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Super Monkey Ball Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission up for some of the islands. You need to be between 7 and 12 to see it and it’s only on some of the islands, like Shark Tooth and 24 Carrot. The ad is for Super Monkey Ball and the game is very simple. You have to collect 55 bananas from the machine in 60 seconds. It’s very easy to do if you just move around and try to find large bunches of bananas. Get it? Bunches of bananas. Yeah, ummm…

Here’s a walkthrough video of the game. The reward at the end is a very cool looking monkey costume.

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  1. hey hey hey hey hey im im im im bored bored bored bored bored

  2. The outfit to me is nothing but L-A-M-E the hair looks almost bald the ears stick out way too much but thats how a MONKEY looks like right? (except the clothes) no need to get offended,that was just MY OPINIUN.

  3. I agree totally (I’M WITH YA SISTA)

  4. i wish instead of a monkey cossie they gave us a bannana truck dump use it and a truck comes by and dumps bannanas on u!!! 😛

  5. you r right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. when r u guys going to put Big Nate and 24 Carrot and Spy walkthrough?

  7. monkeys RULE!!!! 😀 i love monkeys 🙂

  8. I got it on my first try, and I agree. I really don’t like the costume. I like purpleprincess’s idea, that would be cool!

  9. i agree mimi monkey rule i love them to but coustume ugly

  10. i dont know the order of the pantings on counterfeitcan someone help

  11. mighty ice aca pinklily10

    I hate the costume accept the banana which you can costumise and if you press the space bar you can throw it in the air and catch it like the free handheld candy cane its not mentioned in the post.

  12. I love this website!!!!

  13. Gail Tajanlangit

    Love it!Cute!!!:)

  14. i need to know EXACTLY where this ad is

    softball fan 123

  15. hey peeps i cannot see the monkey ball thing can you tell me where it is plz rsvp

  16. omg i cant make contact with any stupid ad

  17. purpleprincess11

    i think the ad might be over or ur age isn’t right 2 see it

  18. OMG the costume is so ugly only some one stupid whoud wear it :((

  19. i think they make the game look awesome in the ad

  20. i have that game it is so FUN!

  21. y did joo mak a wokthroo foor soopar manky bol its sa ofios u stok

  22. i llike the back pack

  23. the costume is so ugly and super thunder won’t be dumped on by 1,000 bananas. i hope the banana truck doesn’t land on her.

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