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Shrink Ray Island Arrives for Members

Shrink Ray Island has arrived for members. The island launched this morning, so anyone with a paid membership account can play. Keep your eyes peeled on the Shrink Ray Island cheats page for the full walkthrough, screenshots, videos and more once they become available.

If you’re already playing the island now, be sure to pop into the Poptropica Secrets forum, where you can discuss Shrink Ray Island with other Poptropica fans.

Here are a few screenshots of the newest island in Poptropica so that those of you who aren’t members can take a peek!

Balloon Experiment Girl in Shrink Ray Island

This girl's science experiment is all about balloons in Shrink Ray Island.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. 3rd

  2. how do you use the tooaster?

  3. How do you get into Silvia’s apartment?

  4. What is Cjs password.

  5. If its m2r13 cur13 I need to know with or without any capital letters.

  6. does anybody know the password for the laptop in shrink ray island

  7. i finished it, it was really fast short easy and lame!!!!! i can’t believe i waited a month for that !!!!
    \ it took me 30 minuts max to finish that!!!!! if ur having problems man u suck big time!!!!!!! i want a new island now and i want a gooooooood long hard fun one too! the latest islands have been nothing but easy they used to take me weeks now they take hours or even minusts to complete! p.s isn’t it great that school’s over and we have the rest of our summer just to us!!! pp.s iv also finished every other island and on a couple of accounts too. i’ve lived i poptropica for 5 years or maybe 3 i don’t know probably 3 :0) oh well i g2g can’t type all day, sorry about spelling!!!

  8. The password is m4r13 cur13 and I did it without any capital letters.


    im almost done with the island but i need help reaching the top of the fridge can someone tell me how to do it

  10. i finished in 30 min. lame island

  11. How do you get up to the remote control?

  12. Thanks. Now I put the thumb drive in but I cant get it on. What do I do?

  13. If you can help me at all on steamworks and wild west I will be happy to send you my username and password via email

  14. Ok?

  15. how do get the cat away from the door to get to the school (after the second morse code)

  16. how do you work the toaster? I can plug it in but i don’t weigh enough to push it down. HELLP!!

  17. When will the walkthroughs come out!?

  18. how do u get the fish food for the fish?

  19. Hey wild scorpion you use the thumbdrive on the computer?

  20. Try to use something there theres always something

  21. help me please!!!!

  22. Hi. Ihave always come here for help but I’ve never writtten anything. But today, its urgent!!!

  23. So, does any one know how to get the thumb drive?

  24. the thumb drive should be under her bed

  25. I have a funny story to tell. But what do you do after the cat in CJ’s house disepears?


    I finnaly beat the island 🙂 i think im gonna be one of the the top ten people to beat the island

  27. Does anyone know how 2 get in the fish tank or how 2 get on top of the frige cuz i dnt

  28. hey ummmmm i need somethin heavy 2 put on the toaster so wat is it and wher do i get it!!!Pleez. . . . .HELP!

  29. help shrink ray is 2 hard

  30. 17 th to comment!

  31. Nevr mind. What is the school corrdinates? 101? PS? PS 101?

  32. The school coordinates are x=87 y=16 swirl the telescope dials to that and you can see the school! 😉

  33. how do i open the door to save cj and the science fair?

  34. How do u get 2 the piece of paper on the table in shrink ray island!!!PLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  35. Hello? Anyone ther?I NEED HELP HERE!!!!

  36. wat is the car for???

  37. its on the bullitun board next to the telescope, just jump on the thumb tacks. I thinks is 87, 16

    To use the toaster you first go get the grape from the dining room and click it to carry it. Carry it to the toaster and then plug in the toaster. Then grab the grape and jump on the handle. stay there till you pop up. on the shelh you push the salt onto the spatula thing on the shelf and jump on the other end of the spatula and it should catapult you to the remote controler

    To get out of the house you use the Truck to drive you up a ramp created by pushing of a book in her computer room called tess’s tree. But it won’t work until you’ve done the morse codes

  38. how do u use the morse code i cant get up there???

  39. Hey, How do you get past the fan when its pushed down!

  40. And Hannah, Do you like cats? And have one? a grey male tabby?

  41. jeall wat side are u on the teascope side or the bed side

  42. yea im done so easy 😉

  43. jk need help how do u get the cat away from the door and wheres the second mores cod and wats joeys y # srry 4 spelling

  44. how do u delete the flash drive????

  45. Simple. You flush it down the toilet.

  46. IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hello. I have my cousin here. He says hello. He’s from France. His name is Chandler. His lat names is Gaylor!

  48. Just joking… I wont tell OUR last name. Im bored. bye! swimming with Mr. Gaylor!! (Wahahaha!)


    I found out howq you can get the shrink ray if you beat the old dispicable me ad you have a shrink ray but when you put it on it looks just like the one from the island (if you cant find it most of my ads are at early poptropica because once you finish one it goes to all the islands you have 🙂 )

  50. I am stuck at mr. silvas office.Need lots of help. bye.


    Wild scorpion hide behind stuff once you run out of stuf on the ground jump up the table at the end of the screen go over to the next table but first hide behind the sicence fair last place trophy ok then jump to the desk and keep hideing till you reach the mirror hide behind it it will reflect off and he will be shhrunk then go down turn it to grow then you are done!

  52. How do u get 2 the piece of paper on the table and how do u get 2 the remote on the frige


    for the remote on the fridge jump from the top of the toaster over to the E then jump to the shelf from the E it might take acouple trys then push the salt to the side of the spoon closet to the fridge and jump it will fly up then land it will make you boucne to the top of the fridge and for the table fill the cat bowl with about four things of kitty food to do this push it under the the cat food bag (jump on the cat food thing four times!) then push it over to the table and jump to the top of the cat food pile and you should be able to jump on the table it may take more or less cat food i forgot how much 🙂

  54. How do u get into the fish tank?

  55. And how do u get 2 the fish food on the shelf by the fish tank?

  56. I am almost finished!


    to get to the food first get the screw from the drawr in the kitchen and then use it to take the battery out of the car put the battery in the remote and turn on the tv then take the battery out and put it back go to the top of the TV and climb up the pole then jump on the green ballon you should stick to it you will probaly reach the top of a picture frame jump on the picture frame above that and go to the shelf and poor the fish food in then you can get the diary key from the fish tank


    i finished the island last night with out any cheats im so proud of myself!

  59. AWESOME dude you rock!


    ps i have Cjs shrink ray i found a cheat to get it if you dont think i have this rare item illgive a code for a multiplayer room and meet me there THE CODE IS : BFD72

  61. okay i’ll be right there!

  62. I’M HERE!

  63. I WIN 12/0

  64. his is boring so BYE!!!!


    you see i have the shrink ray!


    the multiverse is now closing

  67. yep I do hey what are the school telescope numbers?

  68. ok thanks for playin’ w/ me


    X:87 Y:16

  70. THANKS!!!!!


    I GTG BYE PS: to read morse code go to the morse code book on her bed


    PSS: you can take the morse code page with you to read it

  73. okay thanks again

  74. what is the code in the diary. . .it is like a lemon a piece of paper and a light bulb?

  75. What do u do in the bathroom?

  76. whats the password?

  77. To activate the code on the diary, If your standing by the diary, Jump straight down. You should land on the top of the laptop. Then jump on top of the thing where you can see small things(I forget what its called). Then jump on the lamp and jump on it tell it cant move down anymore. Then turn on the lamp(Just click the knob). Jump down on the desk so your in the beam of light under the lamp. Go to your inventory and click the peice of paper. Tada!!!!! I know the password is Marie Curie, But with some numbers. I forget them. In the bathroom you flush the hard drive.

  78. the password is m4r13 cur13

  79. marie curie

  80. What do u meen by flush the hard drive

  81. What do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT IS THE HARD DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. will the gold pop star limited edition ever be back in the stores


    Camroni2 probaly not but mabey! you can email poptropica and ask for them to bring it back

  84. how did you get the shrink ray!!!
    or was it the noobish despicable me one

  85. k thx(i wish they woud though)


    Aang how I got it acctualy the despicable me one tured into the new one try for your self it works its a epic cheat no kidding it turns into cJs shrink ray


    i was bored so I beat reality for the fourth time

  88. how do u beet it 4 the 4th time u can only do it once?

  89. you just play the main games multiple times so u take the copter back to the island and play it again camroni2

  90. I am back! I can answer any question about almost any island! So ask me as well!

  91. I am at the shrink ray multiplayer room for anyone who wants to meet me.

  92. hey ummmm wat do i do in the bathroom cuz idk

  93. After you finish the first morse code message go to the bathroom. use the hair dryer to blow up to the top of the shower. after that move the soap into the tub. then run to the water and run to turn it on. then run to the duck and get to the other side then press use on the thumb drive. then flush the toilet and you will hear the theif and complete it. Hope this helped,camroni2!

  94. Remember do this only after you complete the first morse code.

  95. P.S what is your Nickname on poptropica. mine is wild scorpion.

  96. The only islands I cant help you with are wild west and steamworks.

  97. Well I am heading back to my multiverse room.

  98. It is ajk37.

  99. Please go there.

  100. Remember, I can help with any island but steamworks or wild west!

  101. Well mine is perfect sinker

  102. i used the the thmb drive by the toilet and it didnt work

  103. I finished shrink ray!!!FINALLY!!!!!

  104. What does it meen if u r in a comman room and u start 2 sparkle?

  105. I dont know. I have had that happen before. It is Probabally a glitch.


    congrats to the first ten finishers of shrink ray island!


    Im at shrink ray island common room im White lobster


    XD i found out how to have no foot on poptropica!


    now im at skulldugery common room

  110. Does anyone know when Shrink Ray comes out for non members?

    And about the sparkling, someone probably put an effect on you.

  111. How do u hav no feet in poptropica?


    if you have the skulduger member costume put on the pegleg then go to the huanted house and take the skeletons body then one of your feet will be missing

  113. wild scorpian wat is yor username cuz i wanta look u up in the avatar studio on poptropica

  114. My username is be4guh.

  115. I am always going to either be on the shrink ray or the skullduggery chat room.

  116. cna you go to the skullduggery common room now?

  117. sorry,can

  118. I am now in the wimpy wonderland common room

  119. Now in the shrink ray common room.

  120. How do you leave the house after you are shrunk on Shrink Ray Island? P.S. I am a member as
    miacallon with the character’s name as Smart Fang.

  121. hey wild scorpion

  122. shrink ray was too easy. i like islands like astro knights or steamworks.

  123. hey noobs did you finish it yet! i finished it on the first day within the first hour it was toooo easy! i wish i had a nother island to play. im done them all

  124. that island could have been alot longer like he could have broke free and we coul have had to walk around town more before the school thing, like you had to have a hallpass or something to get in! but i agree i liked astroknights and steamworks and skulldigery(kinda). sorry about the spelling

  125. i was first to finish i think!!!! check the comments!!!!

  126. if you have the shrink ray gun from the dispicable me advert. and you put it on, now its a shrink-ray island shrinkray gun!

  127. u can have that bloon due if u r a girl

  128. what is that I don’t even

  129. Dout u were the 1st done fadsgku

  130. Do anyone know wat it meens wen ur in a comman room and star start glowing around u in a circle?

  131. Umm camroni1 thats because someone atom powered you.

  132. someone help me on this island

  133. When does the Shrink Ray Island come out for regurlar players?


  135. ok i keep typing in different passwords and none of them work, What is the stinken password?!…and how do i put in the corridinates for the telescope! Srry i’m always confused about the smallest things no matter how much help i get.