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Shrink Shot and Shrink Ray Island Sneak Peek

When you log into Poptropica this weekend and visit the map, you’ll see that there’s now a sneak peek version of Shrink Ray Island that everyone can visit. It’s in the form of a mini-game called Shrink Shot

Here’s what the creators have to say about the new mini-game on the official Poptropica blog:

The object of the game is to bounce your miniaturized Poptropican around a room, causing as much mayhem as you can to rack up big points. Achieving high scores will earn you bonus powers that will help you score even more points! Can you unlock all of the upgrades and win the grand prize?

To play the game, you shoot your Poptropican across the scene by selecting the power and the angle of your shot. You want to aim to hit the green point balls to get a high score. You also want to hit different items in the scene to earn special prizes and build your score. For example, hitting the car will cause it to drive you across the floor and pick up a ton of points. If you reach certain scores in the game, you’ll unlock special prizes, like the hard helmet, which earn you even more points. Other upgrades include the bounce ball, propeller hat, a spiked hard helmet and a spiked bounce ball. It’s a really fun game and gives everyone a great look at what the new Shrink Ray Island will be all about.

Poptropica Shrink Shot - Blocks

Knockin' the blocks in Poptropica Shrink Shot

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  1. 3rd. The island’s sneak peek is kinda interesting.

  2. 5th to comment go pirannas!!!!!!!

  3. i meant piranas!

  4. i’m bored…and sad :'(

  5. does anyone here have a facebook?

  6. i got everything 5 costumes crayons grape gum sparkle power and soda

  7. As I said. I haven’t done it on my main account (poptropican). But I have done it.

  8. did you get the balloon???

  9. eatin’ Gelato ,YAY 🙂

  10. I’ve gotten the gum, soda bottle, crayons. hard helmet, and bounce ball

  11. I’m not a member so I cant get the propeller hat, spiked hard hat, spiked bounce ball, or the sparkle power and I’ve bounced off baloons but haven’t gotten the ballon

  12. i got the shrink ray island balloon! Hooray!

  13. I got all the prizes you can get (except the members only one) Grape Gum, Soda Pop, Crayons and the balloon! They’re cool prizes, I love ’em.

  14. yeah I’m a member so I got every thing it only took me like 15 minutes

  15. my computers being slower than usaul

  16. and bashful cloud I could tell them

  17. oh wait dang it my computer won’t load it either

  18. I have all of the prizes except for crayons. IDK why I can’t get them. I’ve been trying and I keep hitting the crayons it tells me to hit but it won’t give me the prize. Can anyone help me?

  19. I could try it

  20. i need the balloon. any tips on how to get it???

  21. Never mind! I got them!

  22. Sparkle power is really cool!

  23. watchin’ the funniest show on earth………..The Big Bang Theory

  24. bored, pissed, someone please punch me

  25. Good evening everyone

  26. Got all the items that a non-member can get. HATE poptropica creators for making mor than half of the sneek peak for only members like the red dragon one. sneek peeks should always be completely free. it’s just NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. kats is the shortest in the history of man ever dude ok you me deven got ims and you me deven trevor have a relay so practice tomorrow is 3 hours not 2 im supposed to tell ya

  28. How do you get the balloon?!?!?!? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! I CANT GET IT AND ITS DRIVING ME C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I hate those creators. I mean, ofcourse Membership is a good thing, but they should stop erasing more than a half items for non-members. They should only give member only-access to at least 1/4 of the items. members already got free suits, free members-only island items, and early access. so why?!!!! at least just add the propeller or something.

  30. poptropicashem12

    don’t worry you’ll get it callie1236 I tried like for 5 days and on june 13 thats the day I got it

  31. Hey! don’t rip on me! and thanks I wish it was only two hours! I’m tired!

  32. Jeall hasn’t been on here in a long time

  33. Its fine hes my boy friend not my boyfriend anyways we’ve been friends for 5 years so thats just how we roll. Once we told some little girl there were sharks in our secrets hideout and proved it!

  34. oh and he is SO not annoying! And hes new here so be nice

  35. love this when r they making the new island

  36. I never said that you were being mean and i just use “bf” its short for best friend and nope I don’t really watch sports!

  37. @Infernape
    Yeah. The Big Bang Theory is funny. Not the funniest on earth but it is funny.
    Got all the items too.

  38. Atlantis would be a cool island.
    Or Saudi Arabia! Oh my gosh! Like a genie island or something like that!

  39. Skullduggery was more of Caribbean.
    But yeah. Genie island would be great.

  40. You look nice.
    Nice glasses.
    But……………why does every girl pose like that. Lips all smooched and stuff. Why not just smile. Heck of a lot more normal.

  41. 😆 I’m so lame. ‘Heck of a lot more normal’
    Anyway. I’ll get my multiplayer stuff.

  42. Got it!

  43. whats going on what are you talking about and where do poptropicans get penguin hats, penguin outfits, and penguin followers

  44. oh and one more thing in shrink shot I got all the non-member prizes except the baloon even though I keep hitting baloons and it said to hit baloons to get it what is happening

  45. and I guess your talking about island ideas

  46. and I keep seeing people in penguin costumes what is going on

  47. but they don’t have any new ad buildings

  48. Mr. Popper’s Penguins! Oh yeah. I’ll find the island.
    Sorry Jade. My computer was slow.

  49. oh yeah I saw the commercials but they have no new ad buildings

  50. Go to Cryptids Island.

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  61. hey guys sometimes some of the poptropica creators go into the multi-player rooms

  62. I’ve never seen one but arcording to the creators blog archives they do

  63. dude thats so rad i found 3 scorpions in megs front yard

  64. Just note that I’m a girl. Hey thank you for the cheats and secrets of each island! It absolutely helped me alot!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!! You’ve been a tremendous help for me and all the other people in the world who needed your help and advice!!n Well technically these are cheats and secrets but who cares!!!

  65. I live somewhere in the world…

  66. in arizona where else

  67. guys go to mythology island you will find the penguin ad there! its pretty easy to beat

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  103. I need to know when Non-members are gonna be let to Shrink Ray Island…..
    And is there anyone who plays like, Emma Winden?

    Claire Carnevale 🙂

  104. I am

  105. not

  106. OMG I wanna play already but I’m banned to Poptropica until my birthday!! 😥

  107. Can u tell me how to get the last item?ive already relized what i have to do

  108. Invisible Lightning

    ‘Ello good ole chaps, Invisible Lightning here saying that this minigame is simply the bee’s knees!

  109. i just beat sharkboys score im not lying i swear mi score is 2227495
    ps i absolutly swear im not lying

  110. i dont get what r u suposed to do at the shrink shot game on poptropica

  111. Princess Middle East

    I wonder when it’s gonna come for memebers.
    I mastered all the poptropica islands.

  112. im playing poptropica and i have red dragon and shrink ray is kind of cheap grand prize for mem. only its a rip off

  113. nope BC i ain’t grounded but I was SERIOUSLY hooked onto poptropica so , there you go.

  114. What is the main prize? You have to touch that balloon to get it and I just can’t get it. Does anyone know what it is?

  115. when is the shrink ray island coming out???? the one that u dont need a membership???? plz someone tell me!!!!!!! plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Does anyone know when non-members can actually go beyond the sneak peek? I’ve finished the sneak peek.

  117. When is the early access ending????? i am not a member, and i wanna play shrink ray island!!!!!!!

  118. i played that game but i cant seem to recieve the balloon. anyone have suggestions?

  119. Ahhh I’m not a member not getting to play is driving me crazy!

  120. I am dying BIT by BIT from not being able to play the whole shrink ray island cuz I’m not a member…..I NEED TO FINISH THAT ISLAAAAND!!!! *cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy* If someone will say when it will fully be out….THANK YOU!

  121. I think Shrink ray island is coming out on the 28th, next Thursday. But sadly I can’t play it right away because I have theatre camp 6-9 unless they open it early in the morning.then I will! ^w^

  122. im not a member and i want to play shrink ray island really bad

  123. I thaught poptropica was boring but it is not why won’t my dad get me membership

  124. how do i beat the sneak peek

  125. Hey ppl shrink ray island and wild west are asome!

  126. Shrink Ray Island is so boring to me . 🙁 :/

  127. are u the real selena gomaz?or a fake like most?

  128. Sup bitches I got membership and you don’t so hahahahaha losers