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S.O.S. Island For Everyone

S.O.S. Island is now available for everyone to play. It was a nice early release of the island, since usually non-members need to wait for a full month. I updated the walkthrough to add a complete step-by-step written guide to the island in addition to the video that was already there. Good luck with the new island!

Poptropica Cheats for S.O.S. Island

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  2. 2nd i just beat the island just now but not the bonus quest tho.

  3. um i forgot it came out for everyone today!

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  16. do you have membership? p.s. if you do what the code?

  17. un you need a gamecard for membership if gives you a choice for being a member or to get 1000 credits it only works when its purchased.

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  74. eva the 8 year old kid

    sothera at the top of the screen and click on cheats and walkthourghs

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  78. okay, so i finishd sos and i got the medal but i did not get the $$$$$. this already happened 3 times and now it was the 4. plz fix this thing or else u will lose many members!

    Also y did i not get the $$

  79. urgg i am sooooo pissed of now!!!

  80. hi everyone i need help in sos island can you help me

  81. im still stuck in when the boat is strait and i dont know where the hermit crab maze is

  82. um is anyone online now

  83. yaaayy

  84. its really hard to find a way to get that big hunck of ice down to break another big hunck of ice you need to make it easyer for 10 year olds

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  86. darn, thought that would work. :heart:

  87. I found a glitch today that ONLY works on S.O.S. Island,and you remember that!
    This glitch is called “A Million Stings And You’re Dead!”
    First go to the right edge of the room where you rescued the girl with the microphone (After you saved her, and you remember that!). Then go to the left of the first of jellyfish you see at that right edge. Get stung and you will fall onto another jellyfish! Then the part of ” A Million Stings”! You’ll see that there isn’t just one shock,(You’ll know it’s a shock because it says “SHOCK!” on the screen when you touch the jellyfish.)but there’s more than five shocks! Then this part is “And Your Dead!”. You’ll fall to the floor and then after that, you’ll run of oxygen and then,”Your Dead!”. Not forever… You can resurface! So that’s it!

  88. Isnt Poptropica awesome!!!???

  89. I LOVED this island!! it was really easy though………… hey why do we only get 50 credits now insted of 100??????????????????????????????????????????? the world may never know…haha

  90. So right!!!

  91. @spottd shell, u go 2 the bottom of the boat near the water, jump up onto the rescue boats, then u go 2 the top of the boat and click on the ice boulder and ta-da!

  92. NEED HELP! 🙁

  93. Can anyone help me? Just as i was getting the medallion my laptop froze and i had to restart. But now when i log back in i had to redo rescuing the captain. But this time it skipped the congratulations dialogue and skipped to asking me to do the bonus quest. So is there a way to fix this glitch or am i screwed from beating the island?

  94. Ok…. I just logged back into my account and it started me at saving the captain but i was outside the window the whale crashes through and ran out of oxygen. But it re spawned me at the bonus quest. But get this i dont have a membership!!!!!! *WTF*

  95. that’s a weird glitch meagan