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Taking Some Photos

Poptropica Photos (and all the profile features from Poptropica Friends) are now back online after being disabled over the weekend. Director D posted on the main Poptropica blog that due to unanticipated popularity, the Poptropica Servers couldn’t handle all the activity. But they fixed everything up and you can see all your own profile (and your friends) once more.

I’m busy working on collecting all of the Poptropica Photos by re-playing all the islands. It’s going to take a while! So far, I’ve got all the photos from the first five islands: Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Time Tangled Island, 24 Carrot Island, Super Power Island, Spy Island and Nabooti Island. Most of the islands give you four photos, but you can collect five on Early Poptropica and Super Power. Keep an eye on the photos page–I’ll upload more as I continue to re-work my way through all twenty-six islands!

The Poptropica Photos Page

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Yeah, I don’t want to change my name either, Red Wing!

  2. Ugh! Commenting at all the wrong times again!

  3. WOW Brave Star……STALKER LOL just kidding. 😆

  4. i would really appreciate it if more people can post comments on my blog

  5. I have passed 11 islands ha I bet thats more than you :)!!!!!!!!!!!PS I rule poptropica

  6. I want to tell you my name but I cant-;

  7. look for me on poptropica katrina957

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  9. wow,i constantly disappear from this website…..

  10. Who’s watching AGT?

  11. Hey, one of the tribes is called The Flying Squid!

  12. How long has it been 2weeks? or more…

  13. WOW many people I’ve never met before STRANGERS FROM OUTSIDERS ha ha whatever I going to leave for another week.

  14. I’m so glad you’re back! I was actually just saying how I havn’t seen you guys for a while, and here you are! 😀

  15. hey guys i have a blog people that haven’t been on in awhile

  16. the number one song is somebody that i used to know

  17. Here’s the link for katniss’s blog:
    Red Wing’s Blog:
    My Blog:
    Just here to help AKA Tiny Stomper’s blog:
    Cool gravatar.

  18. The next tribe is serphaim

  19. Congrats to Ayman Arif for getting all the photos!!!
    Let all give a round of applause to him.

  20. i think i got the first rock star costume back i just send out a bug about it so it should be back 🙂

  21. If any body needs a reference source for all the photos I almost have all of them my username is 074-ethanw

  22. i love poptropica it is a fun game and my lil cousin like to play on my potropica 😉

  23. icy fishy i have competed 21 now thats more than you!!!!!!!!!1

  24. What’s up, brave star?

  25. Hey I’ve got all the photos. 😀 You can check them out, I’m oscar2423. ;D

  26. massive dragon

    Everybody calm down about 50 credits see the creators had to add more stuff to poptropica but then when they did they took out 100 credits and replaced with 50 credits so when poptropica manages to work out the bugs then we will all start getting 100 credits again if you want to spread my word copy and paste to other walkthroughs on this website.

  27. massive dragon

    friend me on poptropica i am shades177 and go through my pics and customize the
    one white the black jacket that is zipped up and buy the robin hood costume and equip the bow and the arrows on the back and then get some blue jeans that already have a belt on them or just get blue pants or black with a belt of your choice.

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  31. i love poptropica it’s the coolest game ever!

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  33. I have 3/4 Reality Tv photos, all I need is the photo that says: “WINNER”. I already restarted the island for my 3rd time, but how do I do it? I have 108/109 photos and I am really mad right now.

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  36. hey ! poptropfan I’ve seen your photo on foopets do you play it to ? i do my username on foopets is holhil

  37. My cousin completed all the islands and he is like 8 (including Skullduggery which pwned me).

  38. Sup, I finished all the islands ( except wimpy boardwalk ), but then i have 106 photos out of 109. What the hell is happening.

  39. scary sky please friend me i friend you my user is ezram9 P.S. you got the Katniss look down just go 24 carot island to the cafe to turn your hair brown