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Repeat Playability: Your Ideas


Last week, I suggested an idea for how Poptropica can make itself more fun for those long spans of times between the release of new islands. The main problem, of course, is repeat playability. Once you’ve played and completed Zomberry Island, for example, what do you do while you’re waiting for Night Watch Island? The creators of Poptropica spent so much time and effort creating the super cool Zomberry Island, isn’t there some way to make it so that you want to play it again (and again and again and again)? Wouldn’t you want another reason to Β roam around a world of zombified Poptropicans? Of course, you can always re-play the island, but that just doesn’t feel the same, does it? (At least to me.)

My solution was a Hub Island concept, which you can check outΒ here. In the comments there were some good responses and feedback. But, as is happening a bit more these days, the comments got kind of…*ahem*…side-tracked. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m really dying to know what the brilliant minds behind the entries to our incredibly creative costume contests and make-our-own-island project can come up with.

SO…in the comments section below, tell me what your idea is for how Poptropica could make itself more playable between releases of new islands. (Please be respectful and stay on topic. If you want to have a general chat, the previous blog post is a great place for that.) Think of the challenges that would need to be overcome: it would need to address the fact that the story of a completed island is, in fact, complete. So, where does it go from there? It would need to be something that the creators can do simply — it can’t be an entirely new plot for the island, that would take too long. And, most important, it would have to be something that players would want to do again and again.

Hit me with your awesome ideas! Like I said in the last post, maybe the creators will see it and make it a reality. If I get enough, I’ll throw them into a poll to see which ones are a hit. And remember to use a specific example that will help illustrate your idea.


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  1. First.

  2. Let’s see, um…….. Ideas? Let me think…….. I’ll come up with something……

  3. body switch island

  4. HOUSES!!!

    they should make it where you can choose an island to live in, and your house has that theme. for instance, you would live in a castle on astro knights, and a ship, on skullduggery. and when you did the islands, if you played an island five times, you’d get a special piece of furniture, and ten times, an even MORE special piece of furniture.

    i don’t know if you’d want to, though. i personally have replayed game show island almost eight times already. if you really like an island, than that will be the one that you would replay most. it all depends on how fun they are, soooo….. we need even MORE fun islands!! (if thats possible. ha ha.)

  5. Maybe they could have a mini game section on each island so that we have something to do with the existing islands. They have released a few like the sumo wrestling on Red Dragon Island but if we had them for every island it would give us something to do on Poptropica in between islands.

  6. poll: whats your song?

    my family say mine is “gunpowder and lead.” by Carrie Underwood πŸ‘Ώ

  7. (i do like that song. πŸ˜€ )

  8. i would like it if poptropica could be a bit more interactive, (i want to be able to TALK!)
    i think it would be more fun if they had lots of funny little Easter eggs, you know, funny things that poptropicans say, little extra missions (that aren’t labeled “extra missions.” like in the little extra stuff at the end of islands.) like, if you talk to a certain person, they will ask for your help or something.

    like if in zomberry island, if you talk to a certain zombie, it will say, “no, WAIT! im just dressed as a zombie, help me escape!” and if you do, he or she gives you some cool outfit or ability (or furniture?)

    im thinking more creative than mine, but that’s sorta what i mean by extra missions.

  9. Didn’t I come up with houses in the last post? 😐 I know you probably don’t remember me coming up with the idea because you didn’t see my comment. Of course, all of you probably won’t see my comments anyway because I changed my email address and having my comments STILL waiting for moderation. I’m pretty ticked off, you know. 😑

  10. WS,do u remember me?

  11. i remember u!

  12. Hi Brianna! πŸ˜€

  13. Well, I mean, the replay island button is good and all, but it gets a little bit boring after a while. (my opinion) I have a few ideas in mind, but they’re not that good.

    But I was thinking…

    What if Poptropica had rare items? But you can’t find these rare items in the stores. They’ll be scattered across an island. Once you’ve finished the island, they’ll tell you to look for rare items. There can be a rare costume, for example, abilities, or like some totally awesome transportation device! Like a flying car! (if that is possible to create…)

    And you can trade these rare items with your friends in some kinda trading chat room.

    I know the idea sounds complicated, but hey! Its an idea!

  14. If I was to choose an Island, it would be Mystery Train.

    C.J. said, “Why?” and I said, “Look, C.J. Don’t you know you can repeat an island’s playability?” “How do you do that?” “Go to your map and click RESTART ISLAND, then click restart or yes or whatever it says.”

  15. You’d get very “specific island-related currency”. Hmm, I was thinking about using US dollars, but I was thinking I’d use MTT (Mystery Train Tokens). For example, if you completed an island, the President will give you a token that you can do this save-and-spend sort of thing. You save up and spend down!

    If you have one token – Can’t really buy anything.
    If you have two tokens – Can’t really buy anything.
    If you have three tokens – You can buy a prune juice glass.
    If you have four tokens – You can buy a costume of anyone outside the train (it depends on your Poptropican’s gender)
    If you have five tokens – You can buy a shirt with the print where you confront prune juice stains on the floor outside Edison’s.
    If you have six tokens – You can buy a minituare Ferris Wheel and two prune juice glasses.
    If you have seven tokens – You can buy a minituare transformer (fix this inside the minituare Ferris Wheel and you can make it work!)
    If you have eight tokens – A second costume
    If you have nine tokens – Pinkerton guard costume
    If you have 10 tokens – You can upgrade the prune juice confront to the shirt with the open briefcase in Tesla’s (but how did this happen? Tesla had the only key!)

  16. If you had 20 tokens, you could get a Rude Goldberg trap!
    If you had 50 tokens, you could get a French costume!

  17. OOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wanna personalize my own house!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Invisible Flame

    My idea is basically starting a life a on an island. You get a house when you win the island, Get a job, meet some on, and start a life. You can take a vacation to a different island to complete it. A example is you win Vampire Curse, you get a home in the village, become a vampire hunter and it goes on and on.

  20. Invisible Flame

    by the way I like the house idea

  21. Zippy Turtle, are we supposed to come up with something players can do while they’re waiting for an island, or something better we can do to an island (e.g. the 24 Carrot BETA Carottene Island) ❓

    Smarticle, get membership.

    Where’s FA ❓ ❓ ❓

  22. Idk. But WE NEED THAT!

    I can’t. Off-topic….

    Who’s she? Off-topic….

  23. *Carrotene

  24. What that says. ^

  25. Fast Axe.


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  28. I have various ideas:
    -there is like a special bonus island where you can interact with people, have fun, play games, dance, eat…. And there even is a market to buy special stuff!
    – the stories’ islands get twisted for example Dr. Hare goes to Back Lot island and does good or bad stuff( I don’t know yet!)
    – there is a special show in each island for example in Red Dragon island there is a firework show
    – you can have more pets and interact with them so let’s say you choose a dog, you can feed him, dress him, put him to sleep…..

  29. Hi everyone! Remember me?

  30. maybe poptropica could have poptropicans beta test the upcoming island! like say that you just completed back lot island and you are still waiting for virus hunter island, well poptropica could upload a beta test version of virus hunter island for players to test and when report the bugs to poptropica so that they could sort it out, so the whole point of this idea is that players will have something to play after they completed the latest released island, and they will get a sneak peek of the new island, and the beta test wouldn’t be the whole island, just half of it that poptropica haven’t finished making, so when the whole island is released players wouldn’t know the whole story.

  31. I think we could do something like awards, like in red dragon island, one that you earn by not getting caught once for the ninja thing. Any comments?

  32. SL! Off-topica…..

  33. I was thinking. Maybe each time you replay the island the good/bad guys could be different. I one think I’ve noticed is that it gets boring when you replay the islands because you know what will happen next. You don’t have to search for anything or figure anything out. You’ve already did that. I’m thinking like in Backlot Island have the director look or act like a person most people would know of. Basically make characters a spoof off of existing people or characters. (from movies, tv shows, celebraties, politicians, ect.) This would only happen if you replayed the island.
    Also what if each time you replayed the island you got more credits. Not as many as the first time you played but half, like 25.
    What if they made it so you could design your own island. After you created it you could sare it with other players and play their islands. You would only be able to create as many islands as you have already completed. You could design the theme, story line, characters, length, the place, almost everything, but they could have ideas and templates you could branch off of to create it. I think it would be cool to show people how much work it takes to create the islands and why it takes so long for each island to come out.

  34. I think the creators should let us test out each new coming island before the make the final changes. Or when they have all of the ideas make a quick island let us give em feedback and then go on from there. I’m terrible with ideas.

    Also, there should be more stuff like The D.C. Diner. IT HAD AWESOME HANDHELDS! WHY DID THEY GET RID OF IT?!?!?!

  35. Um……. My comment is gone???

    I wish we would still get 100 credits per island. :/ I can’t buy anything in the store! :/

  36. ‘Ello everyone. I really like the house idea the most actually. I actually came of with the idea in the last post. I commented the idea on that post. But then WS came up with the idea too, I was mad at first because I thought she stole my idea, but I’ve been trying to comment using a different email than I normally comment under. But everytime I commented using the new email address, I would get some notification that tells me that the comment needs to be moderated. And when that happens, no one can see the comment. Since those comments with the new email won’t get moderated anytime soon, I switched back. :/

  37. I remember you,SL.

  38. Hi Brianna!

    I like the houses idea.

  39. Nintendo Friends’s comments never get moderated. :/

  40. Neither do the ones with the other email with my gravatar. :/

  41. I like the houses idea alot.

  42. ZT could you PLEASE modernize my comment with this email?

  43. And NF’s? PLEASE? πŸ˜₯

  44. Also, what’s your username?

    And if really wish we could have houses! Or apartments! Or no. HOUSES!!!!!!!

  45. Brave Star! OMG,I haven’t seen you in forever……………………

  46. I could have a pet!!!!! ^-^

  47. WE COULD HAVE PETS!!!!!!

    Credit to PA.

  48. Uhh……. That’s Brave Sky.

  49. Sorry,I was so excited I typed to fast,sorry for my typo. I think we should be able to interact with other players and be able to type what we say to them.

  50. Where were you Brianna?! I haven’t seen you for forever. I’m so glad that you are back! πŸ˜€

  51. brianna hatcher

    I am to! I was like grounded forever but now i’m back. How are you?

  52. I’m kinda tired… How did you get grounded?

  53. brianna hatcher

    Well I got on the internet during school and so they blocked it for awhile but now,here I am!

  54. It’s fine. πŸ˜€

  55. Brianna, believe me I do it ALL OF THE TIME! :mrgreen:

    I’m so cray cray!


  57. Also, BS, my gravatar pic of that red haired chick was Amy Pond from Dr. Who.

  58. BRIANNA ❗ ❗ ❗

    Today was my last day of school ❗
    I’m a 4th grader now ❗
    I sure miss my friends. πŸ˜₯
    Why ❓
    Because I’m going to a new school next school year.
    GATE program, here I come ❗

  59. Hillo!

  60. Uh………. ZT said to say on topic sooo…….. PLEASE DON’T GET MAD AT ME! πŸ˜₯

    “My solution was a Hub Island concept, which you can check out here. In the comments there were some good responses and feedback. But, as is happening a bit more these days, the comments got kind of…*ahem*…side-tracked. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m really dying to know what the brilliant minds behind the entries to our incredibly creative costume contests and make-our-own-island project can come up with.

    SO…in the comments section below, tell me what your idea is for how Poptropica could make itself more playable between releases of new islands. (Please be respectful and stay on topic. If you want to have a general chat, the previous blog post is a great place for that.) Think of the challenges that would need to be overcome: it would need to address the fact that the story of a completed island is, in fact, complete. So, where does it go from there? It would need to be something that the creators can do simply β€” it can’t be an entirely new plot for the island, that would take too long. And, most important, it would have to be something that players would want to do again and again.”

  61. I have some questions for you….

    1. What is your religion ❓
    2. What is your favorite color ❓
    3. What is your second favorite color ❓
    4. Do you know more than one language ❓
    5. If so, which one(s) is it/are they ❓
    6. Do you have a crush ❓
    7. If so, are you never going to see him/her again ❓

    I know these are my questions, but here are my answers:

    1. Christianity
    2. Aqua green
    3. Blue
    4. Yes
    5. Spanish
    6. Yes
    7. No

  62. Sidetracked ❓
    What does that mean ❓
    And asked you a question yesterday, Zippy Turtle. ANSWER IT ❗

  63. Uhh…..?

  64. @CS: Yeah, you told me on TI’s blog.

    @GF: Have a good summer!

  65. WE ARE OFF TOPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 1. Secret.
    2. Hmm…… Blue.
    3. Uhh…….. Purple.
    4. Yes.
    5. ALOT!
    6. What kind of question is that?!?!?!?!
    7. What the?

  67. GF, what was up with 6 and 7?

    SO OFF- TOPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 6 is simply “Do you like someone :?:”

  69. 1. What is your religion
    2. What is your favorite color
    3. What is your second favorite color
    4. Do you know more than one language
    5. If so, which one(s) is it/are they
    6. Do you have a crush
    7. If so, are you never going to see him/her again


    1. Buddhist
    2. Blue
    3. Pink
    4. Yes
    5. Vietnamese, some Spanish and French
    6. No
    7. Even if we don’t have a crush, do I still have to answer this question?

  70. @ GF – I know but ????????

  71. 1. might start fights…..

  72. Not my answer. Other peoples……

  73. No BS.
    Why would you just bow to a stupid statue ❓
    That’s so dumb.

  74. GF you don’t need lightshot. Just press PrtScn button and then Ctrl + V on your computer.

  75. GF ❗

    Also, press Ctrl + V on your computer when in Paint.

  76. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  77. A Christian would never to a stupid statue.
    Just pray.

  78. GF?

  79. What ❓
    I sorta got Lightshot for nothing.
    After I saved a picture and looked for it in my computer files, it wasn’t there.

  80. Wow. You can use Snipping tool too.

  81. I say they should come out with more mini islands, like Legendary Swords.

    ~The Bite is Rite πŸ™‚

  82. Serious Bite isn’t your game name ❗

  83. SB!

    @ GF – Yeah it is.

  84. I have snipping tool for some reason. 😯
    Wait, take that back.
    I think I recall deleting it a long time ago.

  85. 😯 Why?

  86. like I said in the last post a HOME island. That YOU create!! I mean I donno about u guys but I always wanted an island to call home! u get a house and use special coins that u get for replaying your favorite islands!! (that’s how u get furniture) An I think most people want family members? Right? so u make your parents (unless u want to be one) brothers/sisters (if u want some). And u pick what u say to them.. witch is what u think the should do for chat rooms.

    BTW: you guys are SSSOOOOO of topic.

  87. 1. What is your religion
    2. What is your favorite color
    3. What is your second favorite color
    4. Do you know more than one language
    5. If so, which one(s) is it/are they
    6. Do you have a crush
    7. If so, are you never going to see him/her again
    oh, wow.
    okay, here goes:
    1. christian, (catholic, to be exact.)
    2. orange or turquoise.
    3. ummm….dark blue or orange. or green.
    4.umm, no. (i took Latin, but i can’t speak it. but i do know a bit.)
    6.uuuh, uh, *blushes.* on, umm, maybe two boys? (one likes me, one-i dont know.)
    7.well, i dont know. i dont see either of them often. at all.

    @brianna hatcher, of course! do you remember me? i was the newb whos comments were repeatedly ignored? πŸ˜€ glad to see you come back!
    @GF. maybe what she chooses for her religon is a little weird, (FI, she doesn’t bow to a statue, just, umm, does a lot of meditating. o_0 ), but you dont need to insult her.

    @CS. yeah, off topic, but hey, thats fun!

    thnx to peoples who like the idea i posted.

    @BS. i promise, i didn’t steal your idea!
    dont sue me! πŸ˜€

  88. if anyone wants to hear my sappy crush stories about those two boys, than just give me the ok, and ill type them. :mrgreen: (i want to get that sort of stuff off my chest, i live in a house full of siblings, all who are younger then me, so i cant really tell any of THEM. πŸ™„ )

  89. Okay! I’m interested. πŸ˜€

  90. I didn’t choose my religion… @GF: I have feelings you know…. πŸ™

    God, since when is being a Buddhist a bad thing?! People these days… πŸ™„

  91. … πŸ™ πŸ˜₯

  92. brianna hatcher

    Your right Brave Sky. You shouldn’t on peoples religion.(Not to mention cultures,sexual feelings,or beliefs.) its a free country!

  93. brianna hatcher

    And WS I would love to hear your crush stories! XD

  94. Anyone remember me?

    I’m going to work on my fourth hit, “Coldsnap Paranoia”!

    It takes place right in Antarctica.

    Hey, I’ll give you some questions on Antartica.


    a) Is a country?
    b) Is a desert?
    c) Has a recognised flag?
    d) Have residents?
    e) Is cold?
    f) Gets rain and how much?

    And three questions about Spanish largest cities?

    Largest? Hint – the capital
    Second largest? Hint – the capital of Spanish region Catalonia
    Third largest? – Hint – starts with S

  95. I’ll give you a hint about England!

    Cardiff is the capital of and largest city in Wales (country part of England) and the 10th largest city in England!

  96. I’m making Coldsnap Paranoia, well, and really excited, though. I’m just coming into New Hollywood. Once I get there, I’ll shop at Queequeg’s to clear off my mind from all those dumb lousy Poptropicans making fun of Anny (my ex-girlfriend) and her science invention with a coffee. I love Full Americano with extra kick.

  97. “Third largest?” was meant to be V.

  98. When that happened, Anny and I turned to C.J. who said, “Anny, I really think your Valentininator was great, but my Shrink Ray can do better. I’ve got the schematic blueprints uploaded to my computer. *speaks a little bit of French* Therefore, I rate your design sept de dix!”
    Silence fell. “Anny,” I said. “Sept de dix means seven of ten in French, and C.J. knows lots of French.”
    “ALRIGHT, C.J.,” Anny said. “What’s ‘green’?”
    C.J. said, “Vert!”

  99. I just had a great idea! I said, “C.J., don’t listen to her. My ex-girlfriend makes a lot of noise – in English, French and German, maths, science, social studies and music. Why don’t you go home and I can deal with the situation or not? We’ll have a contest to see who’s the best – a dare contest.” “OK,” said C.J. “But be home by dark, alright.” “You can count on moi.” She went back home and studied notes. Then she sent to work on the computer for blueprint ideas, then called her next one – “Disco Ball Mover.” She said, “Can’t wait to show this to IS. This will be a disco ball that glows and moves in the same way you do at the same time – it’s like a glowing security camera! I’ll change the name to Security Disco!”

  100. Normally, when it’s time for her bath, she opens her sock and clothes drawers, lays them neatly on her bed, goes to the bathroom, takes off her clothes, puts them in the dirty-clothes basket, hops in the tub, flicks on the water, washes herself with shampoo and soap, plays with rubber ducky and turns off the water, pulls out the plug (oh, her bath-times are short!), hops out, tucks a towel around her waist, walks to her bed and sits on it, takes off the towel, puts her pyjamas on and either continues studying notes, inventions, Morse code or the amount of sugar in drinks! Oh, so lucky Anny goes to the Italian & Spanish class. She wouldn’t have a chance!

  101. 1not telling u
    2dont got one
    3i told u I don’t got one!!
    4i only know English (but I might take Spanish)
    5yes, he kind sorta idk likes me

  102. Hey, Wild Star ❗
    I’m supposed to be catholic too ❗
    Though “Christian” sounds more catchy.

  103. Madrid, for any of the questions ❓

  104. Anyone here Christian (Catholic) besides WS ❓


  106. I’m back. I went on a walk with my mom and little sister to a recreation center* and then to Safeway. When I got back I learned** how to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb and practiced phrase 4 from “Ode to Joy”. The 3 finger note slowed me down. Then I got on here.

    *We went there because my mom had Jazzercise class there.

    **My Casio keyboard has buttons and you can choose a song using the number keys and learn how to play it by using the step-up lesson buttons. However, it only shows you the right hand part.

  107. Does anyone want a multiverse party ❓

  108. Never mind. I need to eat lunch. πŸ˜›

  109. Pets…..

  110. Hello?

  111. YES ❗ Thank you ZT ❗

  112. Nintendo Friend


  113. Nintendo Friend



  114. I think for the islands you should have one that allows you to tell the story of your own island and it allows you to play it. Of course, you have to know how to solve the problems. For example, if you are trapped in Warren’s dungeon, you have to instantly remember that you have to push the dump aside to find the hammer that leads you outside. If it’s fun enough, I think it should be a real island!

  115. I really think we could have a fun island like that. Maybe we could name it Creativity island. We could have a machine in the common room that allows us to play another player’s island. We don’t have to get credits.

  116. You know, maybe we really could have an island like that. While waiting for new islands, maybe we could make up our own. We could even add to the end of islands and maybe have a contest. To see which one is the best, and the first place that Fierce Moon likes best could be on the real island. I think it would be fun. My idea came from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . . . what if Charlie got sick and the ommpa-loompas didn’t have anything to give him? Maybe then we will have to take care of the factory until Charlie gets better. We could get a candy from the factory for doing such a nice job.

  117. I wonder if I can comment…

  118. Awesome! I’m commenting under a new email address, I’m so glad to see that they’ve been moderated! :mrgreen: Thx Zippy!

  119. @brianna hatcher. i agree that beliefs and cultures deserve respect. but im afraid i dont say the same for, umm, y’know, liking the same gender. :confused:

  120. I can comment as me with or without a gravatar, Quiet Bubbles and if I really wanted NF!

  121. aah, confused isn’t a face. πŸ™

    soo, which crush story would yall like to hear first, the one about the guy who i think likes me, and the one who, umm, IDK. :mrgreen:

  122. i just looked at the hunger games Roleplay on the forum….. OMIGOOOOOOOOSH! I NEED TO DO THIS! july eighth is my birthday, and my mom is gonna give me an email address then. i am SOOO joining the forum!!

  123. Uhh…………. The 1st one? It doesn’t really matter. πŸ˜‰

    Cool! I ain’t got an email of my own. I had my friend’s permission.

  124. hah. yeah, i guess it doesn’t.

    my friend (the one who has everything and is still the nicest gal ever.) has offered that, but you know me, i want to be in charge of myself. πŸ™„

    what the heck am i doing, still on the computer. :mrgreen:

  125. Hi WS!

  126. :mrgreen: Fire away!

    Yeah, me too. πŸ™„

    I’ve been on for a LONG LONG time. I think the aliens ate half my brains.

  127. Maybe alternate ending (probably based off gameplay) when they create an island? That way you can re-play it and it will be a little bit different.

  128. Lets See….

    Here goes nothing…..

    When I was younger, there was a group of boys that I would play with sometimes at parties.. We would get invited to these parties by my brothers God-Mother, who’s son was one of the boys I’d play with. I don’t remember most of the other boys, but two i remember clearly. JJ’s (my brother’s) God-Brother, and the other boy, lets call him Dan. I became good friends with these boys, partly because I was the only girl who would play their game with them, (Star Wars, and of course, I was Princess Leia. πŸ™‚ ) My mom, and a lot of other people we know, know Dan’s family, so we were pretty nice friends. (I was eight at the time.)
    Young as I was, I suspected Dan liked me. He was always sticking up for me, searching for me over the huge house the parties were hosted at to tell me about cool stuff he did, defending me, stuff like that. For two years afterwards, there were less parties, and I didn’t see him or JJ’s God-Mother and her kids very often.
    Then when I was ten, we got invited to a New Years Eve party at his house. It was AWESOME. We played an awesome pirate game, and throughout that I kept on wondering “does he like me?” and looking back, I’d say yes. It was a fun party, the parents talking, and me and my troop of siblings playing with him and his little brother and sister, and of course, cake. I started a book about the game we played. πŸ™‚
    Then it was another blank space. My family was trying out a new school (That I am going to this year!) and we were pretty busy. then, BOOM. Growing up came after me. I had a two year meltdown. πŸ™ One that I am still recovering from. But I came out better for it. Made better friends and was a better friend, sorted out things in my life.
    A week or two before I discovered this site, it happened. We have a small church. It consists of our family (we basically make up half the population.) my BFF eight years running, a bunch of young couples and their families, and a bunch of….old people. (not to mention random people that come randomly.) but I loved our church, and I was happy when a new family started coming. They had four boys, and we are friends with all of them (the one who is my age is very shy, though.)
    Eventually, they decided to be baptized in our specific Catholic rite. They were going to invite two families to eat with them at a restaurant afterwards. I hoped the other family might be someone that we knew. That Sunday, when we walked into church, I saw…something familiar. A dad, a mom with short hair, a blond kid my age, another boy and a young girl. That family looks familiar, I thought, but I didn’t know who they might be. Then it hit me.
    THAT.WAS.DAN. I gulped, and hoped we wouldn’t sit in the conveniently empty pew right in front of them. (lots of my younger siblings were BRATTY babies. Like, scream-laugh-fight- poke babies. Sunday used to be torture.) Of course we did. I grit my teeth, and sat down, squished up right in front of where Dan was sitting. But it actually wasn’t too bad, the babies kept quiet for once.
    Afterwards, we went straight to the restaurant. me, my sister, (the one closest to my age.) and Dan’s sister all sat at one table, all the boys in the other. I was very nervous. (and still an awkward, insecure, not at all confident young girl.) I wondered if Dan looked the way I remembered, but I didn’t turn around to look. Then Dan’s sister (who was nine) started sneaking up on the boys, and making crazy faces. Loudly. This gave me an excuse to turn around.
    GASP! DOUBLE GASP!! 1. He looked…cute! 2. He was looking right into my eyes. Like, right into them. Of course, he looked right away again, but I knew he had been looking at me. His sister did her yell-screech thing again (and again, and again…), and every time I turned around, his blue eyes met mine, and looked away again. Quickly. We didn’t talk, but that entire day, and a few good days now, I’m still wondering if he likes me, and what will happen when we meet again.

    (and we probably will, everybody we know knows them.)
    Life is so dang IRONIC!


  129. wow. that was longer than i thought. the grammar correcting took me half an hour. i hope yall appreciate this. πŸ™„


  130. Hi everyone,I’m Little Heart.

  131. Wow that’s… Wow. πŸ™‚

  132. Wow. Sounds romantic. πŸ™‚ Wow.

  133. @WS: Wow… Just wow. 😯

    I know this is off topic, but I’ve seen this a bunch of times and what with the topic of religion being brought up a little bit on this site, I just wanted to say what’s on my mind. I really don’t understand why Christians hate homsexuals… It’s seems ironic to me that in a religion based around a man who taught to love all has a lot of members who hate on them. So what if being gay is a sin? They didn’t choose to be that way.

  134. @BS. we dont hate them, and i personally feel sorry for them.

    some Christians, and some atheists and others hate them, and others feel sorry for them, everyone feels different and has different opinions and reactions to things like this. some people nowadays criticize people for not compulsively accepting something that they are unfamiliar with, and that’s ridiculous. (that’s why i think “the croods” is a ridiculous movie) its a defense mechanism to be wary of something new, because that new thing could very likely be something bad, and in most cases, it is. my first reaction to hearing about homosexuality was “eeew!” i mean think about it! how could somebody even think up that idea at all, much less do it! thats just…sad. some people are all, “how could you, to dudes loving on each other is beautiful!” and dont understand why Christians feel this way about gays. imagine if you heard that people were getting together to try to promote blood relatives (like duaghters and fathers) marrying each other. my reaction is “how could anybody be so twisted as to even think of that as a good thing, its gross, its scientifically hazardous, and its a sin.” and we christians have that same reaction to gays.(xcept that being gay is not hazardous to health, at least, bodily health). thing is, our society and media is pushing a message “if it feels good, do it! and hell if its disgusting, or wrong, or awful for you, and fu** what old people like parents say. do it!!” (the croods….)

    nobody is born gay, and its not in anybody’s “soul” to be that way. are you born with an insane passion for the certain person that you’ll marry someday? no, but when you meet them, you let yourself like, and love that person. we are born with a love and attraction to the opposite gender. but when you have a society that has girls and boys body’s being lustfully exploited, and so many people going crazy and doing awful stuff, something this wrong is going to be approved.

    i think of being gay same as i think of people who are porn-addicts, “i feel SO sorry for you, i want to help you, but this is partly your fault for letting yourself fall into this. but this is not completely your fault, because of the crazy media people this is available at all.” the media promotes the idea that homosexuality is something hardwired into your soul. its not. if you think i don’t know what im talking about, you’ve got that wrong. ive seen what homosexuality is. its not natural, its not beautiful, its sad.

    all over the internet, people try to justify homosexuality by saying, “its the way they were born!” its NOT its not from genes, it can come from being abused, but many, many people have gotten over effects of that, and those that haven’t are in places where they will get help and love, but not indulgence. in fact, in reality, being gay comes from two things, (and believe me, as someone who has had someone they know go “gay,” and than actually think about why and what, and say, “how the fu** could i have thought that’s what i was?” and gone back, i know what im saying…) the fu*** up media, and indulgence. that’s how i feel, and i think that if our media would turn itself around, and if people would get a spine and fight it, this sad awful concept would not be a reality.

    Jesus does not condemn anyone for having homosexual desires. gays and porn addicts are very, very similar. because of the media, they see it available. because if themselves, they let it happen. because of the media AND themselves, they convince themselves its okay.

  135. @the people who liked my story, WOW to you to. :mrgreen:

  136. *too*

  137. Guys, I’m making a post and I need an opinion. At the end I want to write somethung funny but what I have is corny.

    β€œYay! Finally they realized all of the bugs in the BETA that needed to be fixed. Well, it’s just a BETA. Of course they’re going to be some ups and downs. πŸ˜‰ β€œ


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    Sorry, just had to re-post that from Zippy. This is too much.

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    What if we were able to design our own cloths and hair?

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  146. this IS the previous blog post, BTW.

  147. i honestly think islands like reality tv island are enjoyable to play over and over again, and my favorites like mythology and spy i can kinda forget about it then go back and enjoy them almost the same as the first time, even though i know what to excpect, the excitement is still fresh!
    i honestly think that your doing just fine as long as you keep the new island flow steady, because with this many islands, never really get bored.
    thanks for looking at my comment!
    P.S. i have played poptropica since it first came out and STILL havnt finished all the islands!

  148. Invisible Flame

    Wow, Wild Star cute story. He might have some feelings for you because of when you were younger. By the way I am also Christian and proud of it!!!!

  149. Invisible Flame

    I agree with you on the homosexuality.

  150. Invisible Flame

    I need so advice….
    OK I just warped up a week of helping my church with some 3rd graders. There is a guy named Nick that I have mixed feelings about. He also helped out. I’ve known him since i was 5 or 6. I decided to tell him something important in a note. One of the 3rd grader almost got it so he went in the bathroom to read it. When he came back he had a shock face and asked if its true.I said it was. Now i am afraid he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

  151. @IF. thx! im glad you liked my story. your christian too? *does fistbump.* πŸ™‚

  152. new page!

    i would put an acsii, but it would come out way to funky, soooo…..

    http://www.yodaspeak“remove this part to access link”.co.uk/

    funnest.thing.ever.seriously. i could spend hours on this thing.

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  155. @CS. how could it not work? drag that whole line into the address bar, remove the par inside quotation marks, and enter.

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  158. Do some kind of virtual world thing where you live on the islands and you can interact with the characters. Maybe you could have a house…maybe spruce up mews mansion to have a working oven, bathroom, T.V. stuff like that. You could choose what island to live on and have a job to earn credits which you use to buy food and fuel for your balloon!!!! I have so many ideas lol

  159. A way to actually talk to your friends not the selected chats a scavenger hunt in completed island design your own clothing fashion shows obby’s(like on roblox) events (like on clubpenguin)

  160. Invisible Flame

    yes I go to grace chapel.

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    sorry i haven’t been on. Been busy.

  162. u guy are off topic ( p.s. im new so HI!)
    here stuff about me…
    I LOVE my bf
    and wanna be a doctor
    BRING ON THE GUTS!!! lol im so random!