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Poptropica Membership

Poptropica Membership has finally arrived in the game. Although you can still play the game completely free, now you can pay a monthly fee to get access to all of the outfits, golden power cards and early intros to the new islands in Poptropica. Before, you had to purchase and spend credits to buy all of these items. Membership costs $2.99 per month and you get to have all of the costumes and power cards, so it’s a really good deal versus having to buy everything with credits. But you have to pay for the membership every month or you lose access to those costumes.

On the membership pages, Poptropica says that they’ll be adding lots of new islands in 2010, but they don’t provide a list. Membership gives you early access to all the new islands as they come out. Early Access for new islands will only be available to players who have an active Poptropica Membership, so if they really do release a lot of new islands and you like getting early access this might be a good deal. It’s still pretty good even if you just like being able to play around with all of the costumes and powers.

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  1. this is so great

  2. 🙁

  3. i mean how lousy! club penguin members get practically everything! including clothes and will that mean from now on poptropicans that r non-members willhave no clothes? :s

  4. i hate it if some membership is going on i will queit that web and tell my friends it is bad cause my fiends only love when the get stuff like clubpenguin cause on partys they get free items

  5. stupid membership!

  6. That is so not fair! It is like Webkinz, it started out fun, everyone got the same things, everyone was happy. THEN they brought out the Deluxe Memberships, and some people i know was mad and quit! This will have the same affect probably. This really stinks.

  7. Yah like seriously that is the stupidous thing a website creator can do come on this is making me very fumingly mad and angry and frustrated.

  8. Wow, this takes all the fun out of poptropica. I really liked the fact that it was 100% free. You didn’t even *have* to pay for the poptropica stuff in the store. Now all the people without membership will get fewer stuff.

  9. I agree Sugardogs678 It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. They git all these nic theings the Deluxe Memberships and we non Deluxe Memberships don’t

  11. i quit poptropica for ever

  12. Nice Crown (on poptropica)

    WHY do they have to put membership? As it is we have to buy credits, though thank God we can earn them too… now MEMBERSHIP?!? Waaah :'(

  13. i heard on the phb that once ur membership runs out,evrything u owned as a member will be GONE!!how crazy is THAT?!

  14. poptropica is awsom I have pased all the islands. When is poptropica membership coming out.

  15. Thanks for agreeing with me. I like Poptropica still, but it seems all of my favorite sites I go on have to have a membership to get cool stuff. I really think that people who own these sites not make a membership to get cool things, it makes it more fair. Yes, know that they need money, but, as I said before, it seems all of the most awesomest websites are making this happen, making people mad, making people leave! They get LESS money when they make people quit. Man, this really stinks. Like a wet dog.

  16. im so tired of this i agree of all of you it is not fair

  17. THIS SUCKS!!!!! I loved poptropica but now theres gonna be a membership so NON MEMBERS WONT HAVE AS MUCH THINGS AS MEMBERS. I HATE POPTROPICA NOW!???


  18. NEVER MIND i do still love POPTROPICA but i dont like it as much now you guys get it right????? Membership is really gonna blow poptropica into little tiny pincy pieces of FAIL! SRRY i did not want to put it that way but i HAD TO

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 PS… MAYBE POPTROPICA STILL IS MY FAV. SITE! 🙂

  19. they lie there not rality tv island

  20. if only you could get as much money as you want instead of beating islands

  21. forgive me thats not what I ment!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. when is the new island going to start.

  23. look at every one complaining you shoud stop
    puting membership or else no one will want to go to poptropica so stop right now!!!!!!!!!!

  24. no its ok i got an outfit and im not even a member!!

  25. you all that dont like poptropica is are so crazy just because you cant finish it or think is dumb but I finished it and got 200 extra credit point because I finished the new Island first,

    HA HA HA

  26. well i agree with all of you. This is what happened to ALL of my fave sites.

  27. i agreee i asked my dad if i can get it but he said wen we have enough to go for the entire year so…………………. yea it stinks darn

  28. The membership idea is great! You don’t have to buy clothes with credits, and even if you don’t want or can’t have the membership, you can still keep your clothes bought with credits!

  29. i think its cool i have it and its nice i love it

  30. im quitting it now dumb membership watch non-members will not get to buy stuff with credits

  31. I agree with hi and lace only because Poptropica membership is half price of CP membership. Oh and one last thing…
    Reality TV Island will be released
    For Members: February 24
    For Non-Members: March 24

  32. R u 2 crazy it stink even i hate it and they get EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Why can’t we have membership free?it’s so unfair…………

  34. That purple princess girl is dumb if all she has too say is negative stuff then she needs to keep quiet and if she were a member on club penguin she should know that once Ur membership ends on club penguin IT ALSO doesn’t let get access to the clothes or Ur furniture for Ur igloo

  35. ok i say we are not talking about this its poptropica we are saying not club penguin

  36. almost all membership are un-fair! like club penguin the non-members get nothing just free stuff that anyone can get they do this, so they can get more members well that work for me i quit club penguin and sent them a comment saying this, “i’m not going to watse 6.99 for stupid clothes or place i can go to.” i had an account on there for 3 years……i hope poptropica dose not go this direction. for about 1 year i was looking for member accounts online that i could use till they lost the membership i went thur about 6 member accounts till i gave up! i know that we r not talking about club penguin but just saying. I HATE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!

  37. i finished every island so far….so does that mean all my stuff is going to be gone??!!


  39. it rocks

    hahahaha although i hate membership

  40. how to get a free membership on poptropica

  41. yeah! it’s not fair like Sugardog678 said!

  42. my name is nerissa i came here for reality tv island tv land is coming soon i now have now in the morning i forgot

  43. I agree with clean pear

  44. I already have a member and you not log me in on reality tv island and my poptropica
    store says Membership Active and I wait for 3 month and you didn’t to let me go to reality tv island and when you didn’t do it I will tell my friend or every family that play on Poptropica they will never play Poptropica again….never…..never,ever…..never.
    I have ev’ry ones name at my book and i wrote down all the people name and I will not tell you the name.

  45. i cant wait for reality tv

  46. Reality TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. i wish that poptropica had no membership.

  48. in toontown i have no membership even in poptropica i have no membership even in CLUB PENGUIN is not FAIR MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. people make websites for other people NOT FOR MONEY its nice for other people NOT FOR MONEY do u get it!!

  50. i hate membership ill keep saying it as long as its still there

  51. I hate membership , too!!!!
    We don’t have money!!!

  52. Do you hate money???

  53. me? no, i hate membership thats what i hate

  54. I hate membership for Poptropica, why do the creators of Poptropica make a membership? Poptropica is a website/game for kids… Agree with me if you hate Poptropica membership!!!!

  55. xXpoptropicaxX

    maybe awsome to you guys but not me

  56. That was the worst idea ever like on Club Penguin (www.clubpenguin.com) I like more better remember in when Counterfeit Island is Coming Soon You Don’t Need to use Membership >:-(

  57. !. real poptropica name! used to post as teddybeargirl.
    2. I HATE MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. What a waste of money…..

  59. Yeah! I really don’t like membership stuff ’cause they have ALL the fun.
    I wish we could get everything in Poptropica for free, not even pay for credits. (Well, maybe ten is enough.) 🙂 Don’t mind the Poptropica name. I just chose it randomly for my character!

  60. This guy in my class has membership and I can’t believe he actually wants to get it and waste his money! The people can get the credit card number and use the money! I also hate it because it is not fair if someone is very poor and has no money at all and they won’t have membership and other people can brag about it.

  61. yea i have 75 points but i want free points and i want a certan thing like pranks and ext. and my parents dont let me use there credit card but i might just steel it from them for a minet (i spelled it wrong) will they know that someone did it? somebody reply…

  62. I also think it is mean to say that to gain certain things and early access to new islands you have to have a membership. That is just B.S. I mean, come on, most of us shun other websites BECAUSE they make us pay to play! Poptropica WAS a fun website that didn’t require pay. And that was what we enjoyed! I am happy that we can still play the game itself without paying, but I would have liked early access to the new islands and etc. …!!!

  63. they…just wasted……ten secounds of my liiiiiiife

  64. and lots of membership.

  65. Do you buy 12 mouth with membership?

  66. yeah! I hate like membership but no buy credits

  67. Yeah! I really don’t like membership stuff ’cause they have ALL the fun. I wish we could get everything in Poptropica for free, not even pay for credits. (Well, maybe ten is enough.) Don’t mind the Poptorpica name. I Just chose it randomly for my character!

  68. membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Omg membership sucks members can get acess way before other people like at least 1 month ahead

  70. Hate I Get Membership I wiil get items and not credits.

    How much Membership Cost?

  71. Membership should go with your player as you play as when you enter your reterner player!!!!!!!! So we don’t waste our time going to beat other islands or going on youtube to find cheats or going here! PEOPLE WHO R GOING TO BUY MEMBERSHIP
    DON’T!!!!!!!!!! BUY!!! IT!!! IT’S A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!! I still go on poptropica
    just when i’m bored or i etheir go on i’m bored.com! If u HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!!
    I no i do!.

  72. Membership is sould.

  73. Membership is a poptropica. PEOPLE CAN DO IT MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!

  74. Yeah i get Guest she got membership People not get credits.

    Don’t still go to poptropica I no i do!

  75. Happy face on membership

  76. Yeah! i have membership acoount on poptropica. First what

  77. Yeah! I really don’t like membership stuff ‘ cause they have ALL the fun.
    I wish we could get everything in Poptropica for free, not even pay for credits.(Well, maybe ten is enough.)
    Don’t mind the Poptropica name. I just chose it randomly for my character!

  78. We go to the Target or Best buy.

  79. Poptropica is fun. can you come to pick in up.

  80. Membership is fun of poptropica.

    Happy face of membership.

  81. poptropicia membership is fantastic

  82. I think that members are snottish dweeb rich people that rub it in our faces.
    if i was a member, i’d be kind and polite to people who dont. at least its not as bad
    as the other games. one of them you have to have member ship to have fairly decent clothes!

  83. they dont give you as much credits as they did. it WAS 100 now its 50!
    so hrd to buy stuff now!

  84. people who are rubbing it in like strange tummy and gorl229 stop!!! sorry we dont have enough money! besides, how do you pay for member shi# if you dont know where?

  85. in fact, 100x more people dont have member ship. only 10% i think do have member ship. if not so many people have member ship, whats the point in making member ship if not so many people have it???!!! please reply no one hardly replys to my comments even though it makes sense. im angry now. >:( i know i said member ship a lot. lol

  86. Poptropica is awesome and I really won’t member ship my username lukeyman65

  87. I get the membership.

  88. ok this is stupid. the idea of a membership… really?
    the person who invented poptropica is losing people who play the game because of this stupid membership idea. Why does every game have some catch in it that makes the people that play the game have to spend money on something.
    If anyone sees this and has a membership, please write it so all of us that doesn’t spend our money on these stupid membership ideas. (no offense to you people that do) so if u have a username for a membership, please write it so we can maybe use it. It’s only fair. THX 🙂

  89. that show was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. I wish that they made had a way to get a free year of membership, I have money, but not a credit card, and I can’t talk my parents into buying me membership. If there is a way to get free membership tell me, pleeeeaaaaaaaase!

  91. I hate the membership so much! Has anyone noticed when membership started the islands have gotten boring and super easy? And has anyone looked at youtube just to see the bonus quests? It’s so easy and it takes two minutes! No joke! I hope poptropica realizes this problem and change it back to the way it was!