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Poptropica Night at the Museum Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s an advertisement mission available and it’s promoting Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which is available on DVD and Blu-ray. This is a pretty easy mission to do and you’ll find it on Main Street on a bunch of the islands. To do the mission, go inside and talk to the Security Guard by the door. He’ll tell you that you need to find all of the Tyrannosaurus Rex bones that are scattered inside. Walk to the right and go through the Museum Security door to get inside.

You’ll have 60 seconds to find all the bones. Walk over each of them to pick them up. They’re pretty easy to find because they’re so big, but basically you just need to keep heading up to the top and then over to the left and you’ll find them all. When you get all the pieces, you then have a really easy puzzle where you need to put them all back together.

Once you put them all back together you get a security guard costume as a reward. When you equip the flashlight, press the space bar to make it shine.


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  1. i already new that and i finished it too.

  2. hi their i already finish all the poptropica island and its so cool!! thanks and hi purple

  3. Man i didint get to play Night at the Museum

  4. ive got 3 questions……

    where do you find that game?
    do you get money for it?
    And how do you beat nabooti island?

  5. i wounder why they took my stink bomb i did nothing to it.

  6. that missions realy hard . finding the last bone is hard too.

  7. which island is it on

  8. Dudes if you get to see the ad got to Poptropica help blog and see the Poptroportex and they will give you the ad code (never expires)

  9. where do you find this mission? do you need any accomplishments? please help!

  10. Hey Deli_green_girl maybe I can answer your three questions.
    1. It’s only available for a short time.
    2. Do you mean Credits? You won’t get credits for finishing a advertisement mission.
    3. The walkthrough is on this site. Search (it’s on top of the page) ‘Nabooti Walkthrough’ and you should see it.

  11. sunny have you compleate counterfeit island i have

  12. where is this game all i have is cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs and a spy next door
    plz plz plz PLZ help me

    >: | !!!!

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