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Skullduggery Dates Announced

All the Poptropica buzz right now is around Skullduggery Island. In recent days, there have been lots of sneak peek screenshots, special items for paid members and even an official trailer for the new island. But the big news, which was announced on the official Poptropica blog earlier today, is that Skullduggery Island will launch on Thursday, May 20. That’s one week from today!

It will only be available for paid-members in early access mode on that date. It will open up for everyone on June 17. Be sure to check back here on the 20th for all of the cheats for Skullduggery Island, walkthroughs, and more.

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  1. Again first to post.
    And I REALLY wish I was a member but my mom wont let me…
    It stinks..

  2. poptropicadude

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  3. poptropicadude

    membership is kind of unfair

  4. Yes, yes it is. It’s like saying people who are wealthier than you are better people.

  5. COMEON! I Want to be a member so bad!

  6. if your taiking about member ship dont bemad just because you dont have it.besides just because you have membership you dont get to be a member forever

  7. oh yah if your having trouble beating a island just give me your username and password im on here everyday

  8. i watch youtube so i can complete poptropica islands

  9. Sara (Mighty Flyer)

    anybody there??????

  10. Third to post! and Membership only costs 13$ for 6 months! I got it for 6 months the first day it even existed.

  11. i know your pain yasmine……..my mom and dad only leyt me be a member on club penguin :(:(:(:(:(:(

  12. i just made a multiverse on poptropica! room code is as follows: asv58

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  15. IT’S COMING OUT IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love it. The membership is stupid

  17. i wish i have membership my medal is full i will wate for skullduggery

  18. what your name on poptropica.

  19. soooooooooooo my name is spygizmo in clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok

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  21. how do you beat 24 carrot??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:[

  22. Just go on YouTube for completeing islands…

  23. It’s coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! But only for members. 🙁 But the good news is you can still watch the videos and et the cheats!

  24. OMG I can’t wait till the 17 June. Sooo unfair. I love poptropica! I really like the new prom dress too…

  25. this is super cool with the ships

  26. my sis go egg yes mall 2 moun today

  27. i love skullduggery . i have a membership. YEAH!

  28. Crystal (Cool Tiger)

    This SUCKS! I wish my dad would let me get membership! COME AS SOON AS U CAN JUNE 17!

  29. Ok so I’m not a member and that just plain sucks and the bad thing is by the time June 17 comes I won’t be able to play Skullduggery Island because I’ll be at my sister’s softball tournaments out of state!!!!!!! ]:-[

  30. I want to become a meber so bad i wish had money.Those peaple who have a membership are so lucky!I wish my mom would buy a membership so badly.I wonder if she would,if she was cool like that!

  31. I’m gonna wait until June 17 just to open Skullduggery Island!I wish I could be a member,but I had the biggest problem!I don’t have any dollar,because I am a Filipino.I wish time was faster and won’t be slow until June 17!If only I have dollars,I could have opened Skullduggery Island early jus for 3 months!O:)

  32. I wish I could pay membership w/ GCash.My mother has lots of iT!

  33. Dariey(mad lizard)

    Im A member.I LOVE skulldugery Iland!i look like captain crawfish.

  34. Dariey(mad lizard)

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    ps:brownhorse is new
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    i want the both followers packs

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