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Steamworks Promo Page

The Poptropica Creators posted the official Steamworks Island promotional page, and you can find it here:


The only things noteworthy about the page for now are that members will get early access soon and it will become available for everyone to play later this summer. There’s also a short plot teaser, which reads like this:

The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metal and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget!

The look of the images in the promo show vine-covered buildings from ancient times, probably Mayan or Aztec. And the clues in the teaser promo along with the screenshots that the creators have posted show that part of the mystery involves a giant plant monster and that there will be lots of steam-powered machinery involved. And it appears we might even get the chance to pilot a steam-powered mech.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Yahoo! First again! This island will be awesome!

  2. awesome new island more mechanics and mayan and aztecs rock

  3. second to comment

  4. Hey! Bashful!

  5. Hi everyone! 3rd to comment.

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  8. Well your not a bite either.

  9. Well my name is Red Shark. I’m not red or a shark.

  10. thats true

  11. its coming soon for members probably around july 30 and about mid august for everyone (this is my geuss )

  12. oops i spelled guess rong

  13. and then there was one

  14. Nope. Still here.

  15. And then there was none. By Agatha Christie (I think that is her name.)

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  21. its for cats and dogs its easy but u get prizes

  22. i alreadt finished it and now im just bouncing on poer lines

  23. oops i mean power lines

  24. Oh, I already did that yesterday. It’s pretty cool.

  25. Oh. I’m back!

  26. Bashful Bite, Do you have a mweor? I want to be your friend.

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  28. Hello? Are you still there?

  29. Yes. I am. And I’m happy.

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  33. Biteys Mweor code: 72035 . Ha.SP,your da man! My name fits perfectly.ZIPPY HERO TO THE RESCUE! Im fast(zippy) and Im a great friend (So im a hero).

  34. Thanks!

  35. 🙂 😉 any time,anytime. My house is waiting for our Rock Candy to form. We gotta wait a week!I licked some of it when I poked it!SOOO GOOOD!

  36. Is everyone gone?

  37. I guess I can sing now.

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  39. I’m here. Hi Nick and Jeall.

  40. Hey CW, Nick, SP, and jeall. Wat’s up???!!! 🙂

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    When will my reflection show
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  43. What is that? Phantom of the Oprah?

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  45. Phantom of the Opera? What! This is Reflection the Christina Aguilera version.

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  53. I guess everyone left.

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  58. High School Musical 2. Oh boy. This should be good.

  59. Please! Jeall! Do not sing this song!

  60. I wanna play ball
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  64. what the heck cw. and didn’t wd say shes coming back tomorrow?

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  66. I was just singing a son called “Potato”.

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    have you ever seen the rain,
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  68. That’s right, Nicholas!

  69. Jeall! Don’t sing that frickin song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  75. So true. I have to go do my Summer Workbook. I will return.

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    *throws meatballs at every body*

  78. The only songs I found I could tolerate in that movie were bet on me and You are the music in me.

  79. I didn’t like any of the songs in the first one or the third one. In fact I didn’t like any of the HSM movies.

  80. I hate HSM so much but like this song a ton! Ive got what it takes playin my game so ya better spin that pitch your gonna throw me yeah! ill show ya how to swing youll never know if ya never try theres just 1 little thing thats stops me every time yeah! come on!

  81. Most people feel the same way.

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  84. I’m trying to make sure it does not get stuck in my head.

  85. Hrees whole song: (Ryan) Hey,batter,batter, hey battter,batter swing
    (Chad) I’ve go to just do my thing.
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    (Chad) I don’t dance,no.

  86. Its stuck in my head now!!!!!!!! *scream* It’s terrible!!!!*scream and run*

  87. I’ll think of another song to get it out of my head!

  88. Oooo! I know! prfecet song! The….CHICKEN SONG! Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadaaadadadaddadaddadaaddaddadadadadaddadada

  89. That song is MORE annoying.

  90. Or……….has anyone heard of Sam Sparro?

  91. I have.

  92. Ohh Good! nananananananannananananananannanananannananananana Annoy SP Annoy SP heres payback to jerk erk SP DADADADADADADAADA SS? huh?

  93. Her name was Anna
    Last name was Rexi
    She was so skinny
    Thought it was
    Oh Jeall. Shut up. Your not that annoying.
    Where was I?
    Thought it was sexy.

  94. I looked him up…Hes a singer and Keyboardist. Like me!I sing and play the piano. but Im a Pianist(someone who plays piano)my dad is to!

  95. OOOOOOOH! Your banded from here! S-E-X is a bad word to 9 year olds like me or CW.

  96. anyways… new annoying song……..*smiles widley*

  97. Your payback sucks. It really sucks.

  98. Sex means boy or girl. Or male or female dummy. Not making babies. And there it meant she thought she looked attractive moron.

  99. I got 100thc ommment! Now! In a cavyern in a canyon excavating for a mine lived a miner 49er and his daughter Clemintine! Oh my Darlin’Oh my darlin’Oh my darlin” clementine,You are lost and gonr for ever dreadful sorry cleminetine! Ill sing it all the time tell SP dropps to his knees and says Im sorry for my earlier revenge.

  100. Whos The Moron? Oh! sweet! SP is calling himself a moron! well he IS.

  101. goodbye!beon mweor.

  102. Never. Oh my darling. Oh my darling Clementine. Oh and if wantto annoying me sing home on the range.

  103. Whatever.

  104. Both of you annoy me. With your dumb arguments!

  105. Home home on the range where stupid SP blossems love to bloom! SP smells like rotten eggs! you know its true

  106. How. Do you know what Sp smells like. SP is a character on the internet. You can’t smell him.

  107. SP and Jeall fighting in a tree! J-E-A-L-L W-I-N-S First comes hatrid the comes fights here comes wars i see them up ahead! thats not all thats not all! I think I vote for Jeall haha!

  108. No his personaliy is stinky. Hey SP inpersonater! *mweor everyone now!* looks at inpersonater with hair following in the wind*

  109. Some people need to learn
    To stop making fun of people
    Unless they want to die
    Cuz some people wouldn’t take this crap
    And they would poison the person with pie

  110. This crap is pointless. Jeall why don’t you go on your broomstick and fly away.

  111. why are u singing for no appearent reason

  112. I aint a wich.Im a wiziard.AT BEING BETTER THE SP BY FAR!!!

  113. BITEY! The inpersonater is back!

  114. A wizard is a male witch. Your a guy?

  115. jeall y ugh arent there rules here

  116. I’m not the impersonator. I’m the real thing. Ask me any question?

  117. no! have you ever seen Wizards of Waverly Place? Alex= Girl=wizards.Male wich is a Worlock. I am a I AM a sorceror. a wizard.a amazing magical creature. (Too much?)

  118. dude first of all it doesnt madder if a wizard is a boy or girl and i want u guys to stop making fun of each other

  119. dono.well who said: How. Do you know what Sp smells like. SP is a character on the internet. You can’t smell him.

  120. poptropica secrets chat rules please

  121. who said they can smell him

  122. I’m going to read the previous comments.

  123. poptropica secrets any rules at all

  124. We dont have to listen to a shy bite. hes a clever(even though hes uncllever)paw.Im a Zippy (and I am fast)hero! I think I should have 2 carechters named Smart Paw and Zippy Hero.why:Im both of of those things.

  125. CW.mweor.Now! PS has NO rules.He/She thinks its a COMMENT and POST website. Not a Post and CHAT website.

  126. The show is such a fake. If a vampire gets scratched by a werewolf nothing happens. And the title. There are two wizards one girl. The title is not gonna be Two wizards and one witch of wizardly place. There just gonna say wizards because there are more wizards then witches.

  127. Warlock a more powerful wizard or witch.

  128. well PS should look at it see were using it as a chat room and add rules

  129. Yah,yah,yah! look it up! I agree with sentence 1 and 2 but 3 there are 3 wizards!

  130. get over all the warlock and with stuff lets just say it doesnt matter

  131. Fine. But I don’t agree. No matter what you say. And besides the only example you have is a T.V. show.

  132. Bashful Bite. Please get out of the conversation please! I think by now you should know I won’t listen to you.

  133. grrrr get over it there not real it was just somthing the first settlers made up

  134. Look it up you dirtbag! I bet that Caroline is gonna dump you the second you sit down.Then by the time you get back to school rachel will tell every girl your a jerk.Your school dance youll ask everyone and thell all say no and your be stuck with the dorkiest girl in school.

  135. What is not real? Witches. Witches were here for a long time. Some people think witches aren’t real. But witchcraft is.

  136. yeah SP eventually u will because u will do somthing stupid and ill help u fix it and trust me u will do somthing stupid in the near near NEAR future

  137. ok witches are real but not the the exact kind u guys are thinking of

  138. You mean Madeline. And you barely know me. No one listens to because she talks to much. And believe I can date any girl I want. Because every girl would LOVE to be with me. Well except you. But most likely you wouldn’t get any guy with your bratty attitude.

  139. oh again u will do somthing stupid

  140. I know I will you need you someday Bashful Bite. Sooner then you think.

  141. thats not what i was talking about

  142. I see someone who is simalar to a witch. He has a wart, and is extremely smart.

  143. exactly so u shall listen to me i have good ideas


  145. its not sooner than i think i think any day now may be today today maybe tomrrowu never no

  146. nick

  147. nick calm down

  148. Witches exist.They are medicine woman.You heal. and sp… Im 9.I cant date yet. And why would u date a talk alot?! now. I am the sweetest girl in my class.WhenI wanna be I can be SOOO mean.But most of the time Im sweet.Now,Im in a Old person place.I volenteer there.Now,Let me walk across the street where I volenteer over at the animal shelter.


  150. THATS A GOOD IDEA NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Thats nice of you to volunteer Jeall.

  152. jeall if ur actuallly sweet dont be mean anywhere

  153. You said it. PoptropicaSecrets, Please tell them to stop! If Smart Paw wants to date someone, Then fine! Gosh.

  154. *whispers to SP (but keeps eyes on Nicky) “well fight when she leaves”* You cant slap me.Im a girl.Ill punch u back if you do.And Were on the internet! We canty slap! now, I guess there only 1 way to settle this. FOOD FIGHT! *tosses pie in everyones face even my self to lick it*!

  155. Ill be mean when i want! and i wanna be mean! *licorise ties everyone up while gummiebear arby bites legs and throws mushed up bannana in there faces*


  157. *Gets giant licorice to use as a whip*

  158. Fine! CW,your not geting the mweors I got.hum

  159. Don’t whisper to me a gain. And leave Nicholas alone. I’m tired of you Jeall. You’re not sweet. Your sour.

  160. *Uses knife from eppisode 1 to cut open the licorice* 2 min. later… *Whips everybody*

  161. k.I can fight. *jab jab* I got my black belt in karate, while I was helping a old lady across the street someone tried to mob meThey left with a broken arm and black eye and nothing of mine or the ladys’. plus,I walk the dogs(some are big) so Im strong. *kicks Nicks legs down so she falls*

  162. No! I hate you Jeall! I hate you!

  163. CW,I was gonna give you mweors to breed with.Now there mine. I dont care. is bitey mad? If so then I can delete her from my friends list on mweor.

  164. hey! guess whos not my friend on mweor no more? bitey!

  165. *Gets up* You may have kicked me. But who are you proving? No one is going to like you anyway. Because you hurt some one. You think your so tough. If you were the same age as me*push Jeall*. Understand this. Your a bully.

  166. the guy in the pic of Steamworks island he looks like Morderd and a cowboy.

  167. I’m leaving this place forever. Jeall your a……..you know what………….why do I waste my time.

  168. He looks like Albert Einstein.

  169. k.Im nine…. *Does cartwheel to Nicks back and gets up and pushes her on her back so she falls face forward* …and im kicking you butt. who votes for who?!

  170. yah! SP is gone! And he does look like albert Einstien.The muchatcehe.Alberts hair is pufy not flat.

  171. Depends. Nick, do you take karate?

  172. I hate you.


  174. No but who cares just because you take karate doesn’t mean you can fight. Oh and I liked Sp. I thought he was cool.

  175. Is everyone still here?! I wanna admit something.

  176. Hey. I think this island will be like Astro-Knights in a way.

  177. Go head. Won’t matter to me. Or Smart Paw.

  178. I want to admit something!everyyone here!!!!

  179. Just go ahead. Gosh. No one needs to be here if you want to make an annoucement. (On and FYI if we could really fight you would have no idea who would be kicking butt.)

  180. huh…I will miss SP.Its like on that show,wizard of waverly place. The girl,and boy Justin and Alex,They fight.Now in the recent shows Justins looking into collage…

  181. * Whistling Kill Bill song*

  182. Really?

  183. …And in the end,when he DOES go into collage…Im sure Alex will cry and say Im sorry.She and Justin…Or SP and I… fight but still are friends. we hate each other on the outside…But Im sure,on the inside…Were best friends…

  184. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no ones here

  185. …So id like to say…to SP who I know is still here… and the others our fights have caused pain to…Im sorry…But Ill only keep that sorry…If you guys say im sorry to me…

  186. I’m sorry Jeall. I love a happy ending.

  187. Actually on the inside I did think of you as a friend. But that doesn’t mean I like one bit.

  188. …All of you. (and Snowstar,Could you come back later? were kinda having a moment) and I have some confessions…

  189. But will you say your sorry?…Nicky too? I said IM sorry.You guys?

  190. I’m sorry. Yea! Everyone is getting along. Friends! How many of us have them! Friends!

  191. I have 1 on the outside world. now im bored.

  192. this stuff is getting sappy, and no ones paying a lick of attention to me. u wanna know wat i say? i say GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!! yeah i said it.

  193. Um……….*yuck* I’m sorry.

  194. SP…Its all you.

  195. I’m sorry everybody. Smart Paw, I will admit that I was the one who impersonated you.

  196. Warriors? Wait! Snowstar The Frost Clan Leader don’t leave!

  197. *smiles realli widley* Yes! Snowstar is gone! No our old selfs…Who starts!

  198. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna kill you!

  199. You son of a biscuit eating bulldog! Why did you impersonate me!?

  200. Ill admitt…*breates deeply*…That SP(super) and YM,there me.Im pretending to them.There made up.And I have 1 more.What is it CW?(CW and I told eachother all the secrets on mweor so I know he knows all that)

  201. Hey! If you can everyone go to http://www.youtube.com and type in Funny Orbit Commercial.

  202. hey my mom says that!know.Whats worst? My secrets or CWs?

  203. Saw it.Is it Cyber Crimichnales?

  204. I have someone on here who is me. Other than Nicholas.

  205. I just wanted to have fun. And, if you gave him a wedgie, it would be hilarious!

  206. no im really not leaving no matter wat u say

  207. Snow,Where all kinda having a…moment.Could you come back…later?

  208. Yeah. I’m still on.

  209. That would be funny.

  210. Nick,Who are you? other than nidk?

  211. No. I just wanted you to stay. You should stay. I can talk to you and stuff. Or whatever.

    And I’m not telling you who he/she is!

  212. hum! by later if u mean in a second, yes.

  213. If Snow is here im not.Be on mweor.

  214. Why, Nicholas? We’re all friends here.

  215. I’m afraid of what you would say.

  216. I meant later when Om not here.ill be on mwoer tell Snow leaves.

  217. Just tell us!

  218. k ill stay. plus no one is ever on wen i talk

  219. im also greek fan aka anahdrah. i got 2 computers


  221. Really? Wow everyone is more then one person.

  222. Tell us…fhakfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhh sorry I fell drunk.Tired…//. fsgmmmmmmmertzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss opps I fell a sleep on the keyoard but woke up right away. *Yawn* egfhhhhhhhhgbbbbbbbckkedeg xcgfffffffffsy, opps? *shruggs* :opps:

  223. Everyone has secrets.


  225. I want you to guess first.

  226. e!im 3 people Passs me da um .. whiskey plaeaaas1 vsdfgvfr3 3vef

  227. I gotta go! bye!G JYJ CTUg

  228. WHO IS ON? I DEMAND TO KNOW! i have that power cuz im a leader and a goddess

  229. Passsssssss de beeer. ( just kidding. I’m not drunk.) Wait lets cut off Jeall’s hair she won’t remember it later cuz she is drunk.

  230. I’m still on. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you when I leave.

  231. Nicholas, Are you Crazy Axe?

  232. sorry i have online anger problems

  233. No. I’m not.

  234. I have anger problems everywhere.

  235. oh. well that answers my question.

  236. I AM STILL HERE! Advice: Keep talking. When no one answers after 3 comments leave.

  237. I am still here. *sigh*

  238. Fine. SP leave. I know you won’t keep your mouth shut.

  239. What! *offended* Fine!

  240. My other character is *gulp*

  241. Yeah this site is busy.

  242. Come on, Nicholas! I promise not to laugh.

  243. i brought up another subject. yay!

  244. No. I heard of it never read it. I just remember you talking about it.

  245. ill back in bout 3 min. as greek fan. gotta go to other computer.

  246. Smart Paw! *Run*
    *Run back*
    And his family!*Run*
    *Run back*
    And his girlfriend*Run*
    *Run back*
    I made him up one day and I really like d his character. So I created an avatar for him. I intended for him to be shy on here instead of his real personality. But the real personality came out. Don’t make fun of me!

  247. So… Smart Paw is you, Nicholas? You all are great actors and actresses! I’m the only one on here who only has one character.

  248. i’m back but have to leave for my basketball game soon.

  249. Well. That was surprising.

  250. i am so confused. who is who and what is what and why did you make up sp???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  251. Move along.

  252. when ur doin math u just miss everything

  253. I still can’t believe I’m made up. Does that make me a girl cuz I was created by a girl?

  254. can some one explain to me what is going on. preferibly cw

  255. i have to go soon soooooooooooooooooo

  256. CWi i only have one carachter they are confusing me but alot of the time i understand but others i dont no what the heck is going on

  257. OK. Jeall made up Super Pepper and Young Melon. Nicholas sorta made up Smart Paw.

  258. I feel ignored. Can someone answer my question?

  259. alright but threr is also a different smart paw who met nicky here?

  260. I believe so. I think there is another SP.

  261. Smart Paw, what question did you ask?

  262. Oh. Am I a girl cuz I was created by a girl?

  263. thank you for answering my Q

  264. I am going to eat now. Adios amigos!

  265. hi im new here whats going on

  266. C ya. Is my life a lie? Am I really 13? Or am I 22. Or 18. Or 88?.

  267. yes SP u are a girl

  268. *gasp* I can’t believe this! I’m a lady!

  269. The dude in the promo has a mechanical eye patch.

  270. yeah get over it u can be a tomboy

  271. But I’m a GIRL! Wait what about Madeline? Ew! I’m a girl!

  272. Oh. Hi cab. Don’t read the previous comments.

  273. Where did Nicholas go?

  274. Just don’t read the previous comments. Don’t. Under any circumstances.

  275. cab read the previous comments they are wierd and awkward

  276. Yeah. They are. Don’t read them. Sometimes its best not to know something.

  277. is also confusing like a drama show except its funny and not stupid unlike degrassi

  278. huh? im confused? all i know is that u broke up w/ rachel and r now going on a date w/ some1 else.

  279. Yeah. And that is all you should know for now. Don’t ask any questions.

  280. sometimes u should be like me nosy

  281. Thank you.

  282. People who are nosy get in trouble. No one wants someone in their business.

  283. yeah jealls mad at me

  284. 10……………………9…………………….8……………….

  285. Why are you counting?

  286. Well. She answered my question.

  287. i dont get in trouble cause i naturally no

  288. You still don’t want people all in your business.

  289. Oh. And I did something stupid a while ago and didn’t need your help.

  290. i also have limits to what i no to wats availible to me

  291. wat did u do i new u would do somthing stupid

  292. people dot always no i no

  293. But I didn’t need your help. So it’s none of your business.

  294. bye

  295. Well. I’m alone.

  296. Im here! Im laughing my head off! SP is a girl!Oooo wait! SPs name is Nicholas(Im a mind reader and my mind says Nick) but Shes a girls so Nicky? SP! (heres how it is.All the SPs: SP,nicky,SP,me,SP,Sp, ) Bye!CBL!

  297. Before I go,SP,You gotta act like a lady now that you are one. Girls,*looks at others* we can show her how to be her new self…right? CBL!

  298. jeall if ur there r we stilll friends or are u gonna hold a grudge against me?

  299. whats a grudge? and…I wanted too say something….what was it!

  300. nevermind. On my page on mweor I put pics…I also got the poptropica mona Lisa!!! k.CBL.bye!

  301. C evy one tomarrow! night!

  302. …………. Steamworks Island. Sounds good.

  303. :O oh my god, these walkthroughs get harder and harder!

  304. :O 🙂 🙁 :,( 😀 :S 😐

  305. Good morning. The days just keep getting hotter and hotter!

  306. Good morning. Wow. This new island will be awesome! I can just tell.

  307. on saturday i will be 100 degrees

  308. i burn too easy im going to be red

  309. I saw that on The Weather Channel.

  310. I’m sorry. 😯 😉 😳 😐

  311. So… 😉 😯 😳 😐

  312. Um……you know when you go on Counterfeit Island they have a high score. Um what is the high score you see?

  313. 103-109.Thats gonna be todays forecast here. hello?? CBL.

  314. theres a high score on counterfeit or do u mean reality tv

  315. ours is like 94

  316. and high scores?! what high scores?! wellbye.CBL.BOM.

  317. i burn in 90 super easy like after 2 min outside

  318. there!I mean ill stay heer!

  319. I burn in about…I dont know.My mom wont answer when I asked. mweor?

  320. creatures blog post: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Filling in the Hub
    Time for a pop quiz: Can you tell the difference between the picture we posted yesterday and the one below?
    Most of the background elements still look the same as they did yesterday: flat and monochromatic. We’re adding more detail to the Hub on Steamworks Island. We’ve colored in some of the more important foreground objects. They really pop off your screen!
    That doorway in the upper-lefthand side of the screen looks mighty intriguing, wouldn’t you say? Binary Bard (JJA)

  321. shes gone.Huh.BOM. CBL.

  322. yes,Jenni.What is it?

  323. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  324. poptropicabubbles

    Cooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Jeff!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Okay. I’m back.

  326. Jeall? *sigh*

  327. *humming*

  328. *smiling*

  329. Hi Bashful.

  330. I’m back. Is anyone on?

  331. I’m here.

  332. 400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o)
    And it’s the same-
    The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy
    I’ve said it’s four hundred years;
    (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o,wo-o-o-o)
    Look, how long (wo-o-o-o)
    And people they (wo-o-o-o) still can’t see.
    Why do they fight against the poor youth of today?
    And without these youths, they would be gone-
    All gone astray

  333. Hi Cuddly.

  334. Are you going to say anything else?

  335. Adriana Vladimir

    I can’t wait for Steamworks to come out! It’s sooo awwwwesome! Keep it up Jeff! I love Poptropica and Wimpy Kid. Love you Jeff.

  336. I CAN’T WAIT!!!



  339. I CANT WAIT!!!

  340. Ah, well, I’m sorry, Jealli, but I left because you did not answer fast enough. 😳

  341. Hey Super Thunder, How do you type in bold like that?

  342. you know, all the recent posts have been from binary bird. mabey he will return.

  343. i never herd poptropica sinc 2007 and people been playing poptropica since 2007 and 20082009 and2010

  344. Im on my perants computer computer (my=ines froze for n ow) and hello? BOM.

  345. Hi humans whats hangin’ ?

  346. hi im new

  347. whoa thats cool ididnt no it did that 😀 r there other faces

  348. konichiwa

  349. *sarcasticly* wow i missed him by 42 min

  350. Oh no! It didn’t write it down…… You know what? If you email mr I can tell you how to do it. My email is Faeriebelle1234@gmail.com

  351. Um, I’m only nine! I don’t have an email.

  352. i got email when i was 8

  353. Hey im here!! and i cant wait for the island

  354. Steamworks is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &#9774 out people! 🙂

  355. awww man that was supposed to be a peace sign! 🙁 oh well

  356. how would u make a peace sign:?:

  357. yeah 😳

  358. Hello?bye!CBL! I dont have a Email either.Ill ask for one… said no.

  359. its almost 11:oo night cu early 2morrow

  360. goodnight

  361. when is it gonna come outttttttttttttttttttttt i wanna play ’cause i’m not a mmbr why didn’t they say that it’s mmbr free so the sooooooner they play the soooooooner we
    re gonna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  362. I think i got an email when i was about 6 and 1/2 yeah.. i got it earlier, and now my inboxs is practilly filles with emails and i stil use it

    @bashfullbite how do u do the blushing thing ❓ ?

  363. Hello? Anyone here?

  364. Yes. And here is how you do it: :oops:. Hover over it to see how it’s done.

  365. I’m hovering but I still don’t know how its done! *hovering*

  366. I think the story of the island is something like this: You know how at first on 24 Carrot Island, there was all this air and water pollution (the water was green and the backround sky looked smoggy). In the time of the invention of the steam engine, the main fuel source was coal. Coal is an extremely bad pollutant which might have become so bad that plants and animals, and eventually the inhabinants couldn’t breathe! So the humans left. Either the animals died off or were in zoo’s or something. But the plants? They probably started to come back as mutated plant monsters from all the pollution, and grew all over the island. And thats where your Poptropican comes in. After completing your quest and defeating and/or making peace with them, the humans come back and find a healthier solution to powering steam engines. Such as Geothermal energy or maybe just something else to burn.

    By the way, Invisible fire, to know how to do the blushing face, just roll over this: 😳

  367. I’ll think I’ll change my name to Mechaman when Steamworks comes out, like how I went from Mythoman to Blackbeard Boy when Skullduggery came out.

  368. Mechaman. Cool. I’ll probably change my name to “Megamite”.

  369. Ok, Nicholas, here’s what you do. Type” :” then type “oops” then type “:” again. Don’t type the quotation marks. :mrgreen:

  370. 😥

  371. am i alone again

  372. new outfits in store:vampires there sooo cool

  373. Awesome! New outfits!I had a feeling new outfits were supposed to be coming out today. 😳

  374. im throwing a multiverse party room code:dqg14

  375. nicky u here

  376. nevermind i left

  377. Aw. I missed it. Dang. I was looking at the new outfits on both of my accounts.

  378. haha i could make another

  379. and now ur gone

  380. uggh

  381. i already bought the outfits and took the hair of the 1st

  382. Really. I only have free items. I’m trying to save my money.

  383. im a member

  384. I have 1425 credits. I think.

  385. Aw. I can’t believe it. You get free stuff.

  386. There’s a new post on the Creator’s Blog! It’s by the Black Widow, A new creator. And she says that there is a special guest coming to Poptropica! I can’t wait until Monday.

  387. I’m a member also, and I’m a vampire fan, so that’s pretty cool.

  388. its the guy from diary of a wimpy kid i cant believe i forget his name i love those books


  390. Thats the creator of poptropica. Jeff Kinney.

  391. multiverse party room number bjy71

  392. Yes. His name is Greg. I’ve seen the movie, and it was good.

  393. OK. I’ll be right there.

  394. everyones invited

  395. Never. Seen the movie. Read all the books. I can’t believe it. What does that mean. New guest? Is he going to be on an island. Or just on the blog?

  396. Okay. Have to log back in. Notice: I won’t be posting comments while i’m in multiverse.

  397. oops rong button and now theres a glitch and imm someone else

  398. I’m at your Multiverse, Bashful Bite. You only asked me one question, then you left.

  399. ok m back in a room the code is AYB67

  400. i left on acccident

  401. 😳

  402. I will be there.

  403. Yeah. I can’t get in.

  404. Question: What is your top 5 favorite outfits in the poptropica store?

  405. Who were you talking to, Nicholas?

  406. Anyone.

  407. Mine: Magican Girl
    Rock Star Girl 2
    Wolf Girl

  408. My favorites are: The Magician, The Biker, The Astronaut, The French Fries, And the Rock Singer.

  409. Those are the creators picks.

  410. Cuddly? Am I alone?

  411. Hello? Oh well.

  412. I’m still here, Nicholas.

  413. check the poptropica blog cause somebodys coming to poptropica

  414. Q:guess whos back:?:

  415. the movie was horrible i hated it

  416. hey i havent seen jeall all day i only saw nicky and CW

  417. CW can u go on mweor u never do

  418. Are you still online ❓

  419. yeah

  420. .

  421. ti awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. hello?! well,My computer froze tempararaly. my BFF is coming here tomarrow.if someone you dont reconize here says: “Hi im new here,can I know where Jeall is?” or someyhing like that tell me.Her name might be MuddyRing or Muddy Ring or MuddyRing 26 or MuddyRing26.So Muddyring 26 or MuddyRing. bye! be on mweor.and poptropica.

  423. Me too! cant wait tell my real live friend comes here tomarrow! I canot wait! shes a tomboy so if shes kinda rude be nice. shes my friend.

  424. I think when greg comes to poptropica,he’ll follow you and talk to you. or he’ll be in the blog.

  425. who? O! WD! hey! WD,will be here in time for DoaWK!(greg) My friend has been on Poptropica for only all summer(or less) so offer help on the isalnd.say something like ” jeall said your new here and poptropica so if you need help with an island dont hastitate” or something like that.Nice. she is a sucker for funny and kind.where has SP been?

  426. bye! GtG! BBL!CBL!

  427. night! not CBL! mabye later.bye!

  428. Couldnt help myself.still here?

  429. whats idk mean? I dont kare?

  430. check this out! (and bye!)
    (*_*) cool right!? bye!

  431. good night! *yawn* Cevyone2marro!

  432. Yeah, Jeall said it once.

  433. Hey guys! Have you seen the “mystery guest” on the blog? I know who it is! It’s Greg Heffely from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. They’re advertising for his newest and last book.

  434. Hey BlackBeard Boy! Yes, I saw the mystery guest, But why did they put a purple backround? If they were advertising for “Dog Days”, the backround would be yellow. They’re probably advertising for a new book!

  435. uh…I said that already! still here? BOM.CBL!

  436. Mathy! what a surprize! hows Lary?

  437. Hi Jeall and Matmoticous!

  438. CW! whats up my man!?

  439. i is back. had to eat brunch. didn’t eat breakfeast.

  440. i think i missed you guy. crap.

  441. guys i meant and i will be waiting for a tad longer.

  442. i is leaving unless someone comes in the next three comments
    oh and didn’t white dragon say she was coming back on the 22nd?

  443. Bye!Im here but going swimmin’! be back in 30mins!

  444. I’m still here. I was on mweor.

  445. I’m also going swimming. They have a divingboard were I swim!

  446. hello? Im back!I think WD is a fake.someone doing what I did with SP and YM.they forgot all about her.

  447. im back back

  448. (\ _ /)
    (* _ *)

  449. haha thats cool cabby

  450. my name is maya!!!!! and i like pie

  451. i is back. had to go suddenly long story. so online food fight?

  452. Jeall i don’t think wd is a fake. she was in the possy. and possy members are loyal to other possy members. we should belive i will brb.

  453. anyone here because i’m back again.

  454. okay guys i am capitillizing the m in my name

  455. or should i keep it down?

  456. I prefer the capitalized letter.

  457. thanks. he is on the move (lary)

  458. Do you know what he is doing?

  459. he moved out of the house. he is now dating smart paws rachel.

  460. we are commenting at the same time nooooooooo

  461. You know, I think that villains just do that.

  462. oh good i think it stoped

  463. And what’s the big deal about commenting at the same time?

  464. hey that guy is trying to impersonate me. my name has an upper case M

  465. well you can’t see what the other person wrote until you comment

  466. Yeah, like I impersonated Smart Paw.

  467. i love you cw love you.

  468. Yeah, He’s impersonating you.

  469. no i don’t! now stop you dude. we all know your fake.

  470. We can’t do it without Jeall.

  471. no how about a love hug fight honey?

  472. idk but i think the impersonater is back.

  473. Why do people leave at a time like this?

  474. i had to do something but i’m back with more love.

  475. i’m back and so is the impersonater.

  476. hi guys i’m new here. is any one on?

  477. I know. I was talking to the impersonater.

  478. the impersonater probably is.

  479. The impersonater IS Lary.

  480. i’m having a party on poptropica here is the code: dld53

  481. i don’t know a lary. just you and your love

  482. Who the heck are these people?

  483. who are the other two people.

  484. That’s what I just said.

  485. ignore them and they will leave.

  486. lets check if one is gone

  487. who were those people? we should have a party when the others are here got to go.

  488. I am alone again. If anyone is there, please come online. I hate being lonely.

  489. I’m here, Cuddly Walker.

  490. Hi -Me. Were have you been?

  491. I’ve been playing Poptropica. I need help on Time Tangled Island.

  492. Were is everybody else? I’m bored of playing Poptropica.

  493. I don’t know. Were is Jeall? I haven’t seen her all day.

  494. It says there are more comments, I just don’t see them.

  495. well i’m here for a little bit.

  496. i didnt see jeall yesterday and today

  497. Most likely no one is on but who cares?

  498. I like poptropica

  499. mornin’!I got grounded! now…Rain…Do you have a mweor called Oogie?(why:a friend of mine in real life made a mweor on mweor and said shed come here.)

  500. Why were you grounded?

  501. Must have missed her. Oh well.

  502. still here! sorry…I was on mweor.breedin’. I wont say.why I was grounded.

  503. Ooo!I thought something up!listesn! On poptropicasecrets!all covered in articles!I lost my poor Best Friend when somebody kicked him off!(based on the meatball song)

  504. I made that up. hello?! bye!CBL!

  505. Okay. Missed her again. Okay. I don’t care if you don’t tell me.

  506. still here? im gonna beon mweor.come back in a…30 mins.

  507. Okay. *siigh*

  508. HI! This is Nicholas!

  509. Yea! Someone is here!

  510. Hi Smart Paw! How are you and Mattie. (Mattie=Madeline)

  511. Great. Just great.

  512. im here

  513. u still here

  514. Hi Bashful!

  515. Hello Bashful!

  516. *sighs*

  517. oh hi

  518. have u heard of adventure quest worlds

  519. ello

  520. Hi! I gotta go!but be on mwoer for a few.CBL!

  521. cmon am i alone

  522. No. I’m still here.

  523. I just wanted to say before I go…the 29th…Im selling more than 20 mweors!(Im having 49!)K…bye!CBL!

  524. Hi. I’m bored.

  525. Good afternoon, everyone.

  526. hello im new 😀

  527. oops i ment to type wat up but i was thinking of somthing else so i typed that

  528. Jeall, you always have to go.

  529. yah…Im SOOm sorry! I was on mweor…then swimmin’…then mweor…Then a chore…U guys know how to delete messages on mweor? (and if ANY one is mean to me…I know how to get back at them) Hey!SP… thpought U were a girl! And make a mweor for heavans sake!

  530. (hey got 650th comment!)bye!CBL!BOM!

  531. no!you gotta delete the messahes! you wont get any more!bye!

  532. How do you delete messages?

  533. you..uh…hold on.

  534. EVERYONE WHO PLAYS MWEOR READ!: How To Delete Messages: OK so your inbox is stuffed.And U dont know how to delete messages.First go to your messages.Then click a message you wanna delete. then next yo “Reply” is “Delete”.Click “Delete” and tada! its gone!

  535. hello?! huh… If Rain comes back tell her to talk to me.Its important. CBL!

  536. Okay?

  537. I still have know idea what MWEOR is!

  538. im bak but it aint eva none to talk too

  539. Im here but I came to say goodnight.Goodnight evyone!C evyone in the morn! sweet dreams!(a mweor is a catlike creature and You care for them)

  540. just type in mweor.com and its obvious and if ur having trouble after making one just click on help and to figure out what somthing is scroll over the question mark

  541. Mornin’! I’m here aren’t I? and Bingo! My friend tried to make a mweor and It didnt work(even with me backin’ up). So I made one for her just like the one she first made.so when I call her I tell her she goes on there and Bingo! She got a mweor I made.

  542. (My friend is new to poptropica,popsecrets,and mweor.She is a old friend though. so be nice.shes a month older than me.m 9. she is kinda rough so dont do anything dumb.As in be mean)

  543. I can’t wait to meet your friend, Jeall!

  544. yah…Weve been friends 3 years. She is quite a tomboy.Im her girly,sassy,elegant,non-tomboy friend!She is like kinda popualar at school.So if you like me…Your sure to like her(Just I have to always be the favorite). 😆 hahahaha!Im joking!Haha!

  545. Jeall, You’ll be my favorite on this website.

  546. 😀 *smiles REAL wide* Thanks CW! U are my fav too! but it was a joke!

  547. should I through a pop party? uh… based on animals!You gotta look like an animal! the code is:let me logg on!

  548. Stay there until I get there.

  549. code:DHH55 I am the girl.The boy has multiverse.Ignore him Ill only play as the girl. (boy doesnt have any animal costumes so he brakes rules!)

  550. Wait. I’m eating dinner.

  551. diner! its… 10:00 A.M. where I live! holy cow! k.Ill wait.

  552. when your back new code! It logged my carecters off.

  553. wat r u eating 4 lunch?

  554. OMG!huh uh! its! he! OMG! I cant belive! I! omg!

  555. It dosen’t matter. And Greg Heffley is at Poptropica now! He’s at Early Poptropica near the Soda Pop Shop.

  556. Jeall, what the heck are you talking about?

  557. thats why I said that! I saw him near the thetar in 24 carrot! OMG! He says: Come back on thursday to see the front cover of my book. OMG Its Monday already!

  558. oooo!U said WE(SP and I) couldn’t say bad words!you just did!

  559. What did I say? Heck? That’s not a bad word!

  560. No more party! You throw one!Im on the Dogs and Cats website.Ive seen the first one 100 times!I LOVE it! I REALLY wanna see the next one!

  561. You said not any word thats KINDA bad.thats Kinda Bad! bye!CBL!

  562. People say that all the time. And why do you have to leave?

  563. Omigosh! Greg Heffley! HI! Can I have your autograph! (J/K) This so cool meeting a character from a book.

  564. Hello everyone. What did I miss?

  565. I just turned the Wimpy Kid blue!

  566. Nicholas. Your weird.

  567. OMG!*whispers to self “I have horribly odd Cliantell”*

  568. Everyone is weird!

  569. I was just kidding. Take a joke.

  570. My friend will be sycked.She likes him. Infact,It seems everyone I know likes him but me.I think he’s gross.I also think McDonalds and Soda are gross.Yes gasp all you want Ive always hated it always will.

  571. Actually McDonalds is gross. I love soda though.

  572. yah…Soda,I wouldnt drink if my life dipennded on it.The WK I would read thougj.

  573. I hate nuts. Any type of nut.

  574. Really! You hate nuts! *no comment*

  575. Jeall, I don’t like Greg Heffley either. It’s just cool to see him in Poptropica.

  576. She’s not nuts to not like nuts. 😆

  577. Hey! Greg was actually a jerk during some parts of the book BUT the book was really funny.

  578. Me to! Nuts are GROSS! Lets see…Nuts,WK,Soda,and McDonalds.And Im picky.

  579. Wow. Cuddly Walker. That was really corny.

  580. Everyone else in my family LOVE nuts. Except me.

  581. I am. Still on. Cuddly.

  582. Me too.

  583. Hi Smart Paw! There’s a new post on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog!

  584. I know I saw it.

  585. heres what it says: Monday, July 26, 2010
    Our guest has arrived!
    Poptropicans, please welcome the wimpy kid himself to Poptropica!
    Greg Heffley is waiting for you on the Main Street of your favorite Island with some exciting news. Visit any Poptropica Island for the scoop!

  586. Im surprized!Usually they write something….Longer. Hello?! Bye! CBL! (PSU guys know the FIRST cats and Dogs? well the main dog in that who was all cool,Is now a nerd!He wears glasses!)

  587. Oh. Wow. Amazing.

  588. *sarcasm*

  589. Hey!I dont do that to YOU guys! SP Make a Mweor!

  590. SP!PLEASE! Make a mweor! then tell me the Name,color,and eye color.

  591. Im gonna get 750th comment!

  592. and! yah! 750th comment!

  593. Fine. I’ll make a mweor.

  594. sweet! then tell me whats its name is,body color,and eye color.

  595. Mweor. Sounds cool.

  596. uh…-Me who are U?

  597. ? This place is weird. Alright. Give me a sec. Somethings going on outside. My dogs are barking like crazy.

  598. I’m new here. I think I’ve met you before.

  599. hey…By chance…Do you own a cat name Oogie?My friend does and said she might come here.If not,shes Rain.

  600. what mweor? yah. Probably another dog.

  601. Jeall, are you talking to me?

  602. Everything is fine. Just a squirrel. Oh and my dog Pop and Lil Red (I did not name them that) were fighting.

  603. you own a cat name Oogie!

  604. oh.My dogs are Zues and Ellie.

  605. Zues and Ellie… Sounds familiar…

  606. I also have a dog named Hermes. I have lots of dogs.

  607. -me! U could be my friend! uh…. How can I tell its my friend if I cant say anything personal on the internet?

  608. I know your name.

  609. Hi Me! I mean you. I mean the person named Me.

  610. Really? What is it?

  611. I can’t tell you.

  612. Dang. Oh well.

  613. I know. You know mweor? well I made a mweor for you. guys you PROMISE not to get on her mweors page when I say it here?

  614. Your not getting either of our names.How about I say the first 2 letters of my name and you say the 2 first letters of your name? If your my friend our names are both kinda uncommon.

  615. Guys go on poptropica!!!!!!!!! Don’t log in!

  616. k.Oh!Steamworks Video!

  617. Oh Hi -Me! And OK Smart Paw.

  618. OMG! $10 at target for membership!I HAVETO get that!

  619. Hey. What is that coming soon thing about?

  620. -me still there? I wanna know if your my friend or not!

  621. Jeall, What Steamworks video?

  622. Cool! I am definitely buying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  623. You can get membership or credits at target for $10 in late Augest! I GOTTA do it!

  624. Oh.I thought when Nicky said that the cool news was a steamworks video.I was wrong. -me? whats the first 2 letters of your name?

  625. I don’t know if people have seen my avatar lately. But I changed the way my avatar looks and I want an opinion. Go to avatar studio please and type in kike433 to see my avatar.

  626. -Me is my friend! My dogs names sound familier,she owns a cat named Oogie like my friend,I just need 1 more peice of INFO!

  627. your carecter looks awsome! wait!thats it! my friends Poptropica carecter is muddyring.her username is muddyring26!If thats her stuff,its my friend.(ps, do you,-me,have bangs and shoulder lenghth hair? and if you know me,do I have gold/blond hair with bangs?)

  628. Thanks.

  629. short lenghth BROWN hair?

  630. I think she left. And I hope you DON’T have blond hair. Don’t ask.

  631. I have blond/brown hair.preety long,and side bangs(the ones that cover half your forhead.). my friend has forhead covering bangs,dark brown hair,and its shoulder lenghth.

  632. And I DO ask. Ohh! Rachel had blond hair! U miss her.Now…I thought U were a girl?

  633. Oh my gosh. That reminds me of an ex I have. Either Nancy or Rachel.

  634. Rachel had brown hair. And a big smile. And she was tall. And had hazel eyes.

  635. oh.Your mweor? name,color,eye color?

  636. I have had a lot of girlfriends who were blond. Actually I think Rachel was a brownish red hair. And I am 100% man!

  637. oh.I have blue eyes. so does my friend.accualy my eyes change color. blue,green,different shades a blue and green…

  638. Oliver. White. Green. I think?

  639. mweor? and I thought since Nicky made U on poptropica,you were a girl by being made by one.

  640. Wow. You sound pretty. *Thinking: I can’t believe i said that*

  641. I am not a girl! I am a MALE! Nicky is a girl! I’m not!

  642. k.Your mweor didnt show up when I looked for you. And…Im not preety.

  643. I said you sounded. *Whispers “Moron”*. Oh well. Mweor was confusing anyway.

  644. uh! make a mweor! and…I have straight A’s!

  645. I have Blue eyes, glasses, and a buzz cut.

  646. I am a fortune teller. I feel that a voice from below is calling you Smart Paw.They are waiting to take you.To the underworld. You must show you can be nice in order to live your ramaining days.You must or say goodbye to life.

  647. OMG! CW sounds *coughs “like a nerd”*

  648. I only said that because I just read the previous comments.

  649. Whatever. Is that why your not pretty? Because your a nerd. ( In case you haven’t noticed my strange sense of humor I’m just kidding)

  650. I will arrive in 3 days to take you from the world. change your ways then and you will live.

  651. Gee, thanks alot Jeall.

  652. Im a nerd.Yah. K. Im smart and weird lookin’.Bye!gotta eat.BRB!

  653. Speaking of eating. I haven’t ate all day. I’m going to get a snack. Cul8r.

  654. I’m back. Well. Um.

  655. Hi Smart Paw. -Me is my brother.

  656. -Me is your bro! oh! Your own a cat name Oogie!? and…uh!

  657. uh! I guess C.. uh my friend isnt -Me. man.

  658. Yes, -Me is my brother, And… he calls our cat Oogie.

  659. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! 🙂

  660. Wow. Weird.

  661. uh! I thought it was my BFF! I guess Rain is C…my friend.Mweor!NOW! Dont make me get mad.It aint preety.

  662. yoooooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooooooooo? u guys do know wd is coming 2day?

  663. Im here! Guess!delete your messages!

  664. WD is fake.Someone mad her up.I gerantie

  665. Im going on my OTHER mweor account.Then Ill call C…my friend. bye!CBL!

  666. Jeall, I’m on Mweor.com

  667. Soooooooooooooo. Am I alone now?

  668. Anyway. I gotta go. See you guys tomorrow. Bye!

  669. Hello? Im on mweor?! CBL!

  670. Annoucement:When Steamworks Island is released for members (still don’t know when that is) I will not be on poptropicasecrets until I finish the island for myself.

  671. Hi everyone. I’m back.

  672. I have finished every island besides Skullduggery. : O

  673. hello? bye!CBL! (I personaly like Lou better than Diggs in Dogs And Cats: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore)

  674. Guys! check this out! read: Go to Creators Blog and scroll do to 2008. then scroll do to: “Past Or Future”. When I first saw it I thought it was Astro Nights.Then,I relize it cant be! What do you guys think? Ill look on poptropica and see if it resembals the… u get it.

  675. Jeall, they were still editing the island. For example, The Reality TV hotel first said “Cosmic Apartments”.

  676. uh! stop annoying me!

  677. Um……….I won’t be here tomorrow. Most likely.

  678. I think the creators blog is turning into poptropica secrets. New post: Poptropica Tips and Tricks. They keep on posting so much info about costumes and events and other stuff. Basically this website is kind of a repeat of what we already know. Because the blog already says it!

  679. I haven’t found any easter eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s frustrating! 😡

  680. easter eggs?! Y U be gone tomarrow!? And…I think I found anothoer one!: Monday, July 26, 2010
    Poptropica Tips and Tricks: Pest control
    This week we’re going to be sharing some neat tips and tricks to help you get a little more from Poptropica. We’ve hidden a lot of fun easter eggs in the game. You may have found some already!
    Have you ever noticed how many of the background objects in Poptropica are interactive? Sometimes even more than you’d think. Take the crab that’s crawling around the first screen of Time Tangled Island.
    He certainly looks mopey. But he’ll look even more mopey if you click on him.
    See how he gets squished? Well, just see what happens if you keep clicking on him real fast!
    Yikes! He explodes. Your Poptropican has to dodge the debris.
    Don’t worry, though: he’ll come back together and be good as new in no time.
    The same cannot be said for the roaches that infest Bucky’s hotel room on Reality TV Island.
    Those little buggers move fast. If you can catch up with them, here’s what happens:
    If you leave the room and come back inside, they’ll be ready to be squashed all over again.
    Have you found any more clickable objects in Poptropica

  681. ciao

  682. Hidden outfit(cool thing): go to the HQ in Spy and go to the top where Directer D should be and click the red button.then the screen turns off.

  683. i saw greg heffley on main street

  684. Is anybody on here Thunder eyes’s owner from mweor?

  685. 😀 ilove .com thunder thx for the as said a waikthrough

  686. more! omg like so much but….. cool yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss i love poptropica ………..

  687. i’m supid but cool not smrt and today is my bday!

  688. The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metal and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget! bwahahahahahahaha!

  689. (\_/) Really did you really do a bunny you are like so cool!
    (`_`)Check out my girlsense lilMamaLuv12349

  690. it is sooo awsome 🙂

  691. are those bunnies trademarked? can i do one to?

  692. what easter eggs?

  693. gotta go to the skullduggery page.bye!

  694. (?_/)
    (‘ _’)
    bunny like dr.hare

  695. dang where cuddly walker live? it was 12:00pm where i was, he sed it was dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  696. hello jeal i know the buttton already also TRY CP(clubpenguin)
    AND MAKE UR OWN IGLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat u say and join the fun!!!?

  697. (\_/)
    ( ~_~)

  698. Haunted house costs 350 credits!

  699. (\_/)

  700. LOL I don’t get it

  701. Mario: It’s a me Mario
    Sonic: yo dude, steamworks is harrrrrrrd
    Kirby: poyo (what’s steamworks)

  702. this was hard but i finished from help



  704. I LOVE IT


  706. PLEASE HELP ME !! After i defeated the third monster in the plant hive im stuck on it. im just there and im stuck with the dead third monster. pls help me, i dont want to repeat 6 times again. pls help me :((( … thanks

  707. and also when i refresh it im there on the three monsters but noone is there, im just there and no monsters, pls help me :((((((((( !!!

  708. i love poptropica it is so awesome

  709. why wont any one put promo codes on poptropica