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Quickly Change Your Look in Poptropica

Here is a simple keyboard secret for Poptropica. Anytime in the game you can quickly change your character’s look to a completely new random one by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R (CMD + SHIFT + R on a Mac). Keep pressing it over and over again to try out lots of different looks.


This secret is one of the poptropica cheats for the keyboard. Another good one is the Poptropica Pumpkin Head Cheat.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. I GOT IT : )

  2. so awesome

  3. it don`t work for me

  4. i luv it its easy and quick

  5. I did not download the cheat but I made the cheat

  6. what poptopica needs is a place like the arcade but with a big swimming pool that is really deep, i think it could also have a diving board so we could jump into the pool .

  7. How do you change the person ??

  8. it is really HARD!i can’t do it!

  9. i know how to pass reality tv.

  10. i can pass astro knights its easy u can travel to space and kill the aliens and land and change the look of ur space ship.

  11. now i got it! HALELUYAH

  12. How do you change back ?

  13. I got banned…JERKS

  14. Taylor,how??pls tell me………

  15. wen did reality tv come out? i want to do it! and how do you know how to pass it taylor if it didnt come out?

  16. Omarcos read up…..it is written up there…

  17. [size=99] when did reality tv come out did anyone cancel it??? I really want to do reality tv island NOW!!

  18. poptropica should have a restrurant and you can actully eat there!

  19. that makes it sooooooooo easy! i was dying to know how to do that!

  20. thats scary.

  21. some people have the arcade multiverse room. I don’t. r u supposed 2 b a teen if so then 2 bad my person iz 11 yrs old :'(

  22. how do u change back? thats why it’s scary.

  23. anonymous…how did you get banned?

  24. wat how did you get banned?

  25. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PASS SPY ISLAND I AM STUCK (LIKE GLUE ON PAPER)….ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!???????????!?!?!?…………?+!=?!!?

  26. I already beat all the islands! what do i do w/out any islands where do i go? what do i do? is there somthing i unlock? pls tell me!

  27. hey do you know the cell phone codes they should post those here because they post them at poptropica.blog and this website is kinda like poptropica.blog but a little better and a little worse.

  28. also Craperman,Craperman you can go and trying to get 5 stars on your gaming thing too and you can find all the cheats and have an ultimate charcter or beat the halloween thing

  29. wow this is really cool! you should try it!

  30. there one more cheat, how to change you skin color. Press Ctrl+Alt+S at the same time

  31. press ctrl+shift+1/2/3/4 to do emotions(1=laugh 2=sad 3=angry 4=happy)


  33. martin: Just because you could do it on your own, that doesn’t mean you made it.
    Omarcos, you can’t change back from the keyboard.
    Yin-lin, look at the walkthroughs on the side.
    Craperman, Craperman: First, I’m not so sure how appropiate your name is, second, just wait for the next island.
    purpleprincess11, You choose your character’s age when you create it.
    Anonymous, if you were banned, just make another account.
    Master Panda, Fierce Moon did post the Cell Phone codes, and so did the Creators.

  34. Hungry Shell, you can’t change it back unless you use the Randomizer again.
    Nickpick123, I’m pretty sure Fierce Moon posted about that, too.
    “I’m the coolest person in Singapore”-Reality TV didn’t cancel…
    Rebekah, That’s a GREAT idea!
    Sara, That’s a GREAT idea, too!
    Everyone, if you need tips on how to beat an island, just use Fierce Moon’s cheats.

  35. gentle dolphin/kyliebunny0402

    brave star, if you need help on an island you can go to wiki answers and get tips on all islands, i helped my brother with it yestersay (P.S. if someone is willing to friend maroon0402 then that will be great bc he doesn’t have many friends)

  36. Hey, umm, guys look, okay, I know this isn’t related to the subject but PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSE!! Tell me how to turn on all the special effects after you turn them Off!!!! D’:

  37. Do any of u know how to change your poptropica character into a bomb? Princess?Packet of crips? I know it sounds weird, but I SO REALLY wanna change my look. Hint:You can do it inthe costumizer.

  38. What is a mac???????

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