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The Final Act of Movie Island!



You’ve all voted and the winning plot of Movie Island is…the Plot of Seymour the Stuntman!  Here’s a recap:

As soon as you leave the blimp, you get stopped by a talent scout, who will be a helper for the rest of the island, just like the journalist for the New York Times on Mystery Train Island. He says that you look like you would make a good actor/actress and takes you to the movie lot. You then meet the director, who decides that you would make a better actor or actress than SEYMOUR THE STUNTMAN who is currently going to play the role (Seymour is the villain, and this is his reason to try and stop you). You visit the stunt area, the costume room, the script writer’s room, your trailer (which is basically where you meet with the talent scout every now and again), the set (which changes throughout the island, since you’re filming a movie, and a movie doesn’t take place in one room alone), and other various rooms. Seymour then sabotages things (e.g. scrambles all the scripts up, hides the costumes, hires the REAL versions of the villains in the movie [e.g. ninjas, thugs, etc.]) and finally, takes your trailer to some far off place, leading to a chase scene, like in Cryptids Island or Wild West Island. The director, incidentally, films the scene in the helicopter, and decides to put it in the movie. Also, the talent scout, who was in your trailer when Seymour hijacked it, getting another point of view. Plus, the car you took had a camera in the dashboard, since it was a car for the movie, getting yet another point of view. Seymour changes his ways, knowing that he’s now going to be in the movie again. After the red carpet premiere, the director hands you your medallion.

Congratulations to Smart Dolphin for writing such a great description of our imaginary Poptropica island!

Sadly, our Design Our Own Island project is almost at an end. But I want to end this with a bang. The final piece is to figure out what costumes the characters on Movie Island should be wearing. So…re-read Smart Dolphin’s plot above, figure out which costume you want to create, and go create it! This will work just like our Costume Contests:

  1. Put together a costume for a character on Movie Island
  2. Open your Avatar Studio and post the link in the comments below
  3. Write one line about who your character is
  4. STAY in your movie character costume until next Tuesday, February 19th.  I’ll grab all the costumes and descriptions between now and then and post them for everyone to see.

This isn’t a contest, just post the most creative Movie Island style costume you can come up with. Enjoy!

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  1. Um, IS( if you didn’t notice, what you just said was what I just said. Except the items, sorry but I kinda feel robbed.

  2. click my name or do the other thing

  3. oh so sorry and where do you live young crown you can answer if you want and how old are you

  4. also do not click my name

  5. hey any body reconise this name wild cactus it is stuck on my head

  6. oh and thalia and how did short leopard get band?

  7. Sleepy Ghost- I’m dressed as Nasuada from the Inheritance series. 🙂

  8. How would Thalia know? She rarely comes on here.

  9. This is the costume lady… she should appear each time you see her with a different random prop in her hand.

  10. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bZTAyWVpaZFd4MFlXMWhkR1V6
    I am Major Crumb, a Major on break from the military fighting, when I was asked (and paid a lot of cash, mind you) by a certain individual to… make sure a certain person doesn’t get in his way. I am aiding SEYMOUR THE STUNTMAN in his quest to regain his glory in his rightful position on the big screen.

    This is my very first post and contest (well, make that “contest,” I guess) and this seems like fun. ^_^

  11. Maybe you’re right, Grey Feather, the vote of yours of it sounds cool. Perhaps more people would see what they think

  12. *grunt* I hate the part on Mystery Train where you’re trying to get to the coal car and the Pinkerton Agent is blocking the way to the car. But later on, he goes back to the Pinkerton Security Car.

    Have you completed Mystery Train, yes or no?
    And don’t you like the dumb guard as well?

    P.S. Have you read ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ yet?

  13. Ok ppl here’s my character


    My character’s name is Alexandra and she is the stuntgirl for this actor named Leslie Gosier. She has to put up with a lot as Leslie is always bossing her around. She is a bit of a tomboy and loves skateboarding. 😛

    Fascinating 🙂

  14. @ Sleepy Ghost I’ll come on the multiverse 🙂 I’m dressed up as Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson series 🙂

  15. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bNHk2YnRqZVdGeWRHVmw%3D BTW my character is supposed to be Seymour (he has eyelashes because a my character is a girl and i couldnt figure out how to make it a boy and i didnt make a new character because i would only have 75 credits

  16. i was asking if any one reckonises her name and to brave sky the second part

  17. @ Wild Star I’m really a boy.

  18. ^^
    hey, i believe you.

    did you think i was being sarcastic? sheesh.

  19. Three more days to vote what I should handle for Movie Island!

    Gold harp or sauce bottle?

    I can’t handle anything else, sorry.

  20. Hi! This is my character i actually don’t know what she should be in so you can choose : http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bTGxuMnoyWjJsaGJtNWhMbUl1

  21. What are you waiting for?

  22. Entries close Monday 02/25/2012* @ 12pm!
    If you post AFTER 12pm on Monday, you’ll get a post that will say, “You have posted over time, and your name.”

    *this is American format of time (month BEFORE date), so because I’m from Australia, I HAVE to do it in American time

  23. My character is Angel Boy. Angel Boy loves soda, soccer, chocolate, chess, swimming, and, of course, Poptropica.

  24. Nope, Wild Star

  25. movie island? really? so dumb!

  26. Hey do you remember me I had the katnisspoptropica blog I’m icyrock25

  27. In case you didn’t know what the Mystery Train cars are, they are (from front to back):

    a) Train Engine and Coal Car
    b) Coach Car
    c) VIP Car Orange Wall
    d) Luggage Car
    e) VIP Car Purple Wall
    f) Dining Car
    g) Reverie Lounge
    h) Freight Car
    i) Pinkerton Security
    j) Presidential Suite

    Between f and g, there’s a short car which does not count.

  28. Everyone, DO NOT click on ANYONE’S name or picture. If you do, it just gets you into Poptropica.

  29. Who you can find in the Mystery Train cars:

    Train Engine) Conductor, Coal Man
    Coal Car) Coal Man, Tesla
    Coach Car) Ferris, Pinkerton Agent
    VIP Car Orange Wall) Tesla, Anthony, Eiffel, Weisz
    Luggage Car) Le Monde* Reporter, Tesla, Pinkerton Agent, Porter
    VIP Car Purple Wall) NY Times Reporter, Twain, Edison, Le Monde Reporter
    Dining Car) Porter, Anthony
    Reverie Lounge) Go inside and see if you can find any Poptropicans or not
    Freight Car) Weisz
    Pinkerton Security) Pinkerton Agent
    Presidential Suite) President Grover Cleveland

  30. * French for “the world”

  31. You can also see the Porter in VIP Car Purple Wall.

  32. Why isn’t anyone in the mood for commenting?!

  33. See an angel come in a multiplayer room at certain parts of the day!

    When you spot him, he’ll be chewing some delicious Spooktacular Popgum!

    Also, when you spot him, make friends with him!

  34. Slippery Starfish

    What is this movie island?

  35. does anybody know what alien vs predator is?

  36. i think this new island is going to be pretty rad

  37. Hey Giant Onion i think the idea of being Thalia is awesome. ive read all of the percy jackson books but the last one and im on like chapter six. i dont know why they dont include her so much she was awesome!