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Shrink Ray Gun in Store

There’s a new item available in the Poptropica Store. It’s the Shrink Ray gun, which you can get for free as a member, or for 150 credits if you’re not. The shrink ray gun does exactly what you think it would: it shrinks things down to mini-size. Just face in a direction and press the space bar while you have the gun equipped and any Poptropicans in your path will be shrunk down to a tiny size. The item is available now to celebrate the full release of Shrink Ray Island on this Thursday, July 28. It’s only a few days away!

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Shrink Ray Gun

The Shrink Ray Gun is available from the Poptropica Store for 150 credits, or free with a membership.

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  1. WILD Scorpion relax you dont need to yell.

  2. Finished shrink ray island 3 times in a row, P.S. I’ve finished all the islands the first day they come out for everyone 😀

  3. Yaaayyy! I’m still saving up but hopefully I’ll get it. All hail Potropica! The most popular site for kiddos like me and my bros and sis. it’s poptropi-licious!

  4. Incredible Sponge

    I have a shrink ray gun for free by completing the Despicable Me advertisement

  5. i do not need to buy shrink ray gun i got it for free remember the dispicable me shrink ray gun click put on the you have shrink ray (new) because the old ones is in the picture

  6. Oh yeah.Sorry

  7. Finished shrink Ray Island. Yay!!! 🙂

  8. guys there is a rumor the poptropic creators are gonna make a halo island imgaine that!

  9. With SMURF Transform and this Shrink Ray Gun,I made a science fair of tiny Smurfs!:D

  10. where to se store items?
    tel me plss i already baught
    shrink ray gun
    but i cant find it
    i dont know where
    is my storage

  11. @Ashrya-
    There is a backpack in the corner of your screen. Click on it. You will see a long blue button at the top with the name of the island you are on. Click on that, then select the first category, it is in gold ,with a star, and says store items. This is where you will find your shrink ray gun.

  12. I have the Shrink Ray Gun and I completed Shrink Ray Island.

  13. I shrunk my horse on Wild West Island, and I have completed Shrink Ray Island. I just love shrinking innocent little Poptropicans, hee hee!

  14. :O I like the shrink ray gun…. BTW…. Raheat…. is back!!!! :mrgreen:

  15. how do you finish red dragon island it’s so hard

  16. If you shrink the minataur in mythology island he will become the MINITAUR

  17. I just used the shrink ray I got from the Despicable Me ad.

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  19. i just bought the shrink ray gun. it is sooooooooooooooooooo coool!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ayub, look on red dragon cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!