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Reality TV Island Launch Date Set

The big upcoming news is that the newest island in Poptropica, Reality TV Island, will arrive for members next Wednesday, February 24. You must be a paid Poptropica member to get early access to the island. You won’t be able to buy early access with credits, like we were able to with Astro-Knights Island and Counterfeit Island. The island will stay in early access for an entire month and become publicly available on March 24.

A whole month in early access seems really long. I guess Poptropica really wants people to buy those memberships! Check back here on Wednesday to get the walkthrough and all the Poptropica cheats and secrets for the new Reality TV island!

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  1. :O u mean if your not a member u cant get the island for a whole month? damnit poptropica use to be free XD , seems all sites go non freebie after a while , i never knew why

  2. I’m so excited!

  3. well what if it slows down again

  4. im excited too much but i hope it does not slow down again

  5. i’m real excited but WHAT?! non-members have to wait a MONTH?! geez thats pretty crazy if u ask me still i can’t wait 4 it to come out!

  6. Seriously! A month of waiting! Sheesh

  7. I feel exactly the same Purpleprincess11. I really wish you can get membership by Credits, not real money.

  8. i cant wait until the new island comes out

  9. yeah maybe poptropicans could open a bank account then every time they complete an island 50 credits is stored away then when they have enuff money they go to the store and buy membership!!

  10. A month, very funny. Now prepare to die!!

  11. I TOTALLY agree with purpleprincess11! I personally think it SUPER dumb that they made a membership thing on Poptropica because I always thought of it as a nice website that everyone could play, now it’s just another competitor of Club Penguin, SmallWorlds, Webkinz… etc.

    I’m REALLY mad at Poptropica and I hope they lose a LOT of customers because of it!

  12. crazy!!!!!!!!!!! do they think we are soo patient????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I do NOT think that is fair. It just makes non members feel little. I think it should be credits, not real money.

  14. I Thought We Could Get Member – Ship With Poptropica Credits So I Get 500 Then It Diddn’t Work!!!!! So Then I Forget To Save And Exit Then I Get On The Next Day And NO ISLANDS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m really sad 🙁

  16. I make sure when it comes out…I will go to you tube to watch everything…

  17. >:(
    That’s it, I’m going to take my membership money that I’ve set aside and go invest in pitchforks and torches.

  18. WHAT!? A WHOLE MONTH OIS SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I MEAN REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!?

  20. I GUESS it`s fair , but a whole month!?!?!?

  21. 1 month a 2 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. do that for me too a month for me is 3 years . ahhhhhhhhhhh i wanna go on it now i need the credits

  23. im so angry im a member and still cant go on the new island!!!!!!!!!!

  24. What the……… Why do members get all the fun!? Poptropica is like all the other websites,first free then you got to pay! Why for counterfiet island 500 credits were OK, but for Reality tv island you got to pay.That does not seem fair!I agree with every one who says this.


  26. I can wait till march 24 it open for ever. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. and so do membership people!

  28. YOU BECHA PQIE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. IT NOT STUPID HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. omg im excited it is only 7 more days to me. woo hoo!

  31. they showed reality TV island years ago shoudn’t it already be out

  32. i know purple princess and tamara thier all unfair oh well @ least theres a new island in poptrpica that fair a bit by the way im a poptropica member im a new one but i finish all of the in 1 day cool right!!!!!!!! its really awesome to play poptropica my play poptropica were friends just visit me in spy island people we can play games cool right. wtf ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. woops some of my words are mess up sorry curse my head : )

  34. When the island opened for members?! and NI members need to wait mounth? 🙂 That is not bad, we can wait 😀 Go on other sites, and after mounth, islan will be opened ;DDD

  35. 14 days, not too bad 😀 We can wait, if you NOT member, it is normal, the Poptropica give chance first to them who pay money 😛 You must understand, I’m not member any more, beause, I need money for other sites, like stardoll.com; pandanda.com; club penguin.com

    Come on peeps 😛 It’s normal to wait, just don’t thin about it 😀


  37. I,m ok with waiting

  38. you are right,so unfair!whhhhhhhhhhhy!

  39. Hey Nikky I agree with you I play freerealms.com and I need to pay the upgrade!!!!:)

  40. a whole MONTH!? THATS CRAZY!!!!!!! >:(

  41. 5 more days… 😉 Plus, if poptropica doesn’t get money, then how will the site continue running? I have a feeling running a site COSTS. I mean, I know they can at least let us wait less longer, but they probably won’t for the face that the longer they let members try it, the more people will BECOME members just to play it. And technically, in 8 minutes, it will be 4 more days till the island opens up, so we can all wait then, right?

  42. face is supposed to be FACT… whoopsies.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    $hift+ctrl+R=change charcter (if you don’t like your guy then do the $ame keys,again
    $hift+ctrl+P=pumpkin head (if you don’t like the pumpkin head then $witch it by
    by doing the $ame thing, $hift+ctrl+P=you don’t have the
    pumpkin head on any more
    P=pumpkin head
    R=change charcter
    Now,I hope you like you guy!!! Go on to poptropica.com and find more intrsting
    cheats. If you don’t have an account click “new player” and pick a boy or a girl
    and then pick any age you want and then costum your boy/girl and then go in-
    to the hot air balloon up above your head and pick an island, then last but not
    least,this is VERY important, have SO much fun!!!
    illustrated by ~$arah Mak~

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Poptropica’s tour place:super power
    Super power is a place with villians all over the place. It is a broken down place
    with a jall (that you can’t get in.Only the villians can get in).
    Comic Kid has a book that he made, if you ask him “do you have any other
    book than comics?” ,then he will give you that book that hasinformtion about
    villians. If you go to the shop next to it, click on the man, he will give you
    a card that has happy faces on it (it’ll tell you more information in
    the book Comic Kid gave you).
    If you have any comments tell me!!!
    illistrated by ~$arah mak~

  46. First I had to wait a whole month! Now this!!!!! “It doesn’t work”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY????????????????? WTF!

  47. umm no early poptropica!!!!???? >.<


  49. Jason534 what are you siding

  50. thanks sarah you helpeed me want to be my friend

  51. i never gotto ride in the reality tv airplane but have to ride a helicopter

  52. ok…………………………………………………….. 2011