🙂

  6. 7th!

    I like the loaner. It’s for people who don’t like pink!!! 😀

  7. and i dont like pink

  8. 我要玩poptropica现在!

  9. I want to kick some peeps butts now.

  10. I hope this is not limited like most ad on roblox besides this isn’t an ad

  11. hi!! again yeah i like the hat

  12. silver moon: u like the hat? me too!
    Greedy Storm: u sure u want to do that? and u didn’t even translate the sentence! it means “I am gonna play Poptropica now!”
    blue rider: me neither…
    EP: u like the Loaner? me too!
    silver moon again: i did say something about the loaner before u!
    sandy: hi!
    Rover:……………………………………… u new here?
    Happy Starfish: Ok i get it that ur 3rd to comment.
    kesha!!!!!!!!!!!!: HI KESHA! WHERE WERE YOU? OMG! 😮

  13. Whoops…. I think I accidently hacked something. I was on the preveiw for Wild West, and I clicked the button that says PRIZES on it, so I could veiw them. I’m not a Poptropica member, and I clicked COSTOMIZE on the card featured that’s supposed to be for members only.It acully came up in the costomizer box,and I hadn’t even rounded up the cows! All the same, I costomized the costume, and now I look totally AWESOME! Sorry, Poptropica Creators, it was an accident! But still, you’ve got to admit, I look sweet!

  14. More likely the Moaner… 😮

  15. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 6th, 2011. We will have a news report with News Gatherer and Reporter, Kesha.
    Today’s Subject: Wild West Island
    #1: Hello Kesha.
    Kesha: Hi White Sword.
    #2: Can you tell us about the sudden rumor of Wild West Island?
    Kesha: Sure. Well, first of all, the rumor started when Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney announced the upcome of Cryptids Island. In the video, on the upper-right corner there was a poster labeled “Wild West Island”. Lots of people saw it and they blabbed and blabbered about it on Poptropica Secrets.
    #3: Very well. What is this island about?
    Kesha: The sad thing is, unlike other islands, this island doesn’t have an introduction or anything. It just popped up on the surface of Poptropica, our world. Although lots of people say that it’s about cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, cattles and other ranch-related stuff.
    #4: Good. Where is this mysterious and sudden island?
    Kesha: On the Poptropica Map, it is in the very center of Nabooti, Shark Tooth, Cryptids, Astro-Knights and Reality TV.
    #5: That’s interesting, Kesha. Does this island have a Sneak Preview, like Cryptids?
    Kesha: Yes, it does. When you visit it, it doesn’t land you on land. It challenges you a quest to bring back three cattles every two days, to win a prize.
    #6: That’s a fun Sneak Preview! Are there anything in Daily Pop about it?
    Kesha: Of course. Since the interest of the arrival of Cryptids has faded away, it’s almost completely about Wild West! There are things such as the characters (the villains and other NPCs), places and of course, some ranch-related stuff.
    #7: That’s great. Do you think this island will be popular once it comes out for all?
    Kesha: According to the speech about it, I think that it will be as popular as Counterfeit, Time Tangled, and Spy.
    #8: Thank you for the info Kesha! Have a good day!
    Kesha: Your welcome. You too White Sword!

    OK so this concludes our news report.

  16. by the way…room code: DFR99

  17. poptropica quiz! queistion : i am mean bad and i live in couterfeit island who am i?

  18. white sword (since you dont like pink) what coulur do you like?

  19. white sword how do you know what the sentance said?

  20. blue rider: it’s the black widow, and i like the colour violet, and i know the sentence cuz i’m chinese myself.

    room code: DEP74

  21. guys are the prizes will changed of wild west or will opened on the next week

  22. white sword: im chinese too

  23. Chinese too! Yippie!

  24. looks like lots o’ ppl are Chinese! Sandy is Vietnese. Or Vietnmese. OR Vietmese. UGH i dont know how to spell it!!!!!!!!!! Vietnamese?

  25. do me in alive report!!!!!! and another one please!!!!!! for me!!!!!!

  26. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 13th, 2011. Welcome to the Weekly Surprise: News Report. Today we will have a report with News Reporter White Star!
    Today’s subject will be: El Mustachio Grande

    #1: Hello White Star.
    WS: Hello White Sword. What would you like to ask about Grande?
    #2: Well, I do have something to ask. First of all, who is El Mustachio Grande?
    WS: That’s an interesting question. Grande is the main villain of the suddenly-popped up Wild West Island. In the paragraph describing Wild West Island, it said that a dark shadow was lurking around on Wild West. That dark “shadow” is El Mustachio Grande.
    #3: That’s some nice informations, Star. Do you know what he looks like?
    WS: Well, the Poptropica Creators printed a very blurry picture of Grande, so nobody knows for sure what he’ll look like. The Weekly Surprise predict that he has a big mustache, and a some how “evil” pair of eyes.
    #4: Oh! Well, what do you think his proffesion is?
    WS: According to our prediction, Grande is most likely to be a cowboy or a rancher. Except, no matter what he is, we know for sure that he will be evil.
    #5: Well that’s some shuddering news. My last and most important question is, do you think Grande will become a popular villain, like, for example, the popular Dr. Hare on 24 Carrots Island, Black Widow on Counterfeit Island, Betty Jetty, or Zeus?
    WS: We must know this: it is only after an island comes out that we know for sure what it will be like. Therefore I am sorry to say that I don’t know the answer.
    #6: Thank you very much for the fantastic info, Star and have a good day. Happy Valentines Day!
    WS: Wish you a happy Valentine too!

    OK well this concludes our report with Star.

  27. Hey speaking of news did you see the bed intruder song and the anyyoing orange kithin intruder song.

  28. I only need two more ilands wild west a skulldugery `—` 0< $$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ =D =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D 😛 I wonder if you get this much credits$_$

  29. I live in californa thogh i dont know how too spell that im only 7 years old

  30. Tallsnowball can you finish islands for me? and if you can read then read the walkthroughs. my password : pinkleyna no spaces or capitals and sorry if you only speak Es Panole

  31. Anbody here?

  32. I thought 2 more people were supposed to join me here

  33. Sandy???


  34. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Oh, well. I should introduce myself.

    My name is Minerva Anne Hamilton. That is only my a pseudonym. My father, Hades, named me Ebony Dawn (I am not going to give out my actual surname), so call me Ebony Dawn instead. Mother nicknamed me Sandy due to my former obsession with sand and beaches. I now loathe them, but Mother still calls me that.

    I am a harsh critic, so if you tend to overreact, avoid me.

    -Ebony Dawn
    TV actress

  35. Sandy could you please ask kesha why she hates me she’s your friend

  36. Shadowprince. Since you now know why I said “have him”, do you accept?

  37. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I am not her friend. Period.

  38. Green Grape do you mean to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

  39. So disgusting. By the way, my name’s Lucky Ice everyone (Poptropican name). I am friends with WS, or Why Es, as the way she calls her name. I’m also Chinese. Good coincidence, I think. I’ve been watching you guys on Mythology vs Counterfeit post, and I totally agree with everything WS said. But, Kesha and Shadowprince are WAYWAY too romantic, so, my point is that they are WAYWAY too romantic.

  40. Hello, licky licky lucky icey.

  41. I used to call LC that. But, we haven’t met for a while. Back then, I called LC “licky licky lucky icey”.

  42. Hello, Why Es. Yes, we haven’t met for a LONG time, have we? I hope Kesha and Sandy still remembers me. You definitely do. Don’t you?

  43. Oh, LLLC, check out myth vs counterfeit, kesha & SP were posting wayway more disgusting things there than here. Disgustinger than what SP wrote about being boyfriends with GG.

  44. Ahem.
    I should introduce myself.
    The name’s White Sword, nicknamed WS, pronounciation is Why-Es. I am an educated, intelligent, brainy, bookish Chinese girl who prefers ancient fashion and writing techniques. I have long raven black hair, pale skin, long fingers, and large deep ambur “speaking” eyes. I like to read, research, books, peace, quietness, tea, the colour violet and school. I dislike too much romance, kissing, too much love, the colour pink, iPads, iPods, computer techniques, labour, watching famous movie stars, the Oscar show, movie stars, singers, etc.

    I am scientifically built, so, if you have English class problems, try to not ask me, because I will be gloomy all day if there’s a hard English question.

    – WS, the Winning Scientist,
    Host and Owner of Winter Snow and Weekly Surprise (closed for months, in repair.)

  45. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Yes, yes I am.

  46. Hello everyone. Today is April 21. Welcome to the Winter Snow show today.
    This is the first time, so I’ll just introduce this show.
    This is an awesome show that mainly talks about different subjects in school (elementary, high, maybe college). You’ll start thinking about math, science, social studies, language, English, French, and all that. Yes, that is what it’s talking about. You might wonder why the show is called “Winter Snow”. Well, for one thing, the winter season is usually a ‘break’ for most of us (2 week Christmas break, snow days, etc.). So, if winter is a ‘break’, we should think that we will have lots of time to think about how we are doing with each of the subjects. But, hey, what is the word snow doing there, hanging ’round? No. Snow is said to be good luck in winter. So, who doesn’t need a bit o’ luck to do well in each class? Also, in the future episodes, I will write my episodes based on snowflakes… it might sound weird, but, we’ll get back to there soon.
    Anyways, this I am writing right now is the 0th Episode.
    Now, back to snowflakes. You’ll learn what it means in my show in the third episode…

    This is the end of Episode 0, peeps.

  47. Nice show Why Es.

  48. Thanks LLLC. Oh and yes I’m STILL calling ya that, LLLC.

  49. I LOVE TO WRITE!! Sorry, felt the need to blurt that out now that I’ve reached the 223 page of my novel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My mind id blown!

  50. Yes, SP.

  51. Women across the world are being harmed by men. That is why I dropped the position of Goddess Of Romance. Romance is stupid.

  52. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  53. OK Kesha, Sandy: Let’s get this straight: What goddesses of _____ are you?
    Me: Math, Science, Calculations, Wisdom, Knowledge, Dawn, Life, Gems.

  54. I’m so tired. *texts White Sword: What’s your favorite show?*

  55. *texts Kesha: My favourite show is Winter Snow* *slams door shut* *yawns* *gets up* *slams door again smiling* *laughs my head off* *hops on computer and starts typing: *texts Kesha: My favourite show is Winter Snow* *slams door shut* *yawns* *gets up* *slams door again smiling* *laughs my head off* *hops on computer and starts typing: …..*

  56. omg!!! What happened to your brain, ws?

  57. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Winter Snow s hilarious.

  58. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  59. Thank you, Sandy. 🙂

  60. Where is the ccomment stating that JB died in a bathtub?

  61. Poptropica secrets is moderating my comments!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I listen to too much alternative rock. Writing is difficult. CSTs are coming up.

  63. It’s a shame nothing excites me anymore

  64. Everything bores me

  65. Perhaps I am antisocial

  66. I only enjoy hanging around my “friends” for a short period of time

  67. Eventually all their faults just make me want to strangle them

  68. But I am aware of who they think I am
    a tall boy,who isn’t violent,and polite

  69. So they can make fun of me for everything I do and fear no retribution

  70. If I strangle even 1 of them everything would change

  71. So I would become an outcast

  72. While annoying as they may be they well most of them have resources I can use while I am their “friend”

  73. Now I have to bide my time waiting and waiting for the resources to be gone

  74. Hello, SP.

  75. and I am slowly slipping into insanity if i must remain with my “friends”

  76. I don’t think of you as a tall, polite, person.

  77. no matter what I lose either way
    1.Strangle people I dislike I lose all the resources
    2.Remain with people I dislike and I go insane

  78. but I really need the resources
    but I can’t go insane it would waste all the work I put into this

  79. Just leave forever, or find your own private post that no one has ever commented on.

  80. What are you doing here Psophia and I am taling about real life in which I am tall and polite

  81. I found a post that has never been commented on. It doesn’t show up on the home page’s past posts, either.

  82. Interesting now I restate what are you doing here?

  83. Maybe you are. I was talking about when you said:
    But I am aware of who they think I am
    a tall boy, who isn’t violent, and polite.

  84. yes my ‘friends” in real life think of me that way

  85. Oh, I am here because I have vowed to leave the Island Smackdown page.

  86. Sorry, SP.

  87. Quite alright but may I ask why did you leave the island smackdown?

  88. I heard WS has returned to the post

  89. Well, mainly because I felt as though I am a bother to people, and also because a few people do not like me.

  90. While I left in search for new people to come more people would equal more chaos

  91. Yes, she has.

  92. Psophia if that’s your problem I have a very simple solution

  93. I would like to hear it.

  94. Whenever someone says something that bothers you just bite your tongue
    do not give them the satisfaction of getting you to be mean and eventually people will like
    you for it

  95. Okay, I will try that.

  96. Come on you can return to the smackdown page with me

  97. I am sorry to say my recruiting for more people failed miserably

  98. Okay, I guess.

  99. That is fine.

  100. alright would you like to go say hello to those people?

  101. Jade June 9, 2011 at 12:05 pm
    *stares at SP for a really long time*
    u know i come on here,rght? I do now
    ur kind of creepy SP,are u insane now,or something? I believe I am slowly going insane
    ur lonely? Yes my so called friends are idiots (in real life)
    im confused,well all of this is creeping me out.
    and wats up with all the HUGE words i never heard of? I thought this post was abandoned so I could use how I talk in normal life
    wat happen to cool,NORMAL SP?I am still him I just thought I was alone so I could act the way I do in my head
    until he comes back,im not ur freind.
    (P.S.,ur acting weird)

  102. I did read after each question you asked me

  103. u know i come on here,rght? -I do now
    ur kind of creepy SP,are u insane now,or something? -I believe I am slowly going insane
    ur lonely? -Yes my so called friends are idiots (in real life)
    and wats up with all the HUGE words i never heard of?- I thought this post was abandoned so I could use how I talk in normal life
    wat happen to cool,NORMAL SP?-I am still him I just thought I was alone so I could act the way I do in my head

  104. there are all your questions asked and answered
    and quite frankly I don’t care if I’m not your friend you are rather mean to me and I don’t believe a “friend” is supposed to act like that

  105. Jeez you don’t need to be such a bitch to me ok
    I answered all of your questions (I know cause I quadruple checked)
    you are constantly making fun of me even though I stood up for you against Jeall

  106. You are always calling me weird,annoying,and laughing at my unfortunate past
    when all I have been is nice to you

  107. you don’t seem very appreciative that I stood up for you
    Like it meant nothing when I could have sided with Jeall
    Do you realize why you are yelling insults at me?
    It’s because I didn’t answer some of your dumb questions that’s why I called you a bitch
    and you know what I honestly couldn’t care less about reading your diary

  108. oh wait before you get even more mad at me let me answer one of your stupid questions
    Yes I did twice

  109. What happened to the Jade that was fun to hang around with?
    Now whenever I voice my opinion or say something you don’t like
    you make fun of me and say I’M THE WEIRD ONE

  110. If you want me to be your friend again you would say sorry

  111. Look I get that you are the person who likes to make people say it
    but this time you have to
    well I guess not “have to” but if you want to be my friend you would

  112. Ok I read your diary pages and let’s get some things straight ok
    1.I am not emo
    2.I am not goth
    3.I am not gay
    4.I am not an outcast
    5.I did not have sex with GG and Kesha zillions of times(well kesha probably but I was horny)
    6.You know having sex with people you don’t know isn’t bad why do you think hookers were invented
    7.I am not a nerd
    8.I am not a weirdo
    9.A lot of people won’t stop talking to me
    10.My hair is not black just a very dark brown
    11.It no longer hangs in my face I got a buzz cut
    12.I am not weird
    13.I do not believe I am annoying
    14.I didn’t think you were mean just that you don’t let people make fun of you and get away with it but you do tend to go to extremes

  113. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I, for once, am on Shadowprince’s side. I apologize for anything harsh or cruel I’ve done in the past.

  114. I accept your apology
    Thank you Sandy
    and I apologize for how mean I treated you

  115. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Now I shall celebrate (for absolutely no reason) by torturing all of you with my dreadful singing! 😛

  116. Sandy, the Mad Dragon
  117. Jade thank you we are friends again
    and I cracked I wanted to see what was on your diary
    and I won’t go on that page again I swear

  118. me neither

  119. all I get is a white screen

  120. sadly jade i had a FB but now it has all these games and all this other junk where
    you share pics and I just stopped using it and I really don’t want to

  121. but I do have a skype (not sure if you have that though)

  122. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Only a few days left until Summer. 😥 Yes, I did cry. I’ll miss my friends who will attend a different school.

  123. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    All that work, and what did it get me?
    Why did I do it?

    Scrapbooks full of me in the background.
    Give ’em care, and what does it get ya?
    What does it get you?
    One quick look as each of ’em leaves you.

    All your life, and what does it get ya?
    Thanks a lot, and out with the garbage.
    They take bows, and you’re battin’ zero.

    I had a dream.
    I dreamed it for you, Kesh.
    It wasn’t for me, WS.
    And if it wasn’t for me, then where would you be,

    Miss psophia?

    Well, someone, tell me; when is it my turn?
    Don’t I get a dream for myself?
    Starting now, it’s gonna be my turn!
    Gangway, world, get off of my runway!
    Starting now I bat a thousand!
    This time, boys, I’m taking the bows and…

    Everything’s coming up Sands!
    Everything’s coming up Sandy!
    Everything’s coming up Sands!

    This time for me (ha ha ha ha ha)!
    For me!
    For me!
    For me!
    For me!

    Fooooor meeeeeee! Yeeaaah!

  124. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Those were kind of my thoughts when I melodramatically declared I would leave forever.

  125. I find it funny when people do that

  126. I think I know why mythology vs. counterfeit page broke (or is it working? I dunno)
    We had so many comments the page just broke

  127. kinda like how calculators can only reach a certain number well
    the page could only have ____ number of comments

  128. ok sure

  129. I just find it funny when people say “starts to back away slowly then runs”
    reminds me of a show I watch

  130. and Jade do you have a better explaination for why we can’t go to that page anymore?
    Because I would love to hear it

  131. Anyone here?

  132. I am now

  133. do you want to multiverse?

  134. Can’t. Are we still, uh, dating?

  135. I’m not sure
    I guess not because everyone seems to hate us when we do

  136. We will but let’s just not do the usual. I’ll choose a secret page.

  137. ok but how will i know?
    if you post the link everyone will just go there and bother us

  138. Who cares if someone sees us? We may love each other. People show people their love.

  139. yeah and people ruin other people’s love

  140. how are we going to get romantic when someone always says “you guys are gross?”
    “ewwwwwww” “nasty”

  141. Don’t listen to what people say. Let’s just…do what we do. I love you.

  142. Kesha I can’t get romantic if someone budges in everytime I get close to you

  143. Baby, just, listen to me.

  144. SP? Just…

  145. I don’t know

  146. I don’t care what they think!!! I love you!!! I want us to be something.

  147. I’m thinking about quitting this blog all together

  148. We can’t be something if everyone ruins it because they aren’t mature

  149. You hate me. You really want to leave?

  150. No it’s just everyone else annoy me


  152. but I am really considering leaving

  153. Please. I really love you. Can we just do what we usually do on the other page?

  154. I dont know
    We basically have done everything I don’t see what else there is to do

  155. I know what to do. Just…go on the other page.

  156. fine

  157. *kisses him*

  158. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Anybody here??

  159. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I think SP’s theory actually makes sense.

  160. Kesha is. 😆

  161. I’m still dating him.

  162. Sandy. I won’t be disturbing you, coming on pages talking about stuff like how I fell in love. I’m not talking about stuff like that. I’m some-what trust-worthy.

  163. Thanks sandy but I don’t think I’ll be comming on here anymore
    Sorry but I just don’t like some people
    Yes I said it I don’t like how some people act here
    they will remain nameless but
    I guess this is goodbye

  164. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I’m so tired of being here
    Suppressed by all my childish fears
    And if you have to leave
    I wish that you would just leave
    Your presence still lingers here
    And it won’t leave me alone

    These wounds won’t seem to heal
    This pain is just too real
    There’s just too much that time cannot erase

    When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
    When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
    And I held your hand through all of these years
    But you still have
    All of me

    You used to captivate me
    By your resonating light
    Now I’m bound by the life you left behind
    Your face it haunts
    My once pleasant dreams
    Your voice it chased away
    All the sanity in me

    These wounds won’t seem to heal
    This pain is just too real
    There’s just too much that time cannot erase

    I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
    But though you’re still with me
    I’ve been alone all along

  165. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I LOVE that song.

  166. I’m thinking about leaving. This blog is bad. I realize my faults. And it’s finally time to say, until we meet again.

  167. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    People are leaving quite often these days.

  168. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I feel seriously bored.

  169. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I’m definitely staying.

  170. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Someone has anger issues.

  171. I feel like i’m 4 cuz i’m getting scared! 🙁 😥

  172. I agree, Sandy.

  173. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I have a growing obsession with Madonna. -_-

  174. Madonna? That is random. And, CASSANDRA IS GG?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!??!??!?!!??!??!!??!?!?

  175. Sorry, Jade.

  176. Look people I swear on my catholic name that was not me and I am going to say that this is my last post anything by a shadowprince after this date (6-15-11) is not I in fact I am going to delete all my history of ever comming on this website from my PC

    P.S. Think about it would I the SP you all know
    tell does this sound like me
    a) impersonate someone
    b) knowing someone else was here continue what I was doing
    c) talk like that to people (other than kesha but now I’m done)

    (answer is no)

  177. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    😮 Poor psophia.

  178. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Do you have to do that every day, Jade. 🙄

  179. I believe SP and i believe that Kesha is a perv and will be the world’s greatest and ESAIEST hooker ever!

  180. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Walking off angrily.

  181. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Will Schuester: [defending Puck and Finn] It’s a harmless prank.
    Sue Sylvester: That’s what they said about a young man in Chicago in 1871, who thought he’d play a harmless prank on a dairy cow of one Mrs. O’Leary. He successfully ignited its flatulence and the city burned, William. That young terrorist went on to become the first gay president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

    Sue Sylvester is the best character on Glee. Besides Kurt.

  182. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    How Much I Hate Everybody on a Scale of Ten. Ten being the highest level of hate.

    Jade: 78357567
    Psophia: -37
    Shadowprince: 11
    Ke$ha: 1
    Icy Fire: -39

  183. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  184. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  185. Sandy umm.. you never get into fights wuth Jade

  186. i mean with

  187. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I always bottle up my emotions, then they burst.

  188. I won my soccer game today! Woohoo! Even though the team was body blocking us like we were playing football!

  189. It was pretty funny cuz after the game some white kid on their team (who tried to walk like a cholo) cussed at Julian and Julian cussed him out and made fun of him! 😛 😆 LOL! ROTFL!

  190. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Yes, -37, meaning I have nothing against you.

  191. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I said ten was the highest level of hate. If you bothered to actually read it carefully, you would know that.

  192. Something is wrong with Kesha! i believe that SP didn’t have sex with her cuz we all know Kesha is ten and who would have sex with a little 10 yr old girl who probably hasn’t even gotten her period and wants to be a slut?

  193. um.. this was all ONLINE it didn’t happen in REAL life!

  194. Who would have sex with a ten yr.old girl? If SP is a creep can’t he have cybersex somewhere else? Plus it was probably the imposter GG who is desperate and crazy!