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Poptropica Monster High Advertisement

Wow, so many people are talking about the new outfits they’re seeing some girls wearing in the Multi-player and Multi-verse rooms on Poptropica. There was a post on the Creator’s blog a few days ago about it and everyone wants to know where to find the new outfits. It’s kind of tricky, because they come from a new advertisement area in Poptropica and it’s not really open to everyone. To see it, you need to be a girl Poptropica character between the ages of 10 and 12. And I think you’ll only find it in one place: 24 Carrot Island. If your Poptropica character is too young or too old, you won’t see the building.

Poptropica Monster High Costumes

Some of the costumes and the photo booth from the Monster High advertisement in Poptropica.

Poptropica Monster High Photo Booth

Wearing a Monster High outfit in Poptropica.

Of course, if you want to see it, just make a new girl character in Poptropica that is age 10, 11, or 12 and then go to 24-Carrot Island. The advertisement building is on Main Street. Run to the right and you’ll see it. Go inside and then go find the girl standing next to another door inside the building. Click on that door to enter and you’ll see a lot of mannequins with cool monster outfits on them. You can costumize any of the outfits on the mannequins or do a little mix-and-match to make your own. When you like what you see, go inside the photo booth and you’ll download a picture of your Poptropican inside the phone booth wearing your outfit.

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  1. Actually you can find Monster Island on any island.

  2. Man no fair!!!}:(
    Wait can you do something like that for boys too plz???

  3. nooooooo girls only hahahahahahahahaha

  4. Lazy Fang (POPTROPICA NAME)

    jezz thats SO unfair
    the poptropica creator is a boy so WHY did he do something for GIRLS?!

  5. hey i found monster high in astro knights and then discovered it was in all the islands!!

  6. Errm well there’s only one boy character and there are only Girls Costumes. There are heaps, like Cleo De Nile, Frankie Stine, Draculaura, and many others. See more cool girls around!

  7. umm ithink its true they should have put boy outfits too but i like the desighns for girls

  8. wOw! im a girl and i LOVE the outfits!!! Its kinda not fair for the boys , though.

  9. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. purpleprincess11

    that is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!! but maybe they should have put some outfits in for boys but the girl designs r really cool!!! 🙂

  11. Really you can find it at more than one place. I seen it on Early Poptropica, Reality TV , and Mythology!!!! Monster High outfits are soooooooo in so if your not wearing a outfit your NOT cool!!! YOU ARE LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wearing a blue plaid with a blet and a tie!!!

  12. i have a gothic poptropican who is 15 and since i made goth she wanted MH but then MY OWN self poptropican that is me says it is kinda girly. i have nothing 2 say here…. >_<

  13. i like jeff kinney …hes a girls man…lol

  14. my big bro says poptropica is stupid and gay.

  15. i luv the outfit! my character’s maroon storm, meet me at night of the living carrots whenever u can.

  16. this stinks what if your not that age and i think the out fits are cute but im to old for it

  17. im to old to get the out fit but i think they are so cute

  18. aww i can’t find it anywhere.. TT.TT
    I’m too old.. ):

  19. ok im slippery tiger on poptropica…see u tonight.

  20. purpleprincess11

    I’m wearing a purple jacket with the stripy pink shirt and black skirt (my username is gingerbread156,type it in the avatar studio)and u can find it on every island

  21. im sooo excited!omg! this is LAME REALLY LAME

  22. and im a girl

  23. Mine’s on Counterfeit Island!
    PS Skullduggery open to public in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!

  24. Type in Meggymoomoo12 in the Avatar Studio! You can see my Poptropica Character.

  25. do i have to be a mumberto do that.

  26. ok go on poptropica avatar studio and type in iluvmom56.

  27. That sounds cool, but how come it can’t be for girls above 12? I checked on all my accounts and the ages 10-12 isn’t on ANY of my poptropicans!!! I usually do 7 or 13 or 16. So personally, THAT SUCKS!!!!! And on the positive side, Yeah Silver Eel, I can’t wait either. I came to check if they changed the date again, but happily not!!!

  28. And coolcat, I made another account to see the outfits (didn’t save it) and none of them really looked that good or anything. Although, yeah, I liked the flowy purple skirt for my #1 poptropican, White Dragon. But, she’s a teen like me, and is too “old” for such nice clothes… 🙁 I hope they do one for us “old” poptropicans.

  29. If anyone is bored, look at my poptropican (White Dragon) in the avatar studio: tanban12.

  30. i’m 10 so good luck for me but i don’t like the can you please chage it
    it is also on any island!

  31. 🙂 and if really, desperatly bored, try tanban100, tanban101, tanban010, and tanban01. yeah… I was really, desperatly bored. These are my others.

  32. skullduggery comes out in 4DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:)

  33. purpleprincess11 i saw yourpoptropican on avatar stutio shes a pirate by the way do u have membership

  34. hey silverEel i saw your persen on poptropica shes a dog or something

  35. poplove1021 ive seen your poptropica persen too shes wearing gold earings,

  36. and has blush on,a purple bra,a pink mini jacket,a blue skirt,long white belt

  37. hey White Dragon your poptropicans all purple,purple hair,purple bat wings,purple dress,purple belt,silver neckless,you even have posidens triton and your person glowing(purple)

  38. im really bored

  39. hey i have a cool trick and it works in any part of any poptropica island!!there is two ways but i prefer number 1 coz u can do it in front of ppl!! LOL..
    1)if u r in a multiplayer room then click the angry person so that ur face goes red…
    as ur face goes red press the crying picture and u’ll still stay red but ur body will be normal colour! to get back ur normal colour simply press the angry button again!!
    2)if u r in main street (or any other part of an island) then press cntr,shift and 3 at the same time and as ur poptropican turns red then press cntrl,shift and 2at the same time and the same trick will work. to get ur colour back press cntrl,shift and 3 again.
    P.S u can find me on counterfeit and ill be at the mouldy baguette inn and my name is speedy crush. im wearing a the purple out featured above from monster high and sunglasses and a black hat and white hoop earings and fairy wings. if u see me don’t forget to say hello!! (LOL)

  40. if u wanna se my poptropican then search for lilbadgrl_lol in avatar studio

  41. Thanks for looking ding dong! Yeah… pretty much everything is purple except for then name. 🙂 Lol…

  42. Nice Blugrl1. You have the purple skirt… 🙂

  43. purpleprincess11

    to ding dong: what do u mean i’m a pirate?? and i don’t have membership *cries* 🙁

  44. Spottedleaf_WarriorCats

    Those clothes are soooo cool!! Its not fair for boys either though. Poptropica is a learning website and its fun too. I don’t see the reason of why its ‘stupid’ and ‘gay’. Boys: Maybe if you just go online and check they might have it!

    Too bad my poptropica charater is young. Thats why I’m making a new one! MUAHAHAHA! Hehehe…Love this website!!!


    Warrior Cats rule the wild! (for realz book)

  45. Spottedleaf_WarriorCats

    Hey everyone! Look at my charaters in avatar studio: cuddlyheart33 Dawnfire_WarriorCats Spotted_Leaf2

  46. IT’S NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

  47. Nice characters Spottedleaf_WarriorCats. (Do you mind if I just call you Spottedleaf. It’s kinda a long name, but I have a feeling you’re a Warrior Cats fan. Hey, have you read the Seekers series?)

  48. I made a new account to sneak inside;)(like in Dexter’s Laboratory)

  49. i lov michael jackson!!!

    im[my character ] young enough to go in and its awesome!!!!!!

  50. I have a cool costume for me!

  51. Omgee, thank goodness im 12!! Or else ill missed the cute costume which i saved it yay!!! <3 I always love your cheats ty so much!!

  52. Spottedleaf_WarriorCats

    Reply to White Dragon: Yeah I read the Seekers Series. The names were hard to pronounce so I just stuck with Warriors. One of my poptropica charaters are Spotted Leaf. When I saw that name I was like, “I am SOOO going to keep this!”

  53. No, actually, you can find it on every island, including Skullduggery. It’s always on the very right of the main street that your travel blimp lands on.

  54. im 16 so i cant get the costume but im going to make a new caracter

  55. omg this is the best website ever so cool you could watch walkthrough i like this web first i can’t find items on scullduggery but now i finish it.

  56. thia is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. look at my poptropicn
    ok remember to comment on this site if i look CUTE! <3

  58. Cool outfits. So far this is the only advertisement that actually made me visit the website. It’s like a virtual school o.o can’t wait until the site comes out…(I bookmarked it because I forget stuff easily xD)

  59. The only good thing is the tutus and the rest is all weirdo gothic monster and they shouldn’t have that ad but I like the tutu’s probobly because I’m a dancer and a really good one to.

  60. that poptropican is HAWTTTTTTT go on poptropica avatar the
    username is iluvmom56 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee
    comment is she hot or not?!

  61. and the answer is…

  62. im bord i wish i was a member in poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i hate when you have to be a member !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but im a mmber in clubpenguin my name is spygizmo

  63. It’s not only in 24 carrot, I got mine in a different island, I don’t remember where though.

  64. monster high is in skullduggery too for those of you who are working on skullduggery island. i go to the one in skullduggery becuz im working on that and then i dont have to go thru the hassle of going all the way to 24 carrot

  65. um vluca1 i think you look pretty nice….try going with smaller lips..there too big and a little scary no offense. luv the outfit tho

  66. poplove you look cute. i would change the hair color tho. too gray lol

  67. hey its eagle again i made an avatar please go on it and look at my character. then come back here and comment if you liked my poptropican.heres my username: i know its a weird username lol

    Username: fluffypoo123
    password: i cant tell u my password sorry 🙂

  68. Spottedleaf_Warriorcats: That is so cool! I didn’t know you could find names like that. When I first came on poptropica, I loved the name White Dragon, but i didn’t save it and the next time I went on, I spent almost the whole day looking for that name again. And I found it! I thought it was impossible. 😉 They have awesome names on here!

  69. i love your website it so awesome

  70. STILL FAMOUS!!!!!!

  71. I can’t find it anywhere i’m the right age but it’s not on any of the islands.

  72. purpleprincess11

    darn it’s gone now

  73. pink and blue outfit on monster high is awensome

  74. i just love your outfit

  75. purpleprincess11 i know i been there before it went out

  76. jackie it went out

  77. good night everyone its midnight in texas

  78. i had a nice costume on monster high

  79. poptropicafan123

    wats up look at my character username ncashwolf

  80. poptropicafan123

    dude they should have a famous brand store just for boys

  81. 🙁 i didnt get the monster high ad and go inside 2 get thu clothing 🙁 🙁 🙁 put it on again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. when was this blog written and i am 10 days old and it wont show the building

  83. ummmmm how OLD was this blog written cause im a big monster high fan and i cant find it and now im mad and i want that building on Poptropica!!!!!>.<

  84. DANGIT! I’m like the ultimate Monster High fan and I wasn’t here then! And grey sky, it was written last year in June. It’s definitely gone now.

  85. To Eagle:I love your poptropican!

  86. Please check out my character. Post here whether you like her or not. Like as a poll. I’m not demanding you. Ok I’ll stop now. LOL.


  87. hey can you bring back it please i really want it i love monster high

  88. it’s also on wild west island and looks slightly different.

  89. i cannot see the building 🙁

  90. i’m steel sad :'(

  91. im 11 and i cant find it why?

  92. If your wondering why stuff is typed so perfectly, it’s b/c I like copying and pasting stuff b/c it was the last thing I learned in 4th grade. (P.S, I’m already outta school suckas! + I got out at 10:00 A.M.)

  93. samantha escorcia

    wow, i cant find it. i made a girl thats 11 and did not find it. LIARS!

  94. bring it back plz i love monster high!!!!! im upsessed with it!!!1

  95. monster high la escuela mas fabulosa

  96. Hey I was trying to get into the Monster high shop but I cant because I dont find it 🙁

  97. I can’t find it! 🙁 I am ten and I can’t find it on right! 🙁


  99. of course you cant find it! She posted this on June 11, 2010

  100. i luv mh and im kinda bummed its not on anymore, so i made my own clawdeen outfit! not as good as tha real thang 🙁

  101. i Think it is really fun and very interesting 🙂

  102. hi i’m i nice cool awsome and fun and happy plus blackbutpretty is on the moviestarplanet go on there PLZ super cool

  103. hey cameron , i mean i’m black but pretty go 2 movie star planet go movie stars i love to type it so fun don’t you think i can type so fast i don’t have to look just type i love to type its just like so fun this is so super i just love to be so fun thanks for all the help suporter thanks i love u all plus i now zendaya coleman or rocky on shake it uo yes she’s 13 in really life she’s 2 years older than me i miss you zendaya rember me on your way to fame follow zendaya on twitter zendaya96 peace love and happiness bye

  104. cant find it . i tried all the ages but there was jack and jill

  105. i cant find it. only jack and jill.
    what is the date till?

  106. oohh so its not on there any more or it still is im new o this game so i donat know and if it is wha iland is it

  107. its on24 carrot island

  108. i think i found it im not sure bt i want to know how o do it because im new and idint think they would have stuff like that so then i trying to look for it but i hope its still there im sure it is i love this new website it is asome better than club penguin

  109. is it on main street or is it on 2island

  110. i think they should have the monster high stuff agen i love this website

  111. When I saw someone wearing these clothes I just did Costumizer.

  112. if any one still has a monsterhigh outfit on plz tell me!!!!!! i have done that before but i custumized for fun but i accedentally pressed accept plz tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. when i couldnt find it got me so bumed out im a big fan of monster high but all i could find was the smurfs

  114. tell me where the new monster high,and age to get it on poptropica.

  115. I tried looking for this ad but when I went to the island it wasnt there even though I saw a girl in multiplayer room with a draculaura sweet 1600th crown on :S Where did she get tht plz reply 🙂

  116. why wont anybudy replie :/ just teli me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ill buy u poptropica membership if u do!!

  117. OMFG JUST REPLIE I WNT 2KNOW HOW PPL HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. I LURVE MH JUST TEL ME PLZZZ soz i hav angir problems im 18 tho:/

  119. im sooo pretti in rl im 18 aswel but i ut my charctr as 10 cuz i want the mh thing to cum bak!

  120. ASFJDHSFIGHDFDHGFJDGLF::: Why nobody tells me this???
    I miss it D:

  121. It'sAMonsterHighThing

    I checked and there was nothing! I am the biggest Monster High Fan so of coarse I tried to get it and nothing at all!

  122. you cant find it because it is gone duhhh !! all ads leave after a while but if you want monster high clothing then theres a new ad !! for draculuras sweet 1600 plus get this you get a cool outfit and a follower !! its count fabulaus draculuras pet !! how cool is that ! you better hurry cause it well be gone soon !!

  123. ok so i will tell you how to get the draculura sweets 1600 outfit ok so what you do is go to early poptropica then when u see this purple haunted house go in then look for frankie stien when u find her click her and click can i help ? then she will say yes then you have to play this game ! what u have to do is give letters to draculuras friends ! only 5 ! make sure u dont hit on anything that glows ! the way to know how u gave i to the person is there will be hearts all over the place when u do all that you will get a outfit and follower !!

  124. i really want to play it and i can’t find it.probably because it’s already the 13 of February.

  125. I can not find it i made three people.It is not fair.

  126. all i see is the furreal friends dizzy dancers its not fair!!!!!!!!!

  127. im not play that anymore cause my friends says poptropica

  128. now the advertisment is adventure time

  129. i cant find it please return it
    please please

  130. when did that happen im there and now its gone what other island is it on and when did it end????? im so bummed right now!

  131. i love monster high and poptropica i love monster high i love poptropica

  132. I love Monster High because im a big fan!! I also love poptropica!!!