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Poptropica Island Restart Arrives

Poptropica announced a new feature that a lot of us have been requesting: island restarts! If you’ve already played through an island and solved it, you can’t do it again. That is, until now! The new feature is available from the map screen while playing an island. It will restart everything so that you can play through the island again. You still get to keep your island medallion for solving it the first time. Even better, the island medallion icon on the stats screen will track the number of times you’ve completed the island. So let’s see who can complete Early Poptropica 100 times!

What do you think of this new feature on Poptropica? Post your thoughts in the comments section below or join the discussions in the Poptropica Secrets forum.

Poptropica Island Completions

Hover over the island medallions on your stats screen to see how many times you've completed each island.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. littlegreenpea14

    i think it’s really cool that you can now restart islands!! i’m just wondering… do you get credits after completing an island a second time? because that would be cool…

  2. First!

  3. Long time no see, peers!

    I like the feature! 🙂

  4. I love Shrink Ray Island cause IF’s idol is MArie Curie and mine is MArie Curie, so yeah.

  5. I mean CJ… Sorry IF. I messed up.

  6. I don’t think anyone will play EP 100 times, though… I SOOOOOOOOO WILL PLAY COUNTERFEIT 100 time, though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! COUNTERFEIT CRAZINESS!

  7. I think it is great since you get to keep the credits! RIGHT?! P.s. Smart Skull is my poptropica name!

  8. I have Zeus’s staff as an item on poptropica, I wonder how rare it is, probably very rare (said on previous post but repeated to make sure you all saw it)

  9. http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php a poptropican I.D I made when I was REALLY bored out of my skull

  10. i want to restart shrink ray it is my favorite 🙂 and most fun

  11. shrink ray is one of the most boring, easy islands they ever made, (P.S, the hardest island in my opinion is skulduggery)

  12. THANK GOD! When i tried to do the astro knights island i made the mistake of leaving the island after i had blasted off into space and to this day i could never complete it until now 😀

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  14. who has the shrink ray gun

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  18. I relized, They still havent made player spaces… did anyone go one my page? its not just a blog!

  19. ????????????? Jeall are you Russian and in the 6th Grade? cause you sound like a person I know.

  20. Seriously, is anyone here Lucas Wang?

  21. Thanks! But afraid not. Im going into 5th grade and I’m European. Anyway, Anyone go on my site!?

  22. Plus Im a girl…

  23. I have beat shrink ray island almost 50 times!

  24. i completed all once again im so happy 🙂

  25. EP’s easy.

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  27. wow that must have hurt

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  29. the restart thing is fun but i would enjoy it much more if u were able to earn credits, too… maybe like 25 per additional completion??

  30. Jeall: oh, well… still.
    LAzy dragon: … me, too. I’ve beat counterfeit, 24 c, tt, and RTI 2 times.

  31. Oh AND Cryptids.

  32. I’m currently beating Red Dragon.

  33. …so don’t bother me. For NOW.

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  35. White Sword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Serious Crown is not that serious. I’m an Icecream!

  37. I think the restarting for games is cool! I think it’ll be really useful.

    1. Spy Island
    2. Mythology
    3. Steamworks
    4. Wimpy Wonderland
    5. Astro-Knights
    6. Super Power
    7. Red Dragon
    8. Great Pumpkin
    9. Big Nate
    10. Skullduggery (If I have finished it)
    11. Wild West (If I ever had the chance to do it)

  39. my fav islands are skullduggery and astro-knights but i did not like steamworks

  40. man, i’ve completed some islands over 30 times, just for other people and on other accounts (which i don’t remember… since they only exsisted so i could replay islands) this is awesome that they finally have the sence to do this! 🙂

  41. ya, I got all exited about steamworks, and got dissapointed

  42. I feel like singing a sad song… I don’t know why… I just don’t know….

  43. i feel like playing shrink ray, but im not a member so i cant

  44. What?! People didn’t like Skullduggery (Not you BB) I might play it about 20 times but not 100 because it took so long. I was thinking if I wanted to play it again (which I do) I would have to create a new character but I guess not. 🙂

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  46. the movment swish and flick, the incantation…………., (seeing if you saw or read the first harry potter

  47. seen it! I’ve seen the first four and will see the 5th this weekend with Deven!

  48. ps Today my dad bought an Ipad! He won’t let me touch it!

  49. um…..???

  50. hey guys, I think strange moon won a superstar reward on poptropica under the name feirce moon, the PCB post said she knew almost all the POPTROPICA SECRETS, sound familiar,it should

  51. OMZ, I haven’t been here iin forever. I see all my friends from 2008 have left… Dx
    Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate PoptropicaSecrets for being a Superstar.
    You rock!

  52. i wonder if strange moon is fierce moon it looks like her and she knows all POPTROPICA SECRET hmm?

  53. Harry potter is so nice! i hope jk rowling writes another book and the core of the elder wand is threshal hair. and DUMBLEDORE IS GAY it is so weird i cried when he died. Have you read the tales of beedle the bard, fantastic beasts and where to find them, quidditch through the ages?

  54. i finished all the islands and the mini islands why am i not a superstar????? 🙁

  55. Congratulations Poptropica Secrets! 😀 You were in a PCB post. And I even think the creators are even reading this blog! :O
    Did you see what they said? “Yessir, something tells us that Fierce Moon knows almost all of the Poptropica secrets.”
    I have a feeling the creators are reading this blog! 😮

  56. congrats!!! u have just been announced on the creators blog!!! still,u have completed red dragon island.

  57. Congrats to Fierce Moon! And now I must get back to Poptropica I need to go to 24 Carrot …

  58. Jordyn (jcat212)

    It’s a pretty good idea! But I wish you can restart in the middle of an Island. Cause I messed up in Skullduggery. :p

  59. its awesome

  60. yeah – pretty

  61. Hi guys, thanks for letting me know about the reward. Just so you know, Strange Moon and Fierce Moon are different people. It’s just a coincidence that we have the same Poptropica “last name” of Moon. Strange Moon is the fashion reporter and Fierce Moon is the main PoptropicaSecrets blogger.

  62. Uh-huh. Yep. Sure.

  63. Btw: If anyone wants to see me in Poptropica, I’ll be in Mythology!

  64. I don’t look the best but click my name!

  65. how do u get zeus’ staff

  66. But Strange Moon said… “I went to the Creator’s Blog and saw ME!” She didn’t say, “I saw the main popsecrets blogger!”

  67. okay am i the only one getting this?? strange moon didnt do that post about getting the award, the poptropicasecrets blogger did. Strange moon ONLY DOES THE FASHION REPORTS!!!!! am i right FIERCE MOON? cuz it doesnt seem like anyone else is getting this

  68. Hey, I have a question. Do you get 100 credits if you restart an island? If so, SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I kinda messed up on that. I meant like if you finish an island again do you get 100 credits?

  70. @Short Gamer I hope so!

  71. Do you get 100 credits again if you restart the island and finish it?

  72. Does anyone know whether we still get a reward after we finished an island that we restarted. Thanks 🙂

  73. ‘Does anyone know whether we still get a reward after we finished an island that we restarted. Thanks’ is what she said and the answer is no!!! We must pass a law!!

  74. I hope we still get the rewards 🙂

  75. I wish we could get the 100 credits! That would be awesome! Speaking of AWESOME, Super thunder you ROCK!!!!:)