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Pumpkin Head in Poptropica

Here’s one of the funniest Poptropica cheats and secrets. You can get a pumpkin head if you know the secret keyboard shortcut. To get a pumpkin head in Poptropica, press CTRL + SHIFT + P on your keyboard (CMD + SHIFT + P on a Mac) and you will get a jack-o-lantern pumpkin on top of your head . You can remove it by pressing those keys again. You can move around and do everything in Poptropica while wearing your pumpkin head.

Update: Hey for those of you who are having problems doing this, make sure you click somewhere in the game first. This gives the Poptropica game something called focus, which is fancy computer talk for meaning it’s in control. Then the keyboard secret will work. So click anywhere in the game (like walk left or right) and then press CTRL + SHIFT + P on your keyboard (CMD + SHIFT + P on a Mac).

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  1. wombatgirl1999, the same thing happens to me!! but super thunder is super cool

  2. dont go to the store Scary Shell because the blog said there will be a new pumpkin hand but, there isnt.

  3. i know there isn’t a pumpkin hand.

  4. ihat poptropica

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    my hobbies are drawing and singing

  6. Whenever I try to do this, even when I give the game focus, it just opens up an InPrivate window.

  7. Incredible Thunder

    Yeah, gray crab, I think they deleted the shortcut. I tried it too, and the same thing happened. I think it’s like the Hypnotic costume. That used to be available if you know where to find it, but now you have to be a member. Like for the pumpkin, you have to buy it now.

  8. i did it today and pumpkin head worked i dont no how though

  9. I tried it today and it worked

  10. Brave Fang/Hyper Bear

    @grey crab me to since we have internet explorer

  11. Magic Hippo, you shouldn’t reveal personal imformation online.
    Brave Fang/ Hyper Bear, You could use Firefox and download Flash.
    Incredible Thunder, The hypnotic was a temporary hidden item, but they always keep the keyboard tricks.

  12. i tried this once, but now it won’t work!!!! >:(((((