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S.O.S. Island Trailer

The official trailer for S.O.S. Island has been released. You can watch it below. Besides the really cool intro (creepy whale eye!) we don’t learn too much about the new island, except that you’ll be part of the rescue mission to save people who were on the whale-watching cruise in the Arctic. You’ll also spend a lot of time underwater. What do you think about the new island? Check out the new trailer and post your comments below!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  2. I’ve been hearing rumors that a new person named eva is seriously commenting up pages (If u know what I mean). By the way Eva I’m 13 and in the 7th grade, this is my first year being homeschooled, I’ve been going to public schools fom K-6. By the way Night Longer and Cae315 what are ur email addresses so I can add u on Google+?
    P.S. I haven’t seen VanillaWolf and ZippyCrab for a long time………
    P.S.S. Sorry about your aunt poptropfan

  3. By the way atif I saw your name in the top 10 finishers for islands a few times, great job

  4. eva is the one that needs patient

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  6. poptropfan:
    First: The google translator translate sooo bad, so please,tell what do you write in the last comment.
    Second: Im bilingual .. I speak English-Spanish
    Third: I dont want a fight with you, with L, with ZippyCrab.. Simply, I DONT WANT FIGHT!!
    I cant wait to this island 😀 (Im not-member 🙁 )

  7. please guys don’t fight

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    in other news sowr candy yo puedo ablar espanol tambien!

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  12. First of all, Drake, I will never give out my email to online strangers. People could take advantage of that and imposter me. So, I’m sorry, but no.

  13. And why are there 2 Night Longers?

  14. oh have i ever tell you i had a brother

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  16. drake sorry but we can’t give away email address cause you know it impotant

  17. Yeah…the trailer is pretty cool!

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  90. oh and i know you didnt ask me. but i’m just saying my opinion. do you like harry potter?

  91. Hello 😀 Anyone here finished Skullduggery island? I cant defeat Captain Crawfish and really need help.. just tell me some tips :F

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  93. I dont like Harry Potter .. I like Percy Jackson

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  100. when is sos island comeing out

  101. and what is your favroite island

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  103. Sorry my dad needed the computer.. My favourite island? Cryptids,Haunted House, Ghost Story.. And i love Black Widow from Counterfeit.. And whats your favourite island?

  104. my favorite islaand is sos island

  105. and reality tv

  106. and crytikids

  107. And whats your favourite villian?
    Mine is Black Widow and Dr.Hare

  108. the ones that i finished are early poptropica and shark tooth and super power and spy and nabiooti and conterfiet and big nate and cyrptikids and myestery train

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  194. BTW, nice icon Night Longer. I like it. 🙂

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  196. When is SOS island coming out??? I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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  228. Ok seriously, people chill on the comments, at this rate we’ll have about 10k comments in a month, let’s stay on topic…..

  229. Do u guys even go to school?

  230. I do,but not today,im sick

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  232. have you ever read the mysterious benedict society?

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  237. Hello

  238. Wait a minute. The poptropica person was underwater… in the artic? Unless people were wearing those water suits, no one at the bottom of the ocean would be alive. 🙁 Oh and at 0:10- that is one angry whale! XD

  239. I’m bored too

  240. Wow. All I can say is, wow.

  241. What’s the big news

  242. Tops ya’ll! I have two totally cool costumes posted on my blog!

  243. you guys during the members only quest its says that members will get to go after the storyline read in the sos island info page aperently you have to stop an oil spill

  244. Oh! poptropfan! What happened with your aunt?

    Somebody have notice about the crown of Draculaura? Im being stupid searching it 🙁

  245. hello peeole

  246. need help?

    just ask me! I HAD BEAT EVERYTHING!


  248. B.Thunder.. I want your help.. You know where its the ad of Monster High Sweet 1600?

  249. i mean: I need your help



  252. so lets chat on this cuz i been waiting 2 talk 2 u

  253. i know when sos island will come out click my name 2 see when

  254. its comoing out on the 26 of january

  255. Merica is a genus of sea snails

  256. Wow, nice to meet you B.Thunder… You are happy to talk to me? :blush: Thats strange D:
    I live in America.. But in South America 🙂

  257. Ahh, I need to start visiting this more often.
    Can’t wait for SOS!
    Have any of you checked out my friend’s, Icy Comet, blog? It’s really cool. icycomet.wordpress.com
    So how have you guys all been? 😛

  258. So we have to do this project for school called Celebrate America and I chose Colorado, and the project counts as 40% of our social studies grade! So we have to do a power point, make a model of a famous moment or monument, or make a relief map, then we have to draw it’s state flag, bird, flower. And we have to list it’s climate, landmarks, etc. So I’m 99% excited and 1% nervous. =D And ha ha to the other classes because their states are assigned, and we got to pick >:P

  259. Have fun

  260. it comes out at January 26 2012 on Thursday next week

  261. i’m a boy

  262. Click o n my name to see the crown of the ad im searching 🙁

  263. .com/poptropads

  264. I have to do that because i can’t post links, it’s an ad teleporter

    You are Creepy-Clawesome,Fangtastic, Goriest-Great! YOU ARE THE BEAST! (Best)

  266. i love you!!!!!! the monster high skirts are so nicccceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. thank you so much i always wanted a skirt like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love skirts! omg i am so weird! :))

  268. It tastes like feet!- Ross Geller, Friends lol

  269. Skirts are nice,but shirts are ELECTRIFYING ♥
    Sorry, but im happy. 😆

  270. Balloon Boy its in Judy Moody ad! go to the ad teleporter (dinkypage/poptropads). Go to the Judy Moody Bummer Summer ad. Jump on the ball in left. Run to the right. Stop in the moon. ITS BALLOON-BOY!

  271. why are you quoting ross?

  272. Because I was watching Friends last night

  273. wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey…..stuff-figure out who said this,its really easy to search so you shouldn’t have an issue with it

  274. Doctor who?

  275. why r we talking randomly? :I

  276. hey im REALLY popular heart i just changed my name my account got hacked.

  277. dont come to my room i shut it down because nobody came

  278. thats the question no ones answered,doctor who?

  279. The biggest secret,hidden in plain sight,but another, maybe better secret,is why is it a secret at all?

  280. Hi Aang! Do you like the last airbender too?

  281. I’ve gone through time to tell you the least useful info in your life,the first comment ever on this site was
    “Bob February 14, 2009 at 4:03 pm

  282. applaud him,he made history

  283. how did you find that? *applaud* oh wait that’s easy- ish

  284. yep, it’s awesome

  285. Awesome the super bowl is Patriots vs. Giants, gotta see it

  286. there is a show called doctor who p.s it is great

  287. fish fingers and custard

  288. evamarie rockstar


  289. evamarie rockstar

    does that mean

  290. evamarie rockstar


  291. \

  292. evamarie rockstar

    sossssssss islandddddddddd

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  294. you cant watch doctor who if you dont know what it means,its the first food the 11th doctor liked,fish fingers(fish sticks)and custard,basically its fish sticks dipped in custard

  295. evamarie rockstar

    my brother wacthes it

  296. evamarie rockstar

    and he was the doctor for hallowen i was a bat and my sister [little] was a cat

  297. which one.the 9th doctor,the 10th doctor,the 11the doctor?

  298. evamarie rockstar


  299. evamarie rockstar

    how do you get to poptropads

  300. I <3 Bella Thorne!
    She os so pretty and such a good dancer.
    She can eat a lot of spicy things
    She is my idol.
    She's a ginger
    What i dont like is that she likes twilight. 🙁
    I<3 Ariana Grande.
    She's so pretty! and she likes bows.
    She's super good at acting.
    She's my idol.

  301. evamarie rockstar

    please answer

  302. evamarie rockstar

    p.s. my idol is kendall

  303. hi ”’blush”’

  304. …..Back from a long time……what did i miss?

  305. I ♥ Avater the last airbender! did you know that there going to have a new seris for it!


  307. My idol: American
    just kidding. I hate American Idol.
    My idol: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I love how she can walk around in a crazy, over the top outfit and not care what people think. =)


    Find the W

  309. …………….. 😀 …………… 🙁 ……………..


  310. The 20th letter

  311. yep that was probrably easy but i wanted it to be part of the last one i did….

  312. Ok, so there are some new people, people are all hyped up for S.O.S., and as usual, we are talking about topics a trillion miles off the article subject

  313. I don’t like anime.
    Find the capital letter i in the lower case Ls

  314. Testing my name link……

  315. Idols? who has Idols any more? that’s a dumb thing in my opinion,though if I were asked I’d say L,but honestly,I have no Idols

  316. evamarie rockstar

    i do kendall

  317. evamarie rockstar

    what do you want to talk about

  318. sos island

  319. eva the 8 year old kid

    i changed my name

  320. evamarie rockstar

    hi rebecca you are here

  321. yep how has your foot been

  322. evamarie rockstar

    it has gotten a little better

  323. evamarie rockstar

    i have to run litterealy

  324. evamarie rockstar

    pretend i never said that last comment

  325. How many bits could a Bitizen byte if a Bitizen could byte bits?

  326. Clones are people, two!

  327. espeacally when they r a zombie

  328. What?

  329. opps i thought u meant clowns

  330. I totally love poptropica! You have all different things about it.every time,I try to get on my computer and try to go on.even at my school doesn’t have poptropica! How cruel is that! They have no kind of heart. But to make a story short, I really nevr knew about poptropica until I was about 6 yrs.old. But I hope you have such a good sucess in poptropica! Congratulaions!

  331. Also, I really like the web. But to make it better, you should add hints everytime your on a mission. For example: on the greek gods mission of zeus, add boosters when your trying to get the golden apples. Also, give at least 5 hints on the names of the greek gods like: athena,mudusa,and titus. Try and help the younger kids through the games. For me, I’m 12 and very good at puzzles. I find things out quickly. I also do mystries. Like Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. And ect. But you should also have grades for special ed students. That will be a nice way so the special students will have a chance to play normal games but at their level. As you can see, I care all kinds of pepole. I really hope you take my ideas.

  332. i’m kinda bored with poptropica i feel like i want to sell my account which i don’t……

  333. Taioona Howard,
    Great idea! For the smaller kids it would be alot of help. BTW about the Greek god hints, Medusa and “Titus” aren’t even gods.

  334. SOS already came out

  335. Can I have one?

  336. I type this on an new realesed iPhone

  337. eva the 8 year old kid


  338. i defeated the island it was TOO EASY !!!!!

  339. I wrote a book about a guy in a zombie apocolypse! His name is Jerry Nightshade and is totally BA!