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Poptropica Winter Blast Flavor Gum

There’s a brand-new flavor of gum available in the Poptropica store. Just like the bubble gum that Poptropica released in two other flavors earlier this month, this new item makes your Poptropican start chewing. When you press the space bar, you’ll blow blue bubbles that leave snowflakes behind. You can press the spacebar repeatedly to cause a bubblegum snowstorm. As the Poptropica creators say in their blog, it will be enough to make Hades freeze over.

Poptropica Winter Blast Flavor Gum

The new Winter Blast Flavor of Poptropica Gum.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Cool! Just like the fire gum was Hot! Get it?

  2. Hot Fire Gum, Cool Snow Gum!

  3. ha? i got it, if it was real, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH cool lemonade would go with it

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  7. Maybe they’ll come up with something like a flamethrower or an ice lazer or other cool weapons like the lightning staff and the popgum.

  8. ok i did say it on an old post so that would explain it!

  9. the what explain it?

  10. I think it is relly cool!

  11. wow that is cool and i am now goin’ yo the next post b/c i can only play for 2 hours every weekend.

  12. it is cool how u beat zeus.

  13. Ha Ha Ha very funny bernadette.I’m serious!I like it!

  14. Now we can keep ourselves cool in the summer and keep ourselves warm in the winter!

  15. why did you cheat?

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  17. totally “cool”

  18. Silver Pelican

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  19. that so silly blackbeard boy how about a skull staff it makes it rain skulls.

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  22. poptropica is a very fun game everybody in my school plays it . It’s a fun game to play you can get stuff and all kinds of stuff like that.

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  25. That looks really cool, but not useful… you know, like the costume saver.

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  50. Don’t you hate the creepy smile that’s on your Poptropican’s face when you stop using the gum?


  52. Spottedleaf_WarriorCats

    To: HADES

    Hades isn’t evil. I did research in school we were doing a mythology project. Hades is a GOD not a TITAN. So he doesn’t do the evil laugh :P. Even if hes the God of the Underworld. The only thing bad about him is that he stole Persephone to be his wife and Queen of the Underworld. But then he returned her..But she has to come back during Fall and Winter. Thats why the plants and flowers die during those seasons. Lol thats just in Mythology.

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  55. lol winter blast gum is awemsome

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