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Poptropica Race to Witch Mountain Mission

OK there’s a mini-mission now with a lot of advertisements for the Race to Witch Mountain DVD in Poptropica. It appears in the main street/beginning section of each of the different islands in Poptropica. The goal of the mission is to find the three colored cards that will unlock the two trapped “aliens” inside the building. The rewards at the end are really cool. You get an “alien” outfit, an agent Hazmat suit and a really cool UFO that you can use. When you use it, a flying saucer appears over you and then sends a beam of light that puts you inside. Then it flies off. Oh and it shows an advertisement for Race to Witch Mountain. LOL.

I made a quick video Walkthrough on YouTube. If you like the video, please click and comment/rate it on YouTube. Thanks!

Here are the items that you get.

The agent hazmat suit in Poptropica

The agent hazmat suit in Poptropica

The Poptropica "alien" suit
The Poptopica UFO picks you up and flies away

The Poptopica UFO picks you up and flies away

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  1. Wow. Can you pleassseeee post the walkthrough now?
    I don’t know what to do.

  2. i need that stuff!

  3. thanks for the cheats thanks to you guys you guys made it easier for me to play poptropica thanks you guys rule

  4. i already beat the misson without getting caught by the guards!i also got the stuff. it was easy!

  5. itt is tooo herd.mabey itt is becus im only 6 soo when i waz goining to go in 3red time itt wass GONEE.

  6. It’s not the only one though.there’s also the wizard’s of Waverly place or something and it’s WWWAAAYYY easier !!I finished it in 3 minutes!!!!

  7. i need this so bad

  8. thank’s, you guys made poptropica a lot eisier to finish poptropica.

  9. i cannot see that misison anywhere. do anybody know where that mission is? (In the video i see it’s the shark island but the only thing i found next 2 the shark museum is the lego bionicle cave. Where is the Race to witch mountain mission gone?

  10. how do i do the mission for race to which mountain again

  11. there was no poptropica race to which mountain

  12. THAT WAS EASY………………………

  13. I dont think i had my poptropica account then. I just like commenting on stuff. 🙂

  14. hey the dr hares secret lab is like a copy of this!!!!!!

  15. where is that mission i went to every island but theres no mission

  16. princessyuni it’s not there anymore because they have limited advertizements

  17. Can u post a Nabbottie or how ever u spell it cheats vid I’m so stuck on it someone help meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!