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Poptropica Monster High Advertisement

Wow, so many people are talking about the new outfits they’re seeing some girls wearing in the Multi-player and Multi-verse rooms on Poptropica. There was a post on the Creator’s blog a few days ago about it and everyone wants to know where to find the new outfits. It’s kind of tricky, because they come from a new advertisement area in Poptropica and it’s not really open to everyone. To see it, you need to be a girl Poptropica character between the ages of 10 and 12. And I think you’ll only find it in one place: 24 Carrot Island. If your Poptropica character is too young or too old, you won’t see the building.

Poptropica Monster High Costumes

Some of the costumes and the photo booth from the Monster High advertisement in Poptropica.

Poptropica Monster High Photo Booth

Wearing a Monster High outfit in Poptropica.

Of course, if you want to see it, just make a new girl character in Poptropica that is age 10, 11, or 12 and then go to 24-Carrot Island. The advertisement building is on Main Street. Run to the right and you’ll see it. Go inside and then go find the girl standing next to another door inside the building. Click on that door to enter and you’ll see a lot of mannequins with cool monster outfits on them. You can costumize any of the outfits on the mannequins or do a little mix-and-match to make your own. When you like what you see, go inside the photo booth and you’ll download a picture of your Poptropican inside the phone booth wearing your outfit.

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  1. I can’t find it! 🙁 I am ten and I can’t find it on right! 🙁


  3. of course you cant find it! She posted this on June 11, 2010

  4. i luv mh and im kinda bummed its not on anymore, so i made my own clawdeen outfit! not as good as tha real thang 🙁

  5. i Think it is really fun and very interesting 🙂

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  8. cant find it . i tried all the ages but there was jack and jill

  9. i cant find it. only jack and jill.
    what is the date till?

  10. oohh so its not on there any more or it still is im new o this game so i donat know and if it is wha iland is it

  11. its on24 carrot island

  12. i think i found it im not sure bt i want to know how o do it because im new and idint think they would have stuff like that so then i trying to look for it but i hope its still there im sure it is i love this new website it is asome better than club penguin

  13. is it on main street or is it on 2island

  14. i think they should have the monster high stuff agen i love this website

  15. When I saw someone wearing these clothes I just did Costumizer.

  16. if any one still has a monsterhigh outfit on plz tell me!!!!!! i have done that before but i custumized for fun but i accedentally pressed accept plz tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. when i couldnt find it got me so bumed out im a big fan of monster high but all i could find was the smurfs

  18. tell me where the new monster high,and age to get it on poptropica.

  19. I tried looking for this ad but when I went to the island it wasnt there even though I saw a girl in multiplayer room with a draculaura sweet 1600th crown on :S Where did she get tht plz reply 🙂

  20. why wont anybudy replie :/ just teli me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ill buy u poptropica membership if u do!!

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  22. I LURVE MH JUST TEL ME PLZZZ soz i hav angir problems im 18 tho:/

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  24. ASFJDHSFIGHDFDHGFJDGLF::: Why nobody tells me this???
    I miss it D:

  25. It'sAMonsterHighThing

    I checked and there was nothing! I am the biggest Monster High Fan so of coarse I tried to get it and nothing at all!

  26. you cant find it because it is gone duhhh !! all ads leave after a while but if you want monster high clothing then theres a new ad !! for draculuras sweet 1600 plus get this you get a cool outfit and a follower !! its count fabulaus draculuras pet !! how cool is that ! you better hurry cause it well be gone soon !!

  27. ok so i will tell you how to get the draculura sweets 1600 outfit ok so what you do is go to early poptropica then when u see this purple haunted house go in then look for frankie stien when u find her click her and click can i help ? then she will say yes then you have to play this game ! what u have to do is give letters to draculuras friends ! only 5 ! make sure u dont hit on anything that glows ! the way to know how u gave i to the person is there will be hearts all over the place when u do all that you will get a outfit and follower !!

  28. i really want to play it and i can’t find it.probably because it’s already the 13 of February.

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