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Robots, More Robots, and Game Shows

With all the excitement around the launch of Mystery Train Island, you might not have noticed that the Poptropica Creators have been busy posting a lot of new screenshots for the next island, which we know is all about robots. There are a lot of new screenshots up there featuring sketches, previews and scenes from the new robot-themed island. And the really strange thing is that many of them feature game shows. What’s up with that? We’re guessing that game shows factor prominently into the story. The creators are still posting early sketches, so it may be a long time before the new island is released, and in the meantime we’re still left guessing about what it will be called. However, one of the early teaser videos did promise that we’d learn something more in September. Only time will tell! In the meantime, check out all these cool robot sketches on Poptropica!

One of the screenshots is a little different than the rest. It includes some notes from the game designers and reveals a little more about the scene in some sort of robotic factory. From the looks of it, it seems as though the robots are definitely in charge.

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  1. Maybe the island is about a game-show, in which people create robots to enter? The problem may be that there might be some bribing and sabotages.

  2. mabe its sort of like that Doctor Who episode where they find themselvs on a satilight type thing that brodcasts game shows run by robots, much like the ones we wach now but with a twist.

  3. I’m still trying to figure it out. Click my name and it should lead you to my blog. See my theories there!!

  4. is there another island coming out soon

  5. i cant wait until the robot island comes out for members!

  6. Dang Golden Ant your first

  7. Wow B.C. your always in the top three or four but your barely ever first, unluckiness

    P.S. I thought you couldn’t go online today

  8. And whoever is the new person that said that David is mean, your 100% right.

  9. And David if you were in NY on 9/11, I’m srry for you, but technically no one believes you were 11 on 9/11, and you could just be making everything up.

    P.S. I said nothing related to 9/11 to concern you and if your really 22, why are you on a kids website?

  10. you mean me drake, i was the new person who wrote david is mean and i think hes part devil!!!
    i dought he is 22 0r was there when 9l11 happened


  12. I wouldnt go that far B.M. but you and I have a lot in common

  13. I no a person even worse though, her screen name is Jade

  14. She used to log on a few months back but now she stopped for a reason

  15. And the worst of all is David’s friend or it could be just David pretending, idk, is his friend Eniel

  16. where was her last comment?

  17. eniel is a very weird name

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  19. I <3 HUMANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  22. oh yeah… and i think drake is awesome

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  25. yeah, i think everyone had issues with dodgeball!

  26. i got hit twice with a softball when i played

  27. before i check out the video… what is it about?

  28. yeah wat is it about??? i have limits when it comes to internet

  29. the video is just when the baseball hit the mask. nothing bad; i will not post bad things. but i can see why you would ask.

  30. oh good 4 some reason u had my heart stop!!!!

  31. wat is that one about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  32. in the video, the batter hits a foul ball and i hits the umpire’s facemask. and then they show it two more times at different angles in slow motion. no umpires were harmed in the making of that video.

  33. sry but i dont go to links

  34. i know i could trust u NH but im not allowed (even though im 13)

  35. cool im 14 so i guess its close

  36. ur not the youngest BC im also 13

  37. Sorry, Bashful Cloud. I hope it’s better soon! I know how much that hurts, but one of my friends got hit with one once and it knocked out 5 or 6 of her teeth and broke her nose! And she was 18, so they couldn’t grow back! She got fixed up, though.
    Why DO they call them softballs? XD

  38. This robot thing looks like it’ll be fun!

    Last week my best friend punch me in the nose (by accident) in the middle of 8th grade Social Studies and she almost broke it. Ha, ha. It still hurts…

  39. i’m 12 too B.C

  40. I really don’t like the game show part, however the robots are awesome.

  41. high 5 to all the members of Poptropica!

  42. The Interview

    Interviewer: What do you do in your spare time?

    Kimmae: When I’m not hanging out with my friends and doing homework, I’m helping Poptropicans win Medallions and chatting with friends on WhatsApp inc etc. I also love meeting new people.

    Interviewer: What is your dream job?

    Kimmae: Well, I always wanted to be an Actress and become famous, but from a few months ago and after getting my first iPad (which was iPad 2) I downloaded a number of Photography apps and found that I LOVE photography!

  43. april 4 1999,I was born on easter! a guy in a bunny suit came in and scared the crap out if my mom,who just a had c-section,or so I’m told

  44. this sounds like a cool island

  45. im probably the youngest cause i was born sept 7, 1999 (sigh)

  46. hell feirce moon?!!! plz answer i would love 2 meet you

  47. @Infernape: a guy in a bunny suit? Seriously? 🙄

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  49. When I was in the 6th grade (I’m in 7th at the moment) my P.E. teacher made us play softball. But the totally F’ed up thing was she used a volleyball for the ball! Well some of u guys who have gotten hit in the nose or broken teeth, might think it’s a good idea, but I think it’s totall screwed up.

    P.S. I’m 13 years old

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    P.S. Heres a good yo mama joke. Yo mama is so ugly that when she looked in the closet Bloody Mary died again

  51. And Infernape, that story about the easter thing is totally screwed up, no offense.

  52. it was a spelling mistake people!! i ment hello not hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. and very funny joke drake (better than i could have done) and who is jade?

  54. im also in the 7th grade

  55. it is totally screwed up, that’s the point,It really did happen according to my mom

  56. however,I swear to god,I was born on Easter

  57. Yaaay I changed my icon! And you can guarantee that this is %100 me the REAL Kimmae.

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  63. paper girl/boy and skullduggery pirate are back for members

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  65. infernape, i do believe ur born on easter but not the bunny suit guy thing

  66. the bunny suit thing suit is true,I swear to god

  67. Incredible Thunder

    you look nice, bashful cloud.

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  69. who is poptop gazette,some no-body pretending to be somebody,no one here is out of buiness

  70. you’re website’s pretty, Kimmae. 🙂

  71. Cheat! (I just got it from PHB.)
    Travel on the Blimp to 24 Carrot Island.
    Enter the Carrot King Diner.
    Go to the “Change Your Hair Color” Section of the Diner. Click on it, which will open up a screen with various colors in containers.
    Fill the cup with white.
    As your Poptropican drinks it, press down on Ctrl+Shift+S.
    Your mouse should become a swirl. Close down the tab.
    Re-enter your account. Your Poptropican should be holding a cup with black liquid in it!

  72. I knew that one, TP. (Not tryin’ to brag…)

  73. Hey y’all today I get to babysit a little brat of a kid! FUN!
    THANK GOODNESS! It’s only from 6:30-2:00 so, I can still hang with Devin B4 Swim practice! Smoothies here I come!

  74. hi,
    im so bored with poptrpoica there’s nothing new to do!

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  76. I’m bored nothing to do, at least no more school for two days.

    P.S. B.M. are you still having a fight with David, and B.C. you name looks different for some reason.

  77. Oh yeah B.M. Jade is my little cousin,(her real name is Celeste).

    P.S. Imagine the most annoying person you’ve ever met, than multiply by a thousand, wait no screw that, mulitply by a million, wait cross that, MULTIPLY BY A INFINITY AND BEYOND. That makes much more sense.

  78. Well I’m offline for the day, cya peeps later.

  79. bashful cloud, my school had a dance last friday! somebody requested the Pokemon theme song! and the DJ played a remix of the song!

  80. huh, we havent heard from jade and jeall in a while….

    p.s sorry i wasnt here yesterday at all. i had tennis, piano, and homework.

  81. hey guys, does your school do morning announcements?
    my school has them on the TVs throughout the school. and i’m an anchor (the one on TV). so i have to be at school at 8:00 (that’s when you have to be at school when you’re on the announcements.) each day next week because they need the help and i’m an 8th grader (the 8th graders usually get all the big responsibilities. meaning, i’ll probably be the boss.).

    and….. what’s your school mascot?
    my elementary school (K-5) mascot was a leopard.
    my current middle school’s (6-8) mascot is the wolf. (no it is not Claremont High School, which is near where my great-uncle lives. i live in the southeast. it’s funny that they have the same mascot as my school!)
    next year, i’ll might go to a high school (9-12) who’s mascot is the admirals (the school is named for an admiral from the civil war), but i’ll probably go to the school who’s mascot is the bulldogs.

  82. btw, if you’re a college football fan, just know the Florida’s gonna lose. just sayin’. GO VOLS!
    p.s. in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons are best! the Colts and that team the Micheal Vick is on are second best. the Titans and the steelers are good too…

  83. our schools mascot is a bird but… i forgot witch type

  84. if no one can do anything on poptropica right now, go to the previous page and find the last comment on the bottom (which is mine)

  85. 8:00 is the regular time you have to be at my middle school

  86. My school was the panthers

  87. And B.C. and N.H. you girls go to dances nearly every day.

  88. dances,or parties,or some other form of “social event”

  89. no, i do not go to dances often. unless you include Greek dancing (from early August to late September) and National League of Junior Cotillions (all year).

    btw: this dance was my school’s first for this year. here’s what happened last year, though: i’m in the student council at my school and we planned the Valentine’s day dance. it got cancelled due to low ticket sales. then we planned a beach-themed one, but it got cancelled too! we have around 5 dances per year (PTSA sponsored, Barnyard, Winter Wonderland, Blast from the Past, Valentine’s Day).

  90. oh, and i go to some parties, just not as many as, say, one of the more popular girls (in terms of popularity, people know who i am, but they don’t always include me. i [really] try to be louder and for some reason, i take the terms “quiet” “fastidious” and “laconic” offensively.).

    i like social events too.

  91. FACT ABOUT GIRLS LIKE ME: girls like to be invited/asked to a dance/party/event, even if we don’t really want to go to it.


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  95. poor me, i think our schools mascot is a 60 year old half broken man in a clowns suit

  96. [ ` ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] [-] [=] [BACK]
    [TAB ] [Q] [W] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [U] [I] [O] [P] [ [ ] [ ] ] [\]
    [CAPS] [A] [S] [D] [F] [G] [H] [J] [K] [L] [;] [‘] [ENTER]
    [SHIFT ] [Z] [X] [C] [V] [B] [N] [M] [,] [.] [/] [SHIFT ]
    [CTRL ] [W] [ ALT ] [______] [ ALT ] [CTRL ]

    I made a qwerty key board too

  97. [ ` ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] [-] [=] [BACK]
    [TAB ] [Q] [W] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [U] [I] [O] [P] [ [ ] [ ] ] [\]
    [CAPS] [A] [S] [D] [F] [G] [H] [J] [K] [L] [;] [‘] [ENTER]
    [SHIFT ] [Z] [X] [C] [V] [B] [N] [M] [,] [.] [/] [SHIFT ]
    [CTRL ] [W] [ ALT ] [______] [ ALT ] [CTRL ]

  98. [ ` ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] [-] [=] [BACK]
    [TAB—] [Q] [W] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [U] [I] [O] [P] [ [ ] [ ] ] [\]
    [CAPS] [A] [S] [D] [F] [G] [H] [J] [K] [L] [;] [‘] [ENTER]
    [SHIFT—-] [Z] [X] [C] [V] [B] [N] [M] [,] [.] [/] [SHIFT—]
    [CTRL——] [W] [–ALT–] [______] [–ALT–] [CTRL-]

  99. the first to were supposed to have spaces to even out the side’s but they disapered so I used –

  100. why r u doing that infernape

  101. good luck with that BC ! its almost impossible 4 me to sleep on the floor ive tried it a million times but i couldnt go 2 sleep

  102. yhis is so coul i wish i could have friends here like bashful cloud

  103. so wat are you doin every body

  104. OMG,im back!
    i missed so much!! 😥

  105. i was on punishment,so my mom took my tv,computer,laptop,everything!
    (you dont wanna knoee why,lol)

  106. im at my dad’s house,so thats why im here..
    well bye,4 now!

  107. welcome back jade, hope we don’t fight as much as we used to

  108. Wow. (But really, I do want to know!) :mrgreen:

  109. ye3a me too INFER,bye!
    im leaving my dads house now!

  110. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jades back holy!!!!!!!!!
    Time for some fun!

  111. Let the real action begin.

  112. *dramatic music begins to play in the background*

  113. oh, great. the vols are losing to the gators (college football)
    but on the up side, i was playing tennis really good this morning! (of course, that has nothing to do with football…)

  114. does anyone think i should get a gravatar? i can’t decide.

  115. this is random, but if you’re getting cheese get the kraft sharp cheddar. mmmmm mmm good!

  116. thx bashful cloud for the avater thing but i want a one like urs but not ur avater my poptropican avater and since u have the kind of picture i need can u tell me how u got it please.thx! 🙂

  117. oh and press my name that is my avater but i want one in the picture box.:) 😀

  118. ϟHarry Potter is the BEST book ever!, It has a Permanent-Sticking Charm to my heart. The books are so powerful it can’t be killed by Avada Kedavra. I am the BIGGEST potterhead in the whole WIZARDING WORLD (because muggles are to dumb to know what it is)

    P.S. ALL of these things are copyright or else you’ll pay

  119. THX SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BASHFUL CLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  120. hi jade i hope u dont start much fights or cuss at us anymore! :mrgreen:

  121. i am definetly trying that! thx BC

  122. do you think we can be friends instead of enemy’s jade?(I don’t mind you calling me infer any more,I just prefer Zaru or Infernape, or you could call me my real name peter)

  123. I need to save my avatar.

    P.S. Who do you ppl think will win Chargers or Patriots?

  124. i’m so happy today! 😀
    cuz i got a new tees from American Eagle and Ambercrombie! and a blouse and pants from Express! and jeans from Justice!
    and GREEKfest is next weekend
    and i dont have school friday (more time at GREEKfest!)
    and i get to do morning announcements every day this week (except friday)
    and i think i’ll volunteer to play the piano for my school’s chorus (maybe)

  125. oh cool, i didnt know i could do that emoticon!
    😀 🙂 😉 $) (just trying more…)

  126. Someonle likes Greekfest, whatever that is. Well congratulation N.H.

  127. i was typing fast,(sorry!)

  128. okay. greekfest is a thing that Greek churches and/or communities do just as a little celebration. it normally lasts 3 days. it has Greek food, Greek dancing, Greekfest T-shirts, etc. it’s AWESOME!
    you can find a Greekfest schedule at
    that site said: Greek festivals are held January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November in the USA. Summertime is the most popular time for Greek festivals. The weather warms up and Greeks go out to party! Check back often for current listings of 2011 Greek festivals, and remember to dance, eat and yell “Opa!”

  129. Hi I’m posting thru my fone and on Friday I played hookey with my visiting relative from California and we went on like 4 double decker buses and went to the willis tower and went on the Ledge and went in the Hancock building and had lunch there and had soooo much fun then went to millennium park and went to the hershey store and on one of buses the tour guide talked a lot about fires and the Chicago world fair and from the top of the Hancock we could see a big huge fireand we found out that the new superman movie code name is autumn frost and sorry that this is a humongo sentence :mrgreen:

  130. That tour guide would talk about a bunch of trains and famous people and I brought it up cuz it reminded me of mystery train island hee hee

  131. Oh and speaking of Greek stuff wen I went with my fried to greek town there was a taco burrito king lol but she’s Japanese / Dutch

  132. Hi everybody!!! Im new here and I wanted to say HI!!!! :S

  133. who loves eminem!

  134. everyone press my name and u can see what my poptropican looks like.anyways who goes on fantage or pandanda?Oh and BC my dad is helping me on the picture thing and thx again!

  135. Oh and who owns squinkies i do i have 15 or more

  136. People hi…oh please press my name and please tell me if my poptropican look good….ok……why is no one here… oh i know the answer nevermind……. bye 😀 🙁 ;D

  137. hee hee hee i know what the robots and game shows are for…………… GAME SHOW ISLAND!………
    ooops but click my name for the island tour

  138. the next island is game show island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  139. has any one seen brad pitt’s new movie,moneyball?
    i havent watched it yet,but im planning tooo.alot of people says its good.
    i wanna watch alot of movies actualy:moneyball,bridemaids,abduction,clombiana,50/50,contagion.i actually have a list! in my agenda,from school,lol.
    i just cant remember rite now,well bye,4 now!