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Scenes from Steamworks

Steamworks Island just came out yesterday and it’s one of the most challenging islands yet on Poptropica. There are many different puzzles and sometimes it takes some really creative thinking to get past some of the obstacles in your way. And of course it’s a lot of fun to play with a few interesting surprises tossed in. Another thing that’s really cool is the scenery. A lot of the artwork and backgrounds are beautiful. The setting of the island is in the steam-powered era of the 1800’s and it has a Steampunk feel about it. Here are some of the scenes you’ll encounter on your quest through the island.

Note, to save space I’ve made all of these pictures thumbnails. Click on them to make them bigger.

Arrival in Steamworks

Your arrival in Steamworks Island on Poptropica

Mech Repair Shop

Inside the Mech Repair Shop in Steamworks Island

Battle with a Boss Monster

Fighting one of the boss monsters at the end of Steamworks.

Flipping in Steamworks

You'll flip out over all the great scenery.

Rescue Mayor in Steamworks

You'll rescue the citizens and discover why they've been missing.

Steamworks Outdoor

There are machines, levers, cogs and wheels everywhere in Steamworks Island.

Plant Monster in Greenhouse

You'll need a little chemistry to defeat this plant monster.

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  70. The Poptropica blog has a new official trailer for Steamworks Island. It looks really amazing and if you watch the whole trailer closely you’ll see a lot of things that they haven’t revealed about the new island yet. I really like the machines and especially the monster plants

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