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Poptropica Robots in Sneak Peeks

This week, the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop is filled with more concept art and screenshots from the upcoming Poptropica Robots Island. There’s no official name yet, but I’m calling it Robots Island until I hear the official name! The creators of Poptropica have put a lot of sketches of robots up in Daily Pop over the past few weeks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen robots in Poptropica. There was a giant robot spaceship in 24 Carrot Island called the Rabbot that Dr. Hare used. And we saw robot creatures such as a mouse and Merlin the Owl in Astro-Knights Island. Also, who could forget Sprocket from Steamworks Island?

Here’s a quick look at some of the latest screenshots for the new island that you can find in Daily Pop.

Poptropica Robots - Yoshi's Challenge

We don't know who Mr. Yoshi is, but he's got a really terrific challenge.

Poptropica Robots - Underwater

Underwater fish robots. Would those be fishbots? Oh, my!

Poptropica Robots - Sketches

More robot sketches from Poptropica Daily Pop.

Poptropica Robots - Resort Attack

Not sure exactly what this is, but it looks like robots attacking a beach resort.

Poptropica Robots - Big Yoshi Bot

Mr. Yoshi returns, and his big robot looks angry.

Poptropica Robots - Tightrope

I bet you didn't know that robots could walk the tightrope.

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  1. First!! I’ve seen the robots long before this.

  2. 2nd to comment! finally!

  3. 3rd to comment! πŸ˜€ But…come on Creators. We already had Steamworks, and that was REALLY robot-filled and mechanical themed. So what up? I have nothing against robots, but you should make a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings island or something.Or maybe Hunger Games. Either buy the rights (but with Harry Potter, it wold be pretty expensive, so just say it’s a Larry Totter island or something) or just make it a general theme…pleaseeeeeeeeeeee?

  4. OH and it would totally be awesome if you made a Balloon Boy island too!!!

  5. Captain Crawfish

    Yarr. Day 75 of my being shipwrecked. Met a strange guy named Bard a few days ago. So this is what he was talking about when he said he was going to build robots.
    -Captain Crawfish

  6. ???

  7. okay, now i’m bored…
    how am i going to wait until september 9th???!!!!!
    there aren’t even any ad walkthroughs…

  8. maybe it’s like an island where you get captured by alien robots and have to escape or something. maybe it’ll be harder than astro-knights

  9. go Quick Lobster1 GO lord of the rigs island!!! That whold be AWESOME ( only a bit long dont you think?)

  10. i hope its harder than astro knights.

  11. maybe its like we have all these robot servants, but they start to rebel. just a thought

  12. Okey dokey ardivhokey!!!! ;).

  13. Actually, Robots Island seems pretty cool! Maybe they’ll bring all the robots back from previous islands (Sprocket, Rabbot, that weird owl from Astro-Knights, etc.) and they’ll form some gang that’s intent on destroying the world or something (What? It’s a good story line!) Anyway, I’m more focused on Mystery Train Island right now, so I’ll go comment on that.

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  15. cool too! my cuz was born on 13 Friday i think may!

  16. david, super claw is on

  17. man i can’t beat great pumpkin

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  19. Hello.I am actually alive after not posting for so long… You might not know this, but I am Captain Crawfish on this blog.

  20. Captain Crawfish

    Arr,That be true.

  21. You might remember me From the Shrink ray island walkthrough.I have beaten all islands, so if you need any help, I can help. I have beaten all the islands multiple times,sooooooo…

  22. that last picture was a person on the tightrope
    I guess its some kind of robot revolution

  23. Polly the awesome girl

    maybe it’s game show island where you have to get past different challenges

  24. theres already a game show island called reality tv island

  25. thanks bashful cloud! me and my friends are working REALLY hard to get people to check it out. if you have any ideas at all on anything, please let me know! the sooner the webshow gets started the better.
    btw, ive been on poptropica secrets for a while, i just kept to myself. thanks for being so nice about though! i appreciate you checking out my website.

  26. i think this” new” island might be really fun. it sounds awesome and fun! oh and bashful cloud i don’t have any friends here on poptropica secrets yet and i have seen you in the comments a lot and you seem really nice. πŸ™‚

  27. Wait, so there is gonna be an evil robot island or something? Anyway, I bet that they are gonna have an island with evil clones of every major poptropica charactor or even of some randomely picked users!!! or evil robot clones of major poptropica charactors!!! Who knows?

    ~Silver Berry

  28. ya why dont they make it an island like BC said tht would be so cool but instead of the robot threaten to kill you why not it be he would controll poptropica?

  29. and Ima just saying so… πŸ˜›

  30. And thx BC thts really a good idea and I hope they would make an island like tht and if you knew the person tht made poptropica and give him/her and idea about tht and him/her made tht island tht would be so awesome.

  31. they should really make it a harry potter themed island! im reading it again im on the fourth book

  32. maybe it’s an island where you’re in Tokyo and E.T. robots come in and take over and you have to save the Poptropican race while by being in a battle between you and the whole robot army led by E. Vile and maybe the Yoshi part is just a TV show and you’re watching it the the robots take over. just an examination. :mrgreen:

  33. anyone here Greek? anyone?

  34. I bet this new island’s probably related to ”The legend is coming” video? Not so sure if it’s really so!

  35. translation”I’m Not Greek” BC P.S I am not Greek either,however I do speak a little of it

  36. Mr. Yoshi’s robot looks like one of those Japanese Movies. Like Godzilla Robot-Version. LOL.

  37. ΒΏΒΏΖƒuΔ±uǝddɐΙ₯ sΔ±Ι₯Κ‡ sΔ± ʎΙ₯ʍ

  38. Maybe its like a robot king that is trying to take over poptropica and you have to find parts to make a robot and then you have to battle it out and Mr.Yoshi is your friend but he is really evil

  39. and you have to beat his challenges


  41. I don’t like deven butt I love funny joker

  42. maybe a strange portal opens right in front of you and sucks you in and your taken to the future where robots have enslaved the human race, a letter floats down and it says “help us,you have saved countless Islands before,now please destroy the robots that have taken over our entire world”, which was written September 9 ,3000 suddenly robots appear and lug you too a shop where robots are built, you must discreetly take parts and hollow them out to make an armor that makes you look like a robot,(with some weapons of course),and make your way to the robot overlord,and turn him into scrap metal,then deactivate all the other robots with a deactivation button and free the future,then you are transported back to 2011, where your house has mysteriously turned into the biggest mansion you’ve ever seen

  43. U mean like wall-e. U no, the movie?!

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  62. hey ass wholes, you want a better one, fine, here it is
    you are walking home one day and a strange portal opens right in front of you and sucks you in, you land in the future where robots have enslaved the human race, a letter floats down and it says β€œhelp us,you have saved countless Islands before,now please destroy the robots that have taken over our entire world”, which was written September 9 ,3000, suddenly robots appear and lug you too a robot creation center where where you must assemble robots(mini game), you must also discreetly take parts and hollow them out to make an armor that makes you look like a robot,(with some weapons and jets of course),and make your way to the robot overlord, eventually you are discovered as a human and have to run like crazy while avoiding there lasers or being captured(mini game) eventually you find the over lord and you must duel him(mini game) you must shoot him with lasers and missile’s while avoiding his lasers,rockets,and disintegration ray,once you defeat him you must then hit the self destruct button to destroy the robots, however,the entire base your in also self destructs,you must fly away as quickly as possible, however the jets eventually run out of power and must recharge,while it recharges you must run on foot(Mini game) once you make it out of the base alive,another strange portal opens and sends you back to the present,your home has mysteriously changed into a huge mansion.(just an idea,its not perfect but its a little better,so all of you FREAKING DUMB ASSES, WHO DON’T LIKE IT,KEEP YOUR GOD-DAMN COMMENTS TO YOUR SELF.)

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    FYI i have not chosen sides on the “infernape vs. cuddly sun” thingy.

  84. in fact, here are my “friends” on this site (meaning they are either nice to me, i like, and/or dont hate me) NOTE: THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.
    Bashful Cloud
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  85. also, thank you Aang and david for trying to make peace.

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    but heres what i have 2 say 2day:
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  94. i think it is about making your own robot and battling to be the best robot fighter or something

  95. Albus Loves lemon drops! that is such a cool name! πŸ™‚ I love harry potter! i am the biggest fan! if you dont think so test me! πŸ˜›

  96. AlbusLovesLemonDrops

    OMG YAY! Thank you soooo much! Could we possibly share that title? How about a friendly game of HPTrivia?

  97. Wait, underwater robots? That seems unpractical. But still, they have really awesome concept art. πŸ™‚

  98. does anyone appreciate the art more than the game?

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  105. btw grumpy pelican i guess its possible. has any1 ever read “the roar”? its a totaly AWESOME novel!!! anyway in it tere was this animal plague and the people of the planet had 2 move into one city made up of 3 levels in it. anyway they had to kill all the animals cuz the ahd rabies. and so this kid gets into a video game contest and is sent to like virtual hawaii or something and they replaced all the fish that died in th plague(yes, even the fish)with robot fish thet are exactly like real fish except there robots. its like in astro boy where the robot thinks hes a person and doesnt know hes a robot…like that but with animals. so its possible.

    p.s. if you like reading or if your interestied in science fiction novels, DEFINETLY read that book. its like as big as the 4th or 5th harry potter but i finished it in like a week.

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  112. To everyone: um. this got weird for being a thing about a robot world.
    To serious bee: I’ve never heard of “The Roar”, it sounds really good. After Twilight was made I got really turned off of fantasy novels. (curse you stef!!) It’s a sad fact, but I’ve slowly been returning to it.
    To Albusloveslemondrops: damn straight he does πŸ™‚

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  124. AlbusLovesLemonDrops

    I’m Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter! Harry OOH, Harry AH, Harry OOH Tralala! πŸ˜€ I love the world!! I’m a happy, peppy person!! (Who loves lemon drops. :P)

  125. I think this is the objective of the mystery island that we call ,”Robot Island”. So Mr.Yoshi runs a toy company that were actually robot toys that destroys everything. Mr. Yoshi wants to take over the world by eliminating everyone. When we arrive at the island everyone’s gone, or maybe just a person survived and hide somewhere. Because we survived, or a newcomer, we have to stop Mr. Yoshi from taking over the world, by exploring and finding the history of the island, and at the end, of course, taking “Mr. Yoshi’s Really Terrific Challenge”.

  126. AlbusLovesLemonDrops

    Who wants to play Harry Potter Triva?? πŸ˜€

  127. I wonder what is going to happen to poptropica.

  128. Hola.(:
    I completely agree with Cool Stomper.
    When I first saw these robots I thought of the OLD Kim Possible movie, where those little tiny robot toys were taking over the world. This is probably going to be the same. C:
    -Dizzy Pear.

  129. Oh, and I heard Poptropica’s making customizable rooms. (:
    That’s great, and they’ll probably even have cool furniture items for free users and members.
    Membership will become really worth it later on. They already are creating a friendslist. And PLUS, if they added chatting. Ohmygod. That would be just super-duper-amazing. Who agrees? xD

  130. click my name! GAME SHOW ISLAND!

  131. I think that Mr. Yoshi’s Terrific Challenge or whatever it is was a scrapped idea for Money Ladder?

  132. Description of Game Show Island:
    “Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?”

  133. @Dizzy Pear: I agree with you. Except how I say it is “OMGas.” Like “Oh my gas.”

  134. How do you do green head in smiley?

  135. πŸ‘Ώ