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The Amazing Traveling Dr. Hare

If you’ve been reading the official Poptropica blog then you know that over the past few weeks they’ve been posting pictures of the Dr. Hare toy showing up in many different places around the world. The first place was the Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. Now there’s a new post with Dr. Hare on a bridge or wall in front of a river with a giant ferris wheel. My guess is that it’s in London and that’s the Thames River with the Millennium Wheel in the background. What do you think?

Where's Dr. Hare?

The creators also made a banner graphic for Dr. Hare’s travels, so they’ll probably be tracking more of his travels. Will all of his visits be to amusement parks and ferris wheels? It seems like it’s all related to the release of Mystery Train Island, which is about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, which featured the world’s very first Ferris Wheel. It would be cool if Dr. Hare turned up in Chicago!

Dr. Hare Travels the Globe

Oh and some of you may remember that here on the Poptropica Secrets blog a while back, we featured something very similar: the travels of Balloon Boy throughout the world. Except that Balloon Boy is real. Yeah, real.

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  1. He’s in London.UK 😀

  2. 4th, Im bored

  3. the london eye

  4. wouldn’t it be funny to see ballon boy floating over Mystery train and the next island?

  5. Aang right. youll probably see him through the train window.

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  7. i think it’s london, since i’ve been there before, and that might be the clocktower (Big Ben) in the back

  8. Chicogo, look at this: wordpress.dr.hare.net

  9. its london, because thre is the big ben

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  12. i mean: where is Big Ben in the picture? I don’t see it in the background. All is see is what looks like a church and a round edged rectangle.

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  21. Dr. hare is in london can’t u see it?! =(

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  24. It could be Singapore

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    P.S. Started school today!!!Love the new look!!It is totally london.

  26. maybe Dr.hare should go to parts of Africa!:)

  27. Hey could be Singapore but… it’s London.
    (changed my name from lily02249 to shy dolphin!)

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