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Poptropica Gulliver’s Travels Ad Walkthrough

Last week, there was a video of the upcoming movie Gulliver’s Travels that you could watch on Main Street on most islands and then earn some cool prizes. This week, there’s an entire advertisement mini-quest for the movie. It’s one of the longest advertisement mini-quests ever in the game and there are two different ways that you can play it.

Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

To play, enter the Gulliver’s Travels advertisement building on Main Street. It’s available on most of the islands. Run to the right and set sail. You’ll be in a boat on an overhead map that looks a lot like the travel part of Skullduggery Island. You need to navigate through the storm clouds to get to the spot marked by the red X inside the triangle. When you arrive, you’ll be transported to a strange new place.

Here you can play as either Gulliver or a Lilliputian. If you play as Gulliver, you need to protect the Lilliputian army from a bow and arrow attack by their enemies. You need to run back and forth and deflect all the incoming arrows. At least one member of the Lilliputian army needs to remain for you to win. The game ends after three volleys of arrow fire and the enemies will retreat.

Playing as the Lilliputian is a little harder. Here you need to run across the ground while avoiding obstacles in your path, and more importantly, Gulliver’s big sneakers. To avoid getting squashed by his sneaker, you need to hang back to the left and then run and jump to the right as soon as you see it rise up. You have 100 health, so you can survive a few hits, but not many.

When you complete either quest, you’ll win the prizes which include a Gulliver Costume and two special power cards. The first is the Gulliverizer, which makes you grow big and the second is the Lilliputianizer, which makes you shrink down to a tiny size. They’re pretty similar to the Grow n’ Shrink power card we got from the earlier Gulliver’s Travels advertisement, but it’s two separate cards instead of one.

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